Change of Plans – Due To Conflict diGenova No Longer Joining Trump Legal Team…

President Trump is no longer planning to utilize the services or representation of the legal husband and wife team of Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing, within the ongoing Mueller probe, due to conflicts.

“The President is disappointed that conflicts prevent Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing from joining the President’s Special Counsel legal team,” his lawyer, Jay Sekulow, said in a statement. “However, those conflicts do not prevent them from assisting the President in other legal matters. The President looks forward to working with them.”

[…] DiGenova and Toensing released a statement on the announcement Sunday, saying: “We thank the President for his confidence in us and we look forward to working with him on other matters.”  (link)

Just guessing, but it doesn’t seem surprising there would be a conflict considering Toensing is representing an FBI whistle-blower in the Clinton Uranium-One scandal.




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288 Responses to Change of Plans – Due To Conflict diGenova No Longer Joining Trump Legal Team…

  1. anthohmy says:



  2. Donna in Oregon says:

    Uranium One is the Russian elephant in the room.

    Uranium One has so many different facets. In researching this Wyoming Ranch (35,000 acres) owned by John Christensen (called Christensen Ranch) in Wyoming I found so many flaws in the Clinton/Obama sale of US assets. There are websites with non-stop criticism of the Uranium One deal.

    But the strategy that will benefit President Trump is this one:

    “The EPA had granted exemptions allowing the two injection wells already operating at Christensen Ranch based on the notion that the aquifers below them did not qualify as sources of drinking water. If the agency reversed itself on this, it could make the existing mine operations illegal.”

    ENVIRONMENT 12/26/2012 04:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

    Christensen Ranch’s Uranium Mining Throws Safe Drinking Water Act Exemptions Into The Spotlight

    Russian State Nuclear Firm Fancies Itself Small US Business; Cries Hardship re US EPA Uranium Mining Cleanup Proposal

    The Uranium One permit expires in July 2018 here:

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Uranium is a ‘national security’ issue…for more than just nuclear weapons.

      We need uranium for all of our nuclear-powered vessels, like submarines and aircraft carriers.

      That “Uranium Bartering” program that Rick Perry just stopped, had been going on in the DOE…and was started during the O-regime.
      Instead of selling off our uranium stockpile, they were ‘bartering’ it away.

      The cover story for why this ‘bartering’ was done…is that it was doing it to pay for “cleanup services” at enrichment facilities.

      Obama’s DOE was still ‘selling off’ our uranium stores, they just hid it by calling it “bartering”.

      Perry should’ve put a stop to this earlier in his tenure as Energy Secretary.
      I love Rick Perry, he is a good guy…but he sometimes falls for liberal BS, and I think that’s what happened in this case.

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      • Donna in Oregon says:

        Yes Wheatie. This is a problem for Americans and our deficits and debt. This article below is from 2010, and talks about giving away America’s minerals for free. It is disturbing how many in Congress and the Senate knew about this…..and did nothing to stop it. Disturbing!!

        “Literally, the law says that the minerals of the United States are free and open to location and purchase,” said Jeff Parsons, senior attorney for the nonprofit environmental law firm the Western Mining Action Project.

        “What’s happened now is that these foreign companies, like Russian companies mining uranium, are taking advantage of that loophole and literally taking the United States citizens’ minerals for free,” Parsons said. “At a time when the deficit is at an all-time high we’re still giving away our mineral resources with no return.

        Colorado Sen. Mark Udall, who told the Colorado Independent he is carefully watching the proposed sale of the Canadian company Uranium One to the Russian government-owned Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ), has repeatedly sponsored bills both in the House and Senate to broadly overhaul the 1872 Mining Law. He’s also proposed legislation (Senate Bill 796) that would treat uranium differently than other hard-rock minerals.

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        • wheatietoo says:

          Yes, it’s outrageous, isn’t it, Donna.

          We need to completely Ban all foreign govts and their proxies, from being able to exploit our natural resources.

