DAG Rod Rosenstein Told President Trump He’s Not a Target In Muller Investigation…

Well, well, well…. details from last week’s trip by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to the White House are now surfacing in multiple news reports.  Mark the date today, the media is exiting the ‘muh Russia’ narrative.

Deep-weeds-walkers, those who follow nuance carefully, will note that yesterday Jennifer Jacobs was given a question by POTUS Trump during the joint press conference with PM Shinzo Abe.  Jacobs asked President Trump if he would still consider firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  Not coincidentally, today Jennifer Jacobs reports that DAG Rosenstein informed the President he is not a target of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The media walk-back begins…. left-wing partisans going bananas. Multiple simultaneous splodey heads happening:

(Bloomberg)  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told President Donald Trump last week that he isn’t a target of any part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Rosenstein, who brought up the Mueller probe himself, offered the assurance during a meeting with Trump at the White House last Thursday, a development that helped tamp down the president’s desire to remove Rosenstein or Mueller, the people said.

After the meeting, Trump told some of his closest advisers that it’s not the right time to remove either man since he’s not a target of the probe. One person said Trump doesn’t want to take any action that would drag out the investigation. (read more)

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505 Responses to DAG Rod Rosenstein Told President Trump He’s Not a Target In Muller Investigation…

  1. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I saw Rudy in person in October 2016. He was at the Trump rally. He gave a great speech. I love that he is on board!

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      Rudy and the President. Two big time New York dealers. This will be fun to watch.

      You know that P45 wants to see Comey/McCabe go down for kicks and giggles for sure. Probably Lynch about the Tarmac. And while I would love to see Clinton and Obama go down the deal might have to be that they completely STFU and go away. She’ll die in the next 1 /2 dozen years and he’ll go play at some island paradise with his buddies.

      The rest will be collateral damage.

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      • Jederman says:

        No deals. The Pres needs to pour it on. This is the worst political scandal in our lifetimes, possibly in the history of the country. Punishment is warranted. Maybe, just maybe, it will send a message that there will be EQUAL justice under the law.

        I don’t care about Lefty threats that there will be riots etc etc. When I hear those threats it only hardens my position and my feelings about the other side. Prosecuting heavy breathers in the previous admin for in your face wrong doing is not banana republic behavior. Threatening riots and street violence when the criminals at the top of your party are correctly prosecuted for MAJOR criminal behavior is what banana republics do.

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        • DD_SC says:

          Well said.

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        • bearsgrrr says:

          It really chaps my hide when they use “riot” as an excuse not to do something.

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          • cozette says:

            Relax. President Trump and his team have spent a year making sure they minimize the damage the Left can inflict once the hammer falls on the Swamp Rats. Civil disobedience and violence will still occur but it will be dealt with swiftly, according to a well thought out plan. We are in a war against pure, entrenched evil. The patriots know this, thank God.

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        • Maquis says:

          America’s barely thwarted Coup d’État stands as the biggest most vile, outrageous and corrupt crime ever committed. Against us all, against the Heritage and Blessings of our Founders. A betrayal of every soul that ever fought and died for us, of those that suffer and strive against mighty odds and savage enemies on our behalf.

          This can not go unanswered.

          Club Fed, Lifers At Gitmo Edition, is as easy a penalty that I can ever accept, and much worse is warranted.

          If The Rule Of Law is to be restored, it must be applied. Especially when the crimes are so manifest, so destructive, so seemingly endless in number and bottomless in depravity. When the victims if these crimes, those that survived their reign of terror, consist of an entire Nation, and many Nations beside?

          How many of the millions of lives lost to their supposed “Foreign Policy” was to enrich, gain power, destroy personal enemies, to destroy Civilizations, to empower Islam and its Bloody Twin, Socialism? How many millions more will lose their lives in consequence?

          We don’t prosecute our political enemies? Punish the last Administration? WTF are we, the Deplorables, then enduring, if not an endless prosecution with premeditated “judgment” of all we hold dear?

          One word my friends:


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      • Mark L. says:

        I depends on the mountain of evidence. If the Clintons are removed from their Democratic power base, wow.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        Look on the bright side – Bill may go to room temperature too.

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      • David Munday says:

        He’ll be in the steam room with young white guys.


      • jello333 says:

        NO! NO DEALS! Sorry to yell, but just NO! If the evidence to destroy Hillary or Obama is there, do it. And if that means the Muh Russia garbage continues for awhile longer, so be it.

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        • cali says:

          I agree!
          Hillary sold us out via top secret national security on her server that included SAP. How did she get that? She had no clearance and yet somehow it is there as well as Huma sending it to her laptop and Weiner.
          Interestingly enough – Weiner AND Huma collected every piece of email, pics and videos and other correspondence regarding HRC et in their own “insurance folder”.

