North Korea Agrees To Unconditional Denuclearization, Suspends Missile Tests, Shuts Down Testing Facility…

In the past 48 hours South Korea (Moon Jae-in) and North Korea (Kim Jong-un) have been working out the details of their upcoming summit.  Within the discussions between North and South Korea some stunning news has surfaced.

♦ Yesterday Moon Jae-in announced that North Korea had agreed to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula without any preconditions or expectations of changes in the relationship between the U.S. and South Korea:

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea has expressed its commitment to “complete denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula and is not seeking conditions, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Thursday, as the United States vowed to maintain “maximum pressure” on Pyongyang.

[…] “I don’t think denuclearization has different meanings for South and North Korea,” Moon said during a lunch with chief executives of Korean media companies. “The North is expressing a will for a complete denuclearization.”

“They have not attached any conditions that the U.S. cannot accept, such as the withdrawal of American troops from South Korea,” he continued. “All they are talking about is the end of hostile policies against North Korea, followed by a guarantee of security.”  (read more)

As the summit discussions continued today; and to assure the previous U.S. envoy CIA Director Mike Pompeto; and in affirmation of direct talks with President Trump; North Korea made an even more stunning statement from the Korean Central News Agency:

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has declared he will suspend nuclear and missile tests starting Saturday, and that he will shut down the site where the previous six nuclear tests were conducted.

“From April 21, North Korea will stop nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles,” the Korean Central News Agency said in a report Saturday morning.

This came out of a meeting of the central committee of the ruling Worker’s Party of Korea held Friday to discuss policy issues related to “a new stage” in a “historic” period.

“The North will shut down a nuclear test site in the country’s northern side to prove the vow to suspend nuclear test,” KCNA reported.

This comes less than a week before Kim is due to meet with South Korean president Moon Jae-in in the first inter-Korean summit in 11 years. Moon has said that Kim is willing to discuss denuclearization and that he will not insist on American troops being withdrawn from South Korea as part of any deal.  (read more)

Exactly a year ago, April 20th, 2017, the headlines were:

North Korea nuclear threat: should California start panicking?”  (LINK)

Today, April 20th, 2018:

“North Korea willing to accept ‘complete denuclearization’ without conditions” (LINK)

“North Korean leader suspends nuclear and missile tests, shuts down test site”  (LINK)


Because, Trump.

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530 Responses to North Korea Agrees To Unconditional Denuclearization, Suspends Missile Tests, Shuts Down Testing Facility…

  1. PBR Street Gang says:

    Google the “Rods From God” (Apr 3, 2018 – The “rods from god” idea was a bundle of telephone-pole-size tungsten rods, dropped from orbit, reaching a speed of up to 10 times the speed of sound. The rod (kinetic energy projectile) itself would penetrate hundreds of feet into the earth, destroying any potential hardened bunkers or secret underground sites) and I suspect the test site in the “Northern Side” of DPRK has been blown to smithereens. Un has no options. Welcome to the world of God Emperor Donaldus Maximus – we love him so!

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    • Questioning says:

      First to position KEW in orbit controls world; better be USA…

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    • James W Crawford says:

      Orbital velocity is about 20 times the speed of sound. Depending on drag coeffecient and sectional density, impact velocity should be about 15 times the speed of sound.

      You can achieve the same earth pentrating capability by strapping rocket boosters onto the Kinetic Energy Weapon then launching it from a B-1 bomber which has the greatest payload capacity and longest bomb bay in the US fleet.

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      • andy says:

        Things to consider.
        1) geo-synchronous orbit with mobile capabilities.
        2) the boosters are used to lift them into orbit and ‘cock the gun’.
        3) response time/chain of command. satellite signal releasing the rods versus WW2 Hiroshima style attack with humans flying planes to a target.


      • PBR Street Gang says:

        B-1 also can go over 700mph…


    • Grassleygirl/Breitbartista says:

      At first glance I thought “Rodman i.e.Dennis” was the Rod from God./s

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  2. The next thing will be Kim Jong Un dyes his hair blonde and starts wearing a red MAGA cap.

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    • RG says:

      Well, he did like Dennis Rodman….

      Doesn’t this make the loons who oppose Trump’s pick for Sec of State look like foolish old men and women who need to be wearing the British wigs and speaking with forceful tongues. God help the people of the USA and keep us safe from our corrupt congress.

