U.S. Attorney John Lausch Discusses His Role in Document Production…

The motives behind this interview are transparent.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions is attempting to push back against growing opinion he has lost control of the DOJ, and more specifically the rogue elements within it.

Functionally, and by sheer weight of visible outcomes, there are influential embeds within the apparatus of the DOJ continuing their effort to undermine the Office of the President.

Amid the AG effort to restore higher principles and standards, ie. removing the politicization, the usurping Main Justice agents are taking advantage.  The ‘small group’ is  seemingly running amok – unchecked in their objective to undermine the office of the President; and operating independently, brazenly, regardless of DOJ leadership.

In hindsight this appears to have been the plan of the ‘small group’ all along.  Hiding behind color of law and the Mueller investigation as a cover and excuse to continue the ideological efforts of “The Resistance.”   AG Sessions has not been able to stop, stall or disrupt their ongoing activity.  Team Mueller is simply better than Team Sessions, and they operate as an insurgency.  Sessions, is now marginalized and getting his ass kicked by his own department.  There is a transparent lack of urgency/ability to correct this.

The Attorney General simply appears weak, ineffective and inept.

Jeff Sessions has become a caricature.  Throwing gasoline on the fire, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has targeted the personal attorney of the President.

The patient support AG Sessions held in the court of public opinion has now evaporated.  The lack of a sense of urgency from his office only generates super-fuel for the feeble-Sessions narrative as his defenders are ridiculed.

To counter the collapse, AG Sessions is sending out DOJ representatives in an attempt to deliver a message of action.  DOJ spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores yesterday and U.S. Attorney John Lausch today.

Fox News Bret Baier interviews federal prosecutor John Lausch who is in charge of getting sensitive Justice Department documents to lawmakers investigating alleged FBI and DOJ bias.



Did you get that part?

EMPHASIS: “documents include grand jury material, the disclosure of which is prohibited by Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e), classified information, and information about unrelated and ongoing investigations that must be redacted in order to preserve the integrity of other investigations and to avoid the *appearance of political influence* in criminal prosecutions.”

A federal prosecutor should not be meeting with congress to discuss the substance or strategy of any ongoing prosecutions. The DOJ (AG Sessions) does not want John Huber in the position of talking to congress.

Putting another, unrelated US Attorney in charge of the submissions to congress makes sense. Presumably, Lausch has been briefed by Sessions as to the sort of material he should withhold or redact, but keeping Huber away from congress makes sense. Heck, it’s critical.

Likely U.S. Attorney John Huber has been given the green light to move forward with prosecutions. This is a unique situation, and the information requested by Goodlatte and Nunes creates a need to produce documents (oversight), and also distance prosecutor Huber from the politics.

The appointment of John Lausch is an indicator the DOJ is now moving more in step with the expectations of the President; and the demands for prudent enforcement of federal criminal law.

The only reason to assign a second US Attorney to the document production side of this is to create a point of contact for congress to explain why certain redactions will be required on a forward basis.

Congress has a right to conduct oversight, as has been underscored by many of House committee leaders in recent weeks. However, this announcement will freak out the potential criminal targets of this investigation. Now they know it’s serious, and DOJ is removing politics.

Try to THINK without EMOTION. The only reason for the additional congressional contact is that prosecutor Huber (& others) are involved in much more than a “review” of the IG report. Of course, this move lines-up with what has been obvious for many months now.

Just the sheer process of an ordinarily complex Office of Inspector General report with the inherent investigative fact-audit, draft-report review, reference fact-check, preliminary draft vetting, and subsequent final draft review and audit is exhaustive in itself.

Now imagine overlaying that report process atop each of the topics behind millions of pages of gathered evidence, thousands of pages of testimony and witness statements, on multiple investigative issues – all surrounding the FBI and DOJ-NSD conduct. Each of these aspects is an investigation unto itself:

•Clinton email, manipulated investigations with predetermined outcomes; •unlawful and coordinated media leaks; •false testimony to FBI, congress and under oath to IG; •manipulated FBI 302 reports; •Willful corruption by AD-Andrew McCabe, D-Comey etc.. and if that’s not complex enough to report about…. overlay the •issues with the FISA court; •false presentations; •source material (Steele Dossier); and well, see the picture…. this is massive and complex.

The reason to assign a second US Attorney John Lausch to the document production is to create a point of contact for congress, and protect prosecutor Huber moving forward. Certain criminal evidence redactions will be required on a forward basis.

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  1. theresanne says:

    It seems sometimes like Jeff Sessions is wearing his recusal like a badge of honor when he should withdraw it and get in the battle. He’s the general for heaven’s sake, and he’s acting like a conscientious objector!

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    • David Munday says:

      I questions SD’s analysis. For ages he has depicted Sessions (and even Rosenstein) as a good guy who has been moving things quietly in the right direction behind the scenes. He is only now admitting the ineptitude of the AG! I could have told him about that months ago…
      I hope he’s right and I’m wrong.

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      • noswamp says:

        I doubt that even Sessions knew the scope of what transpired here. And if he did, he is a company man, thus part of the swamp because they have something on him.