          The sexting of Weiner enable the NYPD and local FBI office there accessing all these files long before Strzok and McCabe got their hands on it. Copies were made before turning it over to these two deep state actors and swamp creatures.

          Yes – NO Deals!

          The 12 Military Tribunal Judges have been secretly meeting to prepare military tribunals for nearly a year. Why do you think the administration requested via contracting office to expand GITMO to 13.600 cells this past August 2017?
          I’m sure we are not sending that many deep state owned ISIS actors there.

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  2. AH_C says:

    So are we on again in thinking Mueller and Rosey are whitehats?

    If we’re confused, you know the libtards are doubly so.

    We know we’re going to fight, but will it be fight or flight for the deep state? Bwahaha.

    As Q often says, “enjoy the show”. I guess I better stock up on popcorn.

    PS, if you haven’t seen the Trump documentary on Netflix, watch it. If nothing else, it encapsulates MAGA quite well.

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    • Lu Calico says:

      Mueller is a Deep State tool and always have been. Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do. They have been attacking Trump and the people who stand with him. Now, a Judge who presided at Soros’ wedding is in the same tank. How can you not smell the stench of the swamp?

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      • Heika says:

        Yep, the swamp is very deep. Mueller is a fixer. The depth of ‘why they do’ is nothing to do with justice for USA, its micro-focused on protecting arses in Washington by any means. That is all… nothing else and I include Rosenstein in that group myself, and I personally believe Sessions is no different. There are small differences – where they might use a blue tie, a purple or red, but basically, the entire game is like the game Monopoly. He who stays out of jail and accumulates the most assets wins. Simple isn’t it? Occasionally they draw a card (an opportunity chest) and it gives them a chance to zip around the board and collects extra cash (lobbyists and rewards for pushing big corp agenda’s through). Trump is quite different to this for many reasons, but he has now surrounded himself with all he had to choose from apparently – swamp neocons, and they are gleefully going to destroy his image as they have begun to do. Trump has few options and very few he can trust. His heart is good, but he now being pushed. General Mattis one of the few truly on his side. If Mattis goes, he is dead in the water.

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        • NC PATRIOT says:

          P45 has gotten rid of most of the “swampers” on his team. He has a credible sensible team now—-Mattis, Mnuchin (has been good and loyal) lighthizer. Ross,Carson, Pompeo and Mulvaney (original tea partiers) Pruitt, Sessions, Kelly,etc

          None of those are swamp neocons

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      • vladdy says:

        Thank you. That makes a lot more sense than — oh, we were just fooling; we were never looking into you.” or “We were, but at such-and-such point — never mind when or why — we decided to investigate Cohen instead”

        So now we are to believe it was Cohen all the time? is he involved in Russia, or has that changed, too? And RR, in opposition to Comey, will not tell the prez this in private and then, before congress say “I cannot comment on that”?

        nobody pays….nobody leaves the swamp who hasn’t already,..nobody’s indicted except perhaps an attorney who has worked for half of DC…suddenly, that is a good use of taxpayer’s paying hefty salaries for the past year — and the fact that we’ve been accused of supporting a traitor and Russian spy -yes, at one point, they said that — is fine, and we’ll all be united again?

        Guess I don’t understand DC or corruption at all…

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      • AH_C says:

        Oh I know both are corrupt snakes. When I said whitehats, perhaps greyhats is better. As in blackhats forced to go after others to save their own necks.

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      • cozette says:

        To do what Mueller is doing required a VERY convincing deep state tool. Someone whose loyalty to the Swamp was unquestioned by them. He’s played his part to perfection. Semper fi.


  3. fanbeav says:

    So if Mueller and Giuliani are negotiating with “leverage” (Trump versus the swamp), no matter how many swamp creatures don’t or do get indicted (not fired), we the American voter deserve a public apology and assurance with full explanation on how and why this should never ever happen again!

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  4. Heika says:

    And why would anyone in their ‘right’ mind believe that? Hogwash. As usual – more lies.

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    • Heika says:

      Further to that – if you were a cut snake (Rosenstein) what would you do? Oh yes, anything to save your bacon including a wee white lie. This kind of ‘statement’ is so easy to manipulate for the maker (just look at how a professional snakey snake (Comey, or McCabe do it in broad daylight in public on the tele) …

      ‘oh I meant you weren’t actually under investigation today, but can’t say for tomorrow or hey maybe something might pop up that I don’t know about yet, but yeh…not today Mr President, now can you leave me alone?’

