President Trump Hosts Law Enforcement Roundtable To Discuss Lawless Sanctuary Cities…

Earlier today President Trump hosted leadership from the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and national law enforcement officials to discuss the ongoing issues with Sanctuary Cities and immigration.


WHITE HOUSE – SANCTUARY CITIES ARE UNDERMINING LAW ENFORCEMENT: Sanctuary jurisdictions obstruct Federal immigration enforcement efforts and put law enforcement at greater risk.

A “sanctuary city” generally refers to a State or local jurisdiction that refuses to cooperate with Federal immigration enforcement, often by rejecting “detainer” requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and refusing to share information relating to potentially removable aliens.

  • Detainers are used to request that a State or local law enforcement agency hold a criminal alien in local custody for up to 48 hours after their release on state charges to allow ICE to take custody of the alien and initiate removal proceedings.
  • State and local law enforcement agencies routinely detain suspects for violating Federal laws at the request of federal authorities.
  • The Constitution and Federal statues allow for ICE to detain illegal aliens, and for local police to do so at ICE’s request, relying on ICE’s determination of probable cause.

Detainers themselves establish probable cause of an alien’s removability and it would be absurd to require ICE to obtain a judicial warrant every time it detained an illegal alien.

Indeed, Congress authorized immigration officers, rather than Federal judges, to issue administrative warrants to arrest aliens based on probable cause to believe they are in violation of the immigration laws.

♦If this was necessary under the Fourth Amendment, immigration enforcement would grind to a halt.

  • When sanctuary cities refuse to comply with detainer requests, law enforcement officers must carry out their immigration enforcement duties in workplaces, residences, and in the streets.

This can lead to ICE having to enter dangerous environments to arrest criminal aliens.
Some sanctuary city officials have gone as far as warning illegal aliens about upcoming immigration enforcement actions, allowing criminal aliens to prepare themselves and putting law enforcement, the public, and the aliens at even greater risk.

♦ENDANGERING COMMUNITIES: Reckless sanctuary policies endanger the safety of our communities and obstruct immigration enforcement actions which can prevent further crime.

Too many criminal illegal aliens have been released into American communities and gone on to commit crimes which could have been prevented had ICE been able to take the individuals into custody.

  • In 2016, the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) arrested a criminal illegal alien for possession of cocaine for sale and other charges.
  • The individual had been deported three times previously and had prior convictions for similar offenses but was still released.
  • SFPD arrested the individual again in 2017 on charges involving the sale of narcotics, yet the city again refused to comply with an ICE detainer request and the individual was released.
  • SFPD arrested an illegal alien and alleged gang member more than ten times between 2013 and 2017 for charges including rape, assault, domestic battery, robbery, and vehicle theft.
  • On each occasion ICE’s request to have the individual transferred to their custody or receive notice before his release was denied.

A criminal illegal alien was arrested in Cook County, Illinois in 2011 for driving on a suspended license from a prior conviction for driving under the influence (DUI).

  • ICE issued a detainer request but the individual was released from jail and arrested less than a year later for aggravated DUI causing death.
  • Activists say sanctuary policies make illegal aliens feel safe enough to report crimes to police.
  • Illegally present crime victims and witnesses are eligible for certain immigration benefits, like the U-visa and T-visa, to encourage their cooperation in reporting crime.

♦IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT: President Trump’s Administration has and will continue to pursue strong immigration enforcement based on the rule of law.

President Trump’s Administration has taken action to ensure our Nation’s immigration laws are faithfully enforced.

The Department of Justice has filed a legal action regarding three California laws that intentionally obstruct the enforcement of Federal immigration law, regulate private entities that seek to cooperate with Federal authorities, and impede consultation and communication between Federal and State law enforcement officials.

During fiscal year (FY) 2017, ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) made more than 140,000 administrative arrests and effected more than 225,000 removals.

  • From President Trump’s inauguration through the end of FY 2017, ERO made more than 110,568 arrests compared to only 77,806 in all of FY 2016.

However, more resources are needed to ensure law enforcement is able to do its job and enforce our immigration laws.

  • There are nearly one millions aliens in the United States with final orders of removal but not enough officers or resources to enforce the orders.
  • Many sheriffs have backed off of holding criminal aliens for fear of lawsuits.

[White House Link]

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122 Responses to President Trump Hosts Law Enforcement Roundtable To Discuss Lawless Sanctuary Cities…

  1. sundance says:

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    • FL_GUY says:

      Time to prosecute these state and city officials who violate the law of the land! A few high profile prosecutions and I suspect the sanctuary posturing will end. Lock ’em UP!!!!

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      • Phil aka Felipe says:

        I keep hearing the charge “Obstruction of Justice”.

