Breaking: Five James Comey Memos Released (Full pdf enclosed)…

A few hours ago the DOJ released five memos to congress from the files of fired FBI Director James Comey.  The total number of memos and emails is uncertain, presumably seven, however the DOJ released five (full pdf below).

Several of the emails and memos are sent to the Former FBI chief legal counsel James Baker (now a cooperating witness with IG Horowitz and Federal Prosecutor Huber); and/or Comey’s chief-of-staff James Rybicki (he resigned after the Page/Strzok texts surfaced).   The publicly released versions contain redactions due to their classified nature:

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496 Responses to Breaking: Five James Comey Memos Released (Full pdf enclosed)…

  1. deqwik2 says:

    I have never believed the Comey memos prompted the appointment of Mueller because of the timeline.
    May 16th – memo are published
    May 17th – Mueller is appointed

    How in the world do you hire a SC that fast?!!

    I believe they had a plan to bring Mueller in & Comey leaked memo to get it started but they started it too fast to make any sense.
    There’s more to this than we have found out about.

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    • how about this idea?the team was already in place, already working to take down Trump:bringing in Mueller as an SC,as their ‘leader’ was a cover to legitimize their obstruction, their takedown of a duly elected President


    • paulraven1 says:

      There is and there isn’t more to it. That is, an infinite number of details as to how a conspiracy is implemented within the framework of plausible deniability. But on the whole, it was entirely about one thing — destroying Donald Trump. On that point, there is nothing more to learn. That’s always, only what it was about. And still is about. This is something Jeff Sessions cannot and will not ever comprehend.


      • One of the things that stuck out for me was the one memo where he beat around the bush and said he could not mention something because it was an unclassified memo.
        Why did he not just go ahead and spit it out ?
        , What was the concern in keeping it unclassified . He was after all the Director of the FBI and the only people who would see it would be people who were cleared .
        Was he intending to leak them when he wrote them ???//
        Was it written or altered after he was fired so he could leak it ?


    • thedoc00 says:

      Published and actually read are two different events, so your timeline may be meaningless. The existence and reading of those memos predated the publishing by enough time to support the Mueller appointment. However, I do agree this was just a pretext for pre-ordained appointment of Mueller.

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      • deqwik2 says:

        Yes & that means they lied to us when they said the memos were the reason for the SC and Rosenstein was either blindly used or part of it.

        The fact that Rosenstein wanted Mueller to be head of FBI after Comey firing makes me believe he is part of the conspiracy.


    • noswamp says:

      Your theory is correct. To me it went down like this:
      1. Deep State could not believe Trump won. We need an insurance policy. Remember there are literally hundreds of people working together on this including MSM.
      2. Let’s get our man Mueller in charge of the FBI. Oh no, Trump picked Sessions.
      3. No problem, lets accuse Trump of Russian collusion, and RR and Deep State operatives in Ethics at the FBI will convince Sessions to recuse. And Mueller is appointed almost immediately.
      4. Let’s play along with the anti Comey letter, after all, RR has all the power anyway.
      5. Now lets get Trump. But as we all know all Mueller could do was play interference and hope for impeachment. Didn’t happen.
      6. Paul Ryan and MM also protects the deep state to protect their own necks. They know they are also going to be implicated here in the plot against Trump. (Funny no one has mentioned this yet, but its clear to me why PR is suddenly retiring from the House and MM tried his best to pass a bill blocking Trump from firing Mueller). They have evidence that PR and or Mitch M were complicit. I personally don’t know, but its my theory. They feel the Dems will control the House after the 2018 elections. PR’s work would be complete.
      Why the criminal referrals(11 signed for McCabe, should be 111) all of a sudden from Congress(THEY ARE THE PATRIOTS). Because they have the criminal referrals from Horowitz to Huber. Notice whose names are on these requests and whose are NOT. T. Gowdy signature, no where to be seen. We know where he stands despite his obfuscation.
      Their whole scheme is about to blow up in their faces. (DNC lawsuit now alleging collusion?) Really?

      The implosion of the enemy starship has begun. This is going to be fun to watch.

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  2. MTK says:

    Remember these five memo contain a minimum of two out of the four that where deemed classified.
    My quess is Comey’s leaked all four the classified memos.

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  3. nickcole11 says:

    Key timeline:

    Mike Rogers visited Trump in November 2016. Comey’s memos are after that beginning in Jan 2017.

    Hence, Trump KNEW EVERYTHING when he visited Comey. Thus the questions about the FISA on Flynn, about the loyalty of McCabe, about the FBI leaks…

    Trump knew the answers to the questions before he asked Comey. Comey lied, which verified everything Trump suspected.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Exactly what I thought. Our President knew the answers and that’s why he was asking Comey. It’s how he’s always worked, and I’m surprised to how smart Comey thinks and says he is, couldn’t even figure this out.

      In addition, it’s not to difficult to find and underline all of the lies Comey interjected into these memos. For one, he just can’t keep his big ego out of it. Two, most of us have learned how our President talks and how smart he is. We know he wouldn’t say a number of things Comey has accused him of saying. Usually it’s to bolster his own ego and to show how great he is, as well as to make our President look terrible in the eyes of the public.

