Inspector General Michael Horowitz Announces IG Investigation into FBI/DOJ FISA Court Abuse…

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has released a public statement stating the OIG intention to investigate the fraudulent FBI FISA Title-1 surveillance application submitted to the court against U.S. person Carter Page; and the surrounding issues of the FBI using Christopher Steele to underwrite their evidence therein:

(OIG link)

There are likely to be voices wondering why this OIG investigative avenue is only just now being announced and/or explored.  However, a careful review and reminder of the process explains what is happening.

Inspector General Horowitz initial investigation focused on the politicization of the FBI and DOJ surrounding the Clinton investigation.  However, that original announcement also included the disclaimer that he would follow “other issues that may arise”.   To say there were “other issues”, that indeed did “arise”, would be the understatement of the decade.

After looking at the myriad of issues and releases since MSM attention began noticing the IG investigation on December 2nd, 2017, there’s been a very specific pathway evident.  Hence yesterday, in anticipation of the first part of the IG report being released next month, we shared the following:

Horowitz has assembled all of the information for his report but the scope of the report is so exhaustive it will most likely be released in segments according to the subject material and the myriad of issues involved.

The first section of the IG report, encompassing the DOJ/FBI political activity -specifically surrounding leaks to the media and fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe- will likely come out first in April.

The McCabe release should be followed by a release of the IG findings on the topic of FBI and DOJ conduct, and the politicization therein, within the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

The issues with the DOJ/FBI representations to the FISA Court, the October 21st DOJ/FBI application therein and other issues, will flow thereafter; there may be sub-chapter reports released supplemental to the FISA investigation surrounding Christopher Steele, Fusion-GPS and/or the private contractors and abuse of FBI and DOJ databases.  (more)

Most of the critical principals attached to the FISA Title-1 application, and the downstream issues, are still within the DOJ.  This is a key point to reference.

The same cannot be said for the principal members of the “small group” surrounding the FBI/DOJ politicization of the Clinton investigation.   Look at the “small group” officials who quit the DOJ and FBI.  Those officials are closely connected to the Clinton operation, but not necessarily the Trump-Spying-Operation: Sally Yates (DOJ), Mary McCord (DOJ), David Laufner (DOJ), along with James Comey (FBI), Andrew McCabe (FBI), Jim Rybicki (FBI), Michael Kortan (FBI).  These are the principals involved in the Clinton operation.

Yes, there is some aggregate overlap amid the top tier (Lynch, Yates, Comey, McCabe) but that’s to be expected.  Remember the BIG PICTURE of corruption was actually three phases:

  • First, exonerate candidate Hillary Clinton. [email investigation]
  • Second, conduct surveillance on candidate Trump. [fisa application]
  • Third, the insurance policy. [fabricated Russia Collusion investigation]

The second phase of the FBI/DOJ small group plan was the “Trump Operation”, and the third phase was the “Insurance Policy”.  For phase two and three there was increased specialty.  Also, phase #3 involved the larger IC (CIA, ODNI, etc.)

FBI Agent Peter Strzok was involved in all three phases along with his co-hort Lisa Page.  However, James Baker, Bruce Ohr and Bill Priestap were more involved in phase-2 (counterintelligence operation, surveillance etc.), and phase-3 (muh Russia Conspiracy) the insurance policy.  Those officials are still employed within the FBI; and as we have shared, likely cooperating.

Horowitz is releasing an investigative report on his review of “phase #1” very soon.  This is the Clinton email investigation, the pre-planned exoneration, the media leaks, and the political corruption to attain the objectives therein.  Again refer to the original January 2017 (pre-inauguration) public information release:

It is in the course of this original investigation, and the surrounding interviews, where the evidence of Phase-2 (spy on Trump) and Phase-3 (Russia Collusion) was discovered.  Hence the outcome of the IG report will predictably follow the same sequence.