      Give me a break. The day I believe anything Rosenstein says when Congress have just notified that he is going to be supoenaed for Comey’s ‘notes’ and if they do – he (Rosenstein) can also be impeached for withholding that information and having forced Congress to do it.

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  5. Been a fan but have not commented. I have been of the opinion that Mueller is not an SC, but an arbitrator between Trump, Obama, and HRC. He is trying to come up with a settlement for each group, while protecting the IC and other areas of government. He knows that Trump was setup, he knows who did it. But he realizes that some information can never come up. You have all 3 parties pushing back at each other and Mueller is looking to settle it. But we are at the end game. Think about the moves and counter moves that he is engineering. Trump wants HRC and Obama on a spit. Its not going to happen so Mueller pushes back on Trump with leaks and raids. Here is a little mike cohen and stormy daniels for you POTUS45! HRC thinks she is getting off scott-free, so here is a little andy mcabe and a tarmac tape for you Cankles! Obama thinks he is getting off scot free- here is a little coordination and document and we have loretta lynch nailed to the wall Barry! Mueller is leveraging and threatening all 3 sides to settle this. So how does this game of high stakes poker end after Mueller deals his cards?
    Trump- He gets a clean bill of health. No collusion, no obstruction. But he does not get HRC and Barry for his mar-a-lago trophy case. He’ll get a few pounds of flesh. Strok, page, ohr, baker, and mccabe. Maybe comey on minor infractions. And he will throw in Samantha Powers. Possibly Rice and Lynch on some minor issues. The public will know that Trump was set up, but not how high it went.
    Barry- He gets off. He can claim the people below him assured him the dossier was real. He can claim the HRC and DNC pulled a fast one on him too. They misled him into believing the dossier was real. He can throw comey, rice, and lynch under the bus. comey, rice, and lynch will play ball if they dont get hard time. They do martha stewart time for their crimes. He retires from the political arena and focuses on making money.
    HRC- The Crowley witch will escape yet again. Bill gets a pass on the Lolita Express and we bury the whole sex magic ritual stuff. But it will be made clear that she never runs for office again and retires from public life permanantly. In return mccabe, fusion GPS, blumenthal, winer and a few other players take a hit. Martha Stewart time for them as well.
    Mueller makes it clear that he has enough dirt on everyone to make their lives very unhappy. So everyone need to settle it and walk away. Years later Sundance writes a best seller (made into a movie) that details the depth of the conspiracy. History is not kind to Obama and HRC.

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    • DanO64 says:

      Not this time.

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    • Heika says:

      I like how you are thinking out of the box and moving the premise. Washington is a pit of snakes, and they are all in on it – no matter what side, colour or underpants. Everyone has something to win or lose, most (Congress) apart from a very few – are just paid for MIC or some other big industrie flunkies (McCain the peak of prostitution). The big players from Obama down (and we can go back to previous administrations) have all cut big self-serving deals in their ‘service’ that have nothing to do with serving the country. However, this ‘game’ greases all palms so it would make sense to send in a big fixer (not for the justice of the people mind you) but to cover butts as gently as possible.

      You may well be closer to the core of this than anything. Putting your base idea in – then running the game again (all the games so far), it could hold up as a theory. Thank’s for the good thinking.


    • stilwellinKS says:

      Interesting analysis Freddy. I don’t like people getting of scot-free. Would that same equal justice apply to you or I? Justice does need to prevail. I doubt SD needs to write a book although I wish anyone with talent do so and make BUCKETS of money.


      • Heika says:

        Yeh it needs to prevail but will it? Nothing so far says it will for sure.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Re: ‘…equal justice…’. No, because as everyone knows there is no ‘equal justice’, that’s a fairy tale created by civics teachers and lobbyists. If there are any other copps out there they can confirm that certain folks are more eual than others – unless they run afoul of someone or special interest group more equal than they are.
        Those DC folk are not just more important versions of us, they’re a seperate rece, a seperate species that controls the allocation of billions of dollars and unholy amounts of power. Those folk in DoJ might get tapped but their crime is not having done the dirty but having done it in a way that led to their being caught. The bargaining chip will be their ultimate Federal prison and how well their families fare. A few years in a Club Fed, public interest dies and the contrite convict returns to society (Federal retirement intact) and maybe a book deal or a position as a consultant to some connected company.


    • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

      There may be the “discussions” that you describe going on but they won’t be negotiated by Mueller. He’s not the genius everyone thinks he is. Just another flunky. HRC will be left alone. She’s an old, sick, fat, drunkard who will be dead soon anyway. You are correct that Obama is untouchable, unless he’s on an island full of other naked men…

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    • vladdy says:

      How is it phrased ‘Trump gets off’ if the others all were deep in corruption and wasting our tax dollars, and he didn’t do anything but try to save the country?