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        • I completely agree with that assessment. Sessions was a US Attorney nearly 2 decades ago.

          The DOJ he assumed leadership of as AG is nothing like the DOJ he remembers. I don’t think Session had any appreciation for the depth and breadth and mind-boggling scope of the corruption riddling the agency.

          He accepted in good faith the recommendation of the DOJ ethics department that he needed to recuse – and also trusted that Rod Rosenstein would act fairly and impartially in his stead.

          He couldn’t have been more wrong. Recusal was a scam; he listened to people he should have fired; and handed Rosenstein the dagger to plunge into the President’s back. Which is exactly what Rosenstein did.

          Make no mistake: Under Rod Rosenstein, acting Attorney General, Obama holdovers and Deep State Black Hats are running a DOJ within the DOJ. An insurgency. The Resistance.

          And Jeff Sessions needs to figure out a way to stop it.

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    • fast182 says:

      Well, with the FBI raid of Trump’s lawyer’s office I guess we’ve entered a new, and even more dangerous, stage. I think it’s clear that Sessions is following his own path, with no input from Trump. He may ensure that Horowitz and Huber do the right thing and charge everyone, or not. No way to know which way it will go. The Senate does seem to suck the soul out of its inhabitants, so it’s probably “not”.

      But, that still doesn’t explain why Trump is holding back. He could have the IRS cause a ton of trouble for the Clintons, who’s foundation never registered as a foreign charity but of course took millions in foreign donations. And, Trump could declassify the documents that congress is requesting, and that the FBI/DOJ is stonewalling, such as the Carter Page FISA application and the Electronic Communication memo. I’m sure there’re other things he could do. So the question is why is he delaying? I can only conclude that Trump is holding back for some reason, which offers a sliver of hope.

      But do not kid yourself. This is bad. Even Sundance is having doubts now.

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      • I said, when Mueller was appointed, “nothing good will come of this”.

        When others expressed childlike faith that good-cop Mueller would follow the evidence right to the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, I told them “no, he will cover up and attempt to destroy the ability of another prosecutor to roll up the conspiracy.”

        I said Mueller, like all special counsels, will specialize in perjury traps and process crimes.

        A special counsel is a golem: A malevolent, evil force that quickly grows beyond control.


  2. mptc says:

    This is political theater at its best..er ah at its worst. I stand by my original prediction…the swamp creatures retire with full pensions, no one does any time, Trump finishes his 4 years and hands to reigns to Pence and we the taxpayers foot the bill. I have a hard time believing that Obama appointees (Horowitz and Huber) will find any wrong doing. The system is broken.

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    • i2choose says:

      If you subscribe to the White Hat (look them up) and Q narrative, then you should be offered the red pill on or before the end of April (although, the best laid plans of mice and men…..) The truth is hard; hard to find and hard to accept. When we get offered the truth, test the information, be sceptical, but be prepared to change your views. Once you are awake to the truth, defend it!

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    • jleonard14 says:

      Pence cannot win a 2020 Presidential election. If it’s not DJT, we’re done forever.

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      • Longknife 21 says:

        I disagree. Not because I favor Pence over Trump, but because the Dem/Soc Line-up will destroy themselves in their Primaries. The Dem/Soc Primary will be a huge “Promising Contest” to see who can go further “Left” than Marx or Che Guevara. The “INSANITY” is that strong in the Dem/Socs now.
        Pence, or any sane adult, will seem like a “moderate” to responsible people, especially with families. Pence may seem “Too Christian” or “too Social Conservative”, but the Dem/Socs are getting so far Left, that anyone that doesn’t agree with all their ‘Social Justice’ must be “Re-Educated”, sent to Gulags, or simply executed.
        Whatever happens in this election will only make them worse. If they win at all, they will go power-mad and drive the “Center” crazy with fear; If they lose, they will go even further “nutsoid” with hysterical threats & demands, and drive the “Center” crazy with fear.
        As Sun Tzu teaches, “Never get in the way of your Enemy when he is doing something stupid.”


  3. noswamp says:

    This is pure politics. The RInos in the Senate do not want an independent President. The House does, with the exception of Ryan and his RINO friends.
    Trump needs to fire Rosenstein. Or pardon everyone involved prospectively if they do have anything to do with Russian collusion. With a new Asst AG at least then we will have someone that can hold M’s feet to the fire and REALLY find “Russian collusion”. (yeah right).

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  4. dallasdan says:

    SD: “The Attorney General simply appears weak, ineffective and inept.”

    SD gets it, and his commentary surely shocks and dismays many Treepers who refuse to accept the opinion of anyone who has questioned or criticized Sessions. SD smashes the pro-Sessions group think with facts and his very informed opinion. It’s a very sad day for many who must revise their perception of reality.

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    • Deusvult says:

      What’s your point?

