Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo Interviews Ken Starr…

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo interviews former Special Counsel Ken Starr surrounding the Mueller Trump/Russia investigation and the 36-page indictment surrounding Russian election interference. Ken Starr directs attention toward the OIG investigation by Michael Horowitz and the evidence of FISA court corruption.

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102 Responses to Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo Interviews Ken Starr…

  1. Dekester says:

    I was just reading your Presidents tweets. He specifically thanked Starr for the excellent interview.

    Your country has never had a more engaged President.

    Great Stuffs!

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  2. Sentient says:

    Boy, is Ken Starr ever myopic. Everybody’s good people. Right… Rosenstein is “Trump’s DOJ”. Right… Starr is a Boy Scout in a system of mafiosi.

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    • huecowacko says:

      He doesn’t inspire confidence, this is the same guy who, as President of Baylor University, saw nothing, did nothing, said nothing about the sex crimes committed in the Athletic Department. He’s a Swamp proponent/perpetuator.

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      • Risa says:

        Yes, crimes he had been informed about. Inexcusable.

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      • Craig D says:

        Reply to huecowacko – I agree that Ken Starr’s record as President of Baylor University puts into question all his (his past and present actions). His conduct at Baylor is inexcusable.

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      • SJM says:

        The Case of the Death of Vincent Foster

        by David Martin

        Government Salesmen

        The essential sales role of the Washington Post for the government’s conclusions could have hardly been more evident than it was at this crucial juncture in the Foster case. The Post had gone to great lengths to create the impression that Ruddy’s revelations really amounted to not very much. One would be hard pressed to imagine how it would have reported on the revelations any differently had its editors and reporters been employed directly by the White House.

        Before continuing with the chronological narrative, a couple of other Post contributions to the government’s suicide case should be mentioned. On Sunday, August 1, 1993, twelve days after Foster’s body was discovered and nine days before the announcement of the first official conclusion of suicide, the Post’s lead reporter on the Foster death, David Von Drehle, wrote a rare column on the subject. The column must have been several days in gestation because, in it, Von Drehle reverted to the original non-explanation for the “suicide”, that it was just one of those things that we can never understand. His means of doing so was to disinter a familiar old poem by the early 20th-century writer, Edward Arlington Robinson, entitled Richard Cory about a rich, slender, handsome and widely-envied fellow who seemed to have everything, yet “one calm summer night, went home and put a bullet in his head.”

        Concluded Von Drehle, “Thousands of lines of newspaper type have been spent on Vincent Foster’s tragic death. I don’t think any of us put it any clearer.”

        We stress that the author, Robinson, offers absolutely no explanation for the fictional Richard Cory’s drastic deed, though he does provide some verisimilitude by having his character kill himself at home at night, not in the middle of a work day in a hidden corner of an obscure park distant from home and work. More even than Cory’s death itself, Foster’s death in Von Drehle’s exposition fits the definition of what we may call the “Richard Cory Effect”, that is, a mysterious happening for which there is no plausible explanation. If we only think about it a little, we can see that this would-be press investigator of Foster’s death didn’t get nearly as much mileage out of the Richard Cory Effect as he might have. He could, in due time, also have invoked it to explain a number of other obvious anomalies in the case for Foster’s suicide:

