Project Veritas Outlines Risk of Weaponized Social Media…

There is more than a little connective tissue behind a series of Project Veritas undercover investigative reports on how Twitter surveillance data is utilized, and recent discoveries of how FBI contractors were weaponizing FISA surveillance data against political opposition.

In each example, private company or big government, surveillance data forms the basis for the weaponization.  In an era when people don’t think twice before engaging on social media platforms, the Project Veritas series presents a warning worth sharing.

Part I HEREPart II HEREPart III is below:

(San Francisco) Project Veritas has released undercover footage of Twitter Engineers and employees admitting that Twitter employees view all of your private messages on their servers and analyze it to create a “virtual profile” of you which they sell to advertisers.

The footage features four current Twitter software engineers–Conrado Miranda, Clay Haynes, Pranay Singh, and Mihai Alexandru Florea. (more)

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333 Responses to Project Veritas Outlines Risk of Weaponized Social Media…

  1. neal s says:

    And AOL and Hotmail block emails from some domains.

    If I had an AOL or Hotmail account, I would be rather upset.


  2. Oldskool says:

    As a Deplorable that is protective of my right to privacy, have chosen for years to NOT participate with or on any of those “social media” platforms. I realize the NSA intercepts every call and text sent but I purposely do not use any of the “modern” media. I have been laughed at for years but now I am laughing, sorry suckers!

    Why is the FCC not regulating the “free” mediums, which are all the big names. If they were “pay services”, then the service agreements would require your agreeing to their selling your info, etc., and since if you’re stupid enough to pay, it serves you right. “Free” services should fall in to the public utility type domain and should therefore be subject to anti discrimination rules. Good luck sheeples that continue to use those mediums and wonder why your junk email and computer freeze ups keep happening.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      But our fellow Deplorables who use social media should be applauded.
      They are doing a great job.

      I thank God for our ‘happy warriors’ who mock the ridiculous Lies that the leftists spew.

      Our President is our Happy Warrior in Chief.
      He uses Twitter to speak to us directly and it is wonderful.
      And our fellow Deplorables give him backup.

      We simply need to demand some Full Disclosure from Twitter and these other social media sites.
      I explain what I mean by this, in a comment below.

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    • NYGuy54 says:

      That’s right and you don’t get speeding tickets driving an Edsel on the highway either.

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      • Cubanita says:

        Yeah, but if you are a lib you sure want to visit “sh*thole” Cuba and see the Edsels. But here at home drive you government sponsored spanking new and modern Tesla. By the way the government is social media in Cuba.

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    • Subterfuge says:

      I watch people post all sorts of personal info on social media and I shake my head…only a fool would do such a thing.

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    • ThingsWeTakeForGranted says:

      “”Free” services should fall in to the public utility type domain and should therefore be subject to anti discrimination rules. ”

      You hit the nail on the head.

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    • tonyE says:

      I don’t know that your definition of “free: as “public” would hold water. Network television is also “free” but they sure stick lots of commercials.

      IMHO, what would work is to recognize that the Law is still behind the technology of the Internet and that these behemoth companies, Facebook, Twitter, Google, have become monopolies.

      For the last 20 some odd years, we have let the Fed abandon the anti monopoly laws and we have seen the rise of huge monopolies (Hello! ATT was nothing, this is bigger now). So, the Feds ought to start wacking these large media, communication companies as monopolies and wacked them down.

      No more single Facebook, break it into 10 units. No more vertical integration of media, distribution, cable, wireless… whack Time Warner into five units. Break Google into different groups, break up Amazon into four groups, etc, etc…

      And so on.


      • thinkthinkthink says:

        What probably needs the biggest whack is those in the shadows that keep other platforms from competing with their controlled platforms.


  3. Athena the Warrior says:

    At this point, HB1 Visas need to fall under a National Security threat. I firmly believe that blackmail is being done and private information is being sent to terrorist networks.

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  4. Sylvia Avery says:

    Tucker Carlson has been reporting frequently on the power of Google Facebook Amazon Twitter and he keeps asking why nothing is being done.

    He suggested at one point a solution would be to classify these as utilities for regulatory purposes. He had Senator Mike Lee, Utah, on a week or two ago to talk to him about Google, I think, specifically and how powerful it has become and how it censors what we see. Tucker asked him why Google wasn’t considered a monopoly and why no one seems interested in doing anything. You should have seen Mike Lee go to town defending Google.

    Basically, I think Tucker has suggested that Google is so wealthy and lobbies lawmakers so lavishly that, well, here we are and nothing will change. Bought and paid for. Worse than the CoC.

