Justin from Canada Talks About His Confidence Defeating President Trump Over NAFTA…

Justin from Canada discusses his confidence at defeating U.S. President Donald Trump over concessions in NAFTA.  Essentially Sparkle Socks argument comes down to his view that women’s rights, climate change and globally progressive policies are more than enough to swat away the territorial annoyances of President Trump.

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183 Responses to Justin from Canada Talks About His Confidence Defeating President Trump Over NAFTA…

  1. kevin king says:

    You have to love the way these mongrels talk…voting to take back sovereignty of your country is called pushing the politics of envy and fear… I have a suggestion for fckwit Trudeau. Rather than just signing up to CETA, why not go the whole hog and commit Canda to joining the EU while we exit. Then they can plug the 10 billion GBP deficit in the budget we will be leaving behind as well as signing over the sovereignty of their courts and the supremacy of their Parliament to a bunch of unelectable bureaucrats in Brussels. Win Win Win Justin!

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  2. Johnny says:

    Uh good luck with that Justin. You are stepping into a lion’s cage with pork chop drawers on boy. It could get a tad bit messy. LOL

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  3. Lemmy says:

    During his election campaign, this clown was asked to name the administration of another he admired and he chose China’s for their dictatorship:

    His recent trip to India was also a big hit. Even the liberal press mocked him:

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  4. Paul Merton says:

    There is a level of shallowness to cheating to ‘win’ an election. Cheaters never win, they are the losers, and you can see it on their faces when they try to wing it with any old response to a question. You vote these out before you have to pay for their entitlement pensions, before 6 years. They are breaking the backs of taxpayers because if they live till they’re 90, the dole out is in the millions for each former M.P. Ever notice how most M.P. never have an original thought, it’s all been pre- written for them.How easy. Yes you vote them out in 5 years and watch them go work in the private sector. It is not easy. And no, old ladies did not vote in these rough cheaters, it is outside influences. And …it wasn’t the British that won at the Plains of Abraham.


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