U.S. Intelligence Apparatus Fears Losing FISA-702 Surveillance Authority, DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr Testimony Postponed…

Dear Mr. Nunes, we get it.. we really do get it. We understand why; but don’t listen to those voices. Please stop underestimating the intellectual capacity of the average American to understand how the FISA-702 intelligence surveillance system was corrupted, and yet remain cognizant that much of the system is vital and necessary.

Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Intelligence doesn’t weaponize itself; people weaponize intelligence.

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) has delayed the testimony of DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr, likely reflecting a desperate need to keep the unlawful use of FISA-702 surveillance in 2015/2016 under wraps until FISA can be reauthorized.

The Senate FISA-702 re-authorization went through a wave flux and concern today after it appeared to fall short of the necessary votes in the Senate. FISA-702 supporters barely made it through the cloture vote.

The the hot-button issue is FISA-702 surveillance on Americans.   The FBI and DOJ have used FISA-702 to conduct surveillance on political opposition.  This is not a question of if they did it, the FISA court has provided evidence that IT DID HAPPEN:


In the larger context any congressional testimony from the participants in the use of FISA-702 to spy on political opposition is now a threat to the ability of congress to pass legislation authorizing it to continue.

After discovering the unlawful use of FISA surveillance, President Trump and NSA Director Mike Rogers stopped allowing the intelligence community to use FISA-702(17) “About Queries”.  However, FISA-702(16) “To and From” queries are still authorized.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has proposed a series of legislative and oversight changes in an attempt to structure the FISA-702 surveillance system so that it cannot again be weaponized for political use.

However, everyone who has studied and researched the events of 2016 understands that if the larger American electorate were to see the scale and scope of the scandal, it is highly doubtful the intelligence agencies would be permitted to continue FISA-702 use.

Chairman Nunes is trying to avoid having DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr testify until FISA-702 surveillance has been re-authorized.  It is highly likely Ohr was one of the DOJ participants at the center of the weaponization of intelligence.

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419 Responses to U.S. Intelligence Apparatus Fears Losing FISA-702 Surveillance Authority, DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr Testimony Postponed…

  1. Jimbo says:

    I have often wondered if a liberal (community organizer based or planned) attack on a surveillance state would include intention misuse to blow up such a system

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    • scott467 says:

      Liberals are fascists (among other things). ‘Liberal’ is just a label, it doesn’t mean anything, but you can recognize what they really are by what they do, i.e., by their fruits you shall know them.

      A surveillance state is created by fascists. So being fascists, they would never attack the surveillance state. It is their primary tool for oppression.

      Think about how ‘liberals’ have chosen to define themselves. This is far from exhaustive, but at a minimum, the Left has become the God-hating, America-hating, Constitution-hating, baby-murder loving Party of Sodom & Gomorrah.

      The Left hates Christianity.

      The Left hates America.

      The Left hates the Constitution.

      The Left has made abortion a religious ritual, like passing children through the fire to Moloch.

      And if their is a kind or type of sexual deviance which the Left does not enthusiastically glorify, promote and support, what would that be?

      Is there any sin which the Left does not take pleasure in and promote?

      What is evil?

      If the Left is not the personification of evil, then what would the personification of evil look like, how would it be different from what the Left is?

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      • digleigh says:

        Saul Alinsky ( Rules for Radicals==the Leftist Bible) says…”..acknowledgement to…..the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at LEAST won his own kingdom-LUCIFER.(In the front of the book) . Unfortunately,NOW, the progressives are the “establishment” along with the GOPe progressive brigades!Remember who they follow..Hillary met this man multiple times, wrote her thesis on him, and Obama employed his community organizing along with a multitude of Soros groups! Alinsky worked closely with Herb March (Head of Communist Party in Back of the Yards) pg. 81″Spreading the Wealth” Mike Kruglik (GAMALIEL fOUNDATION AND SPINOFF BUILDING ONE AMERICA) etc… REGIONALISM( part of agenda 21 putting more power into fewer hands) and the Sustainable Communities Initiatives….(The ultimate aim is to use these newly empowered metropolitian supergovernments to impose REGIONAL TAX Base Sharing on the Suburbs (Pg. 33).GOALS :: Redistribute suburban money to the cities–Force middle class surbubanites back to the city, and Force the urban poor out into the suburbs…..(pg. 39)…THESE CENTRAL PLANNERS WANT TO control your water, electricity ( smart meters), your mileage (global taxation) , PROPERTY(through land use planning,taxation, and control/ICLEI, etc..)and now use NSA to spy (according to some reports) and have dossiers on all citizens!! BIG BROTHER LUCIFER is here already…”.even now,there are many anti-Christs…”.(I John 2:18)

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      • Alligator Gar says:

        You really struck a chord with me on the “sexual perversion” paragraph. In the DSM, all SEXUAL misconduct and kinkiness is a-ok, not in there. However, those gifted by God with chastity are still in there as in need of mental help. Asexuality is not a disease, it is a gift.

