Today Should Be “Memo Release Day”…

If the apparent Nunes, Grassley, Goodlatte and Horowitz timing remains as previously evidenced, today should be Memo Release Day.

The White House having allowed a full 36 hours of media discussion time to talk through the SotU address, is poised to permit the Executive Branch declassification approval of the Legislative Branch intelligence work product.

In a last minute effort to block the executive approvals, Minority Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, claimed last night there were changes to the legislative work product.

Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes shared with Adam Schiff some minor edits to the drafted memo that resulted from the executive branch (FBI Director Wray) making a request upon initial review:

Counting on people not to know the FBI is part of the executive branch, Schiff claimed, wrongly, that any changes made the initial work product contrary to that which was approved for submission by the House Intelligence Committee.

A desperate attempt to stop the declassification by the White House, as quickly pointed out by Chairman Nunes:

In the back-and-forth it becomes evident why we stated last week to pay attention to the process.  The memo is classified legislative work product of the legislative branch.  The legislative branch is asking the executive branch to declassify the memo.  When Devin Nunes invited FBI Director Christopher Wray to review the memo on Sunday night he was inviting the executive branch to preview the work-product prior to submission.

It would be ordinary for any minor executive-branch-requested adjustments to be made, prior to submission/approval for executive declassification.  That’s exactly what happened.

Minor adjustments were made at the request of the FBI Director prior to submission for declassification approval.   Majority Chairman Devin Nunes shared those adjustments with Minority Chair Adam Schiff.

Schiff tried, and failed, to make a political issue out of a simple process.

Additionally, Minority Chair Adam Schiff, along with most corporate media, are trying to present the intelligence community (DOJ/FBI) as a fourth branch of government.  As silly as it sounds, former DNI James Clapper attempted the same argument on Wednesday night during a CNN appearance.  They’re not.  All of the intelligence community resides under the executive branch and the Chief Executive is President Donald Trump.

The normal review for any declassification request is a review by the National Security Council, the Office of Legal Counsel (all depts); all impacted cabinet officials; all heads of potentially impacted national security departments (DOJ-NSD, FBI Counterintelligence, NSA, CIA, State, DoD etc.); along with the White House Chief-of-Staff (General Kelly).

That review complete, it’s now up to the Chief Executive, President Trump, to sign off and release.  This is the formal process, and this is the process that has been followed.

As much as the formal and appropriate process annoys Representative Adam Schiff, all of the correct procedures have been followed.  Additionally, the memo itself is not the biggest benefit to exposing the corruption.  The real goal will be reviewing the underlying documents and evidence that support the memo.  That’s phase two:

Beyond the obvious reasons, the political reason Adam Schiff is annoyed is that his party leadership is intent on selling a false narrative that President Trump is undermining the institutions of the Intelligence Community.  If people accurately review events against the backdrop of factual structures of government: Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, Executive Branch, the claims by Democrats toward “undermining institutions” fall flat.

A desire by the President to address needed structural reform resulting from revealed corruption within the Justice Department is no different than the desire by the President to reform a corrupt Veterans Affairs department.   Same/Same.  Both fall under the authority of the executive; both agency officials capable of gross misconduct.

The Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), Devin Nunes, (by position) is directly responsible to conduct oversight on the intelligence apparatus within the national security departments as they relate to potential FISA and FISC abuses.  As a Gang of Eight member, that specific aspect of oversight falls to the HPSCI Chairman.

The person directly above the HPSCI chairman in this regard is the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.  Devin Nunes has followed the correct procedure for notifying the chain-of-command of a violation based on his oversight findings.  Paul Ryan was notified.

Once the issue of intelligence abuse is identified via committee review, and with the House Speaker informed of the committee findings, the next step is to inform the head of the Executive Branch, that’s President Trump.

Now that President Trump has been notified of abuses within the intelligence apparatus, directly under the supervision of the executive, President Trump is compelled to take action to resolve those abuses.   In the matter of this specific FISA-702 abuse, solely as an outcome of the specific DOJ/FBI conduct, the office responsible for dealing with the misconduct is also the office victimized by the misconduct.

Thus we see the historic nature of corruption within what has taken place.  The intelligence apparatus of the United States Justice Department, via the DOJ and FBI was weaponized against the person running to hold executive authority over the United States Justice Department; and the misuse of the offices within the DOJ and FBI continued after the election – as the same officials sought to eliminate the person who holds ultimate accountability and authority over them.

The U.S. corporate media has been working overtime trying to cloud this structural reality by attempting to create, out of loincloth, some non-existent separation of authority between the Office of the President and the U.S. Justice Department.

The Executive Branch did not create the DOJ or FBI, the Legislative Branch did.  However, when the legislative branch created those entities – they placed them directly under the Executive Branch.  President Trump is the Chief Executive and he can reform any agency under his executive authority. Period.