        Why isn’t Obstruction of Justice “after Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf blew the whistle on a raid by federal immigration authorities last month”??

        The Feds need to lock her up!!

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        • Phil aka Felipe, notice the media psy op? They are using “blew the whistle” which nowadays are terms used for those who are highlighting wrong doings in an organization. How can it be “blew the whistle” by Oakland Mayor. if she is encouraging illegal activity? I think you can add couple of more charges. e.g. aiding and abetting in a crime(s), etc.
          Another question – why only Oakland Mayor? She used some sort of media / website to get that message out – I think they should also be charge with Obstruction of Justice, aiding and abetting in crime(s), etc.
          Disclaimer – I am not a lawyer but using common sense argument.


      • filia.aurea says:

        Absolutely agree with you. ARREST Governors, Mayors and others that legislate or support this illegal activity. California is NOT the only State violating American citizens’ safety and rights. In my State of North Carolina, we have Senator Thom Tillis who encourages ILLEGAL ALIENS!! North Carolina is riddled with illegals and I’m 100% sick of it.
        Hate to disagree with POTUS, but I worked in Texas for several months, and may as well have been in Mexico. There is no way I’d ever go back to Texas. WAKE UP CONGRESS!!!! Both sides of the aisle are to blame. Overstaying a visa may be a civil misdemeanor, but ENTERING the U.S.A. illegally is a criminal offense. I’m sick of the talk about “undocumented immigrants”. Horse manure!! That twisted phrase should never be heard from the mouths of officials.

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        • kroesus says:

          actually the first entry is a freebie and by law a CIVIL offense…….after forced deportation subsequent entry IS a felony and a criminal offense

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      • Nope2GOPe says:

        These crooked city officials should be charged as an accessory to the crimes committed by their actions in not enforcing federal law.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        Fl_Guy, and also go after the lawsuits by any one of sheriffs and police chiefs. They are inciting more sedition and need to be stopped, blocked and I personally say disemboweled and no longer able to come before any judge or file any complaint against our law officers.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Why isn’t this mayor under indictment and removed from office? The lawsuit the DOJ just filed against her city will be months, if not years, in litigation. She is breaking federal law and endangering the lives of Americans. The lawsuit isn’t phasing her.

      We need our govt to do whatever necessary to keep our families safe. Those that obstruct that should be arrested.

      Colorado is trying hard to mirror California’s sanctuary status and is unfortunately gaining ground in that effort.

      The Denver sheriff’s office refuses to cooperate with ICE. Twice in the last two weeks they have failed to inform ICE they were holding known illegal alien felons. One caused a MVA resulting in the death of a truck driver who was burned to death inside his rig at I-25 and I-70. The victim was a family man, had just unloaded his trailer full of groceries at a chain grocery store and was headed home. The illegal alien responsible for his death was jailed with a $25,000 bond. Within a couple days he was able to post $2500 of it, ICE was not called until after he was on the street. He has reportedly now turned himself into ICE in hopes of simply being deported rather than face trial and prison time here.

      Within days, another illegal alien attempted to murder a Denver law enforcement officer, was sent to a medical facility for treatment as he was injured in the incident, was able to escape and remains at large.

      By contrast, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office which serves the Colorado Springs area, does cooperate with ICE, holding illegal criminals until ICE makes the determination of what happens next. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Dept lost a lawsuit that had been filed against them for cooperating with ICE agents. A federal judge ruled yesterday that the sheriff’s office can no longer hold criminal aliens until evaluation by ICE agents.

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      • El Paso County is the only major county in Colorado that cooperates with ICE like that.

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      • Ausonius says:

        “Why isn’t this mayor under indictment and removed from office? ”

        Because Dems are in charge of California! Wherever Dems are in charge (California Washington state. New York, etc.), the quasi-lawlessness of Leftist Philosophy is in the ascendant.

        Get used to it, unfortunately: surveys show a large group of Millenials think Socialism is just fine, that freedoms should be restricted more out of “fairness” or for protection or to make some people feel better, etc. Check out e.g. Millenial Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania.

        Right now they are not voting in high percentages, but who knows?


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        • farmhand1927 says:

          I refuse to get used to a lawless United States of America.

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          • Ausonius says:

            Good! But we need high turnout for the elections of all kinds!!! Losing by 600 votes (a la Pennsylvania) should not be happening! But we need to stop running geezers against photo models (See Lamb vs. Saccone), and need Jeremiahs preaching positive messages and explaining to the Illiterati why Conservatism is the only logical and “feel-good” choice.

            Keep in mind that Leftists always appeal to emotions over logic: a “feel-good” vote (like voting for that cool Afro-American dude for prez) often dominates any rationality.

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        • filia.aurea says:

          You may have heard that Connor Lamb was supported by Speaker Paul Ryan’s “leadership” PAC. It’s time to face the fact that RINOs are just as bad as democrats.