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          • chrystalia99 says:

            We absolutely must do that Wheatie, something my other half ( a small hard rock gold mining claim holder and inventor) has been saying for years. Rogue River mine is even worse, it got sold to the chinese under Obama, the only operating rare earth mine we had.

            However, the article above cited only tells part of the story. We hold 20 hard rock mining claims– gold and silver. Yes, we located them for “free”– and each once costs us 200.00 a year to keep or a certain amount of highly regulated and heavily documented labor. We go the labor route, and it would be cheaper in terms of time spent sometimes just to pay the 4000.00 a year, because many standard mining activities can’t be counted towards getting the fees waived.. And the big guys have it far worse. They DO have to pay lease fees, environmental impact assessment fees, and a heck of a lot more than we do. They can’t qualify for the waivers.

            We can’t even exploit some of our claims ourselves, because the permitting required and the environmental regs to be met would run to millions– so we hold them, on the chance a mid cap mining company will want to lease the whole block as a group and mine them.

            We have been dealing with BLM for decades, and trust me, what is in that poorly researched newspaper piece is *nothing* like what real miners, and mining companies, go through. Not to mention finding locatable mineral claims that are open for claiming isn’t easy when you need a large number of them together, as you do for a real mine of any sort of profitability….

            here is my other half’s you tube channel, so you can see what he does.

            And now we are moving to Alaska, and will be doing it up there instead of AZ LOL.

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            • wheatietoo says:

              Good luck in Alaska, Chrystalia!

              Have you written to Sec Ryan Zinke and told him of your experiences & all you know about the BLM?
              I think he would want to know about it.
              He is on our side.

              A hand-written letter would probably get his attention.
              He’s a hands-on kind of guy.

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              • chrystalia99 says:

                Already in the works, Wheatie LOL. You really wouldn’t believe what we go through– especially since we just finished once again swearing under penalty of perjury, at the end of 2017– that we had already completed our 2018 assessment work for waivers.

                I really hope my time machine arrives from ACME corp. soon, it’s been on back order since the 1970’s or so…..

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                • wheatietoo says:

                  Oh my goodness, that sounds burdensome.
                  Typical governmental BS.

                  It’s good to hear from you!
                  Haven’t seen you around since the primaries.

                  And for some reason, your replies to me aren’t showing up in my WP notifications.
                  If I hadn’t seen your comment show up in the sidebar…I wouldn’t have checked to see your comment.
                  WP has been wonky lately.

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                • chrystalia99 says:

                  been lurking, but having annoyed one or more alphabet agencies, I haven’t boon posting or updating the blgo with my newest research on the total cooption of our information stream by serious mass perception management bad guys (in and out of our government, but not Russia *chuckle*).

                  WordPress has been wonky for me also, not getting notifications. Shadowbanned for a while on Twitter, but got out of that mess. Shadowbanned for a while on Facebook, but they have backed off now that their shady dealings I was telling everyone about years ago are coming to light….

                  Expect more Wonkage, Wheatie, things are about to get interesting (hence my strategic relocation to Alaska, on a cash economic basis!). Going to be updating the blog soon with the latest on the psyop crowd, and starting a new blog concerning life on the road and implementing MAGAnomics on a personal scale, something we all need to push at every opportunity you know.

                  I went past weird when I got that audit dumped on me and the feds started getting rude *sigh*…. I am too old to want to deal with the MIB, so I have been behaving (mostly)…..

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                • wheatietoo says:

                  You may want to compare notes with Wolfmoon, he’s been doing research on that too.

                  Ran out of ‘reply’ options, over here on the wall.

                  Again, it’s good to hear from you again!

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                • chrystalia99 says:

                  Good to hear from you too– will get with wolfmoon while on the road, I am trying to remain vewwy vewwy quiet while still stuck at one IP :-).

                  I have taken to checking my comments manually when I show up here to see any replies, as Wpress wonkage annoys me….