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      • farmhand1927 says:

        Amen, RG.

        It’s easy to spot the detractors of our President and of We, the People, coming from the Left. They are everywhere–Congress, media, schools and boards of education, too many of our churches, city councils, neighborhoods and sometimes within families

        Yet, we should never lose sight of the seditionists on the Right. It is they that enable and facilitate. They must be held into account at the ballot box. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan must be so proud, knowing books will be written of their obstruction of the President that brought NK to heel, that forged alliances in the Middle East, that corrected the rip-off’s
        known as ‘trade agreements’ previous presidents sold America out for.

        Paul Ryan has admitted he doesn’t want to lead so he won’t seek reelection but he refuses to turn the Speakership over to another that may actually get the People’s House in order. It’s always about Paul. Country first? Nah.

        Kurt Schlichter writes over at Townhall and has written a most excellent article, linked also over at Citizen Free Press, “Never Trumpers’ Whining About Principles Was Just An Act”. The article is brilliant and not just because Schlichter refers to them as Konservative Ken Dolls’. It is the Right that squanders extraordinary opportunities to MAGA. We will never forget.

        It was on President Trump’s watch the Korean War ended. No doubt the business alliance he’s built with Xi is behind the about-face of NK. Gone are the days of Bill Clinton promising NK is no threat when in fact they were a major threat and the Clinton’s knew it. No more embarrassing episodes of Madeline Albright pretending to be an expert on NK relations as we watched her aid their quest for nukes. No more bluster and Fake Policy regarding NK from Obama.

        The Lion keeps watch. The world is safer.

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        • vincentcuomo says:

          The Media will never give him credit; why do you thunk Putin is mad; his alliance was North Korea, Iran and Syria; he is about to lose one part of his evil alliance; I am telling you between the Democrats, GOPe, Never Trumpers and Putin loving yahoos, it is amazing Trump has gotten so much done. The Media and snooty historians may ignore it, but we peole see it, love it and appreciate it; turn out in 2018; hold your nose and vote Republican and make sure the Dems do not take the house and senate.
          By the way with Paul Ryan, it was all about the Country Club first.

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        • Covfefe-USA says:

          If any of you have been following “Q”…it was the see aye ay really in control of NK, and Un was ‘liberated’ from their threat and control. How this happened, however, has not been clear. But how else can it be explained that our govt (under Traitors #42, 43 and 44) was clandestinely supplying these rogue states with nukes???

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        • Scott says:

          If the Korean War is formally settled (talks are currently underway) then all bets are off. It will mean the border opens, South Korean investment will be allowed to take place and the Left’s heads here will finally explode leaving the world a much better place on President Trump’s watch.

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          • Vince says:

            This is a situation very much like the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. During that time monumental events happened so quickly and often that “leaders” were often unaware of what was happening even in their own countries. By the time the Berlin wall came down and Germans could move freely between East and West, it was inevitable that Germany would be unified again and quickly. It was inevitable simply because the wall was the only thing protecting East Germany from West Germany and its economic power.

            The only thing protecting North Korea from South Korea’s economic power is the DMZ. Once that is given up, a unification is inevitable. In the recent Olympics, North and South Korea competed under a flag of the whole Korean peninsula. That is not insignificant symbolism. The only thing that will draw reunification out is the politics of merging the two governments.

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      • Grassleygirl/Breitbartista says:

        I second that emotion.
        The Congress/Uniparty knows no shame, although IMO should be ashamed of themselves and this effort to deep6 Pompeo’s appointment.


    • john70 says:

      I am afraid it’s opposite of what Sundance says:
      Yes, puffy Kim is a Chinese puppet and everything he did was under orders from the Chinese who were pre-empting Trump’s trade war. We are not naive to think that the Chinese were letting puffy Kim to do whatever he wanted in their backyard. He was doing what the Chinese ordered him to do. Now he suddenly stopped. Why?
      I am afraid that the Chinese got what they wanted from the US in exchange for Kim to back off his fake threats. Otherwise, why would they tell him to stop?
      It’s well known that the Americans are not very good at negotiating any deals. It’s always done at the loss of third parties or at the loss of the American people. Eastern Europe, South Vietnam come to mind. Therefore, I am skeptical.


