President Trump Holds Bilateral Meeting With Prime Minister Netanyahu at Davos…

For the first time since announcing the intent to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, President Trump and his friend Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The global dynamic of those who align with genuine freedom, led by President Trump, and those who stand against freedom is very visible in these summits.  There’s a stunning amount of geopolitical leverage carried by those who have a true-North compass heading.


President Trump doesn’t hold back in speaking directly, genuinely and with a brutal honesty all parties can appreciate. Even those who are adverse to the U.S. interests respect hearing straight talk.  President Trump tells the Palestinian Authority directly any U.S. financial assistance will stop if they refuse to enter peace talks.

WHITE HOUSE: President Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel met today in Davos, Switzerland to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel.

The President underscored the unwavering commitment of the United States to Israel, including its security and the continuing growth of its economy. The two leaders reviewed their ongoing cooperation across a range of issues and stressed their goal of countering Iran’s malign influence and threatening behavior in the region. They also discussed prospects for achieving an enduring Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. (LINK)

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105 Responses to President Trump Holds Bilateral Meeting With Prime Minister Netanyahu at Davos…

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Just love how POTUS “steeples” with his hands! Excellent body language! We never saw any of that from #44!

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  2. nigella says:

    Two true World leaders

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  3. MaineCoon says:

    These two really LIKE each other. Remember the disdain Bibi had for the ladies-bike-rider-pretend prez?

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  4. fleporeblog says:

    This was absolutely fantastic! The love between these two men is so apparent. Bibi said that the people of Israel will be forever thankful to our President for generations to come. Our President stated that he was shocked that previous administrations never considered stopping the millions that are given to the Palestinians. He made it clear as day that they won’t get another dime if they are not willing to negotiate. You can tell our President was pissed off about the Palestinian leadership refusing to meet with VP Pence.

    Our President also had to let Bibi know that he gave him a big nugget with rightfully recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. He even said that he would expect Bibi to give in to certain requests from our President if negotiations kick in again.

    What our President has done in the ME is absolutely remarkable in his first year. The GCC is stronger than ever before. Terrorist organizations have had a majority of their funding turned off. Iran is on the cusp of having the Mullahs overthrowned. Palestine has to take meeting with John Kerry who has absolutely nothing to offer other than false promises of our President no longer being around after this year. Syria and Iraq completely cleared of ISIS in their countries. Pakistan put on complete notice and all funding cutoff. The war in Afghanistan is starting to be won since our President changed the rules of engagement. Saudi Arabia allowing women to drive and attend sporting events. Arresting criminals within their own rank.

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  5. sundance says:

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  6. joninmd22 says:

    And remember either of the Bush’s could have moved the embassy and kicked the Palestinians to the curb at any time during theior Administrations.

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  7. MaineCoon says:

    It was entertaining to watch Bibi as he looked like he wanted to burst out laughing as he watche POTUS slam dunk the Palestinians! He is really enjoying himself. After 70 years, Israel deserves RESPECT!

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    • Sunshine says:

      Abbas just bought himself his own private plane. Price tag: $50 Million.
      Netanyahu doesn’t have a private plane.
      So, next time, when you hear the Palestinians are starving, think about Abbas.

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      • Lucille says:

        And his private Swiss bank accounts full of U. S. cash. It’s a long tradition with the “Palestinians” to mouth platitudes and issue vengeance declarations and live like kings while the people live like the dupes they are.

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        • kroesus says:

          Arafat’s wife had control of $3B in stolen funds after his death……I believe Abbas and his minions worked out a deal leaving her with $200+M and the PA got control of the rest


  8. Hutzpa says:

    Love our President Trump more every day!! Keep winning Mr. President!!

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  9. ForGodandCountry says:

    Two giants meet. And Bibi says (on the news of Trump’s decision to move US embassy to Jerusalem):

    “This is a historic decision that will be forever etched upon the heart’s of our people, for generations to come.”

    Remember this historic moment?


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  10. rvsueandcrew says:

    PM Netanyahu has a way of speaking — I guess it’s his tone — that matches the sincerity that President Trump conveys to those willing to hear it. I was touched by the emotion behind the prime minister’s words and it was fun watching his face while our great President established the rules for peace negotiation.