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      Freddy……you are very close, my friend. Very close.


    • covfefe999 says:

      Glad you decided to comment, Freddy. I totally agree that Mueller knows Trump was set up, he has to! If he were an honest man though he would set his sights on Cankles, because she’s the one who colluded with the Russians to interfere with an election. Maybe we’ll be surprised and he is doing that, but I doubt it. Especially with Weissman working with him.

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    • Mike says:

      Plausible as a possibility, but i don’t believe it.

      RM, HRC and O have to go, or the coup is still in progress. Until the true nature of the Clinton Foundation and O are publicly exposed, discredited, and they are removed from future UN service, everything is still in motion. And we are still layers away at that point.

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    • KLJ says:

      I suggested something like this a long time ago. No one in Washington wants to open the Clinton can of worms. It’s too big, and there are just too many worms. Heck, even a very prominent constitutional attorney featured regularly on Fox News was rumored on Zerohedge to be part of Epstein’s group – I always wondered why he was fighting so hard to shut all the investigations down. I’ve always thought (and said) that Mueller was desperately looking for chips to play in the big poker game.

      “Trump wants HRC and Obama on a spit.”
      Not so, IMHO. I remember Donald Trump saying that he did not want to pursue Hillary. I don’t think he wanted to pursue Obama either. All he wanted was to be the best president he could possibly be. He did not want to spend his time (and capital) chasing those two. He realized that they weren’t worth it, and he also realized that it would consume his presidency. Remember Jeff Sessions commenting on how it would be bad to investigate previous presidents?

      Trump doesn’t *want* them “for his mar-a-lago trophy case.” He just wants to do for the country what he does best.

      IMHO, the irony of all this is that it didn’t have to happen at all. It seems that, as SD has pointed out so well, the “small group” put things in motion that, once started, mushroomed into threatening both Hillary and Obama.

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      • Maquis says:

        But Hillary and Obama were the ones that put the “small group” into motion.


        • nbkilgore says:

          Maquis, I have read the Strzok/L.Page texts messages so many times now, but one sticks out like a sore thumb. Lisa Page responds to Strzok; MYE (mid year exam) …”because the President wants to know everything we’re doing”… So, in essence “O” is a*s deep in having POTUS 45 being set up!


      • czarowniczy says:

        There are people outside of Washington on the Beltway that sure as hell don’t want the Clinton story told. The folks the Clintons have worked with during their careers who’ve greased the tracks for their careers don’t like folks turning on the lights, especially this high up in the game.
        Old Bill and Hillary left the White House with less than they hoped they would but a decade later they’re rolling in cash. They’ve left a decades-old trail of dead bodies behind them, numerous questions of financial improprieties and drugs follow them like toilet paper stuck to their heels yet nothing touches them, they slide between the problems like they’re greased.
        Our national kleptocracy is wide and deep and I believe it’s anchored in Federal agencies that groom and recruit to meet their needs. Pols are brought in, elected a rediculous expense, all promising to change the system and reform the bureaucracy but…here we still are. These agencies control billions in working capital and immense amounts of power and no one they annointed is going to turn on the either out of a sense of gratitude or fearand as long as these annointees keep playing along their fortunes will grow.
        Right now a couple of us have beer bets going on when Bill’s going to have a fatal recurrence of his heart problems or Hillary will succumb to some malady – what we call the Bill Casey Syndrome.


    • cheryl says:

      They don’t get to skip just because there’s a power struggle in this country. They don’t get to walk away from sedition and treason.


    • Maquis says:

      Well Freddy, Welcome, thanks for joining us. Very interesting take. I guess we’ll find out, ‘eh? I surely do agree that History will not be kind to those two. However, they have to be acknowledged as co-conspirators, even if unindicted.

      The only way to put them to pasture though, quiet and self-behaving, is to convict them of their felonies, eliminating their ability to hold office anywhere.

      Everyone is concerned about the Left rioting because they are angry, or paid, or bored, or, whatever.

      Why does no one contemplaye what the Right may well do if all the crimes against thrm are swept under the rug? Agreed, we won’t see all of them, we don’t need to, but much if it we very much do need to know, and see acted on in a just fashion.

      What hapoens if we don’t? We don’t riot. Our actions are purposeful, and fueled by decades of Cold Anger. We don’t throw bricks. We prefer more discriminating projectiles. And we practice to do so, often.