Here’s the important part to rememberThe evidence already exists.  The documentation, interviews and gathering of evidence of what happened in Phase-2 and Phase-3 already exists.  However, the IG has never announced the opening of that investigation avenue. (Because 2, and 3, were an outcropping of original intent)

Horowitz is not announcing this investigative avenue from a position of only now starting to gather evidence; he already has the evidence.  He is now announcing the context for him to drop a report summarizing findings of content from the investigation; a report that has nothing to do with the original launch of the OIG investigation.

In essence he’s announcing the need to write a report based on investigative material he has already gathered.   Horowitz already has the material.

We can just as likely anticipate another DOJ OIG notice of review for an investigation into how the DOJ and FBI collaborated to manufacture the “vast Russian Conspiracy/Collusion” narrative.  However, that phase-3 “insurance policy” also involves the CIA (Brennan), ODNI (Clapper), and additional elements of the U.S. Intelligence Apparatus.  As a consequence Phase-3 accountability is better handled by congress.

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425 Responses to Inspector General Michael Horowitz Announces IG Investigation into FBI/DOJ FISA Court Abuse…

  1. anon says:

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    • Andy says:

      Nunes was on Hannity tonight and said he doesn’t see how the OIG can conduct a full investigation of FISA abuse, for the simple reason that he doesn’t have access to many of the principals involved. Nunes named James Comey, for example. He scoffed at the idea that Comey would now submit to an interview with the OIG. And since Comey resigned in May 2017 and FISA abuse was just becoming an issue then and many facts have come out since then, it’s inconceivable that Horowitz has all the information he needs from Comey or that he got prior to Comey resigning. And he’s not going to get it. Without information from DOJ/FBI people who have resigned or left with Obama, or information from people outside government like Simpson, Steele, Hillary, and Nellie Ohr, Horowitz cannot conduct the broad investigation that’s needed. All he’ll be able to do is to recommend action against a few scapegoats. He won’t get the main players, all of whom are outside his reach. That’s why Horowitz’ statement today was very narrow with regard to his mandate — it completely had to do with “laws and policies” applicable to getting the warrant and to the DOJ/FBI’s dealings with Steele. It had nothing to do with the broader conspiracy.

      It is generally agreed that the only way to have a full investigation free of bias is with a special counsel. There’s no way the DOJ or FBI can investigate themselves. This is why we have statutes regarding conflict of interest. BTW, Breitbart now says that the person appointed by Sessions a few weeks ago to review the allegations from the Judiciary Committee was a prosecutor to review the issue of whether a special counsel is needed to conduct a FISA abuse investigation. It’s high time. The FISA abuse issue has been out there for almost a year. Congress began asking for a special counsel almost 9 months ago. Sessions said he would look into it. It took him a day to recuse himself. It took Rosenstein a week after Comey’s firing to appoint Mueller. Sessions has had enough time to make a decision. He should tell us what it is.


      • LDave says:

        I disagree with two of your points. First, why is it impossible to investigate Comey just because he’s gone, or without interviewing him? A criminal on the run can be investigated before he’s brought to justice.

        Secondly, I know a lot of people think that a special counsel is the only way to look into FISA abuse. Why? Why can’t someone from the DOJ outside of the Washington office be impartial? I doubt that a special counsel is appointed every time that an FBI agent or DOJ attorney is suspected of a crime.


        • OldSaltUSNR says:

          “why is it impossible to investigate Comey just because he’s gone, or without interviewing him” – LDave

          The answer is both simple and clear. The Justice Department OIG is INTERNAL, i.e. Justice and FBI (which is part of Justice). He’s just a bit more than an HR department due to his independence. He CANNOT subpoena, indict, convene a grand jury, OR compel interviews of anyone outside Justice.

          * That’s why the OIG cannot compel testimony or cooperation from Comey or McCabe. Neither now work for Justice.
          * That’s why the OIG can’t take the FISA investigation to the Obama White House, to CIA, NSA, DHS, or anywhere else, outside of Justice. The OIG might find an ice cube, but will miss the continent sized ice berg. Plus, he’ll chew up more time doing so.
          * This is why the OIG cannot properly investigate the Hillary outlaw email server, the outlaw Clinton Foundation, or Uranium One.

