Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Completes Section 232 Steel and Aluminum Reports – Recommends Tariffs…

Last year President Donald Trump requested a national security Section 232 trade-investigation, to conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce and Secretary Wilbur Ross, specifically focusing on U.S. steel and aluminum manufacturing.

The discussion continued last week as President Trump met with a group of republican and democrat members of congress to talk about trade policy and focus attention on the lack of American steel and aluminum production.   [The responses from the republican participants was very enlightening and disappointing.]

On Friday Commerce Secretary completed the industrial review and provided President Trump with trade recommendations to consider given the nature of the national security compromise.   See Outline Here.

Recommendations of the Steel Report:  Secretary Ross has recommended to the President that he consider the following alternative remedies to address the problem of steel imports:

  1. A global tariff of at least 24% on all steel imports from all countries, or
  2. A tariff of at least 53% on all steel imports from 12 countries (Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam) with a quota by product on steel imports from all other countries equal to 100% of their 2017 exports to the United States, or
  3. A quota on all steel products from all countries equal to 63% of each country’s 2017 exports to the United States.

Each of these remedies is intended to increase domestic steel production from its present 73% of capacity to approximately an 80% operating rate, the minimum rate needed for the long-term viability of the industry. Each remedy applies measures to all countries and all steel products to prevent circumvention.

The tariffs and quotas would be in addition to any duties already in place. The report recommends that a process be put in place to allow the Secretary to grant requests from U.S. companies to exclude specific products if the U.S. lacks sufficient domestic capacity or for national security considerations. Any exclusions granted could result in changed tariffs or quotas for the remaining products to maintain the overall effect.

[FULL REPORT pdf retracting national security issues]

Recommendations of the Aluminum Report:

Secretary Ross has recommended to President Trump three alternative remedies for dealing with the excessive imports of aluminum. These would cover both aluminum ingots and a wide variety of aluminum products.

  1. A tariff of at least 7.7% on all aluminum exports from all countries, or
  2. A tariff of 23.6% on all products from China, Hong Kong, Russia, Venezuela and Vietnam. All the other countries would be subject to quotas equal to 100% of their 2017 exports to the United States, or
  3. A quota on all imports from all countries equal to a maximum of 86.7% of their 2017 exports to the United States.

Each of the three proposals is intended to raise production of aluminum from the present 48% average capacity to 80%, a level that would provide the industry with long-term viability. Each remedy applies measures to all countries and all steel products to prevent circumvention.

The tariffs and quotas would be in addition to any duties already in place. The report recommends that a process be put in place to allow the Secretary to grant requests from U.S. companies to exclude specific products if the U.S. lacks sufficient domestic capacity or for national security considerations. Any exclusions granted could result in changed tariffs or quotas for the remaining products to maintain the overall effect.

[FULL REPORT pdf with redacted national security issues]

The reports are currently under consideration by the President, and no final decisions have been made with regard to their contents. The President may take a range of actions, or no action, based on the analysis and recommendations provided in the reports. Action could include making modifications to the courses of action proposed, such as adjusting percentages.

The President is required to make a decision on the steel recommendations by April 11, 2018, and on the aluminum recommendations by April 19, 2018.  (Commerce Link)

Those who have followed the issue closely will note how China uses third-party nations as shipping ports in an attempt to hide their steel and aluminum dumping.  Therefore instead of playing the never ending game of whack-a-mole, Secretary Ross is taking the approach to identify “global” steel and aluminum imports.

Hopefully President Trump will accept and implement this approach shortly.

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130 Responses to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Completes Section 232 Steel and Aluminum Reports – Recommends Tariffs…

  1. Mk10108 says:

    China win/lose culture is about to lose.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Still waiting for those WASHINGTON INSTITUTES all over China. Because:


      PS: The left is mocking Wray’s concern about these Confucius Institutes. When they go to Alinsky ridicule, THAT is a tell that you just hit VITAL STUFF

      Seriously, it’s time for FAIR TRADE IN THE MARKETPLACE OF IDEAS.

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    • Peter Rabbit says:

      What if AG Sessions was as effective as our Wolverine?

