Pathetic CNN Harasses Elderly Trump Supporter for Thought Crimes…

CNN has gone full Stazi.  Pathetic. Not content with bullying teenage Reddit users who create memes, CNN takes it a step further and tracks down a woman at her home in Florida to inform her on camera she’s been tricked into colluding with the Russians.

(Daily Caller) As part of its obsessive coverage of Russiagate, CNN sent reporter Drew Griffin to Florida to interview an elderly woman who runs a Facebook group that was targeted by Russian trolls prior to the 2016 election:

[…] It is unclear what Griffin hoped to accomplish with the interview. He sought to convince Goldfarb that the Russian firm, called the Internet Research Agency, had infiltrated her pro-Trump group. (read more)

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326 Responses to Pathetic CNN Harasses Elderly Trump Supporter for Thought Crimes…

  1. Ted says:

    From dumpster diving down to this. CNN is seriously pathetic and getting worse.

    I just wish that that lady had played them better. Maybe after the churnalist started asking questions she could have said, ‘Oh yes, that’s Putin cleaning up in the garage right now’ or ‘I’m just learning Russian from the guys in the attic’ or something like that. They probably would have made it their headline story.

    The best way to deal with these propagandists is to ridicule them, which is all they deserve.

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  2. History Teaches says:

    Sessions sleepwalks as the civil war reaches incindiary levels. The swamp is ferociously insane and rabid. The President reduced to expressing frustration with tweets. And given Twitter’s war mode, how long before the President has his account censored or shut down?

    All the information laboriously extracted by Nunes and a few others are mere minor irritants easily ignored and distorted. The victors write history. So far as most of the world sees it, the swamp controls the narrative.

    The Trump movement will be neutralized permanently if the mid terms flip the Congress. Time is getting short and the stalling has become an art form.

    Hard not to be cynical also about the IG report. It now has become the last refuge of hope to damage the swamp. And when has an internal government investigation ever made a difference in actually effecting radical change?
    Lucy pulling the football away once more when it’s released?


    • In Az says:

      President Trump needs to start using GAB. All his followers need to use GAB, then Twitter will suffer.

      People need to be convinced to quit Fascist Facebook….. somehow.

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    • Mr Darcy says:

      Don’t expect too much from the (((Horowitz))) IG report. He’s as crooked as the rest of ’em.

      The real danger is that Mueller will do what we have just seen him do, but that next time he’ll do it directly to Trump.

      Indicting those Russians was just brazen, even for him/them. He is free to say anything he likes and to indict anybody he pleases because all he has to do is simply not go to trial. Then he need never offer a shred of evidence to back up any of his charges, let alone prove them in a court. That’s why he indicted people who will NEVER be extradited. And I betcha he won’t even ASK for extradition. Because a trial was never his goal. Because that would require evidence. And he doesn’t have any. So just bring the indictment and stand back. Simple. Dirty. Effective.

      And the wording of the indictment document tells us point blank what’s afoot: “No Americans knowingly” took part in collusion, bah blah blah. “No Americans.” “NO Americans.” “NO.” Chew on that for a while.

      So Mueller can indict Trump for conspiracy, which–by precedent case law–requires very little evidence, and in some cases, none at all: The indictment is sufficient for conviction because the prosecutors can force “witnesses” into deals in exchange for immunity. So Muller can offer Gates or Manafort a deal to testify against Trump on a conspiracy charge.

      We’ve come to Stalinist “jurisprudence”: “I already have the criminal. Just bring me the crime.” That’s what Mueller’s task is. He already has the criminal: Trump. Now all he has to do is to find the right crime to stick Trump with. That’s what he’s doing. He’ll take anything: perjury, conspiracy, obstruction. Because he’ll never need any evidence because he’ll just never go to trial. The indictment does the trick.

      Muller indicts Trump in September or October, and that does the trick. He need not ever go to trial. Just drop the charges later on. But the damage is done. Nobody is going to prison for 20 years on conspiracy charges to protect Trump or anybody else. So Mueller need only bring the indictment and stand back and watch the fireworks.

      These people–and Mueller is one of the worst of the lot–have gone too far to stop now They CAN’T stop. They HAVE to go on to the bitter end: Impeachment and removal of Trump or prison for them. The stakes are too high for them to stop. They are going to the mat. They don’t have a choice, really.