    Random covfefe string word altering salad mind vascular salamander pickle fries

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  5. Who are these people working for Twitter? Almost everyone had a different accent.

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    • G. Combs says:

      HB1 Visa holders.

      They have taken over the computer industry here in the USA. The companies ‘claim’ they can not find an American to do the job and have to hire non Americans. Yet Americans have been forced to TRAIN their replacements and then fired. 😡

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  6. jackphatz says:

    This is the most important work Project Veritas has done to date.

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  7. H.R. says:

    I’ve never thought that smart phones were such a smart idea.

    What am I going to do when I have to get rid of my flip phone?

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    • unconqueredone says:

      I lost mine, now am stuck with a lousy smart phone. I have no illusion of privacy anymore. Truthfully, I’m not even sure it even truly turns off when powered down.


      • Dennis Leonard says:

        No they are always on.I have a nice Sony flip phone which is on the TMobile network.It has the old plan where you only have to put $10 once a year to keep activated.I have two and need to get rid of one.$25 plus S/H.It has a balance of $35 talk minutes , goes with it.208-402-0368.This a throw away number,so no problem putting here.


    • Charlotte says:

      I dont have a smart phone. I refuse to own one
      If you have an Apple one they spy on you. If you have a Samsung, you get spied on. Any of the Asian ones, China spies on you. So NO GO.
      I use an old Nokia I believe Nokia is bringing out a throw-back retro phone
      Otherwise get one of those for seniors with the simple buttons and large type for oldies


  8. Lucille says:

    May I encourage everyone who has a personal Twitter account to delete it immediately. It’d be great if they had a couple million cancellations today alone and then each following day until they have lost every single patriotic American’s personal account.

    Who needs these filth purveyors, conservative haters, President Trump hating lefties anyway!

    I just deactivated my account and won’t miss it one bit.

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    • Charlotte says:

      Me too-no FB No Twitter.
      One can still read tweets from people who don’t have locked accounts-you just google their name with @ in front.
      And keep deleting your cookies.
      I also use MalWare to detect spyware. I have a Mac.


    • soronme says:

      TWITter and Faceberg are like the Hotel California. You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave. I’ve been telling people since their inception that they’re little more than spyware. Unfortunately on most computers/ tablets and TWITter spyware comes preinstalled and just “uninstalling” it does not get rid of it. Any app, game, website with a Faceberg link of any kind (including that “like us on Faceberg button) keeps your account “active” in their archive and they continue to monitor you.

      The best thing to do is delete your accounts, wipe your computer, get a new phone number on a dumbphone, get two new email addresses (one private and using an alias), reinstall the operating system, get a VPN (preferrably one that is encrypted and has multi country log in capabilities), and use the VPN to log into Tor, etc. Of course most people don’t even know how to delete their account much less anything else.


  9. IMO says:

    Tyrants of Facebook, Google, Amazon, PayPal Exposed

    “Published on Dec 3, 2017Douglas Gabriel from joins Leader Technologies CEO and Founder Michael McKibben the real inventor of the technology that made all social media from Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, Google—all of them scalable.”

    Michael McKibben along with several engineers are the real creators of social media he had his technology stolen by the deep state. See AIM videos there’s several fascinating interviews with Mr. McKibben.

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  10. The Media and Social Media should have to own a license. If they break the rules within the license they should be fined, pulled offline, or their right to broadcast be removed! Let us start with CNN who dares to call itself news!

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  11. President Trump should “FREEZE their ASSETS” for CORRUPTION under his EO.

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  12. Learning says:

    Interesting discussion from some one who understands little about this stuff. My first thought, is well what do people expect when a business is giving you something for free. They have to be paying for it somehow. Every one wants our data, Even supermarkets and other stores want our our data. I do use Facebook for pet groups and to support causes that drive the SJW spies of that corp crazy. My second thought is how hard is it to create these things. Why can’t MAGA folks make one? I am sure it would end up selling data too but at least it would be run by spies sympathetic to us.

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  13. wheatietoo says:

    Dopey Prince Alaweed is the second biggest shareholder of Twitter stock.

    Last I read about it, he owns around 34.8 million shares.
    Or was that in billions…not sure, I think it was millions.

    Dopey Prince Alaweed is no friend to us and he hates our President.
    He has vowed to “never sell” his stock in Twitter.
    But that is before Crown Prince MbS arrested him and locked him up.

    Twitter and Facebook, and all these social media companies lure people in with their ‘free service’.
    But…it’s not ‘free’.

    You are paying with your privacy.
    How do you put a Price on your privacy?
    They do it for us when they Sell our Private Data.