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    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      The greatest National Security blunder of all time was conceding our Primary Industries to competitors and enemies. “Free Trade” never, ever existed. It is just one way trade into the U.S. and restricted trade out of the U.S.
      Behind the scenes, some people became very rich stripping America of wealth and jobs. America has it’s own Oligarchs too.
      Americans can afford American made products if they had jobs. 7 years to finance a car? How far down the rabbit hole of impoverishment has this nation gone?

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  2. Michael Do says:

    Winning MAGA

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  3. Smart, and much needed!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Yes indeed!

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      • fleporeblog says:

        I wrote the following after the 4th Quarter and 2017 Annual GDP was announced at the end of January:

        What is holding our country and economy back is the IMPORTS that we are reliant upon. Notice in the 4th Quarter and for the 2017 year, there was an increase (acceleration) of imports which is subtracted from our GDP totals. Our President and his Killers absolutely understand that this was the plan of GHB, Bill Clinton, GWB & BHO. NAFTA & China becoming part of the WTO are the two creatures that was born and nurtured by these POS.

        Realistically, a goal of 3% GDP for the 2018 year is what we should all aim for. The idea of 4% or 5% is not realistic at this time. The reason being, our need for imports. We saw Chrysler announce they are closing a factory in Mexico and expanding their factory in Michigan. Campbell Soup is closing their factory in Toronto, Canada and bringing their entire operation back to the US. Samsung and LG are opening new factories in SC and TN this year. Mazda and Toyota are expanding their production in the US with their factory in Alabama.

        If the Mexicans and Canadians don’t agree to our terms with NAFTA, we need to get the hell out of there immediately. This will cause many new announcements of companies coming BACK to the US.

        Putting these tariffs on solar panels and washing machines may effect the price by $50 but it allows Whirlpool and other US companies an opportunity to compete. Our President will be announcing massive tariffs on steel and aluminum within the next 90 days. Once again it will cost US consumers some additional money but it will bring our steel and aluminum companies back to life.

        Everything I described will truly have AMERICA BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! Cutting our need on imports has a multiplier effect. Our GDP by 2019 and 2020 will be closing in if not at 4% Annual GDP. By the time our President walks away on January 20, 2025, 5%+ GDP will become the new normal because factories will once again be up & booming like they did before NAFTA and China’s introduction into the WTO.

        Everything I described will truly have AMERICA BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!

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        • trialbytruth says:

          It would seem to me this lower growth expectation offers a smoother transition to a manufacturing (= value added LOL) and a reduction on inflationary pressure. I am sure Trump will choose higher tariffs +2017 quotas rather then a pure quota system as I am sure shortages in production materials would result.

          I believe the tariffs will be absorbed by those exporting to the us in the short term to try to short circuit and rein in industrial development in the US. the scenario should play out much like the the fracking oil production. Oil exporters crushed price to try to stave off development of domestic oil production. In this case the offset of tariffs will maintain a difficult market for new metals production but investors will see the writing on the wall and it will say long term profits.

          One other thing Steel was crushed in the 1980’s Consider the unknown efficiencies of an updated 2018 steel mill. We as a nation are choosing the perfect time to re-enter manufacturing safer faster robotic centered in many cases ground up facilities. The wealth that will be created here will be insane.

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        • Dekester says:

          Thank you for the post Flep, it is most informative.

          Our politicians up here ( Canada.) are getting very nervous.

          Your team are “ killing it”

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        • tsnamm says:

          Unfortunately these tariffs are too late to save the former Bethlehem Steel Sparrows Point Steel Mill & shipyard complex. After 5 different owners since Bethlehem liquidated the mill was closed and the largest blast furnace in the Western hemisphere that was there, was purchased, dismantled and shipped to Brazil. So much of our industrial might has been completely destroyed by the myopic free traders and globalists. Trump has so much to fix, thank God they’re finally starting…

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          • Cuppa Covfefe says:

            The thing is, as trialbytruth noted, that old-tech mill that was shipped to Brazil will now be replaced by one with newer technology, fewer hazards, and hopefully as many or more SAFER jobs. With energy independence, we should be able to produce faster, better, and at lower cost than before.

            Also could be a boost for the domestic robot industry, if we can keep others (I’m looking at you, China and muh-Russia) from swiping our tech…

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          • Carrie2 says:

            tsnamm, but now can be rebuilt and much more modern. Always try to think on the bright side as we Americans are well known for inventions and solving problems. With our President we are seeing a lot of what past men in the WH (and definitely the alien for 8 yrs.) taking care of their pockets and companies first and now we will see them being humble and begging for manufacturing whatever. Brightens my eyes and day!