        Why Foster’s fingerprints weren’t on the gun in his hand
        Why no bullets to the gun could be found in Foster’s possession other than the spent one and the unspent one in the revolver’s cylinder
        Why the Park Police would officially conclude suicide, carried out with the gun found in Foster’s hand, two days before they sent the gun to be tested to see not just if it had been fired or if it would produce powder smudges, but even if it was actually operative
        Why no family members could positively identify the gun as belonging to Foster
        How Foster’s body came to be lying so curiously straight
        Why there was none of the blood and gore at the site which is typical of such suicides
        Why Foster chose such an odd place for the deed
        Why Foster chose such a bad time. His sister Sharon was arriving from Little Rock that day, with her daughter, and they were going to have lunch in the White House the next day. In his last conversation with the younger of his two sons he had discussed plans to buy a boat.
        Why Foster even bothered to come to work that day if he was planning to kill himself
        How Foster could eat a hefty meal shortly before taking his own life from depression
        Why the fatal bullet could not be located
        Why Foster’s teeth were not chipped from the recoil of a revolver which has a high front sight
        Why the police concluded suicide so readily
        Why the police apparently took none of the steps to rule out homicide typically required in such violent death cases
        Why the police assigned as lead investigator someone who had never before conducted a homicide investigation
        Why President Clinton concluded suicide so readily
        Why the president saw fit the day after the death, July 21, to retain expensive criminal lawyer, David Kendall, who has the Washington Post as another of his clients
        Why there were no Foster fingerprints on the note that had been torn into 28 pieces
        How those who initially searched Foster’s briefcase and proclaimed it empty could have overlooked every one of the pieces of paper that later came tumbling out when the briefcase was turned on its end
        Why no one at the Foster house the night he died could think of any reason he would have committed suicide
        Why Lisa Foster told the investigating officer he had not been taking any medication
        Why the family would have said with certainty that Foster was not being treated for depression
        Why the toxicologist found no drugs in his system
        Why the note sounded so much more like the work of a high school sophomore than it did like the writing of a polished litigator
        Why the family would be so concerned that the general public not see a photocopy of the note, as opposed to the text of the note
        Why the police made no serious, objective effort to authenticate the note, though they claimed they did
        Why no one saw Foster in the five hours between his departure from the White House building proper (not the enclosed, secured White House compound) and the discovery of his body
        Why there is no video record of Foster’s departure from the White House compound considering the extreme security-consciousness of the Secret Service protectors of the facility
        Why the authorities could produce no records of the required long-distance calls for the prescription of the anti-depressant
        Why the family doctor did not come forward immediately to tell of his prescribing of the medication
        Why all the sources telling reporters of Foster’s “depression” requested anonymity
        Why the Washington Post said initially that the list of psychiatrists was found in Foster’s office, but later said it was found in his wallet when, each time, it was relying upon “official” sources
        Why it took several days for the existence of the list of psychiatrists to be made public if it had been among the items found in Foster’s car at Fort Marcy Park that night. Weren’t they expressly looking for indications of a motive for suicide?
        Why the Post initially said there were two psychiatrists on the list, which later turned into three
        Why the Post reported that police were turned away from the Foster house the night of the death and were not able to interview the widow until nine days later, when it was revealed almost a year later that the police were not turned away and actually spent more than an hour interviewing family members and White House staff members who were present
        Why the Post did not report what rescue workers saw when they discovered the body
        Why no Foster schedule of appointments ever turned up
        Why Foster’s personal telephone log never turned up
        Why the White House vigorously obstructed the death investigation by failing to seal Foster’s office, removing things from the office, and not allowing police investigators even limited access to the office for more than a day
        Why the White House attempted to justify these actions by invoking both lawyer-client privilege and executive privilege even though Foster was not the Clintons’ personal attorney and the U.S. Park Police is in the executive branch of government under the Department of Interior
        Why the press did not report this extraordinary invocation even though it was made before the entire White House press corps by spokesperson Dee Dee Myers on July 29, 1993

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  3. litlbit2 says:

    Only listened to first two minutes! Total BS. No Americans involved, yep only the Clintons, Obama’s, DNC, GOPe, Fusion GPS…No Americans! See Sundance he has the list proving no Americans, all foreigners mentally. Hang’em high including Mueller.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      litlbit2, we know this, but again much has been done and much more will be done and no beans spilled until the culprits are in hand. Those you mention are desperate and fearful now because sooner or later that hammer will hit and they have no where to run but hope obfuscating, unneeded groups in Congress wasting our time and money on investigations while their real job is to represent us and stop ignoring us. We have a Justice Department that should and is doing what needs to be done and let’s keep the Congress out of doing the Justice’s work. The Congress wastes time and money to come to no conclusions or punishment and this is why finally Nunes and others have come forward and deserve the Medal of Honor for so doing.

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  4. Cathy Molyneux says:

    I believe the Indictment said that citizens were involved both Willing & Unwillingly.
    That doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be additional indictments on this specific issue, but, then again, it might.

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  5. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    Not sure how to take this interview… Seems to be a cheer leader chant for “muh russia” with nuggets for the OIG role and disdain for another special council politicized effort.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      I actually came away appreciating tha the name Michael Horowitz will become the nightmare of the Left, MSM, Democrats, RINOs, Barry and his entire administration.

      You want to talk about having some fun, that is exactly what we will get. The fact AG Sessions stated that his office has been releasing the texts from Page and Strzok and that his office is currently reviewing 27 leaks including the Michael Flynn conversation with the Russian Ambassador, tells me that his office under his leadership will be prosecuting the sh..t out of a lot of people.