        The “mental health” community’s “bible’s” demonization of those who do not want to have any sex is, to me, enough to show where this is going. Look at how much the public listens to these fraudster “shrinks” and believes their classifications of “mental health.” Chastity is now considered a mental disease.

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        • All American Snowflake says:

          Chastity has been mocked by the liberal media and HollyWeinstein for as long as I can remember. They have worked 24/7 to make sexual promiscuity and/or deviancy the norm not only in movies as well as in American culture.

          These hypocrites (*The word hypocrite ultimately came into English from the Greek word hypokrites, which means “an actor” or “a stage player.” … refer[s] to someone who pretends to be morally good or pious in order to deceive others.”), hypocrites such as Oprah Windfrey, Meryl Streep, #MeToo just didn’t know about the sexual predators of Hollywood; or if they did know they were too afraid to say anything.

          And guess what, now we get to watch their little ones parading around in pussy-hats (I see that all the time): sexualizing three- and four-year olds. Next the hypocrites of HollyWeinstein will attempt to normalize child porn. That’s what we are up against.


  2. ZurichMike says:

    Or is it delayed because Bruce is cutting a deal? Note weird message from Sally Yates in this thread:

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    • KBR says:

      I clicked and I despise going to Twit anymore. And there were many many comments. And I did not see one from Yates.

      Couldn’t you just quote it?


    • wheatietoo says:

      I hope he is cutting a deal and ratting out everyone.

      Her tweet could be taken different ways…but it could be a threat to her co-conspirators to ‘keep your mouths shut’.

      Imperator_Rex thinks that they are probably unable to talk to each other now, for being under surveillance.
      And that’s why Comey and Yates are using these cryptic tweets to communicate.

      But there are always ‘oldschool’ ways of getting messages to people, non-electronic messages…but then these people may be too dense to know this.

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      • ZurichMike says:

        Which KBR could have figured out (and read the entire 5 tweet thread) by clicking *once* on what I had posted and scrolling through a very short tweet thread. I am so tired of having to spoon-feed people information.

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      • Brian says:

        “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

        Ah, so it’s a perversion of MLK Jr’s quote. Telling any co-conspirators to shut up.

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      • DD More says:

        Wheatie – “Imperator_Rex thinks that they are probably unable to talk to each other now”.

        Might be that the Old Gang are just now realizing how this line now effects them.
        The FBI and DOJ have used FISA-702 to conduct surveillance on political opposition.
        Just Who is Now the Political Opposition?

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  3. giveadamn says:

    oh, the irony is so sweet: the congress critters that wantingly voted for the unconstitutional patriot act back in 2001 never thought it would be used against them; they were the elite, the untouchables. but, those same surveillance provisions were and are being used to blackmail them (that’s how obama got every fricking thing he wanted). time to take this corrupt and dysfunctional government down to the studs.

    “our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people”. it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    – John Adams

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  4. gda says:

    I am certain that this legislation has the full backing of PDJT. Considering that HE was the one who was THE most negatively affected by the misuse of the previous version of this legislation, be very certain that he feels the absolute necessity that this passes in order to keep us safe, despite the dangers that it may be misused again.

    I can understand people having problems with this. The POTUS has to balance that possibility with his responsibility to keep the entire nation safe.

    I’m not going to doubt him here.

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  5. CleanhouseinDC says:

    Sure does feel like the coverup continues. Wonder if Bruce Ohr will ever speak to Congress, or anyone else for that matter. If they are afraid to show We The People the truth of what they did under the 702, and are approving it without putting in safeguards to ensure t doesn’t happen again, then they are not doing their job, working for their constituents.

    Sure will be interesting to see if anyone ever is held accountable for this, though seems doubtful. They are all in on the collusion.


  6. cbjoasurf says:

    As long as these buttholes in the S__THOLE Deep State are out there on the limb with the SAW in hand, and, using it to dig the hole deeper it’s to the Presidents benefit to expose the corruption. We all know now that the President is squeaky clean or they would have moved against him. The White Hats are ready now to flush the TOILET in Washington, District of Corruption, Collusion, and Criminality at a moments notice! Crossing T’s & Dotting I’s is in progress and I would imagine that the tailors and seamstresses are busily making the orange jumpsuits for the soon to be inductees into a “Hall Of Shame” (Federal Prison System) near you!