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  11. EbonyRapror says:

    The old saying “I never thought I’d live to see the day” has come to mind so many times over the past year and did again today when I watch a couple clips of President Trump answering questions at the presser with him an Bibi. I never thought I’d see an American president be so straight forward and say what needs to be said. I love that – best president in my lifetime and I was a very big fan of the Gipper. He makes me proud to be an American because with his leadership America is something to be proud of again.

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    • I suppose all of us informed and rational citizens of Normalville have that same fulfilling thought of appreciation for what is happening before our very eyes. We never could imagine this happening as recent as 3 years ago.
      I don’t want this MAGA Trump Train ride to ever end!

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    • Becky Pacey says:

      Ebony Rapror I do not know why you do not have 1 million likes to what you wrote. I ditto it in every way.

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  12. Each day I grow more appreciative to be witness to the restoration of this great nation my one man. His victory becomes even more extraordinary as we learn about the magnitude of our country’s seditious adversaries. There isn’t enough combined creativity in Hollyweird to write this novel.

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  13. jakee308 says:

    The more President Trump wins and is respected and applauded by those that count in the world, the greater he becomes armored against any shenanigans Mueller and/or the Deep State could dream up. We will not see them destroy this man, our leader with gossip and lies. I for one will go to DC if the attempt is made to show my anger and disgust at the state of affairs in our Capitol.

    And if enough people do that they will HAVE to back off. Hopefully they will see in advance the futility of doing anything illegal or unfair.

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    • copperchief says:

      You can count on me as well! I will not allow my duly elected leader to be overthrown by a cabal of treasonous serpents!


      • vladdy says:

        Esp. if it is tried through impeachment. An “investigation” is bad enough, but if congress tries to drag him through the mud in the capital building, people will rightfully demand it stop.


  14. MaineCoon says:

    Speaking of #WEF18, Bibi & Trump were the manly leaders present, as opposed to the below goody two shoes…

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  15. AM says:

    “Even those who are adverse to the U.S. interests respect hearing straight talk. President Trump tells the Palestinian Authority directly any U.S. financial assistance will stop if they refuse to enter peace talks.” It’s got to me so much easier to deal with people, even if you disagree with them, whose motivations are at least straightforward and open. The globalism mindset is highly narcissistic and has a bad habit of being both flakey/inconsistent and wanting to address issues that are counterproductive to the main problem.

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    • Bach says:

      Even when you hold all the cards, you have to play them or you still lose. The US holds all the cards. It’s been a long long time since we had a president who knew how to play them.

      The arabs had their spring. Countries around the world have had their ‘color’ revolutions. After a long spell of traitors and globalists, this is our Orange revolution, an American spring, fueled by deplorables: normal people doing normal things; wanting only the best for their families, communities and Country,


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  16. MIKE says:

    So proud to have the Lion enter the globalists’ den. Red, White, and M-Effin’ Blue. No limp wiggly wrists, no panty-waist metrosexual skinny jeans, effeminate handshakes, and cowardly bow-downs.
    No embarrassing capitulations, to save the planet, the children, whatever.
    Just, “America is open for business. Who wants success?” Step Right up. My president is gonna ‘strut like a cock, until he’s 99.’
    I am proud to be an American again. Thank you DJT.

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  17. parteagirl says:

    I went back and watched a body language expert from the primaries say that Trump’s “almost clapping” hand motions signal out-of-the-box, creative thinking. He does it here, too.

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  18. MVW says:

    Trump is top of world class, not world class, Top of World Class. Let Kerry advise the Palestinians, but I doubt they will listen to a known world class loser.

    For muzzies money and power is the only thing that talks, muzzies have no respect for the weak and for losers. It has been true for 1400 years, you better not lose to the muzzies or slavery, death, or worse is your fate. Bank on it. And watch your wallet, women, children. Remember Taqqiya.

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  19. MaineCoon says:

    POTUS working for his country at Davos.

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  20. MaineCoon says:

    POTUS beimg the leader he is at Davos.

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  21. Hutzpa says:

    The funniest video of President Trump’s arrival at Davos!! He trolls like no other!!

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  22. trumptyear says:

    The former President shows how to deal with threatening behavior ….