          The OIG is a Session’s stall, period. Justice delayed is justice forever denied.

          Sessions doesn’t have to appoint another Special Counsel. He could appoint any US Attorney who is totally non-conflicted by any potential target of interest, which is everyone who ever served in the Obama Administration, and probably, the Trump Administration, too. That’s why, if every there WAS an appropriate use of a Special Counsel, it’s not for Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign, but rather a new S.C. investigating the investigators themselves.

          This MUST be an independent investigation by a S.C., or it won’t succeed in identifying or bringing perps to justice. Sessions won’t do it. He won’t investigate any of the Obama Administration’s suspected crimes. Why, prey tell, do you think that’s so?

          The OIG investigation, like Congress, can teach us many things. It cannot bring justice, nor “cue up” subpoena’s and indictments by a prosecutor (US Atty or SC). Much of what needs to be investigated is simply out of scope.

          Again, Sundance is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, thinking that the OIG and Super.SecretAGent.Sessions is going to accomplish anything close to “justice”. Sessions is burying this and allowing the investigation to age out.

          Get a grip, people. What would you think of a local PD “investigating” a local murder, by ignoring the witnesses and crime scene for two years, allowing scene contamination and age to make an investigation impossible. Do you seriously think that in 2019 or 2020, these super secret Sessions non-investigations are somehow going to achieve critical mass? It’s just not happening. America has been sold out by Sessions. This entire scenario was planned out by the Obama team. At this point, I believe Sessions was either seeded into the Trump campaign to take control of Justice, or he was flipped after the election due to something hidden in his past, probably criminal. There’s just no other logical explanation.


        • girlyman514 says:

          Somewhat concerned that most of the investigation seems highlighted on the FBI and DOJ mishandling of the investigations of the Clinton emails, Foundation, Uranium One,etc., which kind of infers the actual crimes have already been exonerated. Why are these people still walking the streets?


      • LDave says:

        Oh, another reason to doubt that only a special counsel can be impartial is right before our eyes. Is Mueller impartial?


  2. Katherine McCoun says:

    I tried to focus while reading but my train of thought kept getting side tracked by the Trump Train whistling LOUDLY – Winning!

    So much winning today – trade deals, NK coming to the table, justice being served, swamp being drained, our steel industry thriving and growing, economy getting stronger, fake scandals not gaining traction…Wondering how many that jumped off the train last week with the Omnibus now realize that roller coasters have downs but then swoop right back up!?! Bet they wish they were back on this train! How many are jumping on as the Trump Train is zooming by?

    President Trump asked us to stand with him and fight with him on specific points and he was as disappointed and disgusted with the negatives of that omnibus bill as we were. He drew a line in the sand about it and needs us to take action with our Congressmen. He wants the 60 vote rule done away with and he wants line item veto among other things. I am going to go back and listen to that speech and focus on what he asked us to focus on. We need to fight with him and help him achieve his goals!

    Anyway, this article is really great news. I love that the swamp is being drained and justice will be served. All will come out and the truth will be known. MAGA

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    • DianeMaree says:

      Q stated the swamp will fall all at once. He wants us to watch what happens Easter Day.

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      • churchmouse says:

        Q never said anything of the sort.

        Q posts are at the following link:

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          • churchmouse says:

            Look at Q’s words, not an interpretation.

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          • Rejuvenated says:

            Only use the source- a bunch of idiots are hopping on the Q (Trump) train and making false claims/interpretations. There are no hard dates for actions because war is fluid. Q is intentionally obtuse because of the fluidity of events so anyone stating “for fact” that something will happen on such-and-such date is BS. Church mouse gave a good link- make your own decisions instead of listening to others on what Q says.

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            • girlyman514 says:

              I’ve never witnessed so many excuses for inaction in my life. Our healthcare premiums are still going through the roof because of the illegal invasion. The border wall is one massive deceptive ploy. The corruption in D.C. goes on unabated. No ones been held accountable. The President just got a hands on lesson from the Dems on how to raid the U.S. Treasury. This is not what I call winning.


