Robert Mueller Instructs FBI to Raid Home and Office of President Trump Attorney Michael Cohen…

You can call it a soft-coup, or you can call it politicization of the DOJ and FBI, but the end result is the same – the intentional effort to manipulate, influence, and ultimately subvert an election for the presidency of the United States.  ~SD

It is being reported today that Special Counsel Robert Mueller instructed the FBI field office from the Southern District of New York to raid the home and office of President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen.

[Via New York Times] The F.B.I. on Monday raided the office of President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, seizing records related to several topics including payments to a pornographic-film actress.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan obtained the search warrant after receiving a referral from the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, according to Mr. Cohen’s lawyer, who called the search “completely inappropriate and unnecessary.” The search does not appear to be directly related to Mr. Mueller’s investigation, but likely resulted from information he had uncovered and gave to prosecutors in New York.

“Today the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York executed a series of search warrants and seized the privileged communications between my client, Michael Cohen, and his clients,” said Stephen Ryan, his lawyer. “I have been advised by federal prosecutors that the New York action is, in part, a referral by the Office of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.” (read more)

The attorney for Michael Cohen, Stephen M. Ryan, released the following statement:

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1,100 Responses to Robert Mueller Instructs FBI to Raid Home and Office of President Trump Attorney Michael Cohen…

  1. Bluto says:

    Wonder if Trump’s tax returns were in his lawyer’s files? Certainly information about all of Trump’s business interests is contained in the files. Trump is Cohen’s only client.

    The cockroaches are certainly coming out of the woodwork.

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  2. Scrolling through (and not reading) all the trolls is getting tiresome…….


  3. MaineCoon says:

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  4. Mary Morse says:

    Why would the personal attorney of the President of the United States keep the President’s sensitive personal documents in an office in NYC? Wouldn’t it make more sense to store them in a far more secure location? (I’ll bet they didn’t find much.)


    • linda4298 says:

      they took his phone, his computers, all electronics, what b.s.

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    • DMWT says:

      We know from Q that the Secret Service entered the Trump household in Trump Tower during the fire on Saturday. The fire was a distraction in order to gain access. Did the FBI just kill an innocent person in the fire and injure 3 more? Did the autopsy find smoke in the lungs of the dead tenant or did he die via another method? What were they looking for? Why did they personally go into his apt. without his permission?
      1. Plant evidence
      2. Plant evidence
      3. Plant evidence

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  5. mitrom says:

    Contact the DOJ/FBI and DEMAND that they stop this Mueller witch hunt. Here’s the form.

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    • JC says:

      Thank you, mitrom.

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    • deqwik2 says:

      I just sent a message to AG Sessions.

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      • churchmouse says:

        Was Sleepy awake? Someone might have to read it to him.

        Honestly, this Sessions scenario is a joke.

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      • Joan calhoun says:

        mee too. and sent the address on to my friends.

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      • BobInFL says:

        Me too:
        Dear AG Sessions,

        This Mueller investigation has gone on far too long and run far too afield to the point that the government is no longer doing the peoples business and seems only to be perpetuating the corruption within its own ranks. We, out here across the country, are getting seriously ticked off at the events that are putting handcuffs on our President and will eventually keep the best and brightest away from serving our President and country due to concerns of being witch-hunted by rougue investigations like this current one.

        Rosenstein should be gone today for allowing Mueller to get out of the lane he is supposed to be in and Mueller should be put on a very short leash – Russia is the investigation isn’t it? Stick to that and wrap it up. We all know that the OIG report will be showing that the only Russia links will be with the corrupt Clinton/DNC team and with the FBI/DOJ.

        Let’s get going with the warrants and arrests for those we already know have broken the law (list too long to include here) – conspiracy against a presidential candidate, President – elect and sitting President (sedition/treason), FBI/DOJ/Dept of State lying, corruption, illegal use of position and power, coordination with foriegn enemies and governments (including supposed Five-Eyes allies), as well as conspracy within the ranks of the House and Senate (both Democrat and Republican).

        Many of us are not stupid or blind to what is going on. We have been great supporters of you and do not envy the job before you. We have been patient with the investigations the OIG and Mr. Huber have been conducting and appreciate that t’s must be crossed and i’s dotted. However, with this latest insult to our President, we want the hounds unleashed and we want it now.