          • tsnamm, you have to lay a lot of the fault of the steel mills shutting down at the feet of the unions. My husband worked for Mesta Machine Co in Pittsburgh, PA in the 70’s. The steel union is what killed the steel industry there in the mid to late 70’s. Mesta knew it was going to shut down and sent us to Houston, TX. I was so happy to come “home” and to a “right to work” state. I will always be against unions because of my experience with the steel workers union and how the officials got their regular pay while everyone else got about $30/month and a turkey for Thanksgiving and another for Christmas while on strike. So trade deals are not the only problems our companies face.


  4. It’s about time the US “metals” in other countries!

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  5. nerveman says:

    This is serious stuff. More serious that a lot of crap we hear about from the Dems. The Dems may even say Trump is putting us on a war footing. Now it is one strong hand to play in international negotiations as long as your not bluffing. This is one to closely follow.

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    • bocephusrex says:

      “war footing”–yep like the Nunes memo would cause a ‘constitutional crisis’ and destroy sources and methods.

      The left is such a big bunch of pink hat-drama queens – but actually this should scare the crap out of them – all those steel workers and related industries in the Midwest who voted for Trump will be inclined to do so again–

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      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        The thing is, if you’re not on a war footing (able to wage or win a war), you’re bound to lose the first war you face. Nothing wrong with putting America First. Of course the Left, SJWs, Watermelons, Antifa, and the globalists (but I repeat myself) don’t see it that way…

        With little or no “home” manufacturing, a country is doomed to failure, especially in the case of war. And the handing over of our future started long before Carter: I would venture to say it started with Woodrow Wilson, if not before that…

        Hard hats versus pink hats – no contest. Let the winning begin (rather, continue).
        Thank GOD for President Trump and the Wolverines!


    • What’s great is that our President doesn’t need their approval. He can just do it! And why aren’t Mexico and Canada indicted for interfering in our country, they are paying big bucks to the COC to protect the existing NAFTA scam!

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  6. Bendix says:

    If Wilbur is for it, I’m for it too.

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  7. Sunshine says:

    CANADA 2017 ALUMINUM and STEEL EXPORTS to USA.: Aluminum: $8.5 billion – Iron and steel: $5.5 billion.

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    • PS says:

      This. It’s a prime example of how NAFTA abuse results in Canada and Mexico triangulating with outside countries to ultimately import to the USA. Global or Targeted tariffs won’t work until the NAFTA issue is cleaned up.

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      • Sunshine says:

        Most Canadians are unaware of the NAFTA agreement details. They don’t know the extent to which China has invaded the Canadian export industries.
        They bash Trump, think too highly of themselves, and figure they don’t need the U.S. market. Real dumb people.

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    • Sunshine says:

      Me, no.
      With high tariffs, the Canadian steel and aluminum industries will have to drastically decrease their selling price to compensate for the tariffs, if they want to continue exporting to U.S.
      Canadians already have an overstock of steel.
      The decrease in selling price will benefit the American companies, but not the Canadians.
      Interesting to see how Canadian politicians and industries will react to this. It certainly won’t be good for the Canadian companies whose workers are all very well paid.

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      Isn’t the goal to stop the Chinese from manipulating the market and to stop other countries from HELPING them?

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Wonder how much of that was pass-through from China or elsewhere…


  8. Disgusted says:

    Can’t hurt. What could a down side ever be? Nothing…just for us, at least.

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    • rf121 says:

      Cost of steel will go up for manufacturers that need it in the US. I am all for US production as the quality will be better. But don’t act like the prices will not go up.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Price that has to be paid in MAGA!

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      • Janie M. says:

        rf121, one of my primary concerns is reliability/durability of all metal materials being used in military equipment, i.e., aircraft, tanks, etc. Our military is finally going to acquire all the equipment they have sorely needed for years. I consider this a vital national security issue. Who is currently the source for these materials?

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        • GrandpaM says:

          Also, the reliability/durability of items sold to the citizenry sucks big time. I’d rather pay more for a water heater made of US steel, than for a Chinese junk that springs a leak every 2 years. My old barbecue pit and smoker lasted over 10 years. The new one is already useless after 2 years. Both bought at Home Depot, the newer one costing more and likely made of Chinese fake steel.