          • maiingankwe says:

            I don’t know if I accidentally missed it, but I didn’t hear anything from this video about Easter Day. Maybe you posted the wrong one? I’ve been known to send the wrong thing from time-to-time too.

            In addition, I’ve been watching Qanon very closely, especially today, and I have not seen any dates or references to Easter Sunday. I did see Q writing that the hag was very naughty on February 12th. I am looking to see what that was about.
            Be well,


          • Robert Hall says:

            I already know the facts, I wrote the discrediting the election


        • nbkilgore says:

          Hi Churchmouse, do you have the link to BO mapping, charting and graphs? I deleted mine by accident and could sure use the link. I already have the frequent Q drops/crumbs with time stamp. 4ch got knocked out and its been hecktic chasing BOs, thanks in advance!


      • nbkilgore says:

        Diane, Q says use logic and think, he also continues to warn about “disinformation”. The full picture are being worked on by hardworking patriots and when the full picture is compiled, then we’ll have the whole picture. There are some who think they have the full picture and feel like that gives them the right to yap away, are they going to take responsibility should they get it wrong, I don’t think so! Follow the BO drops/posts and formulate your own knowledge, cheers! Don’t give out false hopes unless you have all the facts to back you, “think”! Cheers!

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      • Carrie2 says:

        Diane, why not Good Friday as is a special day for dying, but okay if Easter day and we can watch the cockroaches and what they will do for themselves!


    • Marica says:

      As someone on here stated a few days ago–“those jumpers better have a bungee cord!”


    • MGBSE says:

      Exactly…8 years of Clinton Liberal democrat failures + 8 years of worthless Bush compassionate conservatism + 8 years of Obama’s destroy America = the right of We The People to support President Trump to MAGA…and the proof that Trump is right – the hysterical screaming by democrats, their media lackeys, braindead Hollywood, anarchist academia & panicked RINOS propped up by their chamber of commerce money whores…GEAUX TRUMP!!!!

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    • cozette says:

      The Omnibus bill everyone was schreeching about without having read it, much less understood it, included ALOT of money for the OIGs, witness protection (including housing) and military tribunals.

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  3. TarsTarkas says:

    Sounds like a preemptive strike by the white hats to counter whatever bogus collusion/obstruction charges Mueller may concoct. I have noted that rumors of obstruction charges by Mueller’s team all seem to be about obstruction of just AFTER the fact, obstruction of what is not a crime (completely unproven Trump team collusion with Putin & Co.). I.e. a ham sandwich indictment.


  4. RH says:

    I am still waiting for at least one person to go to jail under Jeff Sessions!

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    • jb says:

      Stop the Jeff Sessions crap – either you have NOT paid attention to all the efforts of Sundance, or you are simply trollimg as a #NT.

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    • G. Combs says:

      “I am still waiting for at least one person to go to jail under Jeff Sessions!”

      Well you obviously do not bother to follow the NEWS

      Here are the top three:
      “March 28, 2018

      Press Release
      Man Who Concealed Service in Military Unit Involved in Srebrenica Massacre Sentenced for Immigration Fraud

      Press Release
      New Orleans Woman Sentenced to Prison for Role in $3.2 Million Health Care Fraud and Kickback Scheme

      Press Release
      Ambulance Company to Pay $9 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations “


    • nbkilgore says:

      RH, here’s a suggestion; go to the individual that you feel so strongly about that should be in jail and execute a Civil Arrest and take him/her to the nearest US District Attorney with what ever evidence you have and let us know how that works out!


  5. sickconservative says:

    I’m watching Nunes on Hannity and wonder are they really being kept in the dark as far as the IG and AG are concerned.
    I don’t like SC ever but that is what is being pushed.


  6. MTK says:

    Report reads like IG Horowitz is letting it be known that the ducks are starting to quack in a straight line.

    Going to be an interesting month.

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    • sickconservative says:

      At this point months, patient I’m not.
      Please bring it on soon.

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      • jb says:

        Your level of patience is hardly the issue. That is solely your problem. Get over it, and yourself.