      • dayallaxeded says:

        The Bible says, “Fear not!” about 74 times. Yes, Rocket Man is most probably doing what China has demanded that he do. They demanded that he stop being a bellicose wacko, b/c it became obvious that persona was hurting business. This could have been orchestrated back in Nixon’s time, but would’ve required levels of economic and marketing savvy and courage that have not existed in USA politics, perhaps since Jefferson. VSGPDJT has completely changed the dynamics of both domestic and foreign policy–we truly had been led by very stupid, venal people for a long time.


  3. Julia Adams says:

    So, does Rand Paul not prefer denuclearization over a Pacific Rim nuclear threat? Is he nuts? What is up with the two senators from KY?

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  4. mikey says:

    This is great news, especially for the people of North Korea.

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    • ATheoK says:

      Unfortunately, that is assumption.

      There are a multitude of reasons why the people of South Korea and Japan should celebrate; but there is little information regarding North Korea’s human rights abuses and the people of North Korea.

      Those lightless dark skies of North Korea are indicative of repression that international nuclear agreements do not cover.

      North Korean people need relief from NK abusive oppression of human rights.
      What are the plans for education? How does anyone expect to bring North Koreans into the 21st Century from where they are currently?

      Far too many dictator led countries use modern aid for personal enrichment, not civilian improvement.


      • Paco Loco says:

        With peace breaking out on the Korean Peninsula, the Asian Development Bank, the UNDP, the World Bank, and IMF will be lending billions to build out infrastructure and business in North Korea. The role model for economic development in NK is Vietnam. VN with its Communist government, has embraced capitalism to rapidly grow the GDP rivaling other ASEAN countries in trade and development. Likewise, China will dump billions into NK and leverage cheap labor and a captive market for Chinese goods and services. The coming meeting with Kim and POTUS will be historic with all kinds of goodies being waved in front of Lil Kim to “do a deal” and move closer to reunification.

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        • ATheoK says:

          One assumption after another.

          Vietnam was already making overtures of friendship the USA.

          Not, forced to the bargaining table, which is the case for North Korea.

          North Korea has only agreed to give up their nuclear weapons because their underground bunker was destroyed. Quite likely with a majority of their nuclear specialists.

          North Korea has already starved their populace building their nuclear and missile play program while threatening South Korea, Japan and Western Civilization.

          The only reason China would put funds into North Korea, would be if they plan to absorb NK.
          China has a great deal more improvement to accomplish in China before they send funds elsewhere.

          IMF can do whatever they choose. They’ve never been very bright, or careful with European funds.


      • Benson II says:

        One step at a time.

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  5. DanO64 says:

    It’s called winning.

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  6. Francine Hutcheson says:

    I would like to take a moment and share a reminder the lord gave me. He reminded me the president is an instrument and we need to be very careful while showing gratitude and to the instrument for being a willing instrument, we must never make the mistake I’ve seen the instrument as to hand wielding it… weather celebrating victory are mourning a set back, these must be directed at the Lord.. he raises up kingdoms and he tears down kingdoms and he raises up Kings and he tears down Kings. I’m sure there are some here that do not believe in God and Jesus and that is okay. This is a word for those who do.

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    • Maquis says:

      We all recognize Karma, and the dangers of hubris and idolatry, but you are correct, we must give thanks to the Heavens and maintain a bowed head in our hearts as we walk uprightly before the Lord of Creation. Our strength will not wane if we do so, but surely will if we don’t.

      Thanks for reminding us.

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      • Lou Foxwell says:

        Those who know the Lord is in control understand that His will is thwarted when evil men and women seek their own will above His. Trump is a man of great pride and arrogance who has in humility placed himself in God’s hands and seeks His will. We know this not only by the words he speaks but by the fruits of God’s Will that follow him. We will know when he strays from the path. We know now that those who oppose Trump also oppose the Will of God. May they live in abject fear of the Father’s wrath.

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    • Peter Rabb says:

      A big AMEN. POTUS is God’s instrument.

      Trump is leader of The Movement and blessed with boundless energy, incredible foresight, and is fearless while executing a huge agenda. Iran and Palestinian dominoes are next to fall, and fall they will on the foreign policy side.

      All the while on the domestic front, POTUS is turning the economy around, treating the opioid crisis, addressing human sex trafficking, building the wall, draining the swamp, ensuring fair elections, and, for The Topper, unmasking The Kenyan as the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the United States.

      Will never get tired of winning!!!