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      • deplorabledaveinsocal says:

        Cost may go up, true. However, if we as a nation hope to have a defensive capability, we need to protect strategic industries. The day this republic has to buy a made in XX tank, or airplane, our republic is destined for conquest. If America fails, the beacon of hope for the planet is extinguished – there will be no place left to go…

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        • Esperanza says:

          The cost may go up ( not totally convinced), but people will have jobs. Currently it might be cheap, but since you have no job you can’t buy it anyway.

          Also shlepping stuff round the planet is bad. It’s not sustainable.

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      • nyc0007 says:

        Talking about prices going up is not a static argument. Wages are also going up, businesses are hiring more people, its not just a stagnant indicator, its moving. Therefore prices will adjust post tariffs. This is the only way we can get to an even playing field, with countries that impose tariffs on us and expect us to take it.

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        • nyc0007 says:

          And lets not forget what might happen, the infringing countries may just allow US companies to sell like-products without tariffs in their countries which will result in the USA removing tariffs reciprocally in SOME cases. Trump is protecting American workers, and our country, something that no president has done in decades. This is how you are supposed to MAGA.

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  9. joan and bill says:

    this keeps us independent in case of war, keeps jobs at home in usa, gives us an equal hand in trade and negotiations rather than be in second place remember MAGA in every aspect

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  10. Donna in Oregon says:

    I need to read this a few more times and let it sink in. This is massive. Huge. Bigley.

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  11. The Federal gov should purchase all coal fire electric plants near smelting plants.

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    • These coal fire plants have been closed to force smelters out of business.

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    • These coal fire plants have been closed to force smelters out of business.

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      • Re open electric generators sailing energy at cost to smelters.

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        • PS says:

          As someone who works in deregulated power, smelteries can already buy power wholesale. We love em, since they are huge consumers. So the goal is to get them located in areas of surplus energy with sufficient transmission, so basically anywhere Midwest or the Rust Belt.

          As far as coal is concerned, there’s a readon why they are shuttering, and it’s economics. Fuel is as cheap as it’s ever been, but costs to operate are too high. Why? Labor required and emissions regs. Natural Gas is cheaper per MMBTU, and a modern combined cycle power plant runs on 1/10th the staff, pollutes less, and has a better heat rate (fuel efficiency). So every which way NG is better, and we have at least 50 years of it in the Appalachians.

          So, if the gov really wanted to keep coal in business, they need to reduce the costs to control emissions (new tech or reduce regulations) or just distort the market and subsidize them, which I disagree with. Or, find a way to increase electricity demand, like electric vehicles, but I think the ship has sailed on coal for a few decades.

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    • rf121 says:

      Sure. What’s wrong with a little socialism.

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    • Oldschool says:

      Federal government has no business in business

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  12. Oldschool says:

    Half my working life was in the steel industry. I watched it slowly die. Pricing forced us to buy foreign steel, products failed due to lesser quality steel, layoffs, weeks of working with no pay because we just couldn’t make the payroll. Finally had to shut it down. Today, the once mighty Bethlehem Steel stacks along the Lehigh River are rusted and cold, but they are awash in purple lights with concerts being held at their feet by the elitists who hold the arts in higher esteem than the engine of our nation. I cry everytime I see those abandoned and once mighty steel stacks mocked in fancy lights.

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    • I cry for the great Americans who dream of working hard for great pay.

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    • soozword says:

      Read your comment, Oldschool, to my father who grew up in Pittsburgh and worked for many years in the steel and chain business. He fervently agrees with you.

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    • WSB says:

      I feel exactly the same way. My Grandfather worked for Bethlehem Steel in procurement. Now a major part of one of the plants has been turned into a casino. The rest is decaying or contains art exhibits. Just a shame.

