Trial Balloon – Sara Carter and Dan Bongino Discuss The Steele Dossier and The DOJ/FBI FISA Abuse…

Dan Bongino does a great job in this interview. Sara Carter, plays the role of controlled opposition.  Carter shiftily helps Hillary Clinton deal with her “Dossier Problem“.

Unfortunately, but not unpredictably, Sara Carter begins deploying deep state ‘countermeasures’ from her ‘sources’ that are telling her Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele and Hillary Clinton was hoodwinked by a comprehensive Russian disinformation campaign; carried out by professional Russian intelligence agents; who duped the Clinton Campaign into THINKING Trump was a proxy political agent of Russia.

Ergo,… the ever patriotic Clinton campaign had no other option, except to do their civic  duty, and inform the FBI of the Russian claims… and that led to the entire FBI operation investigating candidate Donald Trump.   Thankfully, Donald Trump wasn’t a Russian spy.

Well, there’s the trial balloon narrative from those at risk within the Deep State Clinton group, and there’s Sara Carter testing it out for them:

Why does the DOJ leak to Sara Carter?  Remember the text messages leak?



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823 Responses to Trial Balloon – Sara Carter and Dan Bongino Discuss The Steele Dossier and The DOJ/FBI FISA Abuse…

  1. Fishelsea says:

    Anyone remember putin stating that trump never hired russian prostitutes. But if he had, they are ” The best in the world”.


    • Good Job! says:

      Does this mean the fake news “RussiaGate Investigation began with Papadoofus” storyline is finished? Good it was bad.

      But somebody should tell Glenn Simpson. He (his lawyer?) keeps trying to fit his testimony from last year to the 2018 New York Times’ fake Papadoofus origin story.

      Simpson’s lawyer wasn’t too smart to ask for the publication after all!

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  2. If they’re going to play the “patriotic dupes” to Russian intel, then they can’t continue to bray about “Russian collusion”…..can’t have it both ways for this scheme to work. But Leftists are greedy and dumb.

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    • NJF says:


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    • Good Job! says:

      Team Podesta are desperate to have the RussiaGate investigation NOT start within the FBI or Hillary’s camp. The Papadoofus origin story was bad and sounded like an outsider made it up thinking Mueller’s charges were important. They have finally realised Trump means it when he says “Russia colluded with Hillary.”

      Listen FBI top dolts in the “counter” intelligence division. Your best hope is to say you didn’t think Steele was paying Russian officials for the data. Best you “confess” you knew Steele was pocketing the money and the dossier was fake from the beginning including when the McMullin people told you the “pee” story.

      It’s the difference between SuperMax for life or 20 years in medium security.

      Nellie Ohr watches to much Russian TV. Pskov and intelligence agent? Please.

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    • marywilbur says:

      Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest


  3. TwoLaine says:

    “Separately, the House Intelligence Committee says it has obtained information that Mueller’s current deputy in the Russia probe, respected Justice Department financial fraud prosecutor Andrew Weissman, had contact with the news media last April, shortly before Mueller was named special prosecutor, according to a letter the committee has sent the department.”

    Don’t ya’ love how the UNIParty rag, The Hill, inserts that word “respected” in there?

    Says Who? This is not what I heard about the guy. I heard he is the worst kind of sleezeball attorney and cost thousands of people their jobs. The kind of guy that Judge Hanan would’ve told he needs an Ethics class.

    Federal Judge in Texas Demands Justice Dept. Lawyers Take Ethics Class
    19 MAY 2016

    REMEMBER THIS REQUEST by Judge Hanan in the days, weeks, months ahead as we learn how corrupt the DOJ/FBI and more really are.

    Personally, I’d like an update from AG Sessions on who has complied so far, and who is up to date on their annual requirements. I think these should be posted where We, The People can easily find them online. If they are incomplete, it should be grounds for immediate ternmination.

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    • V says:

      Hmm, in a sane world maybe. Then again, sane people are naturally ethical. But you can’t teach ethics to an evil robot walking around in human form.

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      • V says:

        Never mind. They’re at their most vulnerable – they haven’t quite changed to full robot bodies yet, they’re stuck between AI and bio, so cannot leave the planet and will go extinct here forever. Pee brains.


        • V says:

          Ever notice how hospitals changed from warm and cosy to more like car mechanic shops? How these AI-bios keep pushing for drugs, “health” care, transplants, false silicon boobs, botox, cosmetic surgery, and all the other disgusting body things? Typical robot behavior. Cold, sterile, clinical. Earth science fiction unwittingly tells much of their delusionary stories.