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      • Xmatrix says:

        You are 1000% on the mark!

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      • MTK says:

        Last week i suggested that the reason for AG Session stepping aside IMHO has more to do with the day after Horowitz makes his report.

        By AG Session stepping aside, means that when indictments are issued, his office will be able to say with a straight face and tell the MSM he is not proceeding in the final act of prosecuting the efforts of his inquiry.
        Since he has specifically removed himself, he has little vested interest proving himself right by being deeply involved in the investigation. And, the best reasoning of all is the MSM has gone on record to state AG Session is an honest man for having removed himself. The MSM is going to have a hard hard time spinning his charge forward, when he is just following a prosecuting avenue he had no role in shaping.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          Exactly! Great point.

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        • AH_C says:

          Exactly. It’s tiresome hearing folks on our side who mindlessly drone on about rule of law, then stamp their feet in outrageous outrage that Sessions is awol or betrayed us!

          Due process is just that, a process. Be patient.

          To drain the swamp, you have to out maneuver those that like the swamp. It’s not some kind of instant gratification like just pulling the drain plug and letting gravity do the rest.

          We’re in for a long hard slog and the swamp has to be pumped out, at times with nothing more than a bucket brigade.

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        • George says:

          Recent history has shown that the shameless, mindless MSM is far from reticent to contradict themselves on anything as long as it supports their current narrative.


        • bayoukiki says:

          Don’t forget too – this investigation began at the request of Elijah Cummings and John Conyers (both Democrats, for those of you living in Rio Linda) and Horowitz is an Obama appointee. Start making that point now and repeat it often as you know what the MSM response will be if this report is damaging to the DOJ pre-DJT


      • WSB says:

        Maria’s interview with Sessions was very telling today.

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      • deqwik2 says:

        You’re right.
        Sessions pretty much said he is waiting on the IG to finish & get him the final paperwork.
        Sessions said he has seen some of the IG’s work & that the IG has been relentless in this investigation.
        Sessions also said that they have the “responsibility to ensure the integrity of this process.”
        I think he’s saying that he’s guarding the investigation to ensure that it is corruption free & that the truth will come out

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  6. litlbit2 says:

    Sorry but this interview…… just knowing the Russians will never do this again? What a savior! Lmao!

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  7. Clive Hoskin says:

    But do’t forget,the”DemocRATS”are just as guilty in the”Russia,Russia,Russia”fiasco as the Russians.These”Morons”should be hung from the nearest lamp post,NO jail,just hang em high.

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  8. Diddian says:

    I’m a little offended by the repetition among some Republicans that we should all understand of the Russians that “they intended to sow discord,” as though the proper answer to their actions is that we should ALL just moderate our own politics in relation to those around us. No! Constitutional principles are under attack and have been for some time and a moderate response to that threat is a partial submission to it. To promote “avoidance of discord” by itself as a virtue is a type of moral relativism which endangers us.

    There was a time in Western culture when we valued the development of logic in our young, along with a knowledge of history and ethics, to build wisdom so that a citizen would recognize assertions which were illogical or which contradicted history, and would argue effectively in response. THAT is the the proper response to disinformation campaigns. They only work against the unlearned and confused.

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  9. Ari says:

    Ken Starr, the man who couldn’t shoot straight. He investigated Clinton and couldn’t immediately catch her in a lie? Starr could have saved the nation from 8 years of Hillary! The UniParty marches on.

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  10. Donna in Oregon says:

    If I were President Trump between this crap investigation of 13 Russians and the FBI dropping the ball on the latest mass murder freak I’d be asking my closest legal advisors how many 7th Floor criminals I can fire at once.

    Then I would sign an Executive Order that no immigration can occur until the FBI, our internal security apparatus can be 100% functional.

    That way the longer the Turtle takes to put replacements thru, the easier it will be for ICE and Border Patrol to remove criminal aliens.

    I would close the border for a couple of days just to check for any suspicious crossings. These spooks and flat-foots do fundraisers…..they allow bad things to happen to American citizens to keep themselves relevant.

    Now that we’ve seen in writing how the FBI big shots scheme against us, it is so much easier to understand how other manipulations happen. Time we took the rose colored glasses off IMHO.

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  11. Let’s step back … into President Trump’s shoes:
    • Fact: The Dems and Media have made “Russia” the bogeyman of all time.
    • Question: How to convert their anti-Russia momentum into a YUGE win.
    • Consideration: Russia has allied with Iran as an Axis of Evil across the Mideast.
    • Leverage: America is rapidly becoming the Dominant Global Energy Producer.