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    • deborah foster says:

      I agree with your post. Time in running out. We have been unable to get anything moving.
      Problem we have is that the so called leaders on our side are the Swamp too.

      Trump and us and they beat him up 24/7.


  3. H.R. says:

    Here’s CNN’s new slogan:
    “CNN… Aspiring to reach the stars level of pond scum.”


  4. Erick Alberto says:

    Another phase of the censorship wars. Twitter banning wrong speak. You tube banning wrong speak. And now, if you start a grass roots movement CNN will literally send a reporter to your door to harass and smear you.

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  5. The Boss says:

    CNN is now a collection of group homes for demented and deranged people who are incapable of interacting with civilized society.

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  6. G. Combs says:

    Mr. Drew Griffin, CNN Special Investigations Unit.
    One CNN Center.
    Atlanta, GA 30303.

    Tell him what a nasty rat he is.

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    • Aubergine says:

      My email to Drew:

      I am writing in response to your so enlightening coverage of the little old lady in Florida who was OBVIOUSLY in league with RUSSIANS to elect TRUMP! Thank you SO MUCH, really. I had no idea that such collusion was being perpetrated by the elderly! When are you planning to get into the real nests of conspiracy, nursing homes?

      In case you are too stupid to know it (a real possibility, judging from your reporting), this is SARCASM.

      CNN is not only FAKE NEWS, but you have become the STAZI.

      You are a pitiful excuse for a human being. I would ask if you would do that to your mother, but you probably would. Whomever your poor mother is, I pity her.

      I’d sign my name, but if you showed up at my house, I’d have to call the cops, and they have enough to do without dealing with taking out the trash.

      An American Citizen


    • Deplorably99 says:

      I sent them a message!! Thank you for the link!!


  7. ForGodandCountry says:

    CNN: “Are you aware that your group was targeted by Russians?”

    Trump supporter: “So what? We were going to vote for him anyway. Their “targeting”, true or not, had nothing to do with our support for Donald Trump. Next?”

    CNN: “Are you aware that your group was targeted by Russians?”

    Trump supporter: “So what? We were going to vote for him anyway. Their “targeting”, true or not, had NOTHING TO DO with our support for Donald Trump. Next?”

    CNN: “Are you aware that your group was targeted by Russians?”


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  8. Daniel says:

    I identify with that lady! I find the older I get, the less $#!+ I give about what other people think and am more inclined to say what I think. She’s right to stand on her position and call out CNN for their BS. Bravo lady! Bravo!

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  9. Convert says:

    She will have to move, change her name, phone, email, every thing…. unbelievable.


    • KBR says:

      She should sue CNN for slander and endangerment. The reporter accused her of consorting with criminals.

      The Russians are INNOCENT until proven guilty in a court. Mueller is NOT a court, not a judge, not a jury. You know they will never go to court, thus they are forever innocent according to our USA standard of law, and are merely alleged to have commited crimes: indicted is not convicted. The stupid reporter did not use “alleged” once.

      (Sullivan case does not protect the press from lawsuits by non-candidates and non-famous citizens.)

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  10. Donna in Oregon says:

    Liberals nag us day and night. Since they didn’t get what they wanted they’ve been holding Americans hostage.

    This constant nagging and whining is beyond annoying. The press is an agitator, they try to create news by antagonizing the American people with propaganda.

    Pushing for President Trump to go Teddy Roosevelt on the 6 large corporations that own 90% of the media in the USA, can stop the harassment and end the avalanche of propaganda from the MSM. These idiots are trying to get Americans to fight each other so the Globalists can maintain control.

    We should flip the script. The American conversation needs to be Trust Busting the MSM.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      The “mainstream press” has been the house organ of the Democratic Party for decades. Most recently they have been campaigning for her highness Mrs. Clinton for two years now. No amount of litigation will enlighten them. They must undergo a paradigm shift and return to objective journalism either voluntarily or otherwise. Ever since the Election they have just doubled down on their lies and deception. It can’t go on. It is bad for our country and bad for the world.

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  11. That’s really sick.


  12. I noted it in Rosenstein’s Please Forget The Parkland 17 news conference. There are dozens of other instances, this CNN video only being the most recent. Use of the definite article ‘the’ as in ‘The Russians’ is meant to imply a monolithic and hive-like entity acting at the behest of Vladimir Putin nudge nudge wink wink.

