Mexican Presidential Race Front-runner Blames Corruption For President Trump’s Perspective…

The next president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, or “AM LO” as he is known locally, is a well known Marxist.  AM LO is virtually certain to be the winner of the July 1st Mexican election.  The U.S. will have a Hugo Chavez ideologue at our southern border.

Today, front-runner AM LO told an audience in Rosarito (Baja California peninsula) that President Trump’s bad experiences investing in Mexico, and encountering corrupt officials throughout government, were likely the reason for his negative view of the country.

“[Trump] invested here in Rosarito and also in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, and because of Mexico’s corrupt governments he had to leave,” Lopez Obrador said. “That’s why he got a bad impression of our country.”  (Reuters link)

AM LO went on to say his national government would eliminate the decades-long corruption within government and the judicial system.  Keep eyes-wide-open; once in office AM LO will likely repeat Chavez/Maduro and remove blocks to his agenda including legislative opposition, elections and eventually term limits.

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218 Responses to Mexican Presidential Race Front-runner Blames Corruption For President Trump’s Perspective…

  1. joshua says:

    Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim made his big money supplying cell phones to the Obama “Obamaphone” free phone giveaway to the US blacks.


    • Carlos Slim also owns a controlling interest in the New York Times. How is that legal?


      • Bendix says:

        We don’t have laws anymore, just suggestions, and you don’t have to follow them if you are important enough.
        IMO, Rupert Murdoch should never have been allowed to buy a US citizenship for purposes of skirting already lax regulations about foreigners owning US media.
        Interesting, in the movie about the Dan Rather/National Guard scandal, one of the characters, an actual person, complains about Bush carving out a special exemption to proposed legislation on how much media in one market can be owned by one entity.
        Once Obama took office, they all quit complaining, and I haven’t seen any attempt by President Trump’s guy to do right by the American media and bust up these monopolies, either.

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    • Mickey Wasp says:

      Break it down. Millions of $10 phones with $30 a month service, sold at $40 for the phone and $70 for service. Plus, a direct contact to Obama reelection. All paid for out of the Amercan Treasury.
      There are many more than just Slim involved. Think…


  2. Build the wall, NOW!

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  3. RG. Getard says:

    Can you imagine if Venezuela was on the US border today? If this guy goes in that direction we will need the wall yesterday.

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    • Supertalk says:

      We will probably have to go to war with Mexico.


      • mossback says:

        Mexico’s long history is all about revolution once a dictator takes over and ruins the country…..not that there is much left to ruin…….Am Lo takes over and in a few long years another revolution will spring up, just as it did in the 1800’s and early 1900’s……that is if the US just doesn’t invade and clean their house for them. Never ending cycle for the Mexicans. It’s a pity too, I like their culture, food and semi-tropical and tropical beaches and sea side cities. Most of the people who live there (and aren’t destitute, looking to get out) are hard working, fun loving folks. Friendly for the most part and very, very patriotic.

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      • Well, the lessons all have learned in warfare since the last time we beat the Mexicans in 1847 will be absolutely brutal next time.

        Then, nations captured populations. Now, after the Second World War and lebensraum, those populations are expelled, leaving the land open to new settlers.

        It’s not our problem what happens to the former population. Ask the former inhabitants of East Prussia and Silesia.

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    • If this guy has communist/socialist leanings we will have a new set of problems. If we are still in NAFTA we have to look at one of the first things that may happen is nationalization of US industries in Mexico. And then we will see them using the plants to produce their own products.