    Option 1: America snags customers of Russian and Iranian Energy Exports.
    • Implication 1.0: Their exports sag, prices drop, profits disappear and wells are capped.
    • Implication 1.1: We undermine the energy-centric economies of these rogue states.
    • Implication 1.2: Economic contraction reduces wages and spikes inflation, causing civil unrest.
    • Implication 1.3: We force them to redirect funding from propagate war and terror to placating the masses.

    Option 2: America launches Trade Sanctions against Russia and Iran … and their trading-partner countries.

    Option 3: America launches Financial Sanctions against their Global Banks and Exporting Corporations … along with their customers.

    Option Whenever.A: America flips Russia to divulge EVERYTHING on Uranium One and EVERYONE in the Obama-Hillary Cabal who participated … beginning with SC Mueller.

    Option Whenever.B: America freezes Uranium One assets, tries Russians in absentia for Racketeering, confiscates Uranium One upon a finding of Guilty on all counts.

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    • Implication: China “gets it”. Big League. No more games. NORKS denuclearized.

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    • Option: Mexico’s former President Vincente Fox indicted for election interference.
      • Reaction: Mexico refuses extradition order.
      • Implication: NAFTA cancelled for Mexico.
      • Consequence: USCOC funding disappears … on the eve of the Mid-Term Primaries.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      BKR, option 1 implemented: Three Seas Initiative, selling oil and LNG to Eastern Europe. This kills Russian hard currency income and possible blackmail of Eastern Europe. LNG takes away income from Qatar.
      Option 2 limited implementation: Russian, Iranian and Qatar sanctions.
      Option 3 next phase: Trade deals being renegotiated. Less printed money which means stronger dollar (remains currency of choice). Some sanctions on Chinese banks supporting DPRK. Some sanctions on Middle Eastern banks supporting terrorist groups.

      PDJT and his administration are pushing back on all fronts.

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  12. Tonawanda says:

    Total guessing and speculation to follow:

    The Starr narrative and Dershowitz narrative are the same: let’s let bygones be bygones and have a non-partisan approach. Let’s not focus on the attempted overthrow of a president by American officials.

    Let’s enact legislation so this whole darned mess doesn’t happen again.

    IOW let’s appoint Mueller (as Sundance has surmised) to be the “referee” using the legal system, and then (now that this coup failed) let’s take the Blue Ribbon approach to protect the corruption in our government.

    IMO Starr is just a liar and propagandist, as he demonstrated by refusing to bring the Clintons to justice.

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    • Craig D says:

      Reply to Tonawanda- I agree totally with your post. The UniParty also support (and are working towards) the Starr and Dershowitz narrative (let bygones be bygones). The Deep State (UniParty, crooked DOJ & FBI and crooked mainstream media) having been exposed now want to shift the narrative to “lets (all Americans) rally together to thwart those bad Russians.” To me, the worst and most dangerous element (to democracy) is the UniParty.

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      • G. Combs says:

        “….the Starr and Dershowitz narrative (let bygones be bygones)….”

        They want bygones???

        Well how about REAL ‘bygones’ Like Drawn and Quartered for High Treason.
        Like Madame Guillotine for the supporting cast.
        Like HEADS ON PIKES lining the National Mall to remind our ‘representatives’ JUST WHO they represent!

        Hey Swamp Critters

        Yes I am P.O’d and getting even more so.

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    • Firefly says:

      I think this is just a retreat. Sounds like the new narrative is the Russians did it – let’s not have a special council ( euphemism for let’s not prosecute anyone ). Bet the IG doesn’t find much- and emphasizes the Russians did it narrative under the guise of uniting the country.

      If nobody gets prosecuted the next dem elected will continue their agenda and the next republican after trump won’t have the capability ( or doesn’t want to) to stand up (or is part of the globalist uniparty).

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      • jahealy says:

        If our “betters” in D.C. think for a second that not holding perpetrators accountable for the crimes of the Obama administration will bring the country together, they’re smoking crack. In the event all these investigations are put to bed with no prosecutions (which I don’t expect will happen, for the record), there’ll be more than simply “division” across this nation.

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        • Firefly says:

          PTrump’s tweet thanking Ken Starr is disturbing. It comes across like a cease fire deal was cut. PTrump knew this is a movement. His speech called out a Hillary as one of the the ring leaders. He knows that not prosecuting anyone will cause this to be revisited or even worse- tantamount to surrendering. The chances of getting a future gop beyond PTrump elected who will fight for Americans and not promote the globalist uniparty is unlikely.