    God Bless and Protect OUR President Donald J. Trump

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  7. Maquis says:

    Is jt possible that some of these Senators are “resisting” reauthorizing 702 in order to appear on the side of the angels? How many Dirty Dems have been part of this scheme? Besides all of them?


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    • scarlettbr says:

      Dems not wanting to authorize a law they weaponized and used against a political opponent, is fear it will be used against them. Once the genie is out of the bottle, how do you put it back in?


  8. Publius2016 says:

    End the witchhunt and get to work…so much UNIPARTY Deep State mechanisms…there are few moments of perfect opportunities…OPTIMAL YES!


  9. digleigh says:

    It does not matter, as Ohr would probably be saying a lot of ,”I don’t recall(s).” , and/or pleading of the fifth anyway……


  10. churchmouse says:

    I’ve put my comment below in bold to emphasise the importance:

    To everyone commenting on CTH — have you seen the film Snowden?

    Based on all of the comments on this thread, everyone would be glued to the screen. The film, which Oliver Stone made with Snowden’s help, confirms everything written here. In one sequence, we are shown how connections are made from say, a crooked ME banker in Switzerland all the way through to a hairdresser in Tennessee (who has no idea who the man is). I kid you not. Multiply that scenario by infinity. The whole world lit up on this one spy’s screen.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      The technology is now even more pervasive…computing power doubles every 18 to 24 months

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      • Publius2016 says:

        Go see “Blowout” or “Parallax View” or “The Conversation” and of course, 3 Days of the Condor


      • churchmouse says:


        That said, to see it — regardless of computing power — really drives the message home.

        The film also shows how queries are done. One of these caused the daughter of (another crooked) banker in Geneva to commit suicide. Her boyfriend was in Switzerland illegally and under a false name. The banker said to Snowden, whom he thought was a day trader, ‘You know, some very strange things have happened since I met you the other week.’

        I will be watching it again at some point. It’s too instructive to miss.


    • d2i says:

      Or watch ‘The Good American’ featuring Bill Binney. It tells the back story of how the current iteration of surveillance technology, Thin Thread, used to hoover up our metadata was purposely pursued by Hayden, Rummie and company so as to fatten the pocketbooks of military contractors.

      Binney built a surveillance tool and put a team in place with little to no cost to the budget that also built in 4th Amendment protections, but as always in the swamp, the appointees rejected the tool in favor of ensuring billions upon billions were spent to enrich their soon to be employers.

      They should scrap the entire edifice and simplify. It surely would reduce costs significantly while insuring our intel talent is focused solely on national security threats.

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  11. youme says:

    2nd delay?
    December 18, 2017: Testimony of DOJ official with ties to Fusion GPS pushed back

    Bruce and his attorney working out a plea deal right now


  12. digleigh says:

    I had a lengthy post go away, as I clicked post.. Maybe took too long? Well, I will just hit the high spots as it was several paragraphs and lots of thought….. Alinsky front page, “..acknowledgement to..the first radicla known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively the he at least won his own kingdom -LUCIFER.. This is Hillary’s friend, and buddy Saul Alinsky who she wrote her thesis.. Obama community organized with the likes of Mike Kruglik, Gamaliel , and Building One america.. REGIONALISM= more power into fewer hands(Agenda 21), and Spreading the Wealth ( is a nice read for seeing the plans) They want to control water, land use, electricity, and your property ( through land use planning, taxation, and social engineering) NSA(according to some reports ) have dossiers on every citizen..LUCIFER ( big brother) is already here….. 1 John 2:18 “..even now there are MANY anti-Christs!!” Unfortunately, now the ESTABLISHMENT is the far left in collusion with GOPe ( ALL PROGRESSIVES)


  13. G. Combs says:

    813.52Ran says:
    “Perhaps it’s time to start creating a detailed map with the home and work addresses of all higher-up government employees….”

    You did not go far enough.
    Include the Yellow Stream Media AND the CEOs and Board of Directors of the Financial Institutions that CONTROL the International Corporate cartels!!!

    The Network of Global Corporate Control

    This lists The Top 50 Control Holders

    WHOSE, WHO, the actual people.
    Financial Core of the Transnational Corporate Class

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  14. C4T says:

    Mixed messages on here in regards to justice. Will the hammer fall on anyone?


  15. SafetyGuy says:

    Mr. Ohr, if I were you, I’d be screaming to the media on a daily basis that “I AM NOT SUICIDAL”.