      I think we see a man who actually believes he himself could be president because he is just so much smarter than anyone in the WH when he enters. He looks at these people in complete disgust.

      Lastly, his so-called interview with stephenapolups (so spelled wrong). In one of his answers he states, “…our campaign…” when referring to clinton. I called it a Freudian slip. Oops! So the first or second memo is so full of bs when he is claiming they don’t take political sides when they go to work. Okay, they are all full of it, but you get what I mean.

      I hope there will be many others who can see through all of this, more so than usual. We will see. I just don’t trust any of them right now.

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  4. hellinahandbasket says:

    Goin’ Down

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  5. treehouseron says:

    That crap about Comey claiming President Trump told him Russia had the best looking hookers in the world…. Putin said that PUBLICLY, he didn’t tell President Trump that. I remember when he said it, it was hilarious. President Trump was likely telling Comey ‘Hey, Putin said Russia has the bests hookers in the world!” and dumbass Comey thought he meant Putin told him that in person.

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  6. MVW says:

    I think Comey must have a brain tumor.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Wait, what, he has a brain????

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    • Penny Stute says:

      Comey is a flagrant narcissist. What people do not understand about the diagnosis of narcissism is that in psychiatry there is a diagnostic tree for personality disorders. There are other personality disorders but in a different classifications. Narcissism belongs in Cluster A disorders. On this same tree are the diagnosis of psychopath & antisocial personality disorders. A person is not 100% of one but a mixture of all of them. The diagnosis would likely be Cluster A Personality Disorder Narcissist with a rule out of the other two. I believe Comey’s diagnosis would realistically be Cluster A Personality Disorder Psychopath.

      The reason I say psychopath is because Comey obviously does not hesitate to use his position as a law enforcement officer to break the law every which way from Sunday. He is such a criminal we will likely never know the half of his crimes. The criminal part of his personality is dominant.and the narcissistic side of him is becoming more apparent as he acts like a peacock in heat strutting his smug mug to the media while bashing Trump. His problem with Trump is that Trump is somewhat of a narcissist as well and refuses to worship Comey. If you haven’t noticed Comey like all eyes on him and Trump refuses to allow it. At least Trump is aware of his narcissistic traits though. Notice I say traits and the reason I do is that everybody has traits of personality disorders but are traits only not pathological like Comey’s.

      Every single person involved in this coup appears to have a cluster a personality disorder and they are so pathological that there is very little humanity residing in their souls. Hillary well deserves her moniker of Killary because she has absolutely no remorse at all, she is evil personified. There is no rehabilitating these people! None, Nada, Zip! I also watched a young killary give a speech and she also appears to have a touch of Aspergers as well.

      As a retired psychiatric nurse practitioner with experience in corrections and working with the Severely and Persistently Mentally Ill Population or SPMI, I am well qualified to make such diagnosis but I use qualifying terms as well because I have not had them in an office to do a complete mental health history so please note that my remarks are made from their criminal histories and observation of their behaviors over many years.

      I hope this helps shed some light on how these fellows operate. They are not nice and never will be nice and any hope for them is futile. Unless of course Gitmo becomes their new addresses, except that is our hope not hope for them? Tee Hee!

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      • paulraven1 says:

        I think this is astute. I would only add that it is worth factoring in the ideological influences into personality disorder. It is difficult to say which is causes which but I think on the whole Leftism and a sense of self-deification are mutually inclusive.


      • Scarlet says:

        Hillary is a malignant narcissist / psychopath. Emphasis on malignant


      • Bugsdaddy says:

        “I don’t do weasel moves”……..

        I’m still laughing over that one……


    • Kristin says:

      “It is possible….” Comey.


  7. Hillard says:

    Even the phony Schiffs of congress have to scrambling to come up with excuses for this moron


  8. The Other Donald says:

    Praise be to GOD.
    Let US be thankful.

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  9. webgirlpdx says:

    These memos read like:
    “Dear Diary,
    Today my friends and I rode our Bikes and played with our Barbies.
    Love, Jimmy”

    His writing seems like a school girl, not a law school grad, FBI Director. Beyond creepy.

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  10. EV22 says:

    Rosenstein needs to be called to account and explain to the American people what exactly in these memos was so incriminating that he appointed Mueller and gave him such extraordinary powers.

    Sick to death of all these incompetent government jerks acting like little Napoleons. Everywhere you look – DoJ, FBI, Congress, IRS, etc. – they’re stupid, arrogant, biased, and have caused untold damage to our country.

    This is the reason for limited government: most people in government don’t know what they’re doing, don’t believe in upholding our constitution, and just screw everything up for their own personal profit.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Remember, Comey and Mueller are best buds. Birds of feather, fly together. So, what does this say about Mueller. Comeys his PROTEGE, right?
      And I’m sure you can find LOTS of quotes, about what an ‘honorable’ guy Comey is. Similarly, same people lauding Mueller. The stink sticks, ya know?
      Muellers an egotistic self aggrandising hack, just like his protege. “How hard can it be? I’m well respected former fbi ditector, I’ll find or manufacture evidence against Trump, just like I’ve done with others, and people will believe it cause, well, I’m ME. I’ll be seen as a HERO!
      WHAT a douche bag! Hubris, all of them. Such hubris!