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  23. When President Trump appears the room, hall, stairway entrance stops. Stunning, amazed and watching a President of Presidents, a man above men, a true world leader and hero bring a hush to all present. They all want to see the Lion. One can sense this electricity of aura in every scene. Wow!

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  24. JuiceMan_V says:

    Trump is the man(so is Bibi)!

    Trump knows that money talks at the end of the day and he’s using that leverage beautifully.

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    • yucki says:

      Money and a sense of direction. Toward what’s RIGHT.
      Pile money on rancid lies, it still stinks. Shovel pallets of cash on ayatollahs, you may as well stoke the fires of hell.
      Our President is generous to a fault, but NEVER a patsy. There are limits: curse him and his family? See ya later, pal…waaay later…

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  25. MaineCoon says:

    Elain Chao forthrightly stands up for POTUS Trump and the USA. Well said.

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  26. MaineCoon says:

    Really wish POTUS Trump’s Davos speech will be live streamed.

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  27. MaineCoon says:

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  28. roccoboy1 says:

    “President Trump tells the Palestinian Authority directly any U.S. financial assistance will stop if they refuse to enter peace talks.”

    I love this!!. This is what pragmatism looks like. No one ever considered this before?? Instead we get high level “statesmen” doing “shuttle diplomacy for 60 years with nothing to show for it except Yasir Arafat’s widow living on the embezzled millions in Paris and Abbas reportedly just now purchasing a 50 million dollar airplane. If you cut off the funds then keeping the people as perpetual victims in order to line your own pockets may not seem like the best option any more.,

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  29. Donna in Oregon says:

    President Trump lights up the whole place. He just shines, like a brilliant diamond among stones.
    POTUS is in his element. Rock Star extraordinaire standing in the spotlight.

    So proud. MAGA.

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  30. Newt Love says:

    Carter, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Obama, all paid the Palestinians huge bucks, and never got peace, even though they tried. Carter really tried.

    Einstein said that insanity is repeating an experiment and expecting different results.

    President Donald J Trump unraveled the Gordian Knot, like Alexander the Great, by slicing through it. President Trump realized that if he repeated the steps of his predecessors, he would get the same results.

    1. Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. (Eliminates that question.)
    2. Cut a lot of the US payments to Palestine, and threaten to cut the completely off, unless they negotiate for real.

    It may be brilliant, but it is at least common sense.
    About time that somebody tried it.

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    • Newt Love says:

      Another great quote from a true leader:
      “… Never let the press pick your starting quarterback.”
      — Dan Reeves, legendary Head Coach of the WINNING Denver Broncos

      Trump laughs at the press, and never lets them sway his opinions of what actions to take.

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  31. WFO says:

    Israel, the real boss of the US. They can wag the dog like no one else. AIPAC, the America first lobby. Eyeroll.


    • Lucille says:

      It must be real sad being you, WFO.

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      • WFO says:

        Not sad at all, Lucille. The Synagogue of Satan causes much sadness to those that don’t know – I’m not one of them.
        Chabad Lubavitch supremacist “movement” is something every “goy” should know about, and what they have in store for them. It’s not pretty. Here’s what Woodrow Wilson, the President who signed the Federal Reserve Act, and sold out the county, had to say about them.
        “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”
        Woodrow Wilson
        (1856-1924) 28th US President
        Source:In his book entitled The New Freedom (1913)


        • davideisenstadt says:

          Wison lied the US into WW1, attempted to have the leader of the suffragist movement declared insane and involuntarily committed, spied on the press, hosted a screening of “Birth Of Nation” at the WH, and resegregated the army.

          He was a great guy, if you like despots….


    • thinkthinkthink says:

      sheesh #wormtongue


  32. yucki says:

    Mullah is foaming at the mouth over these developments.

    Mullah demands death to protestors


  33. Lucille says:

    Our President’s pick of a V.P. has done beautifully these last days…Short but very fine vid The White House released today….
    Vice President Pence in the Middle East

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  34. Benson II says:

    Bibi’s body language during Trump’s remarks was really great. I thought Bibi was going to stand up and cheer several times about what Trump was saying. One of the first statements Trump made Bibi was actually shocked followed by a big smile after that as president Trump continued he smiled even more.

    The murdering Palestinians have been warned let’s see what they do?


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