        Donald is dealing with the deep state that has existed at least since the end of WWII, and given the Fed, who is getting real edgy, back to 1913. What Donald is UNdoing is not going to be undone overnight – please – everyone – stop that silly crap! Sessions has been methodically putting together matters while all the idiots out there slam him for his recusal. Do you not get it? Have you even a clue? Sundance has repeatedly clued you in, and you still act as if yu are ignorant.

        This stupid desire for immediate gratification of various and sundry commenters sounds/reads like the words of David Hogg – our newest non-idiot savant. He is merely a child who doubles as a a commie lib. Stop acting like him.

        Read, listen, learn. Anyone can react emotionally.

        Sigh. Why would I have to say all this on this site?

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      • Texmom says:

        I understand how you feel. Even with the facts, it is hard not to want to see action. I think it’s because we sat frustrated for eight long years before getting a new admin, so if you think of it that way, it’s 9 years total.
        Yes, I think we all understand it takes time to get ducks in a row and do it right, but I think we should also understand that it can be frustrating. Hang in there!


  7. G. Combs says:

    I am going to repost this here because many people do not understand the US Government is littered with Inspectors General.

    You can read the Inspector General Act here:

    Click to access Inspector%20General%20Act%20Of%201978.pdf

    The Inspectors are one step down from the top of each department and each Inspector General is “appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate”

    “Each Inspector General shall report to and be under the general supervision of the head of the establishment involved or, to the extent such authority is delegated, the officer next in rank below such head, but shall not report to, or be subject to supervision by, any other officer of such establishment. Neither the head of the establishment nor the officer next in rank below such head shall prevent or prohibit the Inspector General from initiating, carrying out, or completing any audit or investigation, or from issuing any subpoena during the course of any audit or investigation.”

    So he is more or less independent.

    Also if he finds crimes…

    “(d) In carrying out the duties and responsibilities established under this Act, each Inspector General shall report expeditiously to the Attorney General whenever the Inspector General has reasonable grounds to believe there has been a violation of Federal criminal law.”

    This means the IGs in other department should ALSO be reporting violations of Federal criminal law. 😀

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Didn’t Obama leave a loat of OIG slots unfilled? I wonder how many of the remaining OIGs are actually not Obama bots.


      • G. Combs says:

        President Trump can fire them at will and he can also appoint someone without confirmation to fill a position on an on an interim basis.


    • SJM says:

      RE: “This means the IGs in other department should ALSO be reporting violations of Federal criminal law”

      MARCH 21, 2018 DoD IG REPORT
      DOD IG: Over $3 Billion Disappeared in Afghanistan from 2014-17
      A new report from the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (DoD IG) exposes even more fraud, waste and/or corruption in America’s ongoing war in Afghanistan. This latest report reveals that more than $3.1 billion of U.S. taxpayer funds provided to the Afghan Armed Forces from 2014 through 2017 was grossly mismanaged.

      According to the DoD IG, U.S. military leaders overseeing operations in Afghanistan “failed to accurately record” some 95,000 vehicles transferred to Afghan Armed Forces, along with fuel expenses and maintenance costs to keep the vehicles operational. The report issued last Wednesday was the last in a series of DoD IG audits that examined the Pentagon for “systemic challenges” in how senior officials oversee U.S. direct funding to the Afghan Armed Forces said the Military Times.

      The DoD IG warned the lack of accountability via military leaders overseeing Afghanistan leaves U.S. taxpayer funds vulnerable to “fraud, waste, and abuse.”

      “Combined Security Transition Command–Afghanistan (CSTC-A) officials did not effectively manage and oversee the U.S. direct funding provided to the Ministries of Defense and Interior, which oversee Afghanistan’s Army and National Police, respectively,” the report stated.

      “CSTC-A management and oversight of the direct funding is intended to increase [Afghan security forces] effectiveness and capabilities so the [forces] can become more professional and increasingly self-sustaining.”
      Stars and Stripes, an American military newspaper, said military officials blame, what else, “inadequate staffing and security concerns” for any financial discrepancies. However, the DoD IG audit determined systemic issues are to blame.

