FBI Office of Professional Responsibility Recommends AG Jeff Sessions Fire Andrew McCabe…

A very interesting dynamic today, with a motive that may not be as transparent as initially appears. The New York Times and Washington Post are both reporting the FBI’s internal Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) has recommended to AG Jeff Sessions that FBI Asst. Director Andrew McCabe should be fired.

The reason for the recommendation surrounds the DOJ Inspector General discovering that FBI Asst. Director Andrew “Andy” McCabe intentionally leaked information about the Clinton investigation to the media, and coordinated the leaks therein.  The IG referred the issue to the FBI’s internal OPR for review and recommendation to the Attorney General. The Times and Post are leaking information of the determination by the OPR that Andrew McCabe should be fired.

(NYT) […] Now, Mr. Sessions is the final arbiter of Mr. McCabe’s dismissal, shortly before his retirement takes effect Sunday. Though no decision has been made, people inside the Justice Department expect him to be fired before Friday, a decision that would jeopardize his pension as a 21-year F.B.I. veteran. (link)

If AG Jeff Sessions fires McCabe for cause, the former FBI Deputy could, likely would, lose his pension and benefits.  McCabe is scheduled to retire with those benefits on March 20th, six days from now.

The dynamic is interesting.  An OPR recommendation for disciplinary firing puts AG Jeff Sessions into a box; he has two options:  Option #1 is fire McCabe.  Option #2 is set aside the OPR ruling and allow McCabe to retire.  Sessions has to take one of those two actions.

[Don’t get confused, this has nothing to do with Inspector General Horowitz, or his ongoing release of the year-long internal investigation.  The IG simply referred, based on his own review and interview, the likelihood that McCabe leaked to the media.  The OPR takes over from there; the IG goes back to work.]

On one hand you could make an argument the Office of Professional Responsibility’s disciplinary recommendation is (Good Guys) trying to hit and punish McCabe at the last moment possible.  However, on the other hand you can look at this leaked disciplinary recommendation as Machiavellian characters (Bad Guys) within the FBI setting up AG Sessions, painting him into a corner, to create yet another controversial storyline.

My guess as to the FBI OPR motive is the latter, not the former, and here’s why.

First, the OPR recommendation is leaked.  We are all too familiar with the IC leaks to the New York Times and Washington Post being 100% constructed by illicit schemers within the intelligence community who are against the Trump administration.  This truism is transparent from the history of the leaking.  All leaks frame a narrative that only goes in one direction. All leaks are against the people’s president, Donald Trump.

Second, and perhaps more convincingly, the recommendation is coming from the Office of Professional Responsibility inside the FBI.  Think about that carefully.

If there was an actual OPR office – containing any semblance of professional watchdog intent – then where the hell were they over the past few years while the entire organization was engaged in brutally corrupt activity.

Now, only RIGHT NOW, the FBI-OPR has issues with McCabe et al?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

Where was the OPR while the entire administrative apparatus of the FBI was leaking to the media, constructing false witness, assembling fraudulent investigative materials, conducting sham investigations with predetermined outcomes; blocking congressional oversight, and generally behaving like a rogue political intelligence apparatus?

Seriously, where was the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility then?

No.  Sorry.  Not even beginning to buy the angle of a decent department watchdog doing their level-best to bring justice upon the head of a corrupt FBI political operative, Andrew McCabe.  I’m not buying it.

The motive for this FBI watchdog leaked internal story today, and the OPR recommendation therein, is most likely to create yet another antagonistic controversy.  The FBI Machiavelli schemers are still doing their duplicitous crap.

If Attorney General Jeff Sessions fires McCabe, the controversial narrative is that he’s desperately doing the bidding of President Trump who has tweeted about McCabe being corrupt and unaccountable.

If Attorney General Jeff Sessions doesn’t fire McCabe, the controversial narrative is that Session’s is showing more evidence of his own weakness and motive to protect the swamp creatures; which will make Sessions seem like he is in alignment with McCabe and simultaneously anger the President and all his supporters.