          • singingsoul says:

            Firefly says:
            “PTrump’s tweet thanking Ken Starr is disturbing. It comes across like a cease fire deal was cut. PTrump knew this is a movement. His speech called out a Hillary as one of the the ring leaders. He knows that not prosecuting anyone will cause this to be revisited or even worse- tantamount to surrendering. The chances of getting a future gop beyond PTrump elected who will fight for Americans and not promote the globalist uniparty is unlikely.”
            I am not smart enough to know if there was a cease firer deal cut.
            All I know this witch hunt needs to end because it is damaging our standing in the world and damaging our country and our society as a whole. There comes a time to move on and way the cost and consequences.
            Maybe I think like that because I am a nurterer and peace maker by nature. I do not live much in the past neither much into the future but today.
            I can see where our President comes from he sees a bigger picture though I might be wrong..

            God Bless President Trump

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      • WSB says:



  13. burnett044 says:

    to tell ya da truth…Starr was talking so much Uni-Party cum-ba ya…I feared a Unicorn would fly out his arse any minute……

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  14. dalethorn says:

    Starr: “The enemy is Russia. The enemy is not inside.”
    I vehemently disagree. The Democrat party is a very serious enemy, and the RINOs are close behind.

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  15. rlc970582410 says:

    Great job, again by Bartiromo.

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  16. lawton says:

    A special counsel is probably the best route to get McCabe and them because if the DOJ does it directly the Press will claim its Trump blah blah blah


    • 4harrisonblog says:

      Screw the press, all they have is an opinion that is wrong. The law is what I want enforced. I think President Trump is doing an outstanding job of going by the law as written.

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    • sickconservative says:

      Really I don’t like special counsels as almost any that would be named would be part of the swamp, time for the AG under Sessions to take control as the IG report is released.

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    • Terry Bement says:

      NO, there needs to be a military tribunal for this, that way the FBI will be OUT of the loop. These people are trying to overthrow a duly elected president, that is sedition and treason, and it falls under the military.


  17. appadoo9 says:

    How much influence did the 13 Russians, with funding by oligarchs close to Putin, have on our election versus our own media.
    Who won the funding wealth war?
    Funny, as us little guys and our dollars carried the day, 8 years.

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  18. bour3 says:

    The real issue here is not the enemy within, it’s the enemy without.

    Yes. It was the Russians. The Russians, the Russians the Russians who compelled Strzok and Page to write their thousands of emails to each other denigrating Trump and everyone who voted for him. The Russian who induced DNC to contact Fusion, and impel Fusion to contact Steel, and Russians who forced FBI to use their bogus dossier to nominally track an innocent man to the chance to wiretap Trump and drag us all down for over a year with this incredibly damaging investigation. The Russians who convinced the entire Democrat party to resist the results of a election that had as much to do with delivering GOPe a corrective as it did for dealing a blow to Democrats. That’s not even mentioning the hundreds of others perverting our system for party. “For those who will listen.” This listener heard and flatly rejects such airy-fairy dainty prescriptions. No Sir, the enemy is right here and we’re finally locked on target.

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  19. rvsueandcrew says:

    I’m sorry. I think I’m suffering from information overload after reading about the Big Ugly and everything that’s been speculated and revealed over the past several months. I’m getting punchy.

    Every time someone mentions “the 13 Russians” I either see them doing the Russian dance (squatting and kicking) or I see those Russian nesting dolls, 13 of them, from the largest down to an itty-bitty one.

    Okay, I’ll go take a nap now. Carry on.

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  20. Bill says:

    I’m waiting on the IG’s next and hopefully final Report. If this report does put allot of these crooks in jail then I see no choice but to leave because the moral dekay in America will have gone to far for me.

    Australia’s own site does not think the USA is full democracy.


    • G. Combs says:

      The USA is NOT a full democracy and NEVER WAS!

      The USA is a Constitutional Republic because the founders realized a democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner.

      A major house cleaning of the civil service is EXACTLY what is needed across the world.

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    • Terry Bement says:

      Mr. Horowitz is an outstanding man, and I will trust HIM completely and believe him fully. e is the one who told Devin Nunes about the unmasking, and where to look for it. He was prevented from doing his job under the brown turd, and was waiting to see what Trump was going to do. ANY wrongdoing will be found. He didn’t waste any time finding the “lost” e-mails from the two FBI love birds.