          And how the bleeding heart liberal nature shows are always going on about extinction? Well, it’s extinction for them. Expiration dates have been installed and fast-forwarded.


      • TwoLaine says:

        I’m pretty sure there was a TV series about that, called V. 🙂


  4. g.w says:

    At YouTube site of missing video: “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.” YT Police cancelled the account and deleted the video? hmmm…

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    • Fishelsea says:

      Yt canceled whos account. Fox news.

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    • Sam says:

      Noticed that too, Goole, Twiitter and Fakebook are really stepping up there attacks on conservatives. They are trying to make it impossible for them to be linked or viewed on the services.

      Conservative need start pushing for them to be broken up and regulated, they are worst than big government.
      All tech has done in the last decade is consolidate their power there hasn’t been any real innovation

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  5. IMO says:

    The obama/clinton crime indicate know the white hats are watching/listening to their every move. They are desperate to coordinate their bs stories.

    Remember President Trump’s tweet

    The fact that Sneaky Dianne Feinstein, who has on numerous occasions stated that collusion between Trump/Russia has not been found, would release testimony in such an underhanded and possibly illegal way, totally without authorization, is a disgrace. Must have tough Primary!
    9:00 AM · Jan 10, 2018

    Now it looks like moron Carter is doing the same as sneaky feinstein aka frankenstein

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    • DD More says:

      Larry Schweikart Posts –
      But in case you lost track there are FIVE investigations of Ds going on plus the sex fund scandal:
      1 – The first, in no particular order: Sessions announced that he was reopening the Cankles e-mail investigation, and that it in fact has been going on “for months.”
      2 – 1/12/2018 the DOJ unsealed the indictment of the U1 guy, but his partner had been CONVICTED some time ago, meaning this investigation has been going on “for months” 
      3- Sessions announced he was opening an investigation of Hezbollah/Iran.
      4 – Mulehead–The fact is, except for two minor “process” indictments, he hasn’t done anything even remotely pointing toward Trump. But . . .
      note that the two “process” indictments Manafort and Flynn’s plea deal, are both so incredibly tainted by “sloppy” processes themselves that both should easily walk or have plea & charges thrown out. Gee, maybe that was on purpose?
      5 – the Awans are closely tied to the emails, FUSION GPS, and likely even the U1 deal, then it stands to reason Sessions is on it.
      So this means that ALL of these are tied together, ALL are being investigated (as I’m betting the IG report shows)

      But Wait, There’s More –
      The “sex fund,” according to reports, listed 145 payouts from 2007 to 2017. Allow for some normal turnover in House seats, say, 15 gone . .. . that would mean there are about 130 “sex fund” cases who have not been named yet.

      So far, about 24 Rs and 7 D members have resigned early (Chaffetz) or announced they won’t run in 2018 (Issa, for example).
      That means there are about 100 (!!) other Congressmen AND WOMEN who are named in the sex fund who are/or can be blackmailed. Given the proportion of Rs to Ds who’ve left, I think our final number is 70Ds and 30 Rs yet to come out. There will be WOMEN named in this.

      • Who do you suppose has seen these records? Who has had access to the internal servers? Ah, you guessed it: the Awans.


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  6. Lucille says:

    Ah, I see by the removal of access to the posted video you have hit a nerve, Sundance. THEY are reading you.

    Take care, my friend, take care.

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  7. DanO64 says:

    Wonder why McCabe recused himself on November 1, 2016? Why that date. Just ask N myself.

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    • daveokc says:

      One possibility is that on November 1, 2016 all polling showed Trump loosing on November 8th, bigly. McCabe,perhaps, felt safe in “crossing T’s and dotting i’s” by recusing himself.

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      • mimbler says:

        Or at that time, his work was done de-railing the Trump campaign as much as he could, so it was time for some old fashioned CYA?

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      • 3boys3dogs says:

        Dont believe it. Fbi can do their own searches on web search engines, nsa database. Polls are approximations and do not show complete picture. Remember voters werent forthcoming in declaring their support for trump and being labeled a racist. The fbi figured out early that djt would be elected. Mcabe was worried.


    • John Rawls says:

      10/27 MaCabe asked why sitting on Huma/Weiner email disclosure
      10/28 Comey announces case reopened.
      10/30 Judge Fox issued search/seizure warrant on Huma’s laptop
      11/1 McCabe recusal

      Sounds like McCabe was going to ride out the clock, but someone called bs and Comey attempted a cover up by getting McCabe to recuse on possible conflict of issue, rather than admit to politically motivated decision to not pursue investigation until – they hoped – after Clinton won election.