      Thank you heavenly Father!!!


  7. Maquis says:

    So, if NK is permitted to join the Community of Nations, giving ip illict weapons, just what else might they be required to “give up”?
    Their Nuclear Partners and Enablers?
    Everything they know of the Iranian Bomb Program and its principals?
    Their Illicit Weapons Client List?
    Hamas? Hezbollah?
    Intelligence on Russian and Chinese influence operations?

    We are only just beginning to see the Blessings that will flow from this Win For The World.


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    • Francine Hutcheson says:

      Based on the response from North Korea at this point I’m pretty sure a lot of things have already been taken care of in the background. Thanks that are still supposed to be top secret…. and I guess they are probably following the money…

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    • Charlie says:

      Specifically information on Pelosi’s “secret meeting” and nuclear technology?

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      • Mike says:

        It would be nice to get the goods on Bill, Hill, and Nancy and a little treason (e.g. W88 to China to ISIS and Iran). Then I pray that they find grace in a transition from “they smoked rope” to “smoked by rope”…


    • farmhand1927 says:

      Another benefit is, NK can now become a relocation destination for Hollywood and media Never Trumpers that will soon be promising to leave the USA if Donald Trump wins reelection.

      David Hogg and the high school snowflakes that will want to escape Trump’s America can go to college in NK. The experience will really allow them to expand their ideas of diversity, inclusion and the public safety of living in a country where only the govt has guns. They may be a bit uncomfortable living in a real life police state, though, but maybe they can stage walk-out’s, shut down free speech of those that disagree with them and insult Kim Jong Un enough to cause him to reconsider his methods of governance.

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  8. spinoneone says:

    Just to show how crazy CNN has gotten, check out their front page this morning here and you will find this as a single light font line under “Today in Politics”, which is mostly about GOP women in the mid-terms [] as compared to the BBC which has it in bold headlines at the very top of the page, here []. Really, really sad, but typical of never giving Trump credit for anything.


    • Covfefe-USA says:

      As Margret Thatcher once famously mused, “If I walked on water, the headlines would read I cannot swim.”

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    • psychodave says:

      Yes, BBC has the bold headline, but it also has this article’s conclusion:
      Reading KCNA’s announcements on Saturday, there is also absolutely no hint of the “denuclearization” intent that South Korean officials have been eager to tout on North Korea’s behalf.

      “On the contrary, North Korea’s announcement sounds like the declamations of a nuclear weapons state – one that has no intention of giving up those weapons which give the country its ultimate guarantee of survival.”

      Full Disclosure: I fully support VSGPDFT foreign policy and the talent he has assembled for its implementation.


  9. Francine Hutcheson says:

    N. Korea is/was an oppressed regime….we should wonder why someone so proud and vocal has suddenly done a 180….what / who was really behind him calling the shots and what was removed? Did Pelosi tell us yesterday? She may have just disclosed some very serious intelligence information… more a ponder the potential ramifications of what she said the more disturbed I become….

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  10. The Boss says:

    Blessed be the Peacemakers.

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  11. joshua says:

    Kim Jong-un tells PDJT that North Korea has gorgeous hookers, next.


    • Mongoose says:

      I’m sure Un would put out his best looking but beware. One touch and it would be more deadly than the Russian poison used in Britain. Those gals are probably dead on the inside already but just don’t know it. The real walking dead.


  12. Comrade Mope says:

    This is looking like a NAFTA-esque arrangement. South Korea gets Mexico’s old NAFTA position where all goods coming from Asia are distributed from their ports. China has to deliver their goods for shipping to South Korea, necessitating the need for a road/ rail line through North Korea. A road would require gas stations. NK could siphon off fuel and collect duties from the transit.
    South Korea’s economy would naturally expand requiring North Korea to turn to the Chinese model of communism or get swamped.
    China gets favorable trade thru South Korea and to a lesser extent Japan.
    The other side always has an angle. Unification looks like the trap. Beware of the 20 year plan to take over a unified Korea by the NORKs.

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    • Mongoose says:

      Exactly. How would you like to be in the South and what would you be thinking about “absorbing” or paying for all those sick, poor people from the north? That would be the North’s invasion a’ la the invasion on our southern border. Invasion without a shot being fired, and S. Korea’s economy overloaded by the new demands put on them (see Cloward-Piven Strategy).