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        • Not totally free if you count the kickbacks to crooked US politicians. But still quite a steal. Sickening.

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        • The Jimmy Jackz says:

          They have to be getting money to it somehow. That’s what needs to be exposed to stop this. We need more Panama papers leaks.

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      • backwoodsgirl123 says:

        We also need uranium, according to Judge Jeanine for breast cancer patients and x-rays.

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      • Southern Son says:

        I too, am Frustrated at the seemingly Snails Pace, that All the Corruption Cases are moving.
        But this was Decades in the making.
        It’s gotta be like trying to pull one clothes hanger out of a Box of clotheshangers, without tipping over the box.
        I want All the Traitors brought to Justice, and Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law!
        Do we want OboMao to Face Justice?
        Of Course!!
        Soon, I believe a Key Coconspirator will flip.
        We cannot afford to be pointing fingers at Our Patriots.
        I believe, just like Jeff Sessions, P45 is directing this to Fully ensnare Every One involved, in Our Governments Corruption.
        Keep in mind how he went after McStain.
        Justice must Grind Exceedingly Small,
        so it will grind slowly.
        Hang ‘Em All High!!

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        • Southern Son says:

          What I meant to say;
          Our AG, has been Visiously Attacked, for over a year.
          But I believe he is Grinding exceedingly small.
          To the very letter, of the Law.
          I try to imagine, if I were in their shoes, and how it would desimate
          my Morale to read how the People (FellowAmericans) were Judgeing my efforts to Uncover, what IS the Biggest Conspiracy and Coverup, in the History of this Great Nation.
          And If I Failed, this experiment would be Over!
          How can I, be qualified to Judge those Investigating these Traitors?
          Here…is a Thankless Endeavor.
          Only with a Light at the end of the Corruption tunnel, could I carry on.
          May God Help and Protect the American Patriots!

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          • I imagine Mr. Sessions scanning some of the whiners and chuckling to himself, then going on with his dinner. Jeff knows that all the whining actually provides another layer of “cover” for what he’s actually doing. He’s made a couple moves recently that reinforced that view for me … but I had never drifted any further away than to the land of “skeptical — but still hopeful”.

            We are watching, among other things, theater.


  3. brenrod says:

    a problem with appointing a special counsel is that it might be rosenstein doing the appointing.

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    • lftpm says:

      Was it McCabe who initiated the investigation of Sessions’ putative collusion with Russia?

      With McCabe’s being totally discredited, and quite possibly being indicted for criminal acts, per OIG discoveries, I think there’s a good chance Sessions will be able to announce sometime before June, “I stepped aside to allow things to play out, with no one being able to claim I obstructed anything. Now we know a partisan Clinton hack, arguably a criminal, was behind an illegally-motivated campaign to cripple me from doing my duties as AG. I am hereby terminating my recusal.”

      To wit, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

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      • NJ Transplant says:

        The Sessions meeting with Kisylak was set up by the Obama State Department. Sessions did not initiate that meeting. Sessions was informed that there was a meeting set up with the Russian ambassador. Then, that set up meeting is used as proof that Jeff Sessions lied to the Senate during his appointment about Russian involvement. That led to the Sessions recusal, which led to all this Mueller garbage. Now Mueller is trying to set up a meeting with PDJT and Joe DiGenova can’t represent him. This is the worst. Maybe PDJT should get Alan Dershowitz to represent him. Dershowitz has been applying for that job for months.


  4. LafnH2O says:

    churchmouse on March 25, 2018 at 9:22 pm
    On the “Change of Plans” thread.. sez

    “Anyone who is online needs to publish that link far and wide, whether by blog, Twitter, Facebook or other means — not just once, but two or three times.

    That’s only the tip of the Mueller iceberg, as previous CTH comments have shown.”