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          • applevista says:

            RINO’s are worse than democrats. Republicans are supposed to know better than democrats.

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          • RINOS are democrats. Few examples as proof to support my conclusion –
            1) Appointment of Mueller.
            2) Failure to pass Obamacare.
            3) President Trump not allowed to make any recess appointment.
            4) Congress giving everything to President Obama, with the argument, that he will veto it and we do not have Republican President.
            The list is long, that goes back to the time when McCain suspended his Presidential campaign and before.

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      • Jan says:

        I had not heard about this second story. About a yr. & 2 months ago a family man was killed at a light rail station in Denver by 2 guys, one of whom was illegal. He had been in the Denver jail for a robbery with an ICE detainer. The Sheriff’s dept. faxed ICE at 11:30PM that they were releasing him at midnight & he was let out 5 minutes early. So he killed within a week of being let out.

        It is beyond me WHY illegals are so important, that their families not be broken up, while Americans & their families are not. I can only hope these judges and elected officials get a chance to be subjected to losing a loved one up front and personally by an illegal. If karma ever gets here, she’s going to be a royal b***h!!


    • annieoakley says:

      I guess that is our job but the jerks do not care what we think.

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    • Ever try putting pressure on jello? Ryan and McConnell are just fine with sanctuary cities or they would already taken the initiative to act. No available leverage to drive anything through the Senate.

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    • And how do you know he, or his rep, isn’t?


    • Kenji says:

      Why can’t the Federal Govt. PULL the State’s Charter (?). And then nullify any and all electoral college votes for POTUS, and censure or remove all Senators and Reps? The State of CA is in open defiance of US Laws. How do they REMAIN a State and RETAIN all the rights thereof?

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      • kroesus says:

        we seem to have had a bit of a scuffle over similar conduct 1861-65…….while states are supposedly unable to act outside the limiting bonds of an irrevocable statehood so to are the measures available to the federal government limited to those included in the US Constitution

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        • Kenji says:

          That does it! I’m now on board with Mark Levin … we need a constitutional convention


          • G. Combs says:

            “….That does it! I’m now on board with Mark Levin … we need a constitutional convention….”


            So you WANT the GLOBAL PROGRESSIVES to REWRITE our ENTIRE Constitution??


    • Oldschool says:

      This is where POTUS can and would motivate voters. Publicly, loudly, daily, shaming ryan and turtle, everytime a camera is in his face. He tried playing nice, now hit them and hit them hard, the same way he shamed dems over DACA. Take it the Rinos. Enough is enough!

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    • josco scott says:

      The victims should sue the hell out of Oakland.
      We don’t need criminal aliens to do the crimes American citizens in Oakland also seem happy to do.
      My beautiful daughter lives there, and frequently walks from BART late at night.
      I would SUE SO FAST if something happened to her b/c idiot Libby Schaaf…

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    • ristvan says:

      Trump did. Todays meeting was a part of it. The lead RINOs did not respond.

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    • Badabing says:

      The Omnibus Budget bill that has to pass this week still funds sanctuary cities! Call and write Senators, etc, and tell Trump to VETO.

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    • backwoodsgirl123 says:

      Gov. Brown and these “mayors” are committing TREASON by facilitating an INVASION! Why aren’t they arrested for TREASON???

      And they can’t say that it’s not an invasion!

      Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on L.A. visit

      “This is the other Mexico,” he said of the United States, which is home to an estimated 11 million Mexican immigrants.

      In introducing Peña Nieto on Monday, Brown spoke about the interwoven histories of Mexico and California and nodded to the immigrants in the room, saying it didn’t matter whether they had permission to be in the United States.

      “You’re all welcome in California,” he said.

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    • I have been wondering the same thing Brendan.

      Especially about the wall.

      Sessions has been talking about all of the criminal illegals he has been deporting, the number is in the thousands.

      We hear a lot about how Sessions is deporting the MS-13 gang bangers and other really nasty illegals.

      But I would bet that close to half of them are back here in the US now.

      It is just too easy to cross our very open southern border.

      Anyone and anything can come up here by crossing over from Mexico.

      Until we get the wall and close down the sanctuary cities a lot of Sessions hard work is futile.


  2. Jesse says:

    I wish ICE would let some of us old dogs come work for them.

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  3. Average joe says:

    If the dims think that sanctuary cities are a winning issue ,I support their choice, wholeheartedly…

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  4. botvinnik says:

    Moonbeam belongs in Gitmo.