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    • PaulM says:

      I too worked in the steel industry for many years and at the steel manufacturing level a lot of the loss of jobs was from trying to keep 20th century mills running with 19th century technology. The foreign manufacturers didn’t have an existing capacity so when they built mills, they were more efficient. Some domestic mills invested in modern technology and stayed in the market. Some just kept on putting all their profits in their shareholders pockets and whined about unfair competition. They closed and those jobs disappeared. At the fabrication end of the steel industry, a lot of the jobs were lost from the introduction of numerically controlled equipment, one person could now do the work of five. No company is going to keep the other four on the payroll to watch the one guy work. Before I retired, I had transistioned into programming for the N.C. machines but I was seeing other companies that were sending their drawings to India as an attachment to email in the afternoon and receiving finished programming back the next day eliminating yet more jobs. As far as all these export numbers go, translating them into jobs for Americans is slippery. If Microsoft sells 100,000 copies of Windows 25 (or whatever it is now) to China for $100.00/copy, the Chinese install them from a Microsoft file server that requires no human intervention and creates no jobs but they claim exports of 10 million. The drug companies sell Billions in licenses to manufacture in other countries, but that creates no jobs here. Sorry for the verbosity, but I wanted to add another perspective.

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      • Michael Do says:

        We want physical manufacturing jobs here in the US. Software and drug are fine but no substitute for making real things. Fine if we use robots but it is American made robots, operated and supported by Americans. Physical things manufactured by foreign countries supported no US workers and we still pay for the unemployed with welfare anyway. We should eliminate imports at all cost even if we need to subsidize them. These workers will pay taxes into the system instead of receiving welfare. This is fiscal positive for American government no matter how we look at

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    • Pat Frederick says:

      I used to live near the Steel–now there’s a museum of the steel industry and a casino there too…sigh


  13. iwasthere says:

    Wolverines!! The era of economic surrender is over!

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  14. truthbomb says:

    Clinton, Bush and Obama should be in jail for their betrayal of the American worker and American industry.

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  15. lawrencepaul1 says:

    For those that think that we are starting a trade war please take pause. We are already in a trade war but have only now decided to fight back.
    The EU for instance enables Airbus to compete with Boeing buy giving them billions of Euros in subsidies. All countries cheat in all “free trade agreements”, It’s about time that we called them out on it and started to fight back.

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    • Not so sure Boeing would be the shining example of stellar, by-the-book capitalism here, but your comment is completely right on!!

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    • highdezertgator says:

      If our companies can return to the philosophy of “skunkworks” (radical innovation) no one will be able to compete with unfettered American creativity. Lead. Follow. Or get out of the way!

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      • GB Bari says:

        Yes, but this time they need to better protect their technology. Stop putting chicoms disguised as brilliant Chinese immigrant engineers in or anywhere near skunkworks labs. Yes it’s happened far too often.

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    • Ono says:

      Plain and simple…First place trophy and if you don’t have one..then step it up.

      I am so happy to see the US fight back. 10 years of laying down on our backs.

      Selling England by the pound didn’t work out well for the real people of Great Britain.

      We (USA )feed, defend, and support the world…for what in return???swirled peas

      Time for a little respect , gratitude and just payback!!

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  16. iwasthere says:

    Can’t wait for GDP to hit 6% and the WSJ editorial page eats a great big bucket of crow. I hope Ross and rest of the trade team is keeping notes – this is going to be a book for the ages – how one man, and his team turned the country around.

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  17. CharterOakie says:

    Serious people making serious policy recommendations to a POTUS intent on MAGA!

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  18. ALEX says:

    Secretary Ross mentioned during a question and answer at Davos that China produced in just one month all the Steel our country could use in one year. His point was their business/production model doesn’t have a bank/loan involved to answer to when they saturate the market. That the Chinese and the other countries model is one of employment and market share, not based on principles including supply and demand.

    It’s good to see the 80% figure for domestic production. I have been wondering what that would be and it makes national security the priority over the sold out globalist GOPe donors…

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  19. Donna in Oregon says:

    OMGosh. You all read too fast for me. I’m only on page 109 of The Effects of Imports of Aluminum on the National Security.

    Then I have to re-review the meeting President Trump and Wilbur had with the RINO’s and Dems.

    “Although global aluminum prices have regained lost ground in recent
    months, the damage to U.S. aluminum production capability was significant and
    irreversible. U.S. ability to smelt primary aluminum, including high-purity
    aluminum needed for the most sophisticated commercial and defense applications,
    has been reduced to minimal levels. Imports of primary aluminum now account
    for nearly 90 percent of domestic consumption. Imports of downstream aluminum
    products are surging as well, up 30 percent in 2017 over 2016 levels.”