    It is the equivalent of saying ‘The blacks do this’ or ‘the Jews do that’. The intent is to imply top-down state-actor regimentation and unity of purpose and to induce Red Scare fear when what we had in the last instance was a politically agnostic, profit-seeking click-bait entity composed of employees who happened to be Russian nationals. Though maybe not earth-shaking by itself, it is nonetheless a subtle linguistic trick that I see employed time and again.

    This racist characterization conjures WW2 Japanese-American internment camps as, why trust naturalized Russians –indeed Russians of all stripes– if there is some genetic or racial component that should arouse immediate suspicion sui generis.

    There is no such monoltih as The Russians. Shame on Rosenstein who should know better (here at 3:19).


    • Matthew LeBlanc says:

      I would like the record to state that I have always enjoyed every interaction i have ever had with Russians. Some of the nicest most genuine people I’ve ever known. It occurs to me they are a white christian nation that is not interested in PC or group think. This makes them enemy #1 for a lot of obvious reasons. Not to mention all the $$$ the MIC wants to play with and need a boogey man for the people to say “sure another trillion in defense spending sounds about right”. Madness all of it.

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  13. It’s all over twitter and CNN feels no remorse! Shameless prestitutes!


  14. MontanaMel says:

    I can get behind that TRUST BUSTING angle…. Good one….Thumbs and Toes in the air, all 4!!

    The comment about CNN being a “CABLE OUTLET”, meaning that any (That’s ANY) person on ANY cable system is “paying them”…. So, we are all “supporting them, even if we don’t watch them”!!!… How’s that feel, eh?… About like those union dues for when you work in a federal position – even if you don’t want them to rep for your… screwed is as screwed does!..FUBAR!!

    How about WE all start throwing things at our cable company??? That includes Direct and Dish too!… Tell them you don’t want CNN/MSNBC et al on your package any more!…or, you’ll go on Direct/Dish a la cart to dump them… you can get internet over Direct now, via Huges. The real move is telling our congress critters to “Bust the Trust” on MSM, etc…. The same way they should be “bust up the illegal position in SILVER – that JP Morgan has taken”…against all the rules!!! Last folks that tried that, the Hunt Bro’s, almost got tossed in jail….forced to sell theirs off at a loss!!!


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    • steph_gray says:

      I’ve never felt better about cutting cable & going to streaming, months ago, than I do today. Love NOT paying anything to CNN.

      It’s easy, try it! I do have to be a bit creative about seeing things on Fox but anything important is always posted here.

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      • hillbilly4 says:

        Agree 100%. We cut the tv-cable months ago, saving $100/month. What do we miss? The sales rep tried to explain we would miss: NFL, NBA, News, Disney, etc, etc. I told him that was precisely WHY we were cutting-the-cable.
        We bought a $100 in-the-attic-antenna. Pulls in 40+ channels…ABC, CBS, NBC. FOX. Plus PBS has kids shows. PBS is 1080 HD quality. Now, we can simply watch something we like, or turn off the tv and not feel like we are paying too much for tv. Gave up NFL Sundays…have more time for the family, etc.

        We did keep Netflix…which is great for adults and grandkids (‘Spirit’ the pony rules!)


  15. MontanaMel says:

    My kingdom for an EDIT button!!!

    I guess, after thinking….duh…. We also really need that “A LA CARTE” pricing for ALL media systems… This is really striking at the beast in it’s own lair….NO MORE PACKAGES…. Only pay for and get those feeds you really want/need… Jumping from one service “Contract” to another is kind of like “walking down the street kicking yourself in the rearend”, eh?… sorry for the rant!


  16. hellinahandbasket says:

    I think we need some of this:


  17. hellinahandbasket says:

    I meant to post this one, but that other one is mighty fine too.


  18. redline says:

    With regard to the idiot with the rifle in the CNN Stazi picture – one can only hope an unexpected sneeze will cause a much-needed muscle spasm, and that no undeserving soul is downrange…


  19. Whitehouse Clown says:

    Here’s the solution to CNN
    The FCC needs to pull their license. Next, declare CNN to be a political lobby. Then publish everything known about every CNN reporter and on air personality.