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    • Kenji says:

      Jerry’s about to retire to his massive country Estate (all off the grid, of course). Thousands of acres of virgin CA land that has been in his corrupt political family for a hundred years. I would like to see the sleuths at Reddit pinpoint his property and mass mail-email an invitation for every Central American, Mexican, and Muslim Refugee to squat on Jerry’s land. After all, Jerry … you didn’t build that! And the native Americans you adore didn’t believe in private property. You’ve RUINED … MY …private property in this State … so how about we RUIN YOURS!! by using your own beliefs.

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      • billrla says:

        Kenji: Brown’s estate would also be a nice, relaxing place to relocate for all the needy psychiatric patients, drug abusers and drunks who are currently camping-out on sidewalks and other public spaces throughout Los Angeles.

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        • Kenji says:

          I have a tent or two they can borrow 🤣

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        • Deplorable_Infidel says:

          Put them all on buses from across America with a one-way ticket and send them on their way! Let these liberals put their money were their [huge] mouth is and show some REAL compassion.
          P.S. I think some of the residents of San Fransisco would like some relief, as well as L.A.

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          • Kenji says:

            The mere idea of Jerry retiring to his peaceful, unpopulated, wide open spaces … quietly rocking on his porch … with teams of security personnel patrolling the perimeter of his land … after what he’s DONE to this State … sticks in my craw.

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        • Donzo says:

          I heard there’s a cute little frog that needs sanctuary. Scott Pruit?

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      • kroesus says:

        not so isolated or “off the grid”…..Moonbeam used state resources to assay his land for petroleum deposits….whispers of holding him accountable amounted to nothing in the end

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  5. Guyski says:

    Does anyone see the irony (correct word?) that Los Alamito CA, votes against CA ‘sanctuary state’ policies?

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  6. Kenji says:

    This is really simple. Every Sanctuary City/State is telling the population the following. When we arrest an Illegal Alien criminal performing crimes against YOU … we will do everything in our power to make sure he/she STAYS in America … so they can be a recidivist. So you can be victimized over and over and over and over and over …

    You see, the EXTREMIST Left is now capering unrestrained throughout America … multiplying all manner of their twisted beliefs … like; rehabilitation (read: catch and release) in lieu of prison or punishment, and open borders, worldwide governance (ignore US Law that the UN would not enforce). I’m no constitutional lawyer, but I believe these states and cities need to lose their charters and have any and all of their elections nullified, and their representatives censured or flat out tossed out of the Legislature. No US State can IGNORE Federal Law. This has GOT TO STOP!!

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      These leftist progs stomp around screaming about guns (inanimate objects), but they knowingly put out thousands of violent criminals into society to victimize us, and rob our tax dollars while doing so.

      They should be locked up for contributing to all these crimes.

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  7. Patriot 1 says:

    90+ million Americans are not in the workplace. Those in the workplace are treated like they are easily replaced by some foreign cheap labor.

    Enforcing immigration laws is of paramount importance for the the wellbeing of everyday Americans.

    MAGA President Trump.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      We also need an e-verify system and strong penalties for hiring illegals.
      Since we have an unconstitutional background check for firearms (a 2nd amendment right), than employers should have background check for workers.

      Did you hear that, Rep.Paul Ryan and Sen. Mitch McConnell? (they did, but do not care)

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      • Kenji says:

        Ohhhh surrre make the people have to … show your papers!? What are you? A Nazi? [sarc. off]

        Of course you are correct. The problem needs to be solved at BOTH the supply end and the demand end. But the GOPe don’t want it. Burn down their houses.

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  8. Peoria Jones says:

    “Illegally present crime victims and witnesses are eligible for certain immigration benefits, like the U-visa and T-visa, to encourage their cooperation in reporting crime.”

    First, it’s outrageous that we reward and bribe people to do the right thing. (Don’t get me started on Crimestoppers.) We need to start enforcing existing laws which punish people who fail to report or cooperate.

    Secondly, these illegals wouldn’t be US crime victims if they weren’t in the US to begin with. Zero illegals = zero illegal criminals + zero illegal crime victims. Problem solved.

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  9. Donna in Oregon says:

    In Texas start from the North and go across the entire state at one time until they reach the border. Saturate that whole area and Texas will be fine with it, make it an operation with milestones and set-up best practices on how to remove illegals from an entire state. Arrange to have perimeter deterrents so neighboring states are not effected. Have Texas use the National Guard to protect the Texas border during this operation, and shut down the border until it’s complete.

    We can have border and ICE from Texas assist California when they do the same thing. All the way from the East side of California to the West (coastal). Have General Mattis/General Kelly design the loop arounds and tactics to remove as many of the illegals as possible.

    And then do it again. If California complains or causes problems, shut-down the border in California. No one in until there is cooperation. No air flights, treat them like hostiles.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “Have General Mattis/General Kelly design the loop arounds and tactics to remove as many of the illegals as possible.”