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  5. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Here’s a video analogous to how most of us feel about what the Left deserves (represented by the guy in the red and white shirt carrying a purse) and how they treat Trump and his supporters, aka The Deplorables. (Our side in White Tank Top)

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  6. AncientChineseSecret says:

    I’m not sure if anyone suggested the potential rationale for Dowd to “walk” as counsel to POTUS was to buy more time before Trump would need to meet with Mueller. On PDJTs tweet lies the clue. He references the months it’s going to take for a new attorney to get up to speed and also the money it will cost the taxpayers. My supposition is that POTUS and his legal team surmised there would only be one credible way to buy more time for the IG report to be released, indictments of certain bad actors, the Uranium One scandal reopened and possibly even an end to this charade of an investigation into something that isn’t even a crime. Just a thought any way…

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  7. David Zink says:

    There are conflicts all over muellers team and Uranium One. Why are they in conflict?

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    • mariner says:

      Bringing sunlight to that situation may be part of the rationale for announcing, the walking back diGenova’s and Toensing’s representation.

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      • glissmeister says:

        Great point. Also hints at the anticipated scope of future prosecutorial actions in re Uranium One. Just one of many examples that showcase how modern government has been coopted to facilitate manipulation to conduct an ongoing criminal enterprise benefiting insiders. U1 and it’s apparent long-running cover up may indeed be ground zero for a significant body of wrong doing that may be more serialized and more connected than popularly understood.

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  8. NoJuan Importante says:

    Maybe Lisa Barsoomian is available!

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  9. lftpm says:

    I can understand why Toensing had a conflict of interest, but not DiGenova. I saw him give excoriating talks on Fox starting several weeks ago, and deduced, “He’s been doing deep research. This isn’t just for his own entertainment.” I surmised he might be prepping to replace Rosenstein. It requires Senate confirmation, but he’s a slam-dunk approval. Insider-mag Washington Lawyer elevated him to its “Legends in Law” list. Is Schumer going to call JDG an “anti-semite” because he supervised the Jonathan Pollard case?

    I don’t want to talk out of turn, but Andy McCarthy may be up for SC, or #3 at DOJ.

    Most people don’t know this but John Bolton was summa cum laude (top of his department) and phi beta kappa at Yale, and got his JD there. His grades were higher than BJC’s and far higher than HRC’s (she took 4 years to graduate, then flunked the DC Bar Exam). Don’t be fooled by his rustic Wilford Brimley ‘stache.

    Mike Pompeo, JD Harvard, was #1 in his class at West Point.

    Trump is appointing people whose IQs are 20-30 points higher than Obama’s advisors’.

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  10. IN/AL gal says:

    I used to find Alex Jones too tin foil hat for my taste. But the MSM is working very hard to shut him up. Makes me tune in a little harder.

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    • The Jimmy Jackz says:

      Just like Soros is pushing the dump Facebook line. Makes me wonder why. Has to be bc they know socials are helping conservatives more than liberals and spreading the anti globalist pro borders message effectively.

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      • If Soros is pushing a dump FB line, it’s because he’s short in the stock. It doesn’t make a difference which way a stock moves so long as you can anticipate the motion. Remember, he got banged when he guessed wrong about the Trump effect on the stock market in November 2016. But he’s billions of dollars away from out of the game.


  11. f.fernandez says:

    I suspect this near hiring was mainly a show. Perhaps it was to show the Trump administration as being above board to not hire somebody conflicted. Yet send a signal possibly to Mueller that this investigation should be wrapping up soon.

    Lots of things are actually theatrical.

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  12. Mujhunter says:

    You can have “perceived” conflicts of interest, without having actual ones..
    But since Trump has no confirmation that DOJ/FBI is actually investigating Uranium One and the Clintons, by appointing DiGenova, it FORCES the system to “unofficially” advise him that there IS a Federal Investigation underway that prevents DiGenova, or his wife, from taking the position.

    Therefore, could the appointment of DiGenova have actually been a means of unofficially “outing” the DOJ/FBI investigation into Uranium One to the public?

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