  16. Johnny says:

    We have no freedom when our government and any tech company out there can track you, build data bases on you for sale to the highest bidder. I do not want anymore of ” Let the government watch out for you”.

    End it all. If we have terrorist here and they attack, then let the people deal with the slime. I promise you the American people can clean it up quicker than the government can any day.

    All the agencies do is grow and grow. Ever year they need more money to spy on us more and more, just for control.

    I can take care of my family and I just fine.


  17. I just called Congressman Nunes’ office to express my unhappiness with this decision. Only got answering machine…experiencing high volume of calls. I left a message and my phone number. Please call him: Main: (202) 225-2523


  18. packysite says:

    Absolutely No deals for any and all treasonous and seditious acts. Drain each swamp completely, cleaning every department, house and senate and every agency. Maybe we can save enough operating honestly and efficiently to warrant the end to all income taxes.

    Sent from my iPhone


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  19. Brian says:

    “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Intelligence doesn’t weaponize itself; people weaponize intelligence.”

    Exactly. Accordingly you must hold individuals responsible. If you commit murder with a gun then you go to jail. If you weaponize intelligence then you go to jail.


  20. eric says:

    government ruins everything it touches.
    just grows in the dark and feeds on garbage…just like mold.


  21. ssarizona says:

    FISA must not be reauthorized until the defects that allowed this abuse of our 4th Amendment rights are corrected and the people who abused it are convicted. Reauthorizing FISA is like giving a loaded gun to a man who is actively assaulting you.

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  22. litenmaus says:

    Smoke Talker & Former NSA Attorney Susan Hennessey has been making the rounds again – Jan 11th she was on NPR promoting the reauthorization of 702Fisa…..well, heck, why wouldn’t she’s a Hillary girl…sent her $$$ to Hillary’s Victory Fund….

    “What does it enable intelligence agencies to do that they couldn’t otherwise do?”

    Susan Hennessey:

    “So, while it’s all foreign-focused and directed at foreigners, it allows them to serve legal process on U.S. companies. So communications that are taking place between individuals abroad might transit U.S. infrastructure.

    And so this allows the United States government to go to those companies within the United States and obtain those communications.”

    (Susy was involved with the .’Terrorist has Apple phone – locked / FBI needs terrorist phone – unlocked…oh my whatever shall we do narrative….


    “And the opponents are worried, understandably, that there is going to be some information shared that shouldn’t be, that really isn’t a part of any international intelligence, or shouldn’t be part of any intelligence-gathering.”

    Susan Hennessey:

    “Right, so really their fundamental concern is that this information was collected without a warrant in a very specific context, a context related to foreign intelligence.

    So, what they are concerned with is, that if that justification doesn’t follow through all the way to the end, that might allow law enforcement to look at otherwise protected communications for regular criminal prosecution purposes, and without ever getting that warrant, and that that is not appropriate or acceptable under the Fourth Amendment.”

    And just before the segment ends, little Susy has to deliver another message from Hillary….
    “…. so this was extraordinarily delicate sort of politics and the president’s sort of bull in a china shop mere hours before the floor vote.”


  23. thinkthinkthink says:

    The amendments to keep this from being used for entrapment of American citizens MUST get in the final bill! (Entrapment by the FBI in the example given by the Senator yesterday.)


  24. James W Crawford says:

    I reiterate my point from yesterday.
    Congress and POTUS need to eliminate this survelance program. The risk to our freedom overhadows the dubious ability to thwart terrorism. If some Jihadists do deliver a nuke to American city, people who voted for Obama and Clinton will be the vast majority of the victims.

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    • Howie says:

      They should have to show valid probable cause by sworn affidavit and get a real warrant from a real judge. Period.


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      The problem is politics. We have these old politicians that have been in Washington DC for decades. Whether the electorate did it or the Swamp controls the voting they need to go.

      We should not have to wait for them to die to get rid of them. That’s like having royalty….. Everyone is waiting to see if McCain drops dead so we can finally be done with him and his RINO ways.


  25. I’m hoping someone made a deal that in return for reauthorization we’ll get justice.


  26. Kan says:

    I have been wondering about something for a long time now. In Oct/Nov 2015 the FBI called the DNC out of the blue and reported that attacks were being carried out against the DNC servers. THe DNC IT people ignored the calls for a couple of months, then finally spoke to the FBI about them.

    How did the FBI know that these attacks were occurring? Was this knowledge part of the raw 702 data the FBI had in house and was running “about queries” on?


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