      There is probably a constitutional problem with that because they are military. So put the military on the border and use the Border Patrol for doing the internal roundups with ICE and the US Marshall Service. The military is tasked by the U.S. Constitution with protecting us against “foreign invasions”. If they started using deadly force, the flow of illegals will drop off drastically without even enacting e-verify.

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    • kroesus says:

      surprised the FAA still accepts CA DLs and other states who willfully violate US law by providing them to illegal aliens……how can it be a check for a valid resident when they dispense them so?

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      • ristvan says:

        Lurking Lawyer here. Thatbis actually a very clever idea. TSA wont accept Cali ID because not secure enough. Sets off a big but beneficial legal kerfuffle. I have to go research the TSA congressional authorizations and regulations. Devil in the details, but n angle I never saw mentioned before.

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        • 196ski says:

          If my memory serves me correctly that was the point behind Real ID, a State issued drivers license that was obtained according to Federal Real ID requirements. Feds at one time said that regularly issued DL’s would no longer be acceptable for either airline travel (TSA) or for entrance into some Federal buildings.
          When I got mine in Wisconsin I had to proved a notarized copy of my Birth Certificate, a Social Security Card and a copy of a bill that went to the address on my current DL. Those licenses come with the “star” up in the corner.

          I think the Real ID law was passed in 06 or 07 but Congress kept delaying implementation and I am not sure where it ended up or if all States are complying.

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        • neal s says:

          If after the next couple of elections, we could get enough conservatives in both houses, I wonder if we could declare war on illegal aliens. Then anyone giving aid and comfort to the illegal aliens could be charged with treason. Just dreaming.

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      • rick says:

        REAL ID Act of 2005. Enforcement began January this year.

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  10. MTK says:

    Want to put a stop to sanctuary cities just pass a federal law that when an illegal alien breaks the law and ICE detain order is flaunted and the criminal illegal alien goes on to commit another crime, said sanctury city SHALL be liable to 1,000,000 in fines, and if the crime is of capital nature the fine will be 10,000,000. A subsection of the law should also address the possibility of the jurisdiction failing to comply is later found to be playing name, date of birth, sex, physical description games with how they book these repeat offenders the fine will automatically increasing 100,000,000.

    See how fast risk management of sanctuary cities quickly roll over and cry uncle

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “just pass a federal law”

      That is a wonderful idea; however, that will never happen until Ryan and McConnell are either removed or change their mind to getting on board the MAGA agenda.
      Give John Brennan a tweet. Maybe he has something we can use.

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  11. farmhand1927 says:

    That House bill also reportedly continues funding certain aspects of Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.

    What’s going on? Ryan and McConnell want to lose at least the House, if not the Senate, in November. They know the Dim’s will impeach if they have to make up a reason why, or given the way the Dim’s run rough shod over Repub’s, they may impeach for no reason and get away with it.

    Ryan and McConnell probably dream about Robert Mueller being president since they give him far more respect than they do President Trump.

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  12. Publius2016 says:

    Dear Angel Moms and Dads, please run for Congress! We will stand with you and want to defend America! 2018 is Budget, The Wall, Trade and Immigration!!!

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  13. AngelOnejudicial says:

    Fear of lawsuits is also causing certain cities to defacto legalize heroin use, too many lawsuits stemming from overdoses in jails or death by withdrawal in holding cells. Lawyers once again muck up society.

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  14. tdaly14 says:

    He tells them every damn day. It’s up to us to apply pressure as well. Did you contact your Congress Critters this week? I did.

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    • rick says:

      For years I have regularly contacted various state and federal politicians via e-mail, letters, phone calls, appointment at district offices. I say, remove yourself as co-sponsor of this bill, vote nay on that bill, vote yea on this bill.

      Of the few replies I get, most of which are form, ‘Good to hear from you!’, those replies are typically 180 degrees opposite of my expressed position. 180 degree opposite.

      That’s after I had at last developed some rapport which enabled me to speed past the absolutely confounding and inane staff interns which seeming could not tell a hole in the ground from their asterisk let alone how to properly take a message.

      So, let’s remind one another of that infamous definition of insanity. Words and conversations seem not to work, I am beginning to understand why a person might send a white powder instead.

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  15. MTK says:

    Many sheriffs have backed off of holding criminal aliens for fear of lawsuits.

    The law suit the sheriff’s of America should fear are the lawsuits made by the victims and/or families for crime commited by criminal illegal aliens.

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  16. 4harrisonblog says:

    President Trump and his AG should charge these State and City officials with obstructing justice. What the democrats claim President Trump does all the time.
    Federal law on obstructing justice: a summary. Obstruction of justice is a felony under federal law. While obstruction of justice is often charged as a state law offense, the matter becomes a federal charge where it involves a federal court proceeding or the federal government.Jan 12, 2011

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    • 4harrisonblog says:

      § 1503 applies only to federal judicial proceedings. Under § 1505, however, a defendant can be convicted of obstruction of justice by obstructing a pending proceeding before Congress or a federal agency. A pending proceeding could include an informal investigation by an executive agency.