The FBI-OPR has painted Sessions into a narrative of controversy either way…. and the leak about it seems to prove the FBI’s internal Machiavellian intent.

See how that works?

Lastly, none of this has anything to do with the future legal position, or indictment for corruption and/or conspiracy, of Andrew McCabe.  The potential for charges against McCabe exist regardless of any action taken or not taken by AG Jeff Sessions as a result of this internal FBI – OPR recommendation.


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810 Responses to FBI Office of Professional Responsibility Recommends AG Jeff Sessions Fire Andrew McCabe…

  1. Watcher says:

    Could Andrew have made a deal to rat out everyone with Jeff. He hasn’t been back to work since announcing his retirement.
    The National Security Action group last minute decision to through him under the bus and blame the bus driver. Get something from the crisis.


    • cali says:

      @Watcher: McCabe based on his performance and actions going back to the whole Hillary saga and being involved with the coup plotters against the campaign of DT continuing into the presidency of DT he forfeit his pension paid for by the taxpayers.
      After he was fired from his position he decided to move up his retirement in hope to get the thousands of dollars.
      As @Sundance mentioned his pending indictments is another ball of wax all together.

      Having said that you are on the money because yes he sang like a bird and co-operated with investigators in hope a receiving a more lenient sentence but unbeknownst to those whom he ratted out.
      Hopefully Sessions decides to denies him his pensions and fires him instead. He earned it!

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      • flyboy46 says:

        Maybe this is to put pressure on McCabe to rat out Comey. Maybe he was getting cold feet when he thought of ratting out the “Clinton Mafia”. The thought of NO PENSION, and jail time is concentrating his attention.

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  2. kevinrdill says:

    Answer: Fire McCabe before retirement. Fire the OPR members for purposely delaying justice and leaking information to the press (for the same reason they recommended firing McCabe).

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    Something is not right here.

    The NY Times, 1 Mar 2018, same journalists as the story linked above –
    —>>>”Mr. McCabe, as deputy director, had the authority to engage the news media.”

    —>>>”Such calls are common practice across the federal government when officials believe that journalists have only part of the story. Rather than let incomplete or inaccurate coverage circulate, officials often try to fill out the picture or provide a defense. But Justice Department rules prohibit the dissemination of confidential information, and the inspector general’s report is expected to criticize Mr. McCabe for disclosing the existence of a continuing investigation to The (Wall Street) Journal.”

    “When an inquiry uncovers evidence that an agent has violated Justice Department regulations, the inspector general typically refers the matter to the F.B.I.’s Office of Professional Responsibility, which handles questions of punishment.”

    This looks more like a setup of Pres Trump.
    These things happened before AG Sessions’ time. Sen Sessions was fully aware of the politicization of the DOJ/FBI, and the bending/breaking of DOJ rules under Holder/Lynch.
    AG Sessions would not hold McCabe accountable for things that were authorized under Holder/Lynch, would he? Doubtful, imo.

    Setup of Pres Trump, not Sessions.
    Why else would the OPR recommend firing now, when McCabe was authorized? The 1 Mar 2018 NY Times article states that Clinton was actually hurt by the WSJ leak, not helped.
    Firing now makes no sense.

    They are doing everything possible, and not possible, to deprive Pres Trump of Pres Trump’s Cabinet selections, and Pres Trump’s ability to succeed, or even stay in office. imo
    Removal of Sessions would also mean Rosenstein would be AG. Who wants that?

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    • cali says:

      @jeans2nd: Oh no not Rosenstein! Please don’t give them any ideas! 🙂

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    • steph_gray says:


      “Removal of Sessions would also mean Rosenstein would be AG. Who wants that?”

      Who indeed? Maybe some of the people on this and other sites who have been yelling “Fire Sessions” for months now?

      Why is the next event never even considered? It’s the opposite of even 3-D chess. More like Candyland.

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  4. tav144 says:

    Fire McCabe and cite the IG and OPR recommendation. Then investigate and fire all who leaked that OPR recommendation.