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    • Steve in Lewes says:

      Well, up to this point SD’s ‘very informed opinion’ was quite the opposite, so as a ‘Treeper’ who has been following his analyses all along, his apparent support for both AG and AAG has now changed; Is it all because of the ‘Cohen Affair’? Does it now dismiss the possibility of the ‘The Big Ugly’ happening anytime soon or at all? Is the Horowitz, Huber, Lausch narrative just smoke and mirrors? It’s looking more and more like the ‘Giddy Up’ has Got up and gone the other way! In my opinion, the constant churn of personnel in the administration is not helping at all, and the President’s reliance on the GOPe form the very beginning (i.e. Priebus and many others) who have stabbed him in the back on numerous occasions doesn’t speak well of his ability the ‘pick only the best’ !!


      • littleanniesfannie says:

        I pray not but the previous administration from top to bottom was as dishonest and unlawful as any in history or Hollywood! We must pray daily that justice will prevail and that our country will be preserved.
        Obama’s crowd never liked the middle class accumulating money much less wealth. By creating this chaos, they hope to negate all gains we have made in our 401Ks and IRAs. By stealing from Social Security (and this has been done for years), the middle class falls to the lower class and becomes dependent on the ruling class(right Ninny Puh-lose) for our crumbs. We were given hope in November of 2016 and Obama has sought to change it ever since.
        Just say NO!!


    • He asked us to THINK without EMOTION.

      One word changes his entire statement.

      “simply *APPEARS* weak, ineffective and inept”

      Faith. Trust the plan.

      Trump tower fire / Cohen office raid. Sessions appearing weak = Kabuki theatre.

      The DOJ has to wrap up Mueller and R.R. into the corruption, they are a big part of it. Congress can not see the evidence, most of them are complicit in the corruption.

      Everyone keep Benghazi in the back of their minds. IG is exceptionally well funded. As is the wall. As is the Benghazi Committee.

      At one fell swoop.

      Thinking and emotion do not belong together. We have all seen what happens when you combine them; humans eat tide pods.

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    • Apollo says:

      Exactly. This was certainly refreshing to read:

      “AG Sessions has not been able to stop, stall or disrupt their ongoing activity. Team Mueller is simply better than Team Sessions, and they operate as an insurgency. Sessions, is now marginalized and getting his ass kicked by his own department. There is a transparent lack of urgency/ability to correct this.”

      And with all that I STILL hope for Sessions to succeed. I hope he pulls it off and rolls up the conspiracy and indictments come out in the coming weeks. Yes, I want this and pray for it! No, I am not a troll as so many me-too commenters have claimed. No, I do not need to “eat crow” as has been inanely demanded of those of us who were unwilling to declare victory before indictments and some actual results appear.

      I’m just skeptical it’s going to happen, though our country desperately needs it. Sessions needs to GET MOVING and take some action to get control of the DOJ. He simply has not done that and it’s been obvious for months. It needs to happen or he needs to make way for someone who will.


      • noswamp says:

        I feel as you do. I am going by my gut here. I have friends telling me: “nothing will happen bro, no-one is going to jail”, yet I was the only one telling him that I trusted the American people to elect Trump over Clinton. After a while of hearing this, and after so many slow moving positive things happening, you feel as if they are right, even though I know in my gut that the opposite HAS to be true b/c I trust Trump. Their corruption is now out in the open, how can they NOT go to jail? Not even our corrupt Senators Graham, Grassley(it will be suicide for him to fire M) and McCain(war war war) can stop the wave that will hit them. The American people will not stand for it. Is that why so many RINOS are retiring this year? Maybe they want to be with their families when their corruption is revealed for all to see. Or maybe they hope to not be forced to testify. (Won’t work).


  5. Wit's End says:

    As you say. Do not underestimate our people. Even if it were true
    that they do not know the details, the picture of politicians and
    other state actors losing their cool is just plain fun. Who is
    so “low information” as to not appreciate that?


  6. honestyoz says:

    POTUS expertise in media manipulation is all over this and he is a grand master. Imagine t hed average liberal punter at a BBQ gets feed lines from MSM but doesnt know much other than headlines. They learn of indictments of corruption of Obama admin and express a puysh back. The knowledge and built up rage of your Trumpian is unleashed with fire and fury that the unsuspecting lib is burnt to a crisp. Treepers this is grand finale build up just grab the popcorn. This is a prime time ratings build up bigly.

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  7. Tagcoh says:

    So ironic that Sessions has single handily jeopardized the Trump presidency by setting in motion this whole debacle. He has unknowingly blocked the hand of Providence. Of course, he could have corrected the original injustice by assigning a special council that could go after the Mueller team. The hunter becomes the hunted!!! Make the Mueller team lawyer up. Go on offense, don’t play defense. But I guess Rosie, Mueller and his staff are the Untouchables.

    Of course, Sessions does not realize he is in the middle of a war and in the field of fire. I bet Rosie told Sessions to “work over there on the marijuana stuff, as I have EVERYTHING involved in this investigation handled.” Sure thing Rosie, you are a swell guy and btw, I really like your team.

    Instead, his inaction has let team Mueller expand and distribute the fishing expedition to outside jurisdictions. This guarantees ever expanding Trump and associates investigations. They are treating Trump like Pablo Escobar, methodically taking out his inner circle.

    I have always likened this to the age old battle between the cobra and the mongoose; whoever strikes the first blow will cripple the opponent and ultimately win. Sessions has not figured any of this out; clueless for sure. Time to go!!!