        It appears to us that war has been declared on our President and, by extension, on us. Start fighting it Mr. Sessions – our nation hangs in the balance.

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    • PoCoNoMo says:

      Thank you, I just wrote them. And I bookmarked the form page.


    • George Hicks says:

      Thank you mitrom, I sent my Email to Sessions and encourage everyone else to do so for the sake of our country!
      Mr. Attorney General,
      The time to end the Mueller witch hunt has come!
      Yesterday’s raid of the offices and homes of Attorney Michael Cohen and the seizure of attorney-client communications is just too much. Too many Americans are seriously questioning the ability of our government to serve the people anymore.
      Federal law enforcement has become nothing more than a political tool, typical of a Banana Republic.
      Our duly-elected President has been the subject of investigation after investigation on a daily basis in an attempt to curtail his ability to perform the work his voters elected him to do.
      Mr. Attorney General, for the sake of our country, you need to step in and put a stop to this, it’s not how our country is supposed to work – if people are unhappy with our current President, let them express their opinions at the ballot box!


  6. MfM says:

    Someone was ribbing me about this tonight. My answer shut him up.

    I said Mueller has jumped the shark.

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  7. The Grand Prognosticator says:

    Trump is a VSG, so I am not worried about them finding anything on Trump from Michael Cohen.
    My concern is that Mueller is a dirty cop, and what do dirty cops do? They plant evidence.

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  8. sat0422 says:

    Mueller has to have skeltons. Where are they and why aren’t we hearing about them?


  9. AH_C says:

    Deep state running scared, taking illegal steps in hopes they’re vindicated by finding a crime before being stopped. They can keep going but the blowback will be harsh.

    Sometimes I wonder if THAT isn’t part of the Trump plan. For Mulehead to be sooo abusive such that in the end, public outcry will force congress to repeal the things that allow prosecutors and investigators to run roughshod over our rights under color of law.

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  10. lizzyp says:

    So who is directing Mueller? Someone advanced his name for SC and I think whoever that was made it clear from the beginning – make him miserable. Actually finding anything is not necessary as long as you drag it out 9 rounds. Somewhere along the line that changed to ‘see if you can get him to fire you’ and then this weekend it was ‘go for the jugular- make it bloody!’

    I don’t know what the basis for the warrant was, but it is my understanding that an action like this is EXTREMELY unusual, and usually only signed off on when there is VERY good reason to believe that it is THE ONLY WAY. At the same time, Cohen, Trump and darned near everyone else Mueller has requested anything of has complied. Much like the Page FISA application- it should have been granted only in a case where the requesting agency was able to demonstrate that there was no other way to gather information- a hard sell if Page was sending letters to Comey saying ‘hey- I heard you wanted to know something- I’d be happy to come talk to you!” as he claims.

    This was a brutal attack, and I think was intended for maximum impact – either drawing blood or provoking a firing. If Trump fires him they will have that impeachment charge in the House by Friday.

    Whatever Sessions is planning better start ASAP.

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    • Cheesehead54016 says:

      Lizzp: Been following CTH for about a year now so have pretty good idea what is/has been going on. Can’t help to think that the SC has something on someone close to POTUS but at same time whatever it may be it sure doesnt hold even the tiniest flicker of a candle to what damage the SC is doing to this country. This is truly a war that is going on each day and truly an attempted COUP. Praying for the right side to come out on top on this one.

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    • fuzzi says:

      This smells of Obama…

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    • Ellie says:

      You are so right when you say Cohen and Page were cooperating and had they refused to turn over one post-it note it would have been all over the media. How are they going to explain that this raid was needed because the info could not be obtained any other way? I guess they made a compelling case that he would destroy evidence.

      The narrative “this is justified because there had to be probable cause for a judge to sign off on this search warrant” is such baloney. Let’s not forget that the FISA court judge thought there was probable cause to grant a surveillance warrant to spy on Carter Page. Specifically that he was a foreign agent willingly acting as a secret intelligence Russian spy. What a joke.


  11. woohoowee says:

    Mueller even being there is lawlessness.

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  12. Charlotte says:

    It appears Rod Rosenstein is turning up the heat after President Trump lashed out at the DOJ for missing an April 5th deadline to produce over 1.2 million documents on FISA abuse and Hillary’s email investigation.