      What if the Left, every institution they hold, cultural or otherwise, all, every one, is empowered to belittle us and call us Conspiracy Theorists and Whack Jobs because we know what was done by Team Clinton and Jihad Obama, but it was “never proven”?

      If neither was convicted, there surely was no there there, right? What a humiliation that would be, after all that has been done to save ourselves from them.

      The Right won’t go pick up their own trash at a Glenn Beck Rally… They will Rally to take out the Trash.

      (Oh, almost forgot, paragraphs, please!)



    • Abel says:

      I think this has always been the most accurate depiction. Mueller is the crooked arbiter. The two biggest scalps walk or at least obama.
      Well put. Thanks for your comments.


    • waltherppk says:

      Obama is already cooked on Uranium One, Fast and Furious, and the private email …..before things get much worse with the “exoneration” of Hillary and later the “insurance policy” psychological operations espionage SCAM mean to deligitimize Trump.

      This scenario involves sedition and espionage and it isn’t a perplexity where Trump has to make any deals with Mueller to go easy on adversaries who have already lost and could be forfeiting their ill gotten gains on top of going to prison. Criminals aren’t going to escape accountability simply because they may have many admirers and it would cause political division for them to go to prison.

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    • DrNo76 says:

      Very nicely said.


  6. youme says:

    A circle of intrigue….

    Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a longtime ally of President Donald Trump, is expected to join the president’s private legal team

    Current SDNY U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman worked for Greenberg Traurig, Giuliani’s law firm.

    Berman has recused himself from the Cohen matter for unspecified reasons, leaving it in the hands of deputy Robert Khuzami.

    In June, 2017, Giuliani joined the Reza Zarrab, a Turkish tycoon accused of busting Iran sanctions

    “The focus of the case against Turkish gold trader Reza Zarrab veered from the accused money launderer to his attorneys in March, amid revelations that he retained Giuliani and Michael Mukasey, a former U.S. attorney general under President George W. Bush.”

    “Bringing more than legal advice to the defense table, however, the powerful Republicans met in late February with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to come up with what they called a “diplomatic solution” to Zarrab’s case”.

    “With Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions briefed about it in advance, the visit cast a spotlight on Giuliani and Mukasey’s law firms, as well as evolving foreign relations between Washington and Ankara”


    The Russia investigation has a Turkish connection via Michael Flynn, who was accused of failing to disclose he was a foreign agent for its government.


    In 2014, Giuliani’s firm Greenberg Traurig registered as a foreign agent for the Turkish government, evidence from the Zarrab case showed.

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  7. nor'easter says:

    Where’s the damn exoneration letter?

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    • Heika says:

      EXACTLY – only believe what is real, not fork-tongued slippery bureaucrats trying to save their own bacon by any means. Rosenstein is currently looking down the barrel of impeachment for obstruction, he would try anything. Goodlatte has announced he is about to subpoena for Comey’s memos. He had to give 2 days notice to the Dem member. It about to happen. This happened yesterday.

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  8. Publius2016 says:

    If Mueller gave Comey IMMUNITY, THEN THE WITCHHUNT MAY FINALLY END!!! Presidential Transition documents…crickets…Attorney Client Privilege…crickets…GIVE COMEY IMMUNITY…SUPER BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!


  9. Redhotsnowman says:

    Wow. So much happening, criminal referrals left and right. Anyone heard from AG Sessions in the last ….. week?

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    • Newt Love says:

      > “… Anyone heard from AG Sessions in the last ….. week?”

      Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has been in relcusion, sucking eggs and plucking his banjo. Actually being an AG? He doesn’t hava a clue what that means.

      He is probably holding discussions about the up-coming legislation for Immigration Control, like he was still a US Senator. His Dementia is getting the best of him.


    • Yancey Ward says:

      It is still Winter-like in D.C. It will require much warmer weather for Session’s metabolism to rise high enough for wakefulness.


  10. Comrade Mope says:

    I think this has to do with the SDNY getting involved.the Cohen raid. Once Cohen’s case got dumped there the trap was sprung. SDNY is a hotbed of Hillary supporters and Rudy trumps her prosecutors with the copy of Hillary’s computer files.

    ““What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”
    My question is what’s to negotiate? Flynn? Manafort? Don jr.? Maybe a little better press for the president? Ending an investigation of dubious origins?
    What could we offer? More square footage to their cells? A thicker rope? Maybe they could negotiate it down to just tar and feathers.


  11. Publius2016 says:

    Comey calls “The Don” a Mafia Boss and two seconds later, Rudolfo Giuliani walks through the door?