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    • covfefe999 says:

      I don’t think Sessions is “clueless”. And he has been working on many other important efforts, especially regarding illegals and gang members. But you’re right that he has jeopardized the Trump presidency through his recusal. No doubt about that.

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    • Bugsdaddy says:

      I disagree. I do not believe AG Sessions has jeopardized the presidency. My firm belief is that the Sessions recusal was used to create a firewall between the President and all of this deep state mess when it finally hits the fan. If the UniParty and media was in any way possible able to create a connection between any indictments and the President, this would all swirl into a maelstrom of “personal attacks” from that megalomaniac Trump against our oh so cherished government. The headlines would be in extra large colored type: See…..we told you so….. he is a crazy man, unfit for the office.
      There may have been some mis-steps along the way. I think at some points AG Sessions may have been overly cautious, and maybe by doing it this way it has made the process drag out longer than any of us Treepers care to see.
      In addition, we need to remember that readers here in the Treehouse are miles ahead of the general population with what has been happening and how all of this ties together. If the President does not lay this out in simple, incontrovertible terms and actions, the dumb masses will have hissy fits that make the post-election snowflake meltdowns look like childs play.
      I too am very frustrated with this whole process taking so long. I want it fixed, and fixed right now. Remember, it has taken decades for this crap house to be built by the Uniparty. To take it down correctly will take time. I don’t want it bulldozed and left festering in the swamp, eventually to heal itself and rise up again. I want it taken apart, stick-by-stick, destroyed, never to see the light of day again. That might be my naive dream, but I do not want my grandchildren and generations on from them to suffer through this crap.
      Maybe Sessions was not the best choice to lead the DOJ through this. But the President picked him for a reason (unknown to you and me) and I have to tell you I trust Mr. Trump’s decision making abilities more so than even my own, or any of you fellow treepers for that matter.

      Semper Fidelis

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      • Thanks for reminding me that our beloved President is a helluva lot smarter than the average bear. There is nothing that anyone can say or do that will make me turn against Trump, call me what you will. I would never presume to think for one minute that I am smarter or more cunning than our POTUS but on the other hand, he is a human being, just like the rest of us.

        All I am suggesting is that after watching Ted Cruz in action during the past year, especially vs. Comey and now Zuck, he (Cruz) might have been a better choice for AG. For many reasons, not the least of which is his age and aggression. My opinion is that Sessions would have served better as an honorable Elder Statesman. Not a “wartime consigliere.”


      • noswamp says:

        I think you have echoed many of our Treepers’ frustrations spot on. The IG’s initial report and DOJ’s reaction to it will be the first signal as to whether those in power have truly “received the memo”. For example, is HC really going to serve time, or is she too big to jail? Think about this folks, the ACLU is on the wrong side of history lately. The ACLU! And other civil rights organizations. Not to mention those orgs that I used to respect when I was young like SPLC. What the heck is going on with our beloved country?


  8. Delibero says:

    Worst Case Scenario
    Confiscating Cohen’s records was not just breaking a precedent by raiding the offices etc of a sitting President’s personal lawyer. It has crossed a line that could already spell victory for their side. The FBI “scrutineers” and the NY legal minds have an unknown amount of personal correspondence and other data that can be twisted and used in many ways.

    The NY prosecutors and judges can drag out the process like Wray and Rod have been doing to Congress for a year or they can use the Manafort sledge hammer option and hand out quick career ending indictments for Cohen based on Weissmann style tactics and also flood the news with accusations of serious crimes against Trump.

    Any exonerations or acquittals will be long after the next election. Dithering General Sessions has left the WH surrounded by predatory prosecutors no matter what is discovered by the IG and as a counter measure, General Jeff has sent out 2 emissaries, Lausch and Isgur to calm the over emotional masses. But none of that will free Cohen or Trump from Mueller’s NY trap.

    Best Case Scenario. ……?

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  9. Pied Piper says:

    I feel a little sorry for Sessions. I have been in a position of having to work with a previous group that was in control in a homeowners association. When losing power heavily against their will, they think of nothing but regaining that power and will lie straight to your face to make progress.

    That is no doubt happening to Sessions with the holdovers. No, I don’t know why they don’t fire every one of them on day one and replace them or do without. I wish I had. You cannot work with the enemy because their goals are the exact opposite of yours, even if your goals would actually benefit them. That’s the exact same thing the Clintoons have always done, lie, even if the truth would serve them better.