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  5. “All leaks frame a narrative that only goes in one direction. All leaks are against the people’s president, Donald Trump.”

    This is an intriguing and seductive analysis about the motives of the FBI’s OPR, and the leaks about their recommendation. For all I know, the take is spot on. I note one or two points: (1) Not all FBI agents are Trump-haters; in fact, a substantial number are supporters of the President and many more detest Ms. Clinton as an arrogant law-breaker. Most working agents (as opposed to FBI managers) take their obligation seriously, and that obligation is conducting neutral, detached investigations, with all personal biases set aside. (2) The rot inside the Bureau is mostly at the top, with Inside-the-Beltway Political Players like Mr. Comey, Mr. McCabe, Mr. Strzok etc. McCabe was on track to be the next FBI Director, which was assured if Clinton had won. McCabe’s acolytes hoped to move up with him, and were plotting in furtherance of that goal. Conversely, to working agents in the field offices, elections usually do not matter. This is a tribute to Democracy. (3) My take is that OPR agents are statistically more likely to be White Hats than Black Hats. (Moreover, it is not a prestigious or coveted job for an agent to be in OPR, investigating her peers or worse, her bosses.) (4) If OPR was corrupt beyond redemption, it could have held off making any recommendation for another few weeks. Or OPR could have found nothing wrong with McCabe’s conduct.

    That said, the people who manage OPR are more likely to be McCabe-ish “players” than real working agents. So maybe Sundance has this right after all.

    Steve Britt
    Assistant U.S. Attorney (ret’d)

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    • William L. Gensert says:

      Excellent analysis, Mr. Britt — perhaps the OPR managers are trying to get ahead of Inspector General Horowitz’s report, which is supposed to drop soon and by suggesting his firing now they are trying to cover for themselves and their behavior the last eight years.

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  6. Rob1 says:

    “If there was an actual OPR office – containing any semblance of professional watchdog intent – then where the hell were they over the past few years while the entire organization was engaged in brutally corrupt activity.”

    It could be that they were afraid to do anything honorable due to the leadership being corrupt. If they believe that the new leadership is honorable, they would feel it’s now safe to do their jobs.

    I’m not insisting that this is the case. I’m just throwing it out there as a possibility.


    • steph_gray says:

      I thought that was a very good point too – until I read upthread about Robin (forget the name, sorry) who heads it and was a Holder appointee.

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  7. Ned Zeppelin II says:

    Isn’t one simple answer that the deal on the table is that Jeff allows McCabe to retire in return for McCabe’s agreement to cooperate fully and completely with the FBI-DOJ investigation, which perhaps has been under negotiation all this time but heretofore has not been agreed to by McCabe (since it requires that he testifies against those above him)? In other words, this negotiation is near the end and time is up for McCabe? They’ve had ample reason to can him for months. Maybe it’s closing time – deal or no deal, Andy? Up to you. The media leak is a desperate attempt to knock this off track. McCabe’s cooperation is better than having the ability to charge him and he has the ability to take the 5th. He is high up in this, the catbird seat.


  8. Let's roll says:

    McCabe was the lead FBI investigator on money laundry parties involved in Uranium One when Mueller was FBI Director? Didn’t McCabe bury his investigation so US/USSR uranium give away approved? Under Mueller’s watch? Ironic that Mueller serves papers on Trump Organization on the day McCabe attempts to deal with FBI/DOJ firing…to save his gov’t pension. You think all investigations circle back to Russia’s acquiring 20% of US uranium? A lot of CYAing…

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    • farrier105 says:

      I got into a lengthy exchange about Uranium One with some dude for whom English is a second language on another site. It led me to research the Kazakhstan uranium deal, for which Billy Clinton lent support on behalf of Giustra and Putin. It turns out, Putin has a Grand Strategy to control the bulk of the world energy market, and Kazakhstan was a bigger deal than Uranium One. It’s been days, and the foreign spammer hasn’t gotten back to me since I hit him with FOUR MSM (two from the NEW YORK TIMES) that do not share his opinion that Uranium One and Kazakhstan are nothingburgers. He argued that the FBI is saying that RT was responsible for the negative press of Uranium One, but that can’t be as that would put in jeopardy Putin’s energy GRAND STRATEGY.