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      • Dutchman says:

        So, these memos were justification for a SC, or at least for an investigation. Of him leaking them! Why, rosie, DIDNT you order an investigation of THAT?
        WHAT,..courage, strength, ? DJT has shown, to put up with all this, to let it play out, knowing what he knew at the outset! The man is amasing! I am in awe, never thought I’d say ‘better than Reagan”,..but I have to say it.

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    • The innuendo and the media push led to the Special Counsel . My guess, Rosenstein never ask for or read them .We assume these people deal in the real world and not the political world.


    • thedoc00 says:

      Not just Rosenstein but members of congress for endorsing and paying for the special council.


  11. anthohmy says:

    Ok so POTUS is trolling Comey from beginning to end.

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  12. Pat Frederick says:

    you wanna know what struck me about the memos? President Trump was very concerned how his WIFE was going to feel about the prostitute stories—Comey mentioned it at least twice.
    POTUS doesn’t care about how this effects HIM–he cares that it effects his WIFE and his ability to do work for WE THE PEOPLE.
    How can you not adore this man?????

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  13. Deplorable Nazarene Zealot says:

    If possible all this criminal activity must be rooted out all the way to the top (and I mean if we can, all the way to Obama’s handlers). This should be hung around liberal democrat and RINOe necks like the rotting stinking albatross it truly is. This must be done for two reasons:

    1. Lady Justice is getting fat and out of shape for lack of exercise.
    2. It may be the only way to hold this great nation together.


    • lotbusyexec says:

      I’m wife and I too would have had a “smidgen” of doubt if someone told me salacious stories regarding my husband ESPECIALY if presented by an FBI report! President Trump is a good man!


  14. Kris says:

    “Redacted Comey memos released tonight are FAKE. Comey likely wrote them after he was fired, guided by Lynch & 3 others (classified). These were purposely leaked to trigger the launch of the Mueller SC. More criminal acts to add to the pile”.

    Apr 19 2018 20:11:51 (EST) Q
    Memos are FAKE.
    Guided by LL/+3 CLAS.
    Think SC.
    All written same time.
    I read all 5 memos last night, there was not one thing in them that would trigger an investigation into Trump collusion with Russia. These memos were to appease Congress, I just hope they realize it!!

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  15. 1LanternInTheWindow says:

    Mr Comey, for a guy that has CRS, can’t remember s#!t while under oath before congress you have an uncanny ability to remember every word of a Presidential meeting with Mr. Trump. Before you ask they do make orange jump suits for extra tall crooks.


  16. Homesteader says:

    Hey, Comey. ..That’s it??


  17. LULU says:

    I prefer to believe he didn’t want these bogus “disclosures” to cause Melania pain. Not just the notion that she would give him h*ll.


  18. williameray says:

    This is why you NEVER EVER EVER talk to the FBI or any other law enforcement agency without a lawyer present! If this guy is writing stuff down on the POTUS what would ever make someone think that officials want do the same to you???


  19. ristvan says:

    That is it for Comey. The memo bottom annotations show they were classified when leaked to Witte. Clear violations of 18USC798– one year in prison minimum. Worse, they are now unclassified after redactions, showing that they clearly contained important classified information. Intentionally leaking them is a serious felony under 18USC1924 punishable by many years in prison. Sessions, get on it. Separate matter from Huber/Horowitz.


    • thedoc00 says:

      Actually the markings in the released copies reflect their classification after being submitted to the special council. I almost made the same comment but recalled these memos had been classified after they were obtained.

      However, there are elements of these memos and others that was classified at the time of their released. The classified parts of the memos has not yet been revealed, the reason portion markings are omitted and the actual classified memos may have not been revealed yet.


  20. John says:

    Are we going to parse these memos?
    The first one has Comey writing that the one-on-one (with the POTUS) session “I then executed the session exactly as I had planned.” Interesting considering he never told POTUS that the Russia trash was arranged for and financed by the DNC and Hillary. A vital detail to leave out “exactly as he had planned”. Comey is stabbing the POTUS in the back by leaving out a huge detail that would have POTUS viewing the Russia garbage in a whole new light. (Was it possible the POTUS actually already did know and was stringing Comey along to see how “loyal” and trustworthy he was?) The POTUS soon learned if he did not know then. Disclosing in this memo that Clapper asked Comey to do this should be all that needs to be said.
    Also noted Comey wrote he told POTUS “media like CNN had them (Russia reports) and were looking for a news hook.” Being the responsible and dedicated the FBI chief who would never make a statement to the POTUS based on gossip and hearsay, how did Comey know exactly what the media had and that they were looking for a news hook? Hmmmm.
    Only three sentences from this memo and he has already disclosed what he truly is.

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  21. CNN_sucks says:

    It was always preplanned. Trump is a casualty against who challenge the permanent unelected bureaucrats overrun by democrats operatives as being place in key positions in big media, big business, colleges and big government.


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