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  10. littleanniesfannie says:

    The Golden Rule says “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I can only hope that what the DOJ is doing to slow the runaway Mueller train is exactly what he has done to cover himself and his cronies. I can only hope that the information sought by Congress contains grand jury information on the indictments of Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, Lynch, and many others. That would be the appropriate application of the Golden Rule. Mueller trying to divert attention from his and other O team members by going after everyone surrounding our president only to face the same or worse fate himself would be poetic justice.
    Most of us would like to see ALL the players in the crooked Demoparty as well as their RINO enablers and co-conspirators tried and convicted. Alas, we basically accepted that HilLIARy and Obama would be excluded from this prosecution. If they continue with the cover-up and smear campaigns, I believe the gloves come off and they immediately move to the head of the class (Gitmo school)! The fact that they will do anything to keep freedom loving Americans from power says all you need to know. The election of Donald J. trump gave most of us in the middle class a glimmer of hope that our constitutional republic would survive. We are now in the fight of our lives and for our freedom. If the swamp can engulf President Trump, we the people stand defenseless. The time has come to take a stand.
    This year alone, the second amendment has come under attack because of policies put in place by the swamp in the Broward and Dade school systems and sheriff’s offices. Now the fourth amendment is under seize in NY. The first amendment is sure to be the next to fall if we don’t draw a line in the sand. Socialists/Communists place great stock in these “marches” (funded by those seeking to destroy our country). It may not be possible to have a grand march in all 50 states (think many in the already Socialistic 9th circuit) but we can in the rest of the country. The difference will show when Socialists March, they destroy the property of capitalists. We must march peacefully and with dignity (unlike “progressives”)!

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  11. pnj01 says:

    “Time and tide for no man wait.” The forces of the Elected POTUS SHOULD wait until Comey’s book is published, but then they ought to move fast before the Wild Man in the Special Counsel’s Office does more insane stuff that the RINOs in the Senate will once again ignore. POTUS cannot move on Mueller directly because of the RINO Collusion with the Dems, but he can expose the almost two year old Conspiracy against him by nailing the conspirators. It is well past time that he did.

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  12. Everett Miller says:

    When even Sundance is saying, “The patient support AG Sessions held in the court of public opinion has now evaporated”, you know it’s bad. Yes, we can wait and THINK without EMOTION, as Sundance advises, but, meanwhile the Rule of Law (and the future of DJT and maybe this country) is being flushed down the toilet!
    The criminals are so far out of control–the inmates truly are running the assylum–with so many completely different directions and layers of corruption that it makes your head swim. And that is for us who only know snippets and hints. Just imagine if you were trying to sort through all the millions of documents, thousands of side-tracks, myriad new “oh-shit” moments of discovery, how incredibly difficult is the task at hand.
    However, it’s been said that “the longest journey begins with the first step”. It’s also been said that “perception is reality”–and this morning the perception is that “There is No Justice”; that the “Rule of Law, not of Men” is a canard, a myth, a fable, an opiate for the masses; that not only are the Prosecutors out of control, but so are the Judges. It has to end–oops, rather It Has To Start!
    Everyone who can read and think has known for more than 2 years that Hillary committed multiple known and documented Felonies, and that Comey conspired to cover up her crimes in a thinly disguised effort to protect the Justice Department, the FBI, and B.H. Obama from Prison for their crimes. Sessions was not involved at that time, and it wasn’t related to Russia and the Campaign, and he has stated that investigation was reopened.
    The Perception and the Reality has to change IMMEDIATELY. Sessions simply has no choice but to indict someone BIG, in the top 20 hit parade of Top criminals today or tomorrow. If he continues to protect these criminals and hide their crimes, he is not only ineffectual, he is complicit. Running out the clock on Statutes of Limitations so these criminals skate past the prison is helping them escape Justice. It is a crime to Obstruct Justice–and right now the Attorney General is Obstructing Justice–there is simply no other way to put it. He is either going to move one of his 3D chess pieces NOW, or he is Guilty as Charged.

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    • While I agree with 99% of your analysis, I’m not sure I can embrace that Sessions is guilty of being complicit in obstruction of justice. Let us never forget that nothing in Swamp Land is ever black and white.

      As the Robert Ritter character said in Clear and Present Danger,” “Gray, the world is gray, Jack.”


      • noswamp says:

        As the Robert Ritter character said in Clear and Present Danger,” “Gray, the world is gray, Jack.”

        My top 5 favorite movie of all time.

        President: How dare you come in here and lecture me!
        Jack Ryan: How dare you, sir!
        President: How dare you come into this office and bark at me like some little junkyard dog? I am the President of the United States!

        Believe it or not, that little scene taught me alot about how politics and policy interact. Now a days I’ve pretty much stopped watching movies. Thanks for your post “Seneca the Elder”.


  13. AbandonednotForgotten says:

    Not delusional regarding corrupt & disruptive Uniparty. Shame on pay to play whores on both sides: Pelosi, Chuck, Maxie, McSongbird, Chairman Mao McConnel, etc. Puppet Obama installed to facilitate weaponizing federal agencies: FBI, IRS, NSA, DOJ, CIA, etc. Political staffers peddle influence as they rotate through the revolving doors of global businesses, banks, and propagandizing media. The forgotten people regardless of race or creed don’t give a damn about party. Downsize the swamp. Be accountable. Eliminate the corruption. There is no accountability to U.S. citizens because due to illegal voting practices our voices are silenced. We are no longer relevant to the elite.


    • noswamp says:

      “There is no accountability to U.S. citizens because due to illegal voting practices our voices are silenced. We are no longer relevant to the elite.”
      I thought DHS was looking into the illegal voting issue. To date: nothing.