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  12. vladdy says:

    If this is true, the ‘investigation” should be halted immediately, as its whole purpose was to investigate DT. And there should be public apologies for going “off on the wrong track,’ if they want to put it that way, rather than saying ‘it was all politics, but it didn’t work.”

    if RR is saying that, then what the hell are they supposedly wasting our tax money on?

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  13. werder says:

    Since I wouldn’t trust Rosenstein, how could I trust “sources familiar with the matter”? Please don’t turn into CNN, it’s wrong.

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  14. covfefe999 says:

    But what about all of those article headlines I posted that go all of the way back to June 2017 telling us that Mueller was close to nailing Trump? You mean they were all false???? 🙂

    Hi Cankles.

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  15. This may have been asked elsewhere, but why the hell does Grassley want a bill to protect Mueller?


    • Chickficshun says:

      Because they are all dumb$hits? Just spitballing here.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      He’s not supporting the bill, he’s the chairman of a committee and apparently the people on the committee want to hold a vote so Grassley is letting them do it. Grassley knows it’s not going anywhere, he doesn’t have to stop the idiots from their exercise in futility.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      I like Feinstein’s comments on delaying the bill becsause “I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it does…So you would want us to know what we’re voting on, right?” Uhhh…to borrow a concept from one of your hangers-on, just vote on it, you can see what’s in it after it’s passed.
      Then again, McConnel’s said it’s probably unconstitutional so why not pass it and look all nonpartisan – hands across the isle and all that – by passing a feel-good bill you knowv will be challenged and shot down by the courts?


  16. dkb123 says:

    Certainly no one is actually buying this … right?

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  17. NC PATRIOT says:

    He is the committee chair. He promised a group of his committee members (Feinstein and her cronies) that he would bring their bill to the Senate floor. It is NOT his bill. He also knows McConnell will not allow it to come up for a vote on the Senate floor.


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  19. J.Ballz says:

    I’m not shocked at all. I knew it was all bullsheet as soon as it came out the Clinton campaign paid for the dossier. Her campaign had previously denied it.


  20. Greg1 says:

    Does Cohen dropping his lawsuits against Fusion GPS and Buzzfeed not cause problems with publicly proving how the info about the wrong Michael Cohen going to Prague made it into the Steele dossier? If I recall correctly, didn’t Sundance say that the lawsuits would force Fusion GPS to reveal their source for this mistaken info and therefore force them to reveal a bunch of fowl play? When I saw he had dropped the lawsuits, all I could think was “nothing good can come of this”.

    I’m hoping the OIG report will have this so nailed down that Cohen dropping the lawsuits won’t matter.

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    • beach lover says:

      Or…Cohen is cooperating with attorneys to not expose their illegal surveillance to obtain his name, for dropping whatever they have on him. Must be something big enough to start the investigation.


    • John Rawls says:

      that was the most important development of the day. hard to interpret.

      cohen attorney stated they didn’t have enough time/resources to pursue defamation suit.

      i’m not buying that

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  21. How is a rational person who understands the character (or lack thereof) of a swampper supposed to believe Rosenstein? Does anybody actually think President Trump is NOT a target? How is that even possible given the Cohen raid? Seriously- this is total BS.

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    • John Rawls says:

      they’ve exhausted all avenues, and have punted, and are hoping to find something incriminating in cohen’s files.


  22. webgirlpdx says:

    No matter what is negotiated or what ‘deal’ might be struck what the President needs to include is that no one ever threatens or touches his kids. EVER.


  23. RH says:

    Rosenstein ( a backstabbing Zionist) Sorry I dont trust him.Period.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. dallasdan says:

    Not so fast with the exhale of relief. (Links for the following two items are at the beginning of SD’s article.)

    #BreakingNews: Rosenstein told Trump he is not target of Cohen probe, source says. https://t.co/HkW2CZIKtN pic.twitter.com/K9FoGiTMue
    — FOX Business (@FoxBusiness) April 19, 2018

    Fine, but that is not the same as saying the President is not the target of the Mueller probe into the Russia collusion charade.

    Moreover, even though the following has also been quoted:

    BREAKING: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein told Trump last week that he isn’t a target of any part of Mueller’s investigation – Bloomberg
    — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) April 19, 2018

    no one should lose sight of the enormous investment Mueller and the deep state have in his charging the President with SOMETHING. The President was the target of the FBI, DOJ, and Mueller from the beginning. The resistance is depending upon, and very likely demanding, that Mueller give them a catalyst for both deflecting the IG report and initiating impeachment proceedings in case the Dems win the House.

    It’s presumptuous and, IMO, approaching foolish to believe the prolonged, aggressive, frontal attack on the President will produce no overtly damaging accusation from Mueller, even though it would be a complete falsehood. Both of the “Breaking” items cite RR as the source. Nothing RR says can be trusted. Nothing.