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2,122 Responses to Today Should Be “Memo Release Day”…

  1. John Adams says:

    Its said that the pain of truth is easier to endure than the pain of dishonesty. The corrupt are hopefully on the cusp of discovering this.


  2. rich33y says:

    SD has a new thread up. Joint GOP press conference.

    Ryan states edits to the memo were done before it was voted on and sent to the White House.

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  3. Neural says:

    Be safe everyone. When the memo comes out, just before a big football weekend, etc, the globalists will be looking to distract from the contents of said memo. As Sundance has said, trillions are at stake.
    Carry if you can. Be cautions when going to areas where people congregate. All things we should be doing normally, but if this memo hits as hard as I hope it will, expect the FBI/CIA/Globalists/BlackHats to create a distraction that will allow the entire US media, national to local, to completely avoid talking about the memo for months.

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  4. John says:

    It is NOT A FISA MEMO according to what has long been revealed here. Yet that is how most everyone in print and radio media are referring to it.

    According to CTH supposition, the memo is probably more based on the PDBs and unmasking that Nunes saw in the Eisenhower SCIF. Maybe some dossier thrown in for extra sauce.

    I have heard exactly one caller on talk radio bring this up, everything else I see/hear is FISA MEMO!!!!!

    Well. We will see about that.

    On the other hand, if it is a FISA MEMO!! and unveils years of abuse by the FBI and DOJ to the public, maybe that is a good thing as well.

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    • Kaco says:

      Paul Ryan today said it was a memo about FISA abuse on American citizens.

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    • All I know is that like many a celebrity, the memo is BIG enough to not have a name and will always be known as simply “The Memo.”

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    • mashall says:

      Good Reminder…PDB and all the political operatives who had access to it and unmasking, (which implies wrongdoing on those “unmasked”) which actually was spying and violating Constitutional Rights.

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    • Agree with your post, John, it is SO much more than a FISA Memo! But worse, I’m hearing it called the Russia Memo with all the disparagement possible, leaning the low-infos toward a Trump-Russia scandalous relationship again… now Nunes is a Russian agent, with the Memo written by the Russians, etc. This dishonesty is predictable of course by any Tree-per.

      But the dangerous implications of unidentifiable FBI personnel dissing the memo — with no corrections forthcoming from Wray — this is what is very alarming and not at all what I expected!

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  5. So if Wray quits guess who would be acting Director…wait for


  6. Bill says:

    Judge Napolitano says Obama ordered FBI to exonerate Hillary Clinton.

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  7. Oldschool says:

    Few times in my life can I remember waiting in such anticipation, Santa, Geraldo opening Capones vault and the year two thousand.

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  8. mashall says:

    Confuscius say “Those who shake can of Pepsi-Cola flee before it is opened.”

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  9. Polish Rifle says:

    Wait until tomorrow morning to see if “The Memo” sees it’s shadow.

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  10. Mezzz says:

    Temper your expectations. There is almost no way the memo will be able to live up to the hype.

    It’s a solid step in the process that will take time. Most following these threads probably won’t learn anything new. It’s more to start opening eyes of non political people.


    • roadagent says:

      Agree. We should be patient. Rarely does an event like this offer explosive information. The underlying intelligence will be more interesting.


    • phoenixRising says:

      The release of the memo is like pulling the string on your sweater… it all unravels.

      Someone posted link to Dan Bogino’s show today… IT IS A MUST LISTEN if you really want to understand what is going on with the FBI trying to block the memo

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    • Yes, this will take time. My husband just shouted at the TV, “Release the @#$&*! Memo!”

      So, remember the Four-Step Sundance Timelime, it helps manage expectations… Treepers have to be the most informed and intuitive citizen-patriots, but it is human nature to get impatient. After all, we’re playing for all the marbles here in the year 2018. Historic!

      For sports fans… Devin Nunes (House Intelligence) is our lead off batter, his Memo expected at least a solid double. Next up are Chuck Grassley (Senate Judiciary) and Bob Goodlatte (House Judiciary), both strong and solid hitters. Our secret weapon, though, is Michael Horowitz (DOJ Inspector General), cleanup batter. A heavy hitter, underutilized until this season, Horowitz has a Grand Slam in his future! Also, remember Chuck is a wily veteran, and while he may have slowed a step, don’t be surprised to see him steal a base to advance the team. Our guys are street smart pros and know how to play the opposition, with its Home Team advantage, and Refs (MSM) that look away when they cheat!

      That’s where Treeper fans come in: we score the game, we cheer, we hold the Refs accountable. We know it’s a long game and may go into extra innings. But we stay the course! And we win and NEVER get tired of winning! Popcorn!

      (BTW, is Richard Burr (Senate Intelligence) is going to become a significant player?)