  14. Moultrie Flag says:

    Sessions may be a good man, but that doesn’t make him a white hat warrior.

    He is not a warrior in any shape, form or fashion.

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  15. KBR says:

    I am no legal expert.

    But why is Congress not threatening Mueller with impeachment after his blatantly illegal hatchet job on attorney client privilege? Is attorney-client privilege not law? Just a rule or recommendation that can be ignored by a speshul prosecutor?

    Why is there not even a whisper in congress about shutting Mueller down?


    • Moultrie Flag says:

      You seem to be confusing Republicans in name only with people that care about winning.

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      • KBR says:

        Well it WAS meant as a rhetorical question to make people think about it.

        Taking out Mueller is the main thing any supporter of Trump wants: but congress is content to leave him be. Even Nunes. Why do you (anybody) suppose that is?

        The swamp protects the swamp.
        HOR protects collective HOR, and the House reps.
        Senate protects collective Senate and the senators.

        But both branches of Congress are now willing that even their OWN attorney-client privileges (be they lawyers themselves or not), can be arbitrarily sacrificed on the altar of “speshul prosecutors” as being above oversight? As in NO REAL ACTIVE OVERSIGHT whatsoever by any portion of elected representative government?

        How stupid are they that they risk their own butts? Or is this risk of all their attorney-client privileges (a precedent has been set!) appearing to the Collective Congress as a…

        “LESSER EVIL” than whatever exposure that they fear more?

        What exposure could be so great, that they would prefer to have NO legal defense against all their attorneys being raided, or in the case of those that are attorneys themselves, all their own former clients’ attorney client privilege protections being taken away?

        Each and every one of them is risking HIS/HER OWN attorney/client privilege by NOT stopping Mueller/ impeaching Mueller on THIS issue alone.

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        • Cynthia says:

          They’re not worried about their attorney-client privileges. Justice for thee, not for me.

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        • noswamp says:

          They don’t care. They have everything planned to stop Trump, the Dems and the RINOS think they have Trump on the ropes. Its moments like this when Trump will do something sudden that will happen to completely restore our faith in his desire to drain the swamp. And I hope it isn’t war.


    • m3shelly says:

      I would guess that Mueller wants to be fired. He obviously can’t drudge up any Russia collusion, as demonstrated in his recent changes of scope, so he has two choices. One, he can be fired and end a martyr, or two, admit there was no wrong-doing except minor things, by minor people in Trump’s campaign. I wouldn’t doubt he’d prefer the first option, to promote his future career.


  16. kaizen says:

    SD: “The Attorney General simply appears weak, ineffective and inept.”

    – Sun Tzu “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

    Let’s hope our team has read this book and is following the wisdom of these principles

    Liked by 5 people

  17. Tagcoh says:

    DELAY, DELAY & more DELAY!!!

    Would someone please tell Mr. Lausch to get out of the television studios and start doing his job: processing documents. He is in the news studio today, AGAIN!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • noswamp says:

      Sessions was a politician and has many Senate friends. This is not lost on me when he was confirmed as AG but I assumed he would do what was good for the country not his friends. I hope that’s the case, as some people are reluctant heroes that have to be prodded and convinced, while others(Trump) jump in and relish the fight in the arena.


  18. just saw this guy on Fox and Friends –

    Here’s what needs to happen…but it won’t.

    Trump obviously has to avoid interfering with Mueller – those calling for to him to fire him etc are willfully ignoring that that would IMMEDIATELY plunge his presidency into deep crisis, almost CERTAINLY triggering bi-partisan (HA) impeachment proceedings…You think MAGA has been distracted, compromised and damaged since day one? Wait ’til you see what would happen were he to fire old mule ears. Naturally they’ve been “warning” him by threatening “legislation” to prevent him from firing “Mueller”.
    On the other hand, he can and SHOULD immediately FIRE Jeff Sessions and Rosenstein (Wray and Horowitz too eventually) – none of which is likely to happen…

    CLEAN THE DAM HOUSE pardon my french

    Firing his own cabinet, which he has every right to do, may be unpleasant, but it will not automatically trigger impeachment or be so vigorously opposed by those seeking to destroy him as the removal of the SC would prove.


    The PRIMARY reason that the DOJ needs to prosecute the REAL CRIMINALS from the previous admin etc (WHICH IS NEVER HAPPENING with this DOJ) is a POLITICAL ONE: TO OPPOSE THE RELENTLESS POLITICAL ATTACK FROM the swamp has REAL WORLD consequences (see Flynn, Mannafort, Cohen)…

    Had this properly occurred from Jan 20 2017, we NEVER would have seen any of this – the obstructionists would have been on their heels, NO SC etc etc etc etc etc

    Liked by 1 person

    • brenrod says:

      I think that they dont want trump to fire mueller because it might mean losing elections in november. There is no explanation for why sessions is not doing his job wrt rosenstein and mueller… allowing them to violate all ethics and law.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ellie says:

      After reading the comments here I feel like I read a different article than everyone else. From what I see above, SD is telling us that it appears a grand jury has been impaneled in the investigations of Clinton foundation, FISA abuse, McCabe firing, etc. Everyone here is enraged that Sessions is doing nothing and demanding Trump fire him. But from the evidence above Sessions is actually moving toward huge indictments of the Obama / Hillary crime unit. Even better, he’s doing it in a way that politics is removed from the process. Is it just me who read it that way?