      I gave him a lot to read, so we’ll see if he wants to continue the “discussion.” Somehow, I don’t think there is much of a chance. Kazakhstan is the “Saudi Arabia” of uranium and Putin gobbled control of Kazakhstan’s supply with the help of Clinton Foundation buddies Billy Clinton and Frankie Giustra.

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  9. Doc Moore says:

    I have a question. Since it is evidently well known that McCabe committed crimes, would it not just be simpler to indict him, put him on trail, and let so much more come out in a public trial? Maybe this was answered in the many comments above…if so…I did’t see it?


  10. I doubt the Keebler Elf will fire him in time to stop his pension


  11. Ned Zeppelin Ii says:

    I think this sudden media attention is a last minute scheming attempt (CNN was suddenly and shamelessly canonizing him last evening) to pressure things to go the way the bad guys want: Stoic Andy runs the clock, gets his pension, maybe gets charged, but most importantly, he observes the code of omerta and remains silent. He is, after all, a card-carrying true believer in the Obama-Clinton Cause – he played ball and bet his career on them. But maybe Silent Andy has been told many times over the weeks and months since his early “retirement,” “turn, or we fire you” and he is now nervously looking at the clock on his death row cell in career prison, his dreams shattered, and wondering why his “friends” haven’t rescued him yet. His friends sense this weakness in him and turned on the media bullhorns to step up the pressue because, of course, they can’t help him. Andy:wake up, the cavalry ain’t coming. Sing the high notes and save yourself. I say if he is not fired there is a very good chance he agreed to terms at the last moment. He’ll be in good company, Strzok, Page, Orrs, Priestap.


    • Guy says:

      McCabe can not be let off for his crimes….As Deputy Director of the FBI, McCabe, in his Office and while on duty, conspired with underling FBI Agents under his command to overthrow the President of the United States in the 1st Coup in American History…..McCabe MUST be imprisoned .


  12. Rooster says:

    It is so sad , when the head of the FBI has not fired a dirty and corrupt criminal that that the director (Wray) knew was a corrupt high level cop. And is even more sad when the The A.G (Jeff Sessions ) knew and he did nothing. Now Sessions may be forced to fire the corrupt cop , something that he clearly does not want to do! Pitiful.


  13. Briantee says:

    Fire him and then charge him. He will sing to save himself from making new “friends” in Leavenworth. He can also change his name to Chelsea and hope a future Democrat president will commute his sentence. It sounds like “poetic justice.”


  14. Guy says:

    This will reveal whether Sessions has flipped on the President. With all respect to Sundance, I think Sessions will allow McCabe to retire will full Pension, a pat on the back and a “well done”.


  15. V says:


    March 15, 2018 “BOILING POINT: Decorated FBI Heavyweight Spills the Beans on McCabe; Drops Devastating Bombs on Crooked FBI Cartel”

    Re Robyn Gritz – hard-working FBI officer who was harassed and hounded out of the FBI by McCabe et al.

    Robyn Gritz’ interview of Dec 14, 2017

    Of importance is that while she was in the WMD Division in 2010, the Uranium One investigation never crossed her desk. Looks like it was deliberately kept away from the FBI agents who should have been made aware of it.

    Her work has been looking outward at the world re terrorism, WMD, etc. But she is astute enough and some time and distance away from McCabe’s harassment to be able to look at him and his behavior now from an internal security viewpoint. Enemy within the gates like Hanssen was, but perhaps for different masters. I hope she does.

    I’ve been pondering – Hanssen was old-style Cold War double agent for Russia in the FBI. Could McCabe be an agent for Russian mafia, not Russian govt perhaps? The indicators are in this article:


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  16. thesitrep says:

    Did he actually say that he would “bring it all down” if that took his retirement?

    Love to hear his exit interview.


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