      I just hope the U.S. does not commit to another Marshall plan. This is China’s baby. Let them bring it to full term, along with the rest of Asia.


      • Comrade Mope says:

        Same thing happened when Germany reunited. The West’s government was inundated with Leftists from the East and look what we end up with– Frau Merkel.

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      • rhinOC says:

        The Chinese “One Belt One Road” initiative is no secret, and it’s not even evil or nefarious. It’s just business. We’d be better off joining in that than TPP and it wouldn’t surprise me if PDJT is thinking about it if China would just reset currency along with the dollar. NAFTA could have been great, but politicians and K street made it an anti-USA weapon.


  13. Trent Telenko says:

    How do you know North Koreans are lying during negotiations…

    …their lips are moving.

    Until North Korea is a province of China or the Republic of Korea, The USA is not safe from the Un Regime’s nukes.


  14. flyboy51v says:

    I’m glad that Trump is doing at least some lowering of expectations. You have to assume that the nork proclamations are full of excrement …

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  15. Hillard says:

    One might think we’ve been here before with NK. Lets see how things look after the 1st unannounced inspection of Rocket Man’s nuclear facilities. Call me skeptical but there’s been runs like this with Rocky’s father

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  16. 4harrisonblog says:

    Say what you will but this is a bit better than all other options.

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  17. TheWanderingStar says:

    It all sounds so well and good.

    However, when they get to the table one wonders, what will the ask will be?


    • jleonard14 says:

      The ask will be whatever China has told them it will be. The deal is done. Trumps pressure on trade has worked. There is a new world order coming, and libs aren’t going to like it.


  18. porkyspen says:

    I’m leaning toward a simple answer ….. that NK is in a very bad position because of the sanctions and the pressure from China, so Kim is choosing the best option- agree to our terms of completely de-nuking. To me, the important part is this- Kim is convinced that he can actually trust PDT , unlike the previous presidents. Bush and Obama were professional politicians, and their word was highly suspect. I think Kim knows that if he plays it straight with President Trump, he’ll get a good deal, and have a good chance of saving his own skin.

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  19. 4sure says:

    Hard to believe that NK would make all these concessions w/o any preconditions. They may be willing to negoiate, but not w/o getting something in return. If they are not willing to let U.S.A. do on site, unannounced inspections and have unrestricted access to any where in the country at any time, then we will know they are not serious.

    Warily trust, but always, always verify.

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  20. rayvandune says:

    NPR analyst this morning made the comment that the current sanctions impact 97% of the NK economy, which had never seen this kind of impactful sanctions before. We can only hope this 97% estimate has more credibility than the infamous 97% of scientists who believe in Global Warming!

    NPR’s statement, intended to diminish the personal influence of PDJT on these developments, in fact shows us just the opposite – that Trump has been able to use US economic power to force China to quit playing let’s-pretend with sanctions, and drop the hammer on Kim. I imagine that UN Ambassador Haley is making that very point right now to the ad hoc Security Council assembly in Sweden! Real sanctions work. Half the SC members pulling the opposite way on the oars does not!

    So NPR attempts to show it wasn’t Trump’s doing, and instead shows not only exactly how it WAS, but exposes the contrast between the powerful and effective sanctions the US was able to bring to bear with Trump at the wheel, with the transparently ineffectual efforts of previous administrations!

    Could it be that Fox Butterfield is working incognito for NPR now?

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  21. Wayne Robinson says:

    It is not first time North Korea has said that . After getting paid for it they go right back . This time may be different because their site is a putrifying death crypt and they have been destroying their environment and people . North Korea is a chained dog for China . Me thinks China is behind this . China wants to keep as much of that half trullion dollars a year from imports to America but it wont matter America is taking back our own manufactoring base just watch it happen . China is money manupulator its on record everyone knows it can not be denied . To China half a pie is better than no pie that is all that is going on .


  22. kinthenorthwest says:

    Wow the Wall & now this Go

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  23. mantaplagi says:

    I originally posted this on March 8 when Kim first announced wanting to meet Trump…..

    “To put a wildly optimistic spin on this;

    Kim knows that Trump has called the Chinese bluff. The steel tariffs and upcoming intellectual property sanctions, plus other stuff we probably don’t know about yet, have brought him to the realisation that he has come to the end of his usefulness as far as China is concerned.