    It’s too soon to line-up in the victory formation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • John Rawls says:

      it does indicate that they’ve found nothing suspicious and are not investigating trump… they really can’t lie about that…

      so it is going come down to whether cohen & trump did anything fishy together… hence, all the new lawyers…


  25. beach lover says:

    Comey memos are turned over to congress. So we should see them maybe by tomorrow!


  26. Seth Rich is watching says:

    Oh my God, I feel it in the air,
    Telephone wires above are sizzling like a stare,
    Mueller doesn’t scare me anymore, 2,3, 4..
    Kick ’em hard before you go, FBI sadness
    I just wanted you to know that Trumpy your the best.


  27. Ed Lester says:

    Bottom line: they don’t give a damn about Cohen. Trump is the big prize and they figure Cohen has enough information that they can build even a crappy case from and have a grand jury indict. Their intent is to threaten Cohen’s freedom and his family’s financial stability until he squeals like a pig.


  28. Everett Miller says:

    RR’s comments mean exactly nothing. To say Trump is not a target is a meaningless phrase. He is obviously a target–only lawyers and probably in DC can lie so big and out loud and be taken seriously. Anyone, from SD on down who takes this as meaningful is deluded.
    Of course TRUMP IS THE TARGET. drop the mic.

    Liked by 2 people

  29. positron1352 says:

    When I watch Comey speak, I think of Eddie Haskel. Remember “Leave it to Beaver”?

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Phil aka Felipe says:

    I don’t care what Rosenstein said about Trump not being under investigation by either Mueller or SDNY.

    Gettting in writing, Mr President!!

    Snakes in the FBI and DOJ have shown they are adept at lying; they do it with ease and seeming impunity.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thedoc00 says:

      Even if put in writing, I would not believe a word until Mueller signs his termination agreements with the DoJ, that ends the Special Council investigation. That termination agreement better have non-disclosures included, that assure signees the go to jail if violated.


  31. Hanuman says:

    Maybe not Mueller’s investigation, but what about SDNY?


  32. thedoc00 says:

    None of this means anything if the Democrats win in November, because all of this material can be used at the impeachment hearings, as the rules of evidence do not exist in those proceedings.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. CaptainNonno says:

    Why not a public statement? Could always back track or deny a private discussion. Make POTU look bad.


  34. Minnie says:

    My apologies if this has already been posted/discussed, doesn’t this fact basically eliminate the need for the SC in the first place?

    As Mr. President is NOT in fact a target of this ridiculous investigation does that not mean it needs to be shut down, pronto?

    As for AG Sessions, he needs to “unrecuse”.



    • Maquis says:

      Well, they can still pretend they are trying to nail the Russians for, something, ya know, so, gotta keep looking, yeah, that’s it… YYY


  35. dallasdan says:

    I have yet to see an authoritative commentary on how to effectively terminate the Mueller charade. Sessions won’t end it; RR won’t end it; the President won’t fire him; Congress is protecting him; now, are we to hope that Rudy G. will exercise some compelling pretzel logic to convince Mueller to end it? Or, is that just the next act in this three-ring ****-show?

    The entire process with Sessions and Mueller began as a national embarrassment, and Mueller’s reign seemingly has no end unless and until he calls the final shot with an absurd, criminal charge against the President. Embarrassment unchecked eventually becomes humiliation, and the entire nation suffers the shame.


  36. KLJ says:

    Isn’t the Cohen raid to pressure the president to make a deal? Decide who walks and who the fall guys are? Aren’t they threatening to destroy Trump and his family by going after his businesses? The desperation seems obvious now – banging on the doors of Obama and Hillary and who knows who else. Can the Democrats survive Obama and Hillary being indicted? Does Trump really want to spend the remainder of his presidency fighting this battle?? And, risk destruction – but not by Mueller?

    Again, just think about the can of worms I’ve been talking about for a long time. How big is that can? How smelly are all those worms? How many really powerful people are threatened?

    Whether or not justice is really done is immaterial when it comes to how things will unfold. Unfortunately.

    And, here comes Rudy! Everyone realizes that it is time to make a deal, and what a negotiation it must be. Who better than a New Yorker named Rudy to get this deal done? Does anyone else know better than he does where ALL the bodies are buried?

    The people at the top aren’t REALLY accountable, are they??


    • Ospreyzone says:

      No, they are not accountable. Progressive elites can’t afford to have a Clinton or an Obama damaged by more than innuendo. That could set into motion a backlash against the new world order they represent. For them, circumstances, not eternal principles, ultimately dictate justice. Thus, a few mouth-breathing sycophants will get the chop to assuage the public as the “Potomac 2-Step” swings into high gear.