    The Infrastructure plan has to take all this into consideration because we want to spend our money locally.

    That’s what is happening, made in America by American products by American workers with American hands.

    We have a very old infrastructure that has lasted us this long because of the principles President Trump has laid out for our re-building.

    Okay. See you all tomorrow. Have a lot more reading to do. Eyes are crossing now…

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  20. covfefe999 says:

    Let’s stop allowing Chinese “birth tourists” to have their babies here in the US to acquire US citizenship.

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  21. emet says:

    As long as we are on the topic, there are also tariff rate quotas (as opposed to absolute quotas described above). When the quota is reached, the duty rate goes up substantially. Also, quota products can be placed in bonded warehouses until quota opens again, and then entered into the commerce. I will trfrain from mentioning the many avenues available to the unscrupulous for evading high tariffs, but there are severe penalties under 19usc1592, and criminal prosecution at 18usc542, however these types of actions have become more and more uncommon starting in the early 1990s. Its game time again, however.


  22. Thecleaner says:

    So here is the current reality:

    1. Aluminum and Steel prices up roughly 30% year over year. Proposed increase in US price of steel of 25% more, and aluminum 7.7% more.

    2. Wages rising in the US due to tight labor market

    3. The US dollar has been declining steadily, although levelling recently. This means higher prices for materials for US manufacturers

    4. Automotive industry input costs are roughly 45% materials (primarily steel, aluminum) and 25% labor. 70% of total costs for auto production are materials and labor.

    5. The labor cost to the auto industry in Mexico is $8/hr including benefits. Labor costs inside the US average roughly $50/hr including benefits

    6. The Corporate tax rate has been reduced to 21% in the US, however the auto manufacturers pay virtually no federal tax…in fact they often get refunds

    7. Consumer, Corporate, and Government debt in the US is currently $42 trillion combined, with interest rates up 4 times already, and 4 more increases projected in 2018

    8. Auto industry profit margins range between 4% and 9%

    How can anybody say with a straight face claim that the auto makers want to come racing back to the US?
    The above is a recipe for either bankruptcy, or a massive increase in auto prices…which will likely be on the decline given the rising interest rates.
    If any of our resident posters up on their economics can help me understand this, that would be great.


    • Michael Do says:

      More people with higher paying jobs will buy more cars, more often even with higher car prices. People with no job or barely survive buying no car even low price cars. Look at Chinese people bought more cars than Indians because they get better paid jobs. The population are similar

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    • nyc0007 says:

      You made the perfect argument for Trump to pull out of NAFTA. Time for auto makers to compete here in the USA. If not, then they fold, welcome to good ole capitalism. Something tells me that when they stop sucking the teet of the USA via NAFTA, auto makers will make decisions to leave Mexico and operate more efficient plants here.
      Workforce of many states are cheap, especially in the southern portion of the US. And everyone there works hard. Simple as that.

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    • Esperanza says:

      You forget other things like stability. Absence of corruption. How much do you think they pay in kickbacks? Quality control. The planet. Health insurance. Basically the consumer is buying a lower quality product and depriving two families of health insurance, the Mexican, in fact Chinese who built it and the US one who has no job.

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    • If America buys American, those foreign exporters LOSE the AMERICAN MARKET.

      They have massive DEBT for their newly-built plants.

      Those plants go IDLE.

      They DEFAULT on their LOANS and go BANKRUPT … unless they MOVE the plants to AMERICA.

      Foreign competition disappears.



      • Did I mention that the TARIFFS can be used to SUBSIDIZE AMERICAN PLANTS that the importers were undermining or to build new plants with higher levels of automation than the foreigners for a low labor-content advantage?


    • gildie says:

      Just curious, but after auto makers moved to Mexico to take advantage
      of the above mentioned labor & material costs, did sticker prices drop
      50% on the now “Made in Mexico”, tarrif-free cars back in the USA?
      Did a $30,000 car drop to $15,000 to reflex those savings? There must have
      been an explosion of car sales of lower end $20,000 cars now going for
      $9,000! Buy 2, get 1 free!
      I don’t follow the auto industry, so maybe someone that does here can
      relate the booming sales trends after those cliff dropping cost moves
      made decades ago.


  23. WSB says:

    Go for broke, Mr. President!