    The Panda just doesn’t need its yapping little rabid North Korean pekinese anymore. He’s become a liability.

    He is looking for protection. He would rather surrender to Trump than face whatever plans the Chinese have for him. He wants to come in from the cold and switch sides. Bottom line, he doesn’t want to die.

    Ok I know, I’m dreamer, but sometimes dreams come true and President Trump really does seem to have a magic wand.”

    You see, for Kim it is extremely personal. Live or die. The Chinese will just kill him.

    President Trump is offering not only life, but also the chance to be a historical Korean hero.

    Kim wants to come in from the cold. Who wouldn’t?

    No contest. Trump wins.

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  24. MaineCoon says:

    Posted on O/T but applies here too.

    I finally found this CNN Erin B. March video when PT announced he’d meet with Rocket Man. There are many classic egg-on-your face moments, but you gotta watch what former Zero’s advisor, Samantha Vinograd, now CNN National Security Advisor’s comments @ 12:00, quoted in part below.

    “We (Obama’s admin) spent months preparing for meetings. No way PT can be ready by may to have a high stakes negotiation on denuclearization NoKo….Just impossible…..President wants a PR opportunity…desperate to do a deal…rushing into a nuke negotiation…and guess what, you can’t wing it. Kim is going to be fully prepared…I think he’s going to be playing to the PT’s ego & weaknesses by flattering him….PT’s going to be unprepared…photo op….blah blah

    No wonder Zero got zero good stuff done with arrogant advisors like her.

    This would be a good tape to be clipped and tweeted everywhere (I don’t tweet).

    Pure arrogance. Hey Zero, Samantha, and the ‘small group’ reading here — WRONG, AGAIN!!


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  25. James W Crawford says:

    It is a matter of demographics. South Korea’s Total Fertility Rate is imploding. South Korea is importing foreign workers to keep their economy from imploding but not without social cost.. the Total Fertility Rate of North Korwa’s much smaller population is also declining but remains near replacement level. This is a unique opportunity for North Korea to cut a deal to integrate the two economies if not reunify the country. It will not be without problems just as the reunification of Germany was somewhat difficult, but it isfar, far better than nuclear war.

    Anyone who worries about North Korea invading South Korea without a US security guarentee should check out the specifications for South Korea’s Black Panther tank. It is superior to the Abrahms.


  26. Gary Ingle says:

    Pretty sure that meeting between Xi and the UNpopular one didn’t bold well since South was ready to buy/install super weapons so close to the super commie motherland.

    Trump and Art of the trade deal with Xi.



  27. Gary Ingle says:

    Pretty sure that meeting between Xi and the UN-popular one didn’t bold well since South was ready to buy/install super weapons so close to the super commie motherland.

    Art of the “trade” deal with Xi.


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  28. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    It will be interesting to see President Trump negotiating (or even talking) with Kim. Kim is a 3rd generation dictator. Have there been any other of those in the last 100 years? From the time Kim became self-aware as a child he had whatever he wanted. Your life, your death, tacos every night for dinner. He has, to a certain extent, the same mentality as a Roman Emperor or a medieval king. It’s going to be a new experience to our POTUS for sure. I wonder if Kim can even discuss the nuts and bolts of a political agreement. Pretty sure there will be a few Chi-coms hanging around as well.


  29. oldarmyblog says:

    Great news if true. I hope we don’t let them self inspect. They have never kept any of their agreements in the past. Also remember that his definition of ending hostile policies may differ from ours. It may mean that we have to return any defectors, stop all radio broadcasts, etc. We must enter this with our eyes open and consider second and third order impacts.
    If all this happens it is only because we choose to confront Kim rather than appease.


  30. armie says:

    I suspect the major geological problems they developed and the possibility of a radiation release if they test again, along with China’s lack of enthusiasm about that, figures in the promise to shut down the test site.


  31. Mickturn says:

    Are those snow flakes or stink bugs in the Kim Jong-un picture above?


  32. dayallaxeded says:

    China needs a conduit, and economic resource, more than it needs a psychotic cat’s paw, now. I think it’s as simple as that and any admin prior to this one that was actually concerned and intelligent about USA economic, military, and cultural power could’ve achieved this goal. But they were not concerned and intelligent about USA power and interests–they were greedy, stupid, ideological, gullible, and venal, all at the same time, though in varying degrees. GBVSGPDJT!


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