    I think we need a Full Disclosure law.

    Full Disclosure of:
    — the Data that they are collecting.
    — what ‘exactly’ they have collected on you.
    — Who they sell your Data to.
    — a list of the ‘cookies’ that they install on your computer/phone.
    — How much they $ell your Data for.

    It’s not “censorship”.

    We do this with Food don’t we?
    Every food item must fully disclose what is in it and what the nutritional value is.
    On. Every. Item.

    Twitter should have to post in a Sidebar…on every account…a Full Disclosure of the items I listed.
    A permanent Sidebar.
    And they should have to update it, as it changes.

    The owners of these Social Media companies have become billionaires off of the free service of the Internet.
    They figured out how to ‘monetize’ that supposedly “free” service that they provide.

    But it is not a ‘free service’.
    They steal our private data, steal our privacy…this is how they make us Pay for it.

    We have to demand Full Disclosure from them, of what they are doing to us.

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  14. daders says:

    Honestly, this isn’t earth shattering news and in combination with the Ed Snowden NSA surveillance info we learned I’m certain most people here already figured this and told (many times) their loved ones not to share compromising data via internet. How do you think they can afford to pay all those people developing/maintaining the platform for all those free users?


  15. Mickey Wasp says:

    Excellent take on Project Veritas, Twitter, Hillary manipulation of Tech, H1B Visas

    How Hillary Turned Tech Against Trump, by Wolf Moon 1776
    [snippets] A MUST READ from Wolf Moon 1776 former ‘techie’ …

    I was watching a video by a group of hidden-camera whistle-blowers called “Project Veritas“.
    Both of these videos are designed to show the political bias of the employees of Twitter. They do an excellent job of that. When you watch them, you will see. There is a very casual bias against conservatives, President Trump, Trump supporters, and “rednecks”, which is very evident in comments by these Twitter employees.

    First, I noticed something very curious. Almost every single one of these engineers – except the top level white liberal male – is an immigrant of some kind. They all speak with accents, and most of them seem to be from India or Pakistan.

    I was LAUGHING to hear these recent immigrants offering statements about “rednecks” and Trump supporters. Why? Because it was all so charmingly ignorant. These guys might as well have been talking “knowingly” about Roman gladiators or Aztec priests. They have no frigging clue about “rednecks”. I mean – seriously. Just listen to them.

    Now – there is a lot to unpack here, but let me list several things this wonderful little slip-up told me. Because FAKE INTEL was used, management could not REVEAL IT. The beauty of this ploy is STUNNING. Because the FAKE INTEL came from the government, management could not QUESTION IT.

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  16. unconqueredone says:

    Here is a thought on how to pay back FB and Twitter: Instead of cancelling an account get one- (or one hundred fake ones). Make a list of the advertisers you see, contact them and let them know you will have nothing to do with their company since they advertise with FB/Twitter. The social media giants have to host the extra accounts while they are used to discourage advertising with them. Would it work?


  17. Immigrant says:

    I have a STRONG Opinion about this Immigrants in IT Field.

    They Are Here To Destroy Freedom and Constitution of THE USA.

    I moved out of that STUPID MOB cause You can’t change Social DNA.

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  18. PgtSndThinker says:

    In Seattle last year, the city bought data from a marketing firm to identify dog owners in the city, then sent those folks notices to buy dog licenses. Some of the sources of information were transactions using “membership or rewards/points clubs” at stores. Some of the recipients of the city notices had never owned a dog.

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  19. NYGuy54 says:

    The guys over at the reddit Q board had an interesting take. Since you can sign up for Twitter at 13, it seems likely they are sending each other X rated pics. So that would mean Twitter is promoting child pornography.

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    • Charlotte says:

      Are Twitter Employees Viewing Dick Pics and Naked Shots of Minor Users?… Or Just Adults?
      The Twitter scumstaff are getting off on pics that Twitterers send.

      Well they must have had SUCH a thrill at Weiners pics!

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    • cali says:

      Exactly right! It is more likely that these 13 yrs old sending each other nude pics or d@@@ pics as the twitter employees stated on camera. Twitter hired 200 extra employees to look at each and every one of these pics and store them permanently on their servers.
      They thought it also to be funny that men cheating on their wives or vice versa their conversations are also stored permanently and can be used in a case of divorce. Meaning that they would drop public info about the divorcing persons.
      In other words what twitter is doing is looking at 13 yrs old pics and store them. That is child pornography because the law states very clearly that you can not store nude child pics on your computer not are you allowed to look at them.
      Since twitter sells everything to others is it not then also selling child pornography pics????
      That is why Q says : Hi @Jack

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