  24. George Zeiter says:

    And 90% of LCD flat panel production is from overseas. Yes your big screen TVs, cars, shipboard, aerospace, tracked vehicles, trucks, gps etc… Think about it?

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  25. Metallurgist says:

    I find the timing interesting as it creates leverage in this last round of NAFTA negotiations.

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  26. If you are so inclined, please join me in prayer for our President.

    Eternal God, heavenly Father,

    We pray for our country and our President, thy servant Donald J. Trump. Protect him and his wife, Melania, and his son Barron, and his other children and their families from evil;

    May our President forever be an instrument of thy will;

    This we pray in in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end.

    (Please add your own intercessory prayers.)

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  27. maiingankwe says:

    I wonder how many Americans the msm will lose over this one? Every day they are becoming tired of the outright lies, and the msm is going to have to work overtime in coming up with ways on how fair trade is bad for Americans and not good. I wonder how many will fall for it hook and sinker too?

    I have a feeling they’re going to lose a lot of viewers and readers over this.

    I could be wrong, and they could continue with who they have, but something is tugging at me, and saying, no, this is going to be too hard of a sell. What hard working American or wanting to work American in their right mind would think fair trade is bad, especially if our President and our Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross hit the public hard and often with simple, common sense lines?

    Is my faith to high for the loyal, blue collar dems? The stuck in the mud republicans? Are they ready and ripe to be red-pilled? Finally? We will see.

    It’s up to us to get the word out as well. Memes work good because they’re easy to understand and quick. I say we should take this up as a challenge and see how many we can turn around. Forget the trolls and bots, we’d be wasting good time and energy whem there are ones who do love our country and have just been swindled for so long they are now having problems seeing the truth. What do you say? Are you in? Let’s mess with the msm, swampers/globalists. This could be fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Jeff says:


    Like many TREEPERS I’ve had the discussion on social media giving my mutt $.02 on just what in the hell Trump is up to now !! Economic was my field of study and I see is as my SPORT !

    The shorter is …Trump is WINNING and AMERICA IS WINNING AGAIN !!! Candidate Trump told us we would get tired of WINNING !! I’m not tired of it at all . In fact I am accustomed to it .

    The fundamental transformation of America by the puppet presidencies subordinate to the NEW WORLD ORDER / GLOBALISTS / SHADOW GOVERNMENT whatever the name you choose to call these enemies of America as founded have been at this for decades .NEOCON BUSHIES , ALINSKY Clintons & Obama’s are all puppets put in place to grind down America and deliver her to the NWO .

    Just how quickly president Trump is restoring our economic might is astonishing and a blessing . The pinko commies had all but DESTROYED America’s ability to defend herself from GLOBAL enemies . The best part is the average TV pundit like most Americans haven’t a clue about real economics or CAPITALISM . That gives cover for the Trump team of BADGERS to gain ground rapidly on the enemy domestic .

    While the enemy DOMESTIC is rounded up in a long drawn out process economically the pace is rapid . The RED PILLING of the American phyche will have to be slow and methodical . The slow rollout of proof of TREAON & SEDITION even as the MSM GASLIGHTS .

    The domestic energy harvest has already seen the EPA JUNK YARD dog removed and is off to the roaring races . STEEL & Aluminum for both domestic manufacturing and the defense industry is a vital pillar of our NATIONAL SECURITY !

    Steel for domestically making and rebuilding our electrical grid was most notable to me in the round table discussion . The Trump administration IS in the process of Harding our grid to EMP already . We need the ability to MFG our own replacement equipment as a vital NATIONA SECURITY issue as well .

    Watching the Trump economic team for me is is like Joe SIX PACK watching the SUPER BOWL , DAYTONA 500 , World Series and the STANLEY CUP all rolled in to one BIGLY EVENT !

    To me sports is just entertainiment . THIS SHI$ IS REAL !!

    Liked by 3 people

    • I believe books are yet to be written about how destructive the Bushes were for this country. The elder was bent on destroying Regans legacy, from his first day in office. ( did anyone notice that Barbra Bush was the ONLY former First Lady not to attend Nancy regans funeral)? The younger Bush continued his fathers quest to outsource America to anyone with cheaper labor. Yet they all yell about human rights! Thank our precious Lord for President Trump. He is there because of Devine intervention! And I thank our Lord daily and pray for His continued hand on our great President Trump!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Stillwater says:

      “The Trump administration IS in the process of Harding our grid to EMP already.”