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  17. emet says:

    In the days of the INS, the handful of deportation officers would venture out alone without a radio, in old beat up cars to take illegals into custody.

    When INS S/A Joseph Occhipinti started shutting down drug/human smuggling operations in NY, Federal Prosecuter Jeh Johnson put him in prison.
    19USC507 provides fines fines of up to $1000 for refusing requests for help by Customs officers. The assisting party cannot be held liable for civil damages as a result of rendering aid.

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  18. fleporeblog says:

    The Rep. from Arizona is absolutely right about California!

    From the article linked above:

    More Californians are moving from the Golden State, particularly lower-income residents, although even middle-class residents are saying goodbye.

    The trend is a symptom of the state’s housing crunch and, for some, high taxes.
    Census Bureau data show California lost just over 138,000 people to domestic migration in the 12 months ended in July 2017.

    Lower-cost states such as Arizona, Texas and Nevada are popular destinations for relocating Californians.

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    • Kenji says:

      I am fairly certain that 6-heespanick families can take up residence in my single family home. Dr Zhivago style. Fine with me … I’ll sell my home as an apartment building … too bad for my Liberal neighbors left behind. Suck it, you tools! This mess is of YOUR making, not mine. See ya!

      Wyoming here I come … where I can wear my six-shooter on my leg. Tied-down and ready to go.

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    • Gil says:

      Yes and yes. I was in san diego yesterday and saw the professional homeless lined up in broken down rvs all along the education entrance for sea world. Every kid saw these nuts, addicts, and drunks on the way in. And then, about 100 very fundamental muslims in full burkas with men and children went in as a school group ahead of us, with ZERO security of any kind. Remarkable? I wrote corporate this am, no response yet. I wont go back now.

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  19. TheWanderingStar says:

    We have citizens breaking the law at every level of government – every level – with no consequence. It is time to start the law enforcement with those embarrassing citizens who defy our laws and lock them up and then enforce our immigration laws by deporting them out of the country.

    It saddens and sickens me to watch our elected and appointed officials not be aggressive in charging and trying all of these law breakers.

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    • Donzo says:

      I think the difficulties of the midterms is confounding the situation for the AG in regard to howmto proceed Not losing the House is essential and the arrest of Libby Schaff could excite Trump’s base to get out and vote. Conversely, it could also mobilize the Left. It’s really an unknown and therefore a big risk.That step to enforce federal law by arresting local and state leaders goes into uncharted territory.

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  20. Scout says:

    PDJT can deliver a world of legal hurt on the heads of municipal upstarts who think their town council regulations trump Federal law.

    A couple of mayors doing 5 years will adjust their attitudes quickly and permanently. Problem solved. Arrogant marxists fixed.

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  21. Law and order are lost commodities – – SAD.

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  22. paulraven1 says:

    What’s there to discuss? It’s against the law. Let’s do something about it.

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  23. v4ni11ista says:

    As I was going to deport the illegals,
    I met an illegal with active measles.
    The man had 7 convictions,
    Each conviction had 7 victims,
    Each victim ignored by the Regals.
    Measles, convictions, victims and Regals
    Who was going to deport the illegals?

    Liked by 6 people

  24. NewfTea says:

    Democrats commit atrocities…Republicans and conservatives file toothless lawsuits. And Democrats keep doing what they’re doing, with impunity.

    Republicans do something the people want, in keeping with the Constitution, and the Democrats file lawsuits that stop us in our tracks.

    How does that work?

    Saul Alinsky, Mr. Rules for Radicals (first edition dedicated to Lucifer) said that you destroy your enemies by breaking all the rules, but making your enemies follow their own rules.

    Somewhere very, very hot, Satan and Saul are slapping each other on the back, laughing their keisters off at

    But sooner or later, there will be a reaction. The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is that even after 8 years of Obama and 30 years of globalism, our lives are very comfortable in the USA. But there will be a trigger event, and when it happens, it will be ugly, ugly, ugly.

    Liked by 4 people

  25. emet says:

    In times past, violating a Federal law was serious business. The courts weee no-nonsense, the sentences harsh, the prisons could be brutal. So, there is a scene in that marvellous old movie Bad Day at Black Rock, wherein the hero, McCreedy, sends a telegram to the authorities, but the operator doesn’t send it, and shows it to the bad guy, Reno Smith. Doc Veile exclaims “you fool, that’s a Federal offense!”. The dramatic music spilled forth and the theater audience would groan.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Madi says:

    What do you need to do to go to jail?
    Corrupted politicians needs to come out of their gated community an face homelessness, drugs addict, drug traficcers ….Dreamers.
    When the illegal try to get in the Hollyweird’s mansion maybe then something will happen.
    Remember the middle class gets taxe up to theirs ears. Their $ is re distributed to the poor, illegal, angry victims so they do not revolt against the top!
    This is a dangerous game that the democrats, Marxist , Communist, Rino are playing. Long time democrats are just starting to get it.
    Stay safe
    The enemy within.