      CSTC-A officials established unrealistic and unattainable goals for the Afghans to improve their own capabilities toward achieving independence in supplying their own troops, the IG also found.

      Instead, the Afghan government has remained reliant on the United States to furnish its supplies because American officials have not provided adequate training, according to the report.

      Additionally, the report stated CSTC-A officials have not enforced penalties within U.S. agreements with the Afghan government. Penalties include levying fines when terms and conditions of contracts are not met, such as providing detailed logs of vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption data.
      Stars and Stripes provides a summary of the latest findings from the DoD IG report:

      For example, Afghan officials only provided CSTC-A fuel consumption reports for the Afghan army when directly requested by the United States, though contracts require biweekly reports. The IG concluded the United States cannot be certain that at least $174 million worth of fuel was properly used.

      CSTC-A also cannot properly track the status of some 95,000 vehicles that the United States has given the Afghans because officials did not properly inventory the types and quantities of vehicles provided.

      Furthermore, the IG blamed CSTC-A officials for failing to properly train the Afghans to maintain those vehicles, leaving the U.S. military to spend about $21 million to replace engines and transmissions that should have been the Afghans responsibility.

      The IG report was the eighth and final report in a series of oversight investigations into CSTC-A functions since 2015. The reports have uncovered widespread issues within the command, including the commands’ inability to account for more than $700 million of ammunition provided to the Afghan security forces between 2015 and 2017.
      As a result of the Pentagon’s lousy accounting practices, if not outright fraud and embezzlement, the audit notes that CSTC-A officials did not have the assurance that “$3.1 billion in U.S. direct funding was used entirely for the intended purposes.”

      In other words, just over $3 billion may have been stolen.

      LINK to REPORT

      Click to access DODIG-2018-090.PDF


  8. Mike13 says:

    You think OIG report will be ready by 2024 presidential election?

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  9. jeans2nd says:

    “Phase-3 accountability is better handled by congress”
    And Congressional accountability is handled by us.

    “(What is) missing here is any discussion of the powers Congress itself has, including but not limited to the subpoena and contempt powers…”

    “witnesses who plead the Fifth can still be compelled to testify. The price is that the compelled testimony, and evidence derived from that testimony, couldn’t be used against the witness in a prosecution. ”

    “Congress should (compel testimony), because its end goal is political accountability. Which would be up to the American people to impose after learning exactly what abuses have transpired.”

    “Above all, there is impeachment. The constitutional power to remove officials from office for “treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors” is a writ far broader than anything a special counsel enjoys.”

    —>>> “a Congress that behaved as a branch of government coequal to the presidency would use its own powers to force oversight on resisting federal officials.”

    An official who has left office may still be impeached, and if impeached/convicted is barred from ever holding any office again. Ever. And those officials may still be prosecuted.

    Ultimately, all is still ultimately up to us. Call, write, twit, Gab, email Congress.
    Time to make some noise.

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  10. William F Buckley's Ghost says:

    Lots of misinformation about the OIG not being able to interview non-government employees or officials. The OIG has the same law enforcement authority as the FBI and IRS. They can interview anybody they want. In fact 90% of the thousands of arrests made by OIG special agents are persons who are not government officials!”

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    • G. Combs says:

      William F Buckley’s Ghost which page states the OIG can interview non-government people?

      Page 11 has the fact the OIG can
      ” require by subpoena the production of all information, documents, reports, answers, records, accounts, papers, and other data in any medium (including electronically stored information), as well as any tangible thing and documentary evidence necessary in the performance of the functions assigned by this Act, which subpena, in the case of contumacy or refusal to obey, shall be enforceable by order of any appropriate United States district court….”


  11. Rjones says:

    Phase 3 “accountability” sure seems very much behind schedule. We’re waiting on Congress? This is the most serious charge, conspiracy to commit sedition. When the heck is any prosecution going to happen? 5 yrs from now? This is starting to look like another slow walk investigation to nowhere. Absolutely useless if prosecution is not going full strength by midterms. I will say this, if there’s nothing happening by the midterms, I fricken give up. Republicans and Sessions won’t have given a crap and Trump appears powerless to fix it. Absolutely ridiculous. This report should exist now. This site mapped out FISA crap a year ago. Someone please tell me that I’m wrong and there will be a reason to go vote in Nov. Otherwise, I won’t.