    Rod Rosenstein misled the FISA court by signing off on a FISA application knowing the dossier was a phony document paid for by Hillary Clinton.

    Rosenstein previously threatened members of Congress if they didn’t back down from their investigation into Obama’s FISA abuse.

    Mark Meadows told Judge Pirro this week the House is considering impeaching Rod Rosenstein for not providing documents to oversight committees.

    Of course Rosenstein is going to do everything in his power to keep himself and Mueller out of prison which is why he appointed Mueller in the first place.

    After news of the raid broke, President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton asked, “Revenge of the Deep State against Donald Trump?”

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    • Lindenlee says:

      Yes, my read on this is a big “back off on FISA” from the FBI/Deep State apparatus. Running scared. Gotta double down. This is police state stuff, very bad


  13. Charlotte says:

    Thomas Paine‏ @Thomas1774Paine 4h4 hours ago
    Mueller Leaks Details of FBI’s Raid of Trump Lawyer to Deep-State New York Times

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  14. RLC2 says:

    Here is Dershowitz on Fox noting that the ACLU would be jumping up and down screaming bloody murder if the shoe were on the other foot- seizing Hillary’s attorney notes.

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  15. Chris says:

    This has been standard operating procedure of the Mueller probe since day one. Any thime their is advance warning of Information deterimental to the cause, a leak, a unrelated inditement or new course of Investigation is announced.

    This time they had to go big! They desperately need to distract the sheeple in advance of the I.G. Report.

    Also expect a renewed Investigation against Paul Manafort. The recently released Rosenstein Memo ( ) authorized Investigation of Manafort only AFTER his home and offices were searched and material seized. His first line of defense in Federal Court could well be a Fourth Admendment Argument which could quite easily prevail.

    As Dan Bongino is fond of saying: “In America, we invistigate crimes, not People.” Mueller has been doing nothing other than investigating Trump and his campaign staff. He has probably not spent one whole day on investigating “Russian Collusion”

    I have not been in favor of Trump firing Mueller, but I am slowly starting to think he has no choice!

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  16. Dave says:

    I wonder if Sundance still believes that Attorney General Rosenstein and sock puppet Sessions are still investigating honestly behind the scenes. If so,delusions die hard. Any chance to fire Rosenstein and Sessions is long gone and between the Democrats and the Never Trump Republicans he will get no cover from Congress. All Trump can do now is sit down shut up and hold on for the ride Rosenstein’s driving this bus. Midterms are coming.


  17. RAC says:

    “The F.B.I. on Monday raided the office of President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, seizing records related to several topics including payments to a pornographic-film actress.”
    IMHO The ” several topics ” is the target and the ” including payments to a pornographic-film actress.” is the distraction.

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  18. PaulM says:

    I have a tough time believing that a lawyer for a president who arguably has deep state, well funded and skilled people determined to bring him down, would keep any records in an unencrypted form. Everything is electronic now. Even my older than me dentist has everything on the computer.
    A system with full disc encryption with automatic backup to an overseas server is simple, fast and secure. I don’t mean the encryption that you have (supposedly) on your cell phone.
    Someones going to say “but the fbi/cia/etc can break anything!” Nope, sorry, and if they someday could, they wouldn’t demonstate it in a very leaky environment as then everyone would know what their abilities are.
    Of course, we don’t know that these files weren’t encrypted or even if there was anything damaging to anyone in them.
    Maybe the whole show is for headlines and diversion and in a few days it will be another “Never mind!”.
    It didn’t even have to be an official “FBI Raid”, anonymous burglers could have crept in at night and grabbed everything and “dropped” it on CNN’s doorstep.
    If you have information that you don’t want to be available to others, encrypt it.
    For those who want to know more, searching on veracrypt is a good start.


  19. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    They have chosen war.
    So be it.
    Death to the left, all of them. No mercy. Kill them all, even the children.
    No mercy. No remorse. No stopping until it’s done.

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  20. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    This strikes me as ridiculously inappropriate. If the attorney’s actions constituted an illegal campaign contribution, there is a proper venue for that accusation: the Federal Election Commission. This should have simply been filed with them–as was the complaint re the Clinton Campaign’s illegal use of a law firm to hide opposition research–to be investigated and dealt with appropriately.