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  20. unconqueredone (American Dreamer) says:

    I would dearly love for some of the CNN “journalists” to visit rural America, where many still sport MAGA gear of one sort or another. The hounds of hell would chase them back to the safe spaces they came from.


  21. Sometimes I feel Rosenstein and the media have more power than the president.


  22. Mutton says:

    Or, to quote President Trump’s latest weet, “Why aren’t Dem crimes under investigation? Ask Jeff Sessions!”
    Indeed. A question that has never been answered by Sessions from day 1.
    I guess the MSM would go berserk and societal confidence in the Institutions is far more important to the UniParty than the law. Could explain it.

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  23. tav144 says:

    So instead of tracking down Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, or any other of the true Russian colluders, including Michael Moore and their own Joy Reid, they go and harrass an elderly private citizen?
    What passes for journalism these days is utterly shameful and pathetic.

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  24. H.R. says:

    One has to prepare oneself in advance of any sort of attack.

    My plan of action, should I ever be ambushed by jurinalists (Swedish pronunciation) of the YSM, is to walk to the side of the house where the garden hose is kept, draw them in, then soak them while shouting in my best old geezer voice, “GET OFF MY LAWN!”

    (Wish I had a full yard sprinkler system, but you work with what you’ve got, ala MacGyver.)

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  25. I know this is digressing somewhat, but yesterday I found myself researching the Clinton Foundation 2008 announcement of building the largest solar power station in Gujarat, India. 15,000 hectares of land were donated by the government. The same announcement went out in 2011 with Bill Clinton announcing all of the investment coming onboard. Then the same story was pushed out in 2011, and 2016. So, I went to WIKI and tried to find solar plants in India. 8 years later not a single solar plant exists on 15,000 hectares of land in Gujarat, not even on 15 feet of land. So, where is all of the millions people invested, and who now owns that 15,000 hectares of land?

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  26. rlc970582410 says:

    Let me be sure I am understanding CNN Narrative here-
    The LSM just had a collective hi$$yfit meltdown claiming the blogosphere “targeted some kids who were traumatized” enough to be obviously coached and helped by a well organized media, with rapid infrastructure support and funding, including caught on tape coaching by CNN, to get the Lefts obvious anti-gun campaign going while the victims blood was still drying…

    And CNN THEN sends their super-duper investigative reporter DREW to bang on some old grammas door, INVESTIGATING her for her Teaparty type Trump support in 2016, alleging a vast right wing conspiracy she directed, apparently… and the proof is….

    wait for it, because there were some random Russkie trolls out there on Fakebook, that she cut and paste from, even tho FakeBook exec said there was no there, there?

    Who does DREW think he is, Andy McCabe? Sid Blumenthal? Chris Steele?
    I think this CNN bot needs to go back for retraining…

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  27. TMonroe says:

    They were blaring CNN at dfw airport, even while music was playing.


  28. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Since the geniuses over at CNN think it’s OK now to harass everyday Americans at home and accuse them of being Russian spies, they won’t mind if citizen journalists go to their houses and ask them some questions?

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  29. I don’t think Zucker and the rest of the staff at CNN realise how pathetic they have become in the eyes of those of us in the world who are still sane and who can see right through their childish behaviour and fake reporting.

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  30. fakenoozisforfools says:

    Why isn’t CNN harassing Michael Moore for his participation in an anti-Trump rally that took place soon after Trump’s inauguration that was sponsored by the Russians?

    Come on, CNN, why are you picking on a harmless elderly person? Get a pair and go after someone who was aware he was colluding with the Russians. That would be Fat Boy Moore.


  31. roger says:

    The war has never been more real. It was brought home to me when I dropped some CTH talking points into a message board where I have been a member for years (with 500+ posts). It was on-topic and polite, yet I was immediately accused of being a Russian bot and then thread banned.

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  32. EggsX says:

    This video proves that the media will still send reporters out – still no visit to ‘insurance policy’ Strzok or any other members of the deep state cabal.

    The MSM is the enemy of the American people.


  33. Madi says:

    How low can you go?
    How stupid do you have to be to work at CNN?
    CNN:Communist Network Nonsense
    This Beautiful Lady is a prould American…her crime is to be well informed!


  34. Mike diamond says:

    The older sweet lady is right C N N is B S !!!!


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