  21. deplorabledooku says:

    The only reason the MSM pulls Starr out of moth balls as needed is to hold him up as an R who agrees with the Dims, as if he is a paragon of virtue, a “normal” R, which is 180 degrees from how they viewed him during the Clinton impeachment. No matter how good Bartiromo is or isn’t, the fact that she interviews Starr shows that the Bush-wing of the Uniparty still controls the narrative. IIRC Bartiromo was not pro-Trump, and may still not be.


  22. WFO says:

    Lets just all get along and let bygones be bygones, and together we can prevent anymore meddling in our elections by the Russians – since it was only outsiders that tried to influence the election, and nobody tried to overthrow our duly elected President – and you can blow skittles out of your unicorn @$$.

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  23. Xmatrix says:


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  24. Bonitabaycane says:

    So, Mr. Starr, Russia is our enemy? And we’re fighting them with indictments? 🙂 I hope there are plenty of bomb shelters in Moscow so no civilians are hurt by these powerful weapons. 🙂

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  25. dizzymissl says:

    Starr is still an idiot

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  26. jstanley01 says:

    The whole premise of “the dangers of Russian meddling” meme as set forth by Ken Starr et. al., ad nauseum, is absurd. Pitting Americans one against another is exactly what elections are all about. It’s exactly what elections are SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT. It’s what Americans do every election cycle, via our chosen candidates, in lieu of hitting each other over the head with rocks.

    Anybody who thinks that the Rooskies could have worsened the antipathy between groups like the Alt Right versus BLM or between candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — one who called the other “Crooked” and the other who accused her opponent of abusing her sexually on Tee Vee — is either dissimulating or has rocks for brains. Most especially, the Russians themselves.

    If they were so ignorant that they spent millions thinking that they could make the splits worse, well. Let’s not forget, Stalin and Lennin wiped out the best and the brightest among their population in the Gulag for 75 years. Clearly, their mean IQ level recovered yet, and instead, is hovering down below around Ken Starr’s

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  27. If Ken Starr is assuming that when Rosenstein said that there was no witting collusion it encompassed all political actors in the 2016 election he may be premature because it is not known whether the Special Counsel ACTUALLY INVESTIGATED possible collusion between the Clinton campaign and Russians.

    I get the sense that the fake “let’s all get along” kumbayas are resulting from the growing frightened awareness that Trump would be in the right to demand that Mueller (or a new appointee if Mueller won’t do it) investigate possible “collusion” between the Clinton campaign and Russia as well. In fact, Trump can say it’s only fair; his team ran the gauntlet, why shouldn’t Hillary’s team also be required to run the gauntlet?

    Remember, when the Clintons scream that no crime on their part has been identified Trump can say “so what” – Mueller was not charged to prosecute a known crime, but rather to perform an investigation and prosecute crimes if any are found! If its good for the goose, its good for the gander! And further, Trump would come across as foolish if he didn’t demand that the Special Counsel investigate all instances of collusion because he is basically adopting the position of the town fool who thanks his fellow townspeople for not slapping him anymore!

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  28. C R Lord says:

    I broke out laughing when Starr said the enemy is not within but it is without. Well that eliminates Pelosi, Barack, The Clintons, the Podesta Brothers, John Kerry, Valerie Jarrett, the FBI, the DOJ and the entire cabal serving lot. Did I say cabal? Slip of the keys there. We know they would never do anything that could be considered unpatriotic.

    On a serious note: I think the President’s tweet must mean that Ken Starr is in on what is really happening and he is just acting like he doesn’t know much if anything about the threats in our nation. I think Jeff Sessions is playing the same game from his position.

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  29. ristvan says:

    A lurking lawyer comment. Treepers here either need to know more law, or else how to refrain from commenting less. Mutual self embarrassment is not becoming this potentialy important web site.

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    • dave says:

      From your mouth to GOD’s ear. 😉
      Isn’t it amazing how all these folks can tell us the future? They must all be billionaires, with that ability.


  30. Rynn69 says:

    Everyone needs to hold on here. Ken Starr is a RINO’s dream. I do not like him “all in” for the OIG report. It makes me very concerned. People have committed unfathomable crimes that will tear at the very fabric of the nation if the wrongdoers are not brought to justice and the agencies cleansed. The RINOs are for the status quo. Makes me nervous….


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