      • well not just, you ;O

        my own VERY STRONG opinion based on my own relentless research, is that there is NO GJ impanelled, never will be, and that we will NEVER see a SINGLE indictment of any of the REAL criminals…

        I’ve listed them too many times to want to do it again…


        • noswamp says:

          If no one is indicted and the real criminals are not indicted, we would have officially lost our country. However ‘…Freedom’ the longer this drags out, the more pessimistic I become in spite of excellent SD research. I am only human…


  19. TwoLaine says:

    I don’t want to see this man all over the tubes! IF he is there to get the job done, GET IT DONE! We don’t need another James Comey, et al. We need documents, unredacted, in the hands of Congress, so they can all do the expensive jobs we unwillingly pay them to do. Shut up and GET IT DONE NOW!

    Liked by 3 people

  20. brenrod says:

    Sessions does not appear weak to me… he appears compromised. None of this could have happened OR be continuing without Sessions complicity. It appears to me that Sessions instructions have been to stand aside and let the other crooks do their job… Rosenstein and Mueller. He could have and should have resigned but that resignation would then allow Trump to appoint any other already confirmed cabinet member to his position whereas a firing might not. Sessions should long ago have exerted supervision of Rosenstein Mueller with regards to behavior and conflicts of interest… he just allows it all to happen and provides the cover for it to take place. We are asked to think without emotion… but it is only emotion which keeps the idea in play that Sessions is a white hat…. through speculation on events that may or may not be taking place in the background. Those events have many explanations but the simplest one which explains the incredible specter taking place before our eyes is that Sessions is also involved by doing nothing to stop it. This brazen and blatant attack on the pres. personal lawyer should put those speculations to rest… this is not feint or fake kabuki… this is a serious secret police crime which could only take place because the players know they can get away with it and are covered by the swampsters who keep warning Trump not to fire mueller, sessions rosenstein…. rosenstein already has callaghan in place to assume his position is Trump does it. Trumps hands are now tied… it is a dark day when the office of the presidents lawyer can be raided by a secret kgb police gone rogue that has the blessing of the doj, the congress and the judiciary.
    The attack on Cohen is a warning to Trump… a brazen warning… an inconceivable event based on a completely fabricated narrative, already proven publicly. Meanwhile we see no raids on the clintons, the deep state players, warren, mccain and other criminals…. the slow walking is no coincidence and relies on Sessions complicity to occur. Pretending he is a white hat, naiive, incompetent is wishful thinking… the facts do not bear that out.
    I value this forum and sundance highly but I think we are now hanging on and grasping for straws.

    Liked by 2 people

    • brenrod says:

      I have no idea why I wrote “Warren”… I mean all those players we already know about: comey, brennan, clapper, lerner, lynch, clinton, obama, holder, and a host of others who already deserved a raid like this for much more.


    • well said:
      jeff sessions is the PRIMARY gatekeeper of the swamp –

      through his action and inaction, he has OBSTRUCTED, damaged and compromised the incredible promise of Donald Trump and America First from DAY ONE

      i don’t know about “compromised” – he’s a life long card carrying swamp member


    • Armchair Quarterback says:

      I could not agree more with this analysis! Just using the KISS method of of situational analysis is usually best. In my opinion Trump was naive by not cleaning house when he came into office. The kid glove treatment of Obama and Clinton clans where huge red flags that the various agencies were way more than sympathetic to his (Trumps) adversaries and thus needed to go.
      With respect to Sessions, the fact that he does not to hold his department underlings (Rosenstein) to the same standard of recusal he held himself to speaks volumes with respect to leadership and alliances. It is the Sessions/Rosenstein nexus that allows this SC charade to continue to PDJT’s detriment. These people are not aligned to a cause greater than themselves in our favor.
      Trump holds most of the cards and sun in this situation. If he wants it over…..he can end it. Not sure why so many are trying to avoid the “Constitutional Crisis” that is so obviously needed. We sent him there to shake things up…..so let’s rock and roll! We will survive.


  21. 1LanternInTheWindow says:

    They have not known nor understood: for he has shut their eyes, that they cannot see; and their hearts, that they cannot understand. Isaiah 44:18. Mans attitude toward God but also I believe to all that is good in this world. We are witnessing the destruction of America. I read SD comments with an open mind and knew in my heart that his hope for justice would never happen, not through the
    ” proper legal channels.” Unless God directs POTUS to take action and he acts on Gods command will America be saved. Sessions, Congress, DOJ, FBI, Mueller are all corrupt and will never change. We are in a war, yet this war is bigger than man and beyond our comprehension. God is still in control!


  22. Eomer's Blade says:

    Congress has a much more powerful weapon than contempt or impeachment. It’s time to use the power of the purse and gut the FBI and DOJs appropriation.

    If these departments can’t or more likely won’t produce then they don’t need the money.