    Clearly, Mueller’s actions are primarily intended as intimidation, a shot across the bow of any lawyer or law firm representing or contemplating representing the President. Of course, ethics has never been Muller’s strong suit.

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    • Comrade Mope says:

      I think the counter-punch will have to be Mueller’s connection to Uranium One. Having Mueller defend that will necessarily preclude him from his SC duties.


  21. IMHO, they found out something about Cohen in the course of their investigation. I have a feeling this is unrelated to our President. Mueller is a great distraction. (I know, I’m crazy)


  22. not2worryluv says:

    Don’t shoot until you see the white of their eyes and now we have!

    Sessions is the one who started the snowball and he’s the one that should fire Mueller, Rosie and then resign!

    Meanwhile HRC gets a Pass Go and Get Out of Jail Card from the Deep State Moguls.

    Tyranny at its best – we all are slaves to our system.

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  23. XBONESNY says:

    I believe that there is more to this than we think…..take a look at the timing of said raid. What happened just several hours before? A Syrian Gas attack on it’s own people, then an Israeli air strike on a Syrian Military base. Trump was in talks with his military advisors on how to respond to the Syria situation, which could lead to Russian involvement in any US operation. The Left wants a war with Syria, as do the RINO’s. The IG report and the hiring of Mr. Lausch by AG Sessions, has the left in full panic mode. If Trump is angered just enough, and distracted, they hope he will have a knee jerk reaction to Syria, and get into the conflict.


  24. So when they once again find NOTHING to pin on President Trump, will this witch hunt finally end? It’s outrageous! There are no consequences for this persecution and massive violation of the rights of President Trump, his family & associates. When are they going to accept that President Trump is CLEAN?

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions, please un-recuse yourself and bring this farce to an end! YOU OWE IT TO ALL OF US! Get off your damn knees and quit your pious pomposity about ‘your reputation” – your nation and your President need you to do the job you accepted! Show some courage!


  25. XBONESNY says:

    I forgot to add one more thing to the timing of the raid…..John Bolton took over for McMaster….so SOROS has one less mole in the White House

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  26. spinoneone says:

    According to reporting elsewhere, the original “cause celebre” here was a $150,000 payment from Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk for a 20 minute video speech by Trump in 2015. But no one is investigating Pinchuck’s $13,000,000 donations to the Clinton Foundation through the fourth quarter of 2017. Why not? Oh, yeah, right, we all know the answer to that. Here is the CF donor’s list as of 4/8/2018: [10-25 million in donations only]
    Contributor and Grantor Information | Clinton Foundation
    4 minutes
    You are here

    Home /
    About /
    Contributor and Grantor Information

    The Clinton Foundation’s impact would not be possible without the generous support of our donors and grantors. Their contributions and grants have made a difference in the lives of tens of millions across the world. As part of the Foundation’s commitment to transparency, we publicly disclose those who support our efforts on a quarterly basis. This list is comprised of those who have made contributions or grants to advance the work of any part of the Clinton Foundation, as well as membership, sponsorship, and conference fees for the Clinton Global Initiative. This list indicates cumulative lifetime giving through September 2017.

    Their generosity makes our work possible and we thank them.
    Donor name
    AUSAID **
    Stephen L. Bing
    Commonwealth of Australia **
    Tom Golisano ^
    J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation
    Kingdom of Norway [Government of Norway] **
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) ** *
    Denis J. O’Brien and Digicel *
    Cheryl and Haim Saban & The Saban Family Foundation
    Susie Tompkins Buell Fund of the Marin Community Foundation
    Swedish Postcode Lottery [The Swedish Postcode Lottery]
    The Elma Foundation
    The Hunter Foundation
    The Rockefeller Foundation
    The Victor Pinchuk Foundation
    The Wasserman Foundation *
    Tracfone Wireless, Inc. *
    Theodore W. Waitt

    ^ Indicates contributions exclusively for CGI activities such as memberships, sponsorships, and conference fees.
    * Indicates a contribution was made by this donor in the fourth quarter of 2017.
    ** Indicates government grants.

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    • Silly goose – laws are for little people. And Donald Trump.

      But seriously: The problem is the Trump/Sessions DOJ is conducting proper legal investigations, adhering to all the FBI and DOJ protocols and upholding the highest ethical standards. Meaning they aren’t leaking to the press or conducting spectacular raids to generate sensational news coverage.