    Liked by 3 people

  27. Leapin says:

    “This is a dangerous game that the democrats, Marxist , Communist, Rino are playing”

    And they are “winning” just ask George Soros.The whole of America is a sanctuary for Soros, he is buying DA’s so that there is more lawlessness.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Three-Pound Sledge says:

    Time to arrest Governors.
    They are lawbreakers, too.

    Liked by 3 people

  29. alliwantissometruth says:

    It’s time for this bull**** to end

    The left screams endlessly about “fascism”, as if somehow the ideals behind the rule of law, the safety of American citizens, the integrity of our voting system & the concept of representation of legal voters is fascism

    The left uses this charade as a way to degrade the system & gather power by illicit means

    They allow illegal aliens to vote thereby cancelling out the votes of citizens. They allow illegal aliens to roam our country with impunity while they put citizens at risk. They allow illegals to take our jobs while destroying the dreams & the lives of countless citizens

    Since they love screaming fascism so much, maybe they need a real taste of fascism so they can understand what it truly means

    The President should declare a state of emergency, an emergency of lawlessness which has put the country & it’s citizens in jeopardy

    Utilize the military & arrest every treasonous politician, police chief, judge & any & all bureaucrats who facilitate & enable this lawless chaos

    Arrest the ACLU minions & all the subversive lawyers who continue to attack the rule of law & make a mockery out of our justice system

    All of those people are feverishly working to undermine the rule of law, our sovereignty & our safety & trying to turn our country into a third world flop house so the globalist elite swine can rule supreme

    Those people should be arrested & prosecuted, & the teachers unions & media should be put on notice too. This country is owned by we the people & it’s ruled under the rule of law. This absolute usurpation, corruption & criminality will no longer be tolerated

    It’s utterly outrageous we put up with this. Without the rule of law, we’re nothing but a lawless banana republic & all the misery & chaos that goes with it

    They call the rule of law fascist? So be it. Let’s show them some big time fascism

    Liked by 4 people

    • Victor Laszlo says:

      I wish there were more comments like this. Time is running out.

      Liked by 2 people

    • neal s says:

      While that is a lovely thought, until the DOJ and courts have been cleaned up a bit, trying to take such action will not produce the desired result. If you were in a car with multiple flat tires, before you could effectively go anywhere, you might want to consider either repairing or replacing those tires!

      Liked by 1 person

  30. William F Buckley's Ghost says:

    ICE should have the detainers signed by a federal Immigration Judge. If the sanctuary city ignores the request it would be a contempt of court charge….one year in federal prison!

    Liked by 2 people

  31. mashall says:

    Laws are Punitive (only when the convicted criminal is punished)
    Laws are not Preventative (only to the law abiding)
    If Laws Prevented Crime we wouldn’t have millions in US Prisons.
    We have more information/news moving faster that ever before in history.
    The more amoral people see crimes committed and laws not being enforced the more they are emboldened to believe they can disregard laws and commit crimes unpunished, and do.
    The snowballing riot mentality effect of 1 rock thrower goes visibly unarrested tuns into 300 rock thowers, looting, murder and a city in flames.
    The arrests must occur or the outlaw behavior will exponentially grow.

    The Mayor of Oakland should have been visited and publicly questioned by Uniformed Federal Marshalls/ICE/CBP Agents. It should have made the News Worldwide.

    In her regard there exists no perception of enforcement and that invites additional lawless behavior endangering America.

    Liked by 3 people

  32. mashall says:

    “1 rock thrower turns into 300 rock throwers, looting, murder, and a city in flames”
    Enforce the Law AG Sessions.
    America can’t wait on a lawsuit.

    Liked by 3 people

    • mashall says:

      Charge them based on ANY evidence of violation of 1907. Title 8, U.S.C. 1324(a) Offenses.
      Force them to defend themselves in court. Force Them.
      American Patriots will be back you in every case.
      Step on the few roaches now before the place reaches total infestation.

      Liked by 2 people

  33. Donzo says:

    Every criminal alien should be sent to the border to do hard labor building the wall. At the end of their sentences they should be deposited on the other side where they can stare through the big beautiful door through which they will never walk.

    Liked by 1 person

    • If the U.S. does not have a wall to prevent those who are deported from returning at their leisure, it is like putting a bank robber in jail then leaving the cell door open.