      Could you point me to any links where I could read more about Trump is approaching the EMP threat?


  29. whizzbang says:

    Note that ALL of the 5 BRICS nations are mentioned. Then pivot to THEIR latest economic forecasts.

    BRICS = Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. <— LOTS to unpack there, especially South Africa's recent renaissance, shifting away from the corruption of the last 9 years.

    Bigger and longer game going on here folks. And all indications are that India is withdrawing. I suspect due to President Trump,'s intervention.

    This is beyond 4D chess. This is the economic future of this country we call home.

    Pay attention patriots!

    Our President is laying it all out for us, and we need to support his efforts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jeff says:

      A VERY key play by president Trump to pull India from the CRICS alliance !
      China plans to spend the last of it’s $20Trillion federal reserve note on it’s BELT AND ROAD INITIATIVE .

      Russia has set up an parallel electronic money transfer system ( online 2014 ) as these member nations trade for oil in a basket of their own currencies and not the NOT federal and NO reserve nots of the FED .

      The longer game , IMO , is to restore SOUND MONEY in the USA . Treasury controlled and issued dollars . Collapse the FED with this competing currency strategy and see the world once again BEAT A PATH TO OUR DOOR .

      That path for our products and services as well as our NEW TREASURY STATE MONEY vs the privately owned BANK MONEY fractional reserve banking Monopoly money .

      I believe this is underway in a BIG WAY .

      Liked by 1 person

  30. f.fernandez says:

    How can any American NOT be proud of what DJT is doing for our country? Makes me that much sadder that the media is poluting their minds.

    I hope the media will get theirs when all the white hats are finished cleaning up the corruption.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. thesitrep says:

    Hey man, I am all for reciprocity.
    But you can never forget that taxes on the products you buy are paid by you regardless, and inflation is also a tax.

    The balance that we want to strike is some way to exploit cheap foreign prices without killing industry and jobs at home.

    It is also important that you make deals that both parties are interested in maintaining.
    Companies that hammer the shit out of their suppliers too hard get bad service and will not be reliable vendors.


  32. Trent Telenko says:

    The Chamber of Commerce is gonna have a heart attack when they see this.

    Pres Trump is fulfilling his promises to the Working class.

    And, oh by the way, very graphically and publicly demoting the social status of the post-graduate degree Multi-national corporation Chamber of Commerce, Financial Wall Street crowd, and the K-street lobbyist crowd to less than the high school diploma or less “The Deplorables.”

    Get your popcorn.

    The globalist, SJW elite, class identity freak out on Monday-Tuesday will be wonderful to watch.


  33. MontanaMel says:

    Loving it – MAGA!!
    With the “infrastructure program/push” now coming online….I would think that a possible adjustment should be considered for Rebar and Mesh…say 30% “less” than other products when calculating final levels….maybe “discounted” for only a short period of time, like 4 years or so?? OR, some how tied directly to those “projects” which qualify for such Federal funding>>>ie: a special exemption for specific types/amounts of construction/infrastructure products – without any “resale/surplus disposal” allowed within the USA… (dump it on Mexico or Canada, eh?)… This is lower value/spec steel – usually required in “tons” for over-passes, bridges, roads/docks, etc.

    Another cry/whale/teeth narshing will be heard from the Boeing Co….ie: most likely the biggest user of Aluminum alloys in the USA (spec alloy – not soft grades)…. This will become a monster pressure project by K street and US-CofC soonest…as such a “hump” in price will cost them “millions of USD” per AIRFRAME sold…some/most of which are under fixed contracts, etc.. I am sure they hedge such price humps, but even that may not hold them harmless in the final wash.

    Myself, I lean towards the “universal” import duty – adjusted for alloy/spec if possible…. AND, any change should be left in place long enough for the adjustment and possible expansion of USA share to be reflected all the way back to the dock… There are “some” stockpiles here now that would have to be worked thru, under some kind of LIFO control too. A nationwide inventory would be a good place to start!



  34. IMO says:

    👍🏼👍🏼 Go Wilbur Ross


  35. Mike diamond says:

    Wilbur Ross is right on he is doing a great job!!!!


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