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  11. czarowniczy says:

    Seems Nancy Pelosi’s shot off a nastygram to Paul Ryan demanding Nunes be removed from the Intelligence Committee. I’m wondering if she’s miffed because she sees the memo as potentially effecting the Rats planned coup? Knowing her past increased public awareness of what’s going on in the shadows could kill her hubby’s chances for a potential and lucrative Federal contract to transport Conservatives to FEMA reeducation camps.

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  12. LBB says:

    Please pray for Nunes and his staff. MSNBC is doxing (by name) the staff and portraying them as wrong doers and vowing to have more tomorrow on at least one of them. Real mob tactics.

    MSM marching everyone they have on deck & woodwork up to the microphones, spewing whatever they care to say.

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    • phoenixRising says:

      That’s why Republican Congress critters who voted to release the memo, and their families are safely in Retreat (bunkers with Marine Corps guards) – they have rec’d threats. Well, just look at the train wreck. Fortunately the train was followed by a helicopter and a drone. They signaled to the engineer to slow down, else there would have been many deaths.

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  13. Lindenlee says:

    I hope and pray that there will be wholesale blitzkrieg arrests and imprisonment immediately after that. Instill uncontrollable fear into the wrongdoers.


  14. churchmouse says:


    News possibly implicating AS (Feb 1). I have posted Q’s and related messages three times already and will not post them further. More information follows.

    Please remove any * before copying and pasting.

    It’s late where I am, so anyone interested will need to visit — and read — the links below thoroughly:

    1/ Q’s page is now back: (please read Feb 1 messages, which I have posted previously on this site)

    2More on Q’s and 8chans comments:


    Q’s message references ‘GM’. More here (‘weho’ stands for West Hollywood, AS’s district):

    * (Aug 14 2017)

    Note the photo of AS at the link provided. Perhaps innocent. Who knows?

    Excerpts follow (much more at the link, including photos of EB, referenced below):

    ‘In the week since news outlets across the globe picked up a story WEHO TIMES broke last Monday about the death of a 26-year-old Texas youth at the home of a politically influential West Hollywood resident, a disturbing picture began emerging of a man who evidence suggests is equally comfortable mingling among America’s uppermost-echelon citizenry, as he is rattling the nerves of sex workers by way of alleged coercion, heaps of cash, piles of illicit drugs and allegedly involuntary injections of methamphetamine.

    ‘A growing mountain of evidence obtained by WEHO TIMES —including multiple eyewitness accounts, smartphone images, background interviews, on-the-record interviews, court documents, hospital bills and text messages—reveal a pattern that depicts a well heeled politico named Ed Buck as a man with a history of allegations that he pays young, good-looking African American men anywhere from $500-$3500 to inject, smoke and otherwise ingest potentially fatal doses of crystal methamphetamine and GHB during allegedly paid sexual encounters.

    ‘But the sex takes a back seat to Buck’s alleged primary fetish, according to several sources, who say his first interest is getting young, black men to take dangerously large doses of street drugs …’

    3/ Possible AS involvement in trafficking source: * (a Q reference/interpretation site)

    ‘GM’ could refer to ‘[G]emmel [M]oore was the victim and the article contains a picture of [A]dam [S]chiff with two other men: Ed Buck, at whose house Gemmel Moore was found and California Dem. Party Chair Eric C. Baum.’

    Quote from aforementioned CBTS link:

    ‘Ed Buck was a top Democratic party donor, donating at all levels of government. He also lead the impeachment of Az Governer Mecham. Ed Buck was accussed of bringing young black men back to his house and having them take large doses of drugs, the more they took the more he paid them. This is what caused Moore’s death.

    ‘Eric C. Baum is gay. Normally that doesn’t matter, but in the context of above, that should raise some eyebrows.

    ‘So what do you think Buck, Baum, and Schiff are talking about in that picture?’

    Commenters on the post went on to say that certain people alleged to be involved include people who want to impeach the President. Those names have been made public already.

    4/ This could link into the mysterious helicopter crash of Jan. 31 in California (details in the photo link provided):

    * (the last part of the box explains how the owner of the hotels involved made his money — more about the hotels below)

    More here (again, remove * before copying and pasting):


    5/ The Standard Hotels are thought to be involved. The one in West Hollywood is allegedly in Schiff’s district:


    More here:


    6/ Here’s a picture of GM, the alleged victim (Aug 17, 2017):


    7/ Hotel owner shown in the following tweet:


    Recall Q from December 2017 (also reference point 4 above for the last part of Q’s message):

    ‘Dec 11 2017 04:29:56
    Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: be6798
    Blunt & Direct Time.
    Adam Schiff is a traitor to our country.
    NAT SEC.
    Tick Tock.
    Hope the $7.8mm was worth it.
    Enjoy the show.

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  15. My sense is that President Trump will not release the memo until after the markets close for the weekend tomorrow afternoon.


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