      Real power has its privilege. It has always been thus.


  37. I don’t believe a word that comes out of the mouth of this black hat deep state operative, Rosenstein. He is dead scared he is going to be fired so I think he is now just trying to protect his own a**.


  38. scott467 says:

    “Not coincidentally, today Jennifer Jacobs reports that DAG Rosenstein informed the President he is not a target of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.”


    And a swamp creature would never lie…

    He might sign off on lawless FISA felony abuses, help orchestrate a coup d’etat, but he would never stoop so low as to lie…

    Liked by 1 person

    • scott467 says:

      Some of the best lies are those which we want to believe are true.

      Not that a swamp veteran like Rosey would ever lie.

      No… far be it from him.

      I have no idea why everyone is acting like Rosenstein was just caught in Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth, lol!


  39. Newt Love says:

    Okay, so Rod Rosenstain says,
    PDJT “You are not a target of the Cohen Criminal Investigation [that I signed off on]. Only Cohen is a target.”

    Not said was “But Mueller will apply every threat and intimidation to get Cohen to flip on you, and then we are coming for you with bloody knives!”

    How big of fools do Mueller and Rosenstain think we are?

    Liked by 1 person

  40. If the investigation is not about Trump, whoo is it about ?


  41. NJ Transplant says:

    It is really good news about Rudy.

    Rosenstein is a liar. How is the President not a target? Michael Cohen, irregardless of the agreement about the pregnancy and giving Sean Hannity advice, only has one client. That one client is Donald Trump. Rosenstein authorized a raid of all the files of the President’s attorney. This is probably the worst abuse of power I ever heard of. I hope Rudy chews them up and spits them all out.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Mar says:

    Well, well, well Rod Rosenstein really is a POS. Just another entrenched bureaucrat. First he appeases the masses who he knows–knows him–then he tries to appease a brand new outsider–the President of the United States who doesn’t have a clue who he really was and is. He’s no better than Obama and his cronies. Oh wait, he is an Obama holdover. Who in the hell told our President to keep this idiot.


  43. Rynn69 says:

    So said the snake….


  44. shirley49 says:

    Since they are not investigating The Donald then what are we paying them for. This is costing the American people millions which could be used on the WALL. I want my money back.


  45. skatko says:

    OH please. Does anyone really believe Rosenstein at this point? Mueller is squeezing EVERYONE and their brothers to find anything he can on Trump.


  46. hellinahandbasket says:

    If the Democrats and the DNC were smart (pfftttt), they would rally behind prosecutions of ALL involved in this fiasco – no matter who the casting-net catches, all the way up to the 0-Presidency. Taking the stance of justice for all, fair and equal – is their drum-beat. And to NOT join the side taking-down the elite political forces, confirms their penchant for corruption and should lay apparent for their masses, that they are against the average-joe, and for the elite. They’re missing a golden opportunity here for the revival of their party, as the party for the down-trodden and unrepresented, victimized and oppressed. But, then again – if they actually DID come to the side of equality and justice for all, it would only be because they weren’t corrupt Globalists, so I guess that’ll never happen. Ah well. #MAGA


  47. Tim Holden says:

    A couple of weeks ago signals began to develop from those who might speak for the other side that it would be better to forgive and forget this whole thing. Subsequent to that we have Comey’s disastrous book tour, the emergent legal difficulties faced by half a dozen of the conspirators, and the prospect of favourable negotiations with North Korea. Notable in recent moves has been the exquisite timing of McCabe’s dismissal, the live announcement-during-show of recommended charges against Comey, and with all these major shifts in the battle’s momentum the media drones on with its familiar absurd hostility. This last element of the fight has to be won. The Trump team has a plan beyond this, and the team is recently strengthened. The personal nature of the smears on the President won’t be readily forgiven at these early shifts in momentum. The enemy may relent, they may parlay, but they are done for. In addition, the longstanding erosion of Obama’s “legacy” since the beginning of the Trump presidency clearly indicates that Obama is not going to be allowed to escape without considerable pain. If Obama can be nailed and exposed, he will be. If he jumps into the community organiser role and threatens riots he will be faced down, HRC’s only way out is to become very sick indeed. That is the best case she can build.


  48. Madi says:

    If you have not seen those videos (3) yet take time to listen to it.
    President Trump need to prosecute the disease at the top of this government for the sake of this country.
    Equal justice or no justice.



  49. van winkle says:

    Can NOT believe Rosensting he is setting Trump up so he will go see Mueller. No Can Do!!!


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