      But that’s exactly what Mueller is doing: Fireworks.

      One hopes the IG Horowitz/Huber investigation will start dropping bombshells and generating indictments, arrests, and FBI raids sometime well before the November elections, which will serve as a nice countermeasure against the fraudulent noises coming from Mueller (and may in fact shut Mueller down and even lead to the resignation of Rod Rosenstein – one can only hope).

      BUT, I glumly fear Sessions might do exactly the opposite: Delay until AFTER the election, to avoid the appearance of “impropriety”.

      Afterthought: What if Mueller and the Manhattan US Atty./FBI conducted this outrage to cast imminent indictments and arrests in a bad light?


  27. The Mueller investigation isn’t about law, it’s about POLITICS. The reason why he had the FBI raid Cohen’s office, home, and hotel room was for the OPTICS. Agents with big yellow-lettered FBI jackets carrying boxes of documents out of President Trump’s attorney’s home and office, very nice photos and video for the MSM to run with.

    Do you suppose AG Sessions will ever step up and take charge of this out-of-control DOJ?

    Or, perhaps FBI Director Wray could jerk the chain on the NY field office?

    There was absolutely no valid reason to do this – except for show.

    Hopeful that when the hammer finally drops on the many cases (allegedly) underway pursuant to the Horowitz investigation Gentleman Jeff Sessions has enough showmanship in him to have the FBI conduct similar spectacular raids, and frog-march the suspects out in handcuffs.


    • Ospreyzone says:

      Perhaps now, certain Treepers will smell the coffee and begin climbing down from their “Sessions is a White Hat” branch. Maybe they’ll even refrain from calling us that are sceptics of this AG trolls.

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      • I think Sessions is a White Hat – too white, in fact, and that’s exactly the problem.

        He rigidly adheres to ethical standards to a fault, which is a severe handicap in fighting the political machinations of Mueller.

        Sessions is quietly building a devastating legal offensive: Meanwhile, Mueller is running wild unchecked by the compromised and highly suspect Rosenstein.

        Rosenstein, career DOJ and Obama holdover, was unknown to Trump but appointed on Sessions’ recommendation , I believe. Based largely on his prior experience as an Assistant AG: A technocrat, not supposed to have any political motivation.


      • Firefly says:

        Healthy skepticism is good- it makes you evaluate all the facts and think for yourself. A consensus might shake out as facts come. You can’t fight something effectively if you don’t understand what going on. Is that perhaps the true agenda of “trust” Sessions, Trust Q,” Trust” so and so completely.

        Perhaps the “white hat” stuff meant to lull people into sitting tight for the white hat to swoop in and save the day. It’s one thing to try to identify the white hats and black hats, it’s quite another thing to browbeat others who don’t completely trust yet. Using my gut intuition along with situational awareness and facts- saved my life a couple times. It allowed me to get 4 attorneys and 3 bosses fired in a whistleblower case. What are the motives of brow beating, berating, and name calling anyone presenting a different opinion regarding who they “trust” with explanation in a very secretive, complex, ugly political situation?


  28. Ned Zeppelin Ii says:

    This action is absolutely outrageous and tests our collective patience. But signals extreme desperation on the part of the bad guys. Hang tough.


  29. Ron Van says:

    The two most alarming facts of Trump’s lawyer’s raid has to be not only that RR approved this action…but so did FBI Director Wray. That is TERRIFYING news of Wray’s thinking! The FBI has not learned one thing about the Constitution!

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  30. Countrywatch says:

    What does anyone make of this?

    John Salisbury‏ @5Strat
    Mueller did not refer ANYTHING to the NY DOJ office. Rosenstein & the corrupt NY DOJ/FBI office is trying to smoke Mueller out & break the Investigation/Arrests of #DeepState . They’re down to their last bullets. Panic… #MAGA @POTUS #TheGreatAwakening #TheStormIsHere #QAnon


  31. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    The Real Threat to Donald Trump

    “In the midst of worrying about North Korea, Syria and Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives this fall, President Donald Trump is now worrying about a government assault on his own business, which targeted his own lawyer…..

    ….The potential failure of self-restraint is the real threat he now faces.”


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