  23. HC68x says:

    People’s expectations for Sessions are too high, for various reasons. The bottom line is that the AG is only as powerful as the President, and the President isn’t all that powerful by himself. Without at least some support in Congress, the President may have all kind of theoretical powers but in practice he can’t do much with them.

    The truth is that the Establishment in Congress wants Trump gone. That obviously includes Pelosi and Schumer, but it also includes Ryan and McConnell, as well as Collins, Graham, Tillis, Gardner, etc. There are pro-Trump Senators, but they’re not in control of the mechanisms of the chamber or the Party. (Note Gardner and McConnell sabotaging Roy Moore and Mo Brooks, just for one example.)

    The House is more of a mixed bag, but Ryan is an Establishment open-borders man to the core. To the degree he believes in anything principle-wise, it’s probably Ayn Rand,, and she’s anathema to most voters, so he ends up being the voice of the Chamber of Commerce.

    There’s all kinds of things a President and AG could theoretically do against the troublemakers in government and the courts, but none of them will work without at least passive Congressional support from his own party, and Trump isn’t going to get that, at least not until some more elections have happened.

    It’s made worse because Trump is an outsider and doesn’t have a list of names to draw on for support in his own Administration. Bannon was right when he said that the original sin of the Trump Admin was turning to the Establishment for support in staffing. So we get Marc Short (Koch Brothers), Rex Tillerson (Condi Rice, among others, backed him), Gary Cohn (Goldman Sachs, IIRC), and so on. Almost every one of ’em is Establishment and open-borders.

    Kelly brought some needed discipline to the White House, but he’s Establishment too. He’s probably the Establishment at its best, but he’s still the Establishment. Globalist, free trade, he tries to cut Trump off from his core base of support to get him to be Bush III.

    There’s an election coming up in the fall. Oddly enough, the best way to punish McConnell and Ryan is to vote Republican, since I’m fairly sure they really, really want to hand control back to the Dems and let them impeach. McConnell, I very strongly suspect, has longed to be in a safe, comfy Minority Leadership since 2014.

    But it’s no use expecting miracles when Trump doesn’t have the necessary political support to make them happen, and right now he does not.


  24. Mickturn says:

    As most who have been involved with large organizations, especially the govt. I have noticed there are many ways those embedded (especially if they are from a prior competing administration) can obstruct needed actions…slow rolling requests, ignoring them, doing them badly so they have to be done over,…there is a LONG list of these tactics.

    Now for the solution. Each person in charge and on the team to respond to anything must be held to a very tight deadline. IF they miss it they all get FIRED! Don’t tell me you can’t fire Civil Service people…there are many ways and dereliction of duty is a key one! Sessions needs to strap on his Cahones and Kick Ass and Take Names! He seems to think that everyone is a good person…WRONGO JEFFO!


    • Delibero says:

      An old joke about gov’t workers that isn’t that far fetched in some areas.

      A gov’t union ordered their members to go on a slowdown but it didn’t have any effect because nobody noticed any difference in gov’t services. They were already at minimum effort.


    • HC68x says:

      I do think that might be a touch of Sessions’ problem.

      It may be partly generational. I have relatives who are firm conservatives on social issues, who believe in America, in national sovereignty, and who are exactly the kind of people we need on our side. The trouble is that until very lately, they just simply could not _believe_ that the liberals actually _hate_ America, Christianity, and the West. They thought it was a fringe, that it was ‘just politics’, the government and the ruling class just _couldn’t_ be that corrupt and rotten.

      They’re of the World War II generation, or the better part of the Boomers, and they grew up in a different time, and until the last few years, they just couldn’t get their minds around who the ruling class had become in the 60s and 70s. They get it now, though they still recoil in amazed horror at each new outrage, but until just a few years ago, literally just a few years ago, they couldn’t believe it.

      I think that’s actually common to many in their generation. Sessions may have a bit of that problem going on, too.


  25. Quit using any phrase that contains “social” especially “social conservatives” It’s absurd to let the “left wing” divide Republicans into two camps, either social or economic conservatives. Does anyone notice that “the left” always moves in lockstep, not one house member or senator from the democrat party ever deviates from the party line.


    • HC68x says:

      Unfortunately, the Right _is_ divided into two fairly hostile camps, along just those lines. The Left uses it, but they didn’t create it.

      I remember all the way back in 1996, the press was playing up the divide between the two factions, and Limbaugh did a monologue in which he tried to get people to remember that they were all on the same side. Unfortunately, they weren’t, and aren’t.

      The _economic conservatives_ tend to be either libertarians, or corporatists. Those are not the same thing, but both _are_ mostly social liberals. They tend to support legal abortion, gay marriage, hyper-secularism, etc. Notice they way big business rushes to stop on any State government where the Republicans try to keep a promise to the SoCons.

      Used to be the SoCons were tolerant of business and E-cons, but at heart many of the SoCons are still FDR Dems, and these days they’re so angry about immigration, free trade, and the business wing betrayals on social issues that many of them detest the corporate Right.

      The divide is real, and getting worse, mostly because the economic conservatives tend to detest or disregard the social conservatives, and don’t realize that if the Left wins the culture war, they win it all.


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