Trey Gowdy Announces He Will Not Seek Reelection…

Six months ago Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC, CD4) accepted the Chairmanship of the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (aka. the Scheme and Graft committee), after former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, retired.  Today he announces his intent to retire from congress and enter the ‘justice department’.

There is a possibility Mr. Gowdy may be a candidate for a judgeship, something his close friend Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., has pushed for.  Another possibility is that President Trump has not yet nominated a U.S. attorney for South Carolina; the South Carolina federal prosecutor’s office awaits a permanent leader.

There are 93 U.S. attorneys in districts around the country.  Each attorney tasked with handling high-profile federal crimes, terrorism, drug trafficking, illegal immigration and public corruption.  President Trump put forward 58 nominations for U.S. attorney, 46 of those were previously confirmed by the Senate.

Senator Tim Scott issued a statement shortly after Gowdy went public thanking his fellow South Carolinian not only for his congressional service but for his friendship. The two lawmakers wrote a book together, which comes out in April, entitled “Unified: How Our Unlikely Friendship Gives Us Hope for a Divided Country.”

“I want to thank Trey not just for his service to the Upstate, or his love for South Carolina, or his commitment to justice and the truth, but for being the honest, good hearted man I know he is and will continue to be. He has always put the people of Greenville-Spartanburg first, despite his Congressional responsibilities grabbing so many national headlines,” Scott said in a statement. (SC Post)

Congressman Gowdy will exit at the end of this year. The 4th Congressional District, covering parts of Greenville and Spartanburg, counties is a strong Republican district.

The Rubio-wing of the GOPe responds.


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350 Responses to Trey Gowdy Announces He Will Not Seek Reelection…

  1. TheUnknownPatriot says:

    My initial thought when I read this was that the timing is interesting. We are about to have a lot of huge corruption cases against certain FBI/DOJ officials and Trey Gowdy will be going back in the justice system when that is happening. He’s a prosecutor, not a politiician. He was a damn good prosecutor too.


  2. jello333 says:

    “There is a time to come and a time to go.”

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m just glad Trey didn’t start singing “Turn Turn Turn”.


  3. 4sure says:

    Good riddance,Trey. Now, if only Lindsay, Scott, and all the rest of the uniparty SC swamp congress critters would join you.


  4. Eilert says:

    Trey Gowdy was black mailed by Deep State and is now freed and protected by the White Hats. There are more – Cue: “USA!” Chant – Trump’s SOTU

    Train wreck was last attempt by the Deep State.

    His new job will be ‘Special Prosecutor’ against the Deep State.


    • Mal says:

      You still don’t get it do you!


      • Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

        “Getting it” depends on if you believe “Q” is real or not. To wit:

        Jan 31 2018 21:42:36
        Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: c3f516
        Effective yesterday, while standing under the statue of FREEDOM, POTUS FREED those ‘good’ people who are currently being blackmailed, threatened and enslaved.
        Those who stood chanting “USA” were FREED.
        The shot heard around the world.
        WE, THE PEOPLE.
        FREEDOM DAY.

        If Q is real (I’m on the fence about it), “TG” (Trey Gowdy) is now/about to be free of whatever hold the deep state had on him as Team Trump crushes the Black Hats, starting with the release of the Memo on “Freedom Day”, which is today, Feb. 1st.


    • phoenixRising says:

      “Train wreck was last attempt by the Deep State.”

      Correction: Q said there will be more FFs


  5. moe ham head says:

    so long swamp rooster


  6. zucccchini says:

    He is headed to the Supreme Court as soon as a slot opens.


    • William E Davis says:

      He will need some time on the federal bench before he can be considered a serious candidate for SCOTUS…perhaps POTUS last Supreme Court nominee in say 2024!


    • Ronnie says:

      Gowdy has never indicated any desire to go up the political ladder. Everyone who knows him says he longed to return to his hometown back in SC. The politics he saw during the Obama Administration must have been the last nail in the coffin. Swamps stink badly.


  7. Patriot Lady says:

    That’s the problem with these Congressional plantar warts -you never really get rid of them. They just get
    shuffled into another position– consultant, lobbyist, judge, etc…..
    Athlete’s foot and poison ivy is easier to illuminate.


  8. Lakshmi Ma says:

    He is on the run because he is part of the deep state.


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