    • G. Combs says:

      If you want to watch the death of the USA then don’t bother to vote.

      This is not some cop show that takes 30 minutes with commercial breaks. For real life, it is going very fast. I also think the take down is going to be from an entirely different direction — human trafficking and child sex slavery.

      If I am correct it will actually work better because, while rank and file Democrats might not have a problem with the Obama Admin cheating to keep Trump out of office, they WILL have an emotional reaction to child sex slavery.

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      • blind no longer says:

        I listened to Devin Nunes being interviewed on Fox tonight. He discussed why this investigation by the IG was a very tricky situation. He stated that the IG is still under the supervision of the DOJ, in other words he is investigating some of the very people who have supervision and oversight of him. Nunes said the IG has to be very careful because of this. I figured this is one reason it doesn’t go faster than it does.

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        • davidb says:

          exactly. His boss is dirty Rosenstein….who Horowitz has to report his findings of any misconduct to. Horowitz letter read “initiate a review that will examine”…it didn’t read ” report the criminal offenses that I have found”. It will be another up to another year before this report comes out.


        • G. Combs says:

          ” He stated that the IG is still under the supervision of the DOJ”

          That is not exactly the case now.
          “The Obama administration formally announced that inspectors general will have to get permission from their agency heads to gain access to grand jury, wiretap and fair credit information — an action that severely limits the watchdogs’ oversight capabilities, independence and power to uncover fraud.”Sundance

          So IG Horowitz in his bi-annual report to congress complained about the Obama Director of the FBI stonewalling him.

          Horowitz: “….This is an issue of utmost importance, as evidenced by the fact that 47 Inspectors General signed a letter in August 2014 to the Congress strongly endorsing the principle of unimpaired Inspector General access to agency records……”

          So the LAW GOT CHANGED!!!!

          The Inspector General issues a report to the department head AND to congress twice a year. He is under the general supervision of the head BUT the head CAN NOT INTERFERE with an investigation OR FIRE an Inspector General. ANY CRIMES get reported to AG SESSIONS!

          Again read the AMENDED Inspector General Act

          Each Inspector General shall report to and be under the general supervision of the head of the establishment involved or, to the extent such authority is delegated, the officer next in rank below such head, but shall not report to, or be subject to supervision by, any other officer of such establishment. Neither the head of the establishment nor the officer next in rank below such head shall prevent or prohibit the Inspector General from initiating, carrying out, or completing any audit or investigation, or from issuing any subpoena during the course of any audit or investigation.
          (b) An Inspector General may be removed from office by the President….”

          And he must report Federal Crimes to the Attorney General who is now Jeff Sessions and NOT Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch.

          “(d) In carrying out the duties and responsibilities established under this Act, each Inspector General shall report expeditiously to the Attorney General whenever the Inspector General has reasonable grounds to believe there has been a violation of Federal criminal law.”


    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Someone please tell me that I’m wrong …

      You are wrong.


    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Someone please tell me that I’m wrong …

      You are wrong.


  12. jeff montanye says:

    would love to see horowitz give a real close look at mueller’s earlier investigation, when mueller worked for george w. bush and barack obama. i think he may have missed one or two things regarding the events of 9-11-01. that and the “seven countries in five years” plan that flowed from it, spanning two administrations and different political parties.


  13. 196ski says:

    Not much coverage but on Tuesday Manefort’s lawyers asked for a dismissal of charges based on Mueller investigating outside the scope of his mandate.
    Some very good information here.

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    • none other says:

      EXCEPT his argument is mute . Mueller’s marching orders..
      (i) any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals
      associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and
      (ii) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and
      (iii) any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a).

      His motion may die because Mueller has found Russian Interference with Hillary and company.