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  4. Darrell W says:

    Obrador says he intends to grant amnesty to “some” convicted drug criminals. Sounds to me like this Marxist intends to accept bribes from the drug cartels, which of course means more illicit drugs coming to America. I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

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    • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

      You are correct Darrell. In an earlier post I stated that If Obrador emulated Maduro he would not survive long. Not because The Mexican peons would turn on him, they are basically unarmed, but the criminal gangs have thousands of soldiers and are better equipped then the armed forces even. Venezuela is in it’s current predicament because it was NOT partially controlled by cartels. They would never have allowed Chavez to seize COMPLETE control. Mexico has bankrupted it’s major industries thru nationalization. It survives mostly on the drug trade, slave labor wages from foreign companies and the cash from illegals working in this country. The Trump administration, IMO, would have very little trouble negotiating with an Obrador regime if they were willing to really play hardball. Just throw a few coins to the rulers. Remember Castro and his Cuban foreign legion in Angola. Unfortunately Marxism is even MORE corrupt than the current Mexican regime so illegal entries into the U.S. would probably increase. Terrorists from other foreign countries could flagrantly enter also. Hell, for a few thousand bucks Obrador would probably sell diplomatic credentials to terrorists.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      Who do you think is financing AM LO’s campaign?

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  5. La Revolution ala Venezuela, coming to a border near you sooner than later.
    A wall won’t solve everything.
    But it sure would be helpful!


  6. Sepp says:

    Allan Wall is an American citizen who lived and taught in Mexico for many years, married a Mexican woman, and writes excellent articles about the country of Mexico and its people and politics.

    He has an article about the Mexican election on VDare. His own website in English is:


  7. TheLastDemocrat says:

    A lot has been said about Mexico, a place that has no reason to not be a wildly successful nation.

    But here is a brief thought: it is not just private-ownership, free-trade capitalism that helps a nation’s people prosper. There has to be the rule of law. These two have to go together.

    Marxism and cronyism, now in Mexico’s future, is a path that is nowhere near a path of capitalism and rule-of-law.

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    • piper567 says:

      TLD, you sais,
      “….its not just private, free-trade capitalism that helps a nation’s people prosper. There has to be the rule of law. These two go together.”
      Now we know why US is in such trouble with respect to the SC trail of investigation!
      If ever there was a demonstration of subverting the Rule of Law, we only need read sundances’s writing over the last six months.

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    • Sadly what has been happening for some time ib nexico is that if the law is inconvenient it gets changed. The mexican constitution of 1824 was such a thing. Santa Anna changed control from the constitution and control of states to control from mexico city. If a reform happens then it later gets changed. we really need that wall.


  8. Mickturn says:

    Yea, maybe, but when AM LO get’s done with his Communist BS Mexico will be a HUGE S***Hole Country, now it’s a small one!…and Venezuela will have a sister on the S*** List of Bankrupt CORRUPT Countries.

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  9. thedoc00 says:

    This guy will be Vicente Fox part II. There were allot of dead Mexican Indians and other protestors, rich political allies, lots of drug money flowing into government official pockets, no jobs and he will ruin the parts of the Mexican Military actually fighting the Drug Cartels. Then the nationalization starts and factories go really bad. Build the wall and kill NAFTA now.

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  10. Bendix says:

    Ann is right about the importance of the wall.


  11. golsono says:

    For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction – Neuton said that
    For every logical reason to build the wall, there will be an attempt at an opposite reaction – Dems + Rinos said that


  12. Daniel says:

    Question: When did Dr. Kelso from Scrubs become a Mexican Marxist dictator?


  13. v4ni11ista says:

    Sung to “Macarena”

    Obrador is hoping they won’t be like Venezuela
    Where the mobs that run the streets are like to slice your genitalia,
    Where the murder rate is sky high and they gang rape your Abuela,
    Hey Venezuela!

    Obrador looks forward to the pomp and the regalia
    And to Socializing Industry while people eat azaleas
    While La Raza flees El Norte where the maids are named Consuela
    Hey, Venezuela!

    Why can’t people learn that Socialism always fails ya
    Where the Market Forces die and petty despots want to jail ya
    Whereas Freedom and small government grow wealth like in Australia
    Hey, Venezuela!

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  14. jjs says:

    Am Lo is a Marxist with millions of illegals and legal Mexicans on are side of the boarder as a ready made army. He will agitate the left in this country and they will rise up against us. Then the wall will all of a sudden make sense to millions of Americans – but it will be too late. We have a country inside of a country now – the Marxists will do everything they can to destroy us. The next Marxist Obama who gets in Power in the US will let the country fail.


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