      The deported illegal alien will come back to the U.S. if they want to and the bank robber will not stay in his cell if he doesn’t.

      We really, really need that wall Pres Trump.

      Liked by 1 person

  34. Ospreyzone says:

    No fight will be more fierce than the one to overcome the immigration travesty that imports thousands of new democrat voters into the country every year. Liberal must have these votes or their progressive plan for America falls apart.

    Democrats have become experts at providing ID and registering these illegals to perform at the polls. They will cry havoc and fight tirelessly for every last one, even if they are murderous felons or drug dealers. It’s up to us to scream louder and demand that citizenship be proven by every person allowed to vote in America. I should not be easier to vote than it is to purchase a gun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • neal s says:

      Since the commission investigating voting fraud was not getting adequate cooperation from the states, I think PDJT has tasked DHS to look into this. Wouldn’t it be great if in the next primary, that in those cases where the most criminal illegal aliens were registered to vote, that undercover ICE officers would be waiting at those polling place to take custody of those illegals to deport them. It wouldn’t take too many of these and people could be told that any illegals voting would be deported. This would surely greatly reduce the number of illegal aliens voting due to their fear of deportation. Once the illegals are no longer useful to the demonrat party, the illegals will be dropped like a hot potato.

      Liked by 1 person

  35. thinkwell says:

    Maybe in sanctuary cities and states the feds should require a one million dollar security bond before turning over any illegal alien for local criminal prosecution (normally the libs let them go rather than turn them back to the feds). All defaulted bond money could go towards building the wall. The wall gets built or the pukes get deported and either way libtard heads explode at the dilemma. Any way would be a win-win.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Bull Durham says:

    Los Alamitos has an important military air base within.

    It is up the road from my home. We can usually tell when overseas activity is warming up from the heavy helo flights, huge transport planes, and jets zooming around the skies of West Orange County.

    Liked by 2 people

  37. 196ski says:

    “California Proposition 187 was a 1994 ballot initiative to establish a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibit illegal aliens from using non-emergency health care, public education, and other services in the State of California. Voters passed the proposed law at a referendum in November 1994. The law was challenged in a legal suit and found unconstitutional by a federal district court. In 1999, Governor Gray Davis halted state appeals of this ruling.”

    Forward to 2018.
    It’s a completely different California. The good guys tried and lost in 94. Ironically California is now passing State laws supporting illegal immigrants that should be struck down by a Federal Court just as Prop 187 was if in fact States cannot make immigration laws. The sole jurisdiction of the Federal Government. Odds of that happening with todays politicians? Zero. Sad.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. mashall says:

    A simple first step would POTUS declaring Mexican/TransNational Cartels as the Terrorist they are and conduct Military Operations and Training on the border. We have thousands of Soldiers/Marines/National Guard and Reservist who need annual training. Human smugglers would get caught up in that net to be charged deported, to never be able to gain citizenship in the future.
    Make it High Profile as to draw in more American Patriots to vote out the Exposed UniParty.

    Liked by 2 people

  39. Kris says:

    I truly don’t understand why the government makes this such a big deal. The Rule of Law states that people who are in this country illegally are not allowed to be here and need to go through the proper channels to become legal citizens. If a state government employee, breaks the Rule of Law by harboring these illegal people, then LEO, by the Rule of Law can arrest these employees and prosecute them. Case closed, why do they have to sue to do their jobs??? I don’t get it? Why have laws if you have to go to a court of law to get permission to carry out the Rule of Law???? Please, somebody, explain this to me?????


  40. Comrade Mope says:

    “Other California sanctuary laws have impacted the Border Patrol’s ability to locate illegal aliens, Scott says. One is Assembly Bill 450, a law enacted in October that, among other provisions, prevents businesses from granting border agents access to “nonpublic” areas of their property unless the agent has a judicial warrant.”

    You have to admire the tenacity of the Dems, they know how to fight, unlike the Republicans.

    There is just one little problem with their line of reasoning. Government gets its power through the consent of the governed. Any assault on a business owner’s consent, like telling them they are forbidden to consent to a search, is an assault on ALL people’s Right to consent. That would include the Right to consent to be governed.

    Imagine being told you may not consent to the government of your choice.


  41. No Agenda says:

    I would be happy if President Trump would simply end DACA as a matter of policy change. The courts have already said he can. What’s the hold up? 🙂


  42. Jeff hansen says:

    Its time we create a Federal civil claim for victims of crimes by illegal aliens who had previously been in custody by state and local authorities when the had previouksy been subject to a deportation order or otherwise in violation of immigration law if the entity did not hold the individual and notify ICE. Treble damages and attorneys fees with no caps. Even the Oakland mayor would capitulate.


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