      All Mueller could ever find was Swamp/Russia.. NOT Trump/Russia. Because Trump never did anything to Collude. WE all have seen this evidence. Its 100% true NO trump / Russia Collusion.

      Mueller was tasked as posted above. And durring this investigation he does find Russian LINKS to Trump people. And they are “Page ” , “P-Dop” & ‘Manafort” . However there ties are not at the behest of Donald J Trump and team.

      But at the behest of Democrats and Republican never Trump’ers. … This is a FACT.. Those 3 men came from Dems and repubs . With the sole porpoise of setting Trump up and spying on his campaign.

      Now do you see why Mueller’s investigation is quite real. And Manafort’s charges cant not be dismissed on his excellent case law arguments .. Because Mueller found Manafort’s crimes exactly as he was tasked to.

      A few points :: DO YOU see anywhere in that order where it says. ” If Hillary is tied to this in any way terminate the investigation” If Russia did this or that but not with Trump look the other way ? Does anyone see that ? I dont.

      Does anyone want to now ask why he hired the very FBI/DOJ people. That the IG was investigation 5 months before Muller was appointed ? Or why he hired 13 crooked liberal lawyers to work for him along side all the crooked Gov People. Who we now know saved Hillary and made up Trump Russia..

      Could it be these vicious Hillary loving liberal lawyers now have a conflict of interest so large they can not represent anyone heading for indictments.

      Don’t any of you see that sometimes people are not what the appear. And that Mueller could actually be faced with only one out come this whole time. Has anyone else considered. The FISC court ( & 99 page ruling) , NSA Rodgers and IG Horowitz all where actively investigating corruption and crimes in the FBI & DOJ LONG BEFORE MUELLER WAS APPOINTED..

      Sometimes drama gets in our way. Mueller is one of those situations. But if you look close enough on all the reports you learn things do connect. His continued investigation makes sense to me. And even Mueller’s latest request 12 days ago for all Trump team Data from Nov 2015 forward be produced makes a ton of sense ..

      Why all data from November 2015 Forward and why only Trump people ?

      Because the NSA Data base was used with out warrants to illegally spy on team Trump BEGINNING Nov 2015 . NSA Rodgers and FISC Ruling , Minimization’s where ignored and 4th amendment rights where violated as ruled by FISC

      Anyway , I am taking bets I am dead right about this.. Mueller is NOT looking at Trump/Russia………… but Russia/Clinton and Company


  14. nbkilgore says:

    Sundance, please, please! Post and retain on your site and example of due process of law, the elements of a crime, accountability of evidence and the judicial process of “just one” individual accused of a crime. People just don’t understand the complexity and magnitude of the crimes committed and the quantity of individuals involved! This is the crime of the century, the likes of which we have never seen and it is enormous!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. w5ovf says:

    logger says: March 28,18:21:28

    It does seem that the left is insulating its voters, crafting an alternate reality, brainwashing and further shaming and enslavement are all they have.

    Quote: No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of US voters!
    H.L. Mencken


  16. w5ovf says:

    test ignore


  17. Abel says:

    This is another stupid pipe dream.
    Blow it out your ass oig Horowitz.
    You’ll do nothing and it will result in nothing.
    Enjoy your paycheck though.
    This is stupid. It’s being played poorly by our president. I still have hope in him, but that’s waning too in this particular matter. He’s got what we can now count in hours to make his move and it isn’t looking good. Midterms days away…. pfft…
    this will be another back room swamp agreement. Justice is almost dead. Our country is being destroyed from the very top and from within.
    How about going after Kerry for running a not so shadow foreign policy? Meh… that would take effort for Jeffy. Think seriously about what that clown must do all day….some oatmeal, a nap, some lemonade, fan himself with a straw hat on the veranda, some bourbon, a nap, some grits and another bourbon and then it’s off to bed….
    this is how you disgruntle your beyond loyal base. Think I’m wrong? Great. What I’m not wrong about is this isn’t motivational. This is the opposite. This is a pillar issue for me. They are blowing it.
    I know I know patience for after we lose the house….and then the war….. but I’ll be really morally superior…


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