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    • brh82 says:

      I read last night on 4chan that McCabe is wearing an ankle bracelet and is under House Arrest. Since I’ve not seen 4chan before, I will delay celebrating.


  8. The Akh says:

    Anybody think that maybe Carter had done the opposite by floating this defense early. Doesn’t that prevent the Clinton gang from formulating a fully fledged excuse before the basic premise is eviscerated with known facts? Maybe they count on slow release through the normal channels, and then monitor CTH to gauge the retort, and then tweak the narrative before it hits full cycle?

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  9. The whole show is here on YouTube and the Carter/Bongino part starts at around 24 minutes

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  10. Jim in TN says:

    When lying it helps the lie to be believed by wrapping it around a germ of truth. Sleight of hand in the presentation and defense of the lie uses intentional confusion between the lie and the truth to ‘prove’ the lie.

    While more likely than Putin colluding with Trump against Hillary, it is also unlikely that he was colluding with Hillary against Trump. But is it unlikely that he was trying to ruin Steele?

    Steele blames Putin for ruining his career and presents himself as an anti Putin crusader. And he has caused some damage to Russia. Even without Putin’s direction, his underlings would love to take credit for ruining Steele.

    So, was false and misleading information given to Steele by Russians? Maybe, at least it looks credible as a possibility. It is all up to the imagination just how nefarious this collusion is, since there will never be any proof.

    So the lie also becomes a good defense. We were duped, but we had to take the false allegations seriously. Problem is, the false allegations did not exist when Hillary and Obama paid to have them made. They did not exist when Ohr’s wife was hired to help make them.

    These false allegations were created with intent to be used to tar Trump with investigations they could use in justifying spying om him. Balances out investigations of Hillary, and they tried their best to leak it to do just that. Probably was intended to either co-opt Trump with Blackmail after the election, or destroy him if he refused.

    We know they were using FISA abuses to help spread the information to the Clinton campaign. Farkas. Were there more direct conduits that would give information pertinent to campaigning?

    Was this supervised via Obama and his henchmen, or were they reporting more directly to Clinton? I know they were using multiple cutouts, but I can’t believe she could leave it be.

    And what were the machinations that turned this from taking out an opponent to the attempted take down of a President?

    Meanwhile it may be leading to unmasking of Obama’s spying on Americans. Could he have been careless enough to give his puppet master FISA access? Or is there yet another barrier to penetrate after we learn who the contractors were whom were given access to FISA information? How about his friends in Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood? Did they get this information?

    It surely has been used to harm the country, and to try and destroy Trump now that they lost.

    I wonder if the Clinton sycophants are still going to fall on their swords for her? And will Obama’s team maintain ranks with the same fanaticism?

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    • Jan says:

      Interesting theories. With respect to Evelyn Farkas, it has never made any sense that she knew there was intelligence on Russia & Trump that needed to be protected after the election because she left her DOD job officially in the latter part of September or October 2015. How would she know anything intelligence-wise in late 2015 unless someone was already looking at the raw intelligence on the Trump campaign in 2015. It looks she could have started working/advising the Clinton campaign in Feb. or March 2016. So then was Hillary getting raw intelligence? Did OVomit call for raw intelligence on the Trump team in 2015?

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    • V says:

      Yes, interesting.

      And thank you for reminding me of …
      “Were there more direct conduits that would give information pertinent to campaigning?”
      …Peter Kadzik.
      (See more on Kadzik further down the page)


  11. freddy says:

    Yes I’m all in with Sara carter being a double agent spewing the propaganda her friends tell her to. That’s been clear for a while.. The big question is what about Hannity…Is he hustling this line as well or is he just plain stupid and not paying attention…. He has all but declared her pulitzer material. Is Hannity being led around too. Would not doubt it……

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    • mimbler says:

      Yes, I think Hannity has a good heart, but is very easy to be led.

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    • Donzo says:

      Rather than flaming the one news anchor who has been reporting for months on these scandals why don’t you tell us exactly why you think he’s doing a disservice in his reporting? I’m not being an apologist for Hannity, but let’s remember whose side he’s on.

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  12. Fishelsea says:

    Trumps lawsuit could prove to be genius. If fussion gps received the dossier from the obama DOJ
    And is compelled to reveal

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  13. Bo3484 says:

    I posted early in the thread giving her the benefit of the doubt.
    My comment was dead wrong. Please accept my apology. I found the link.

    She is a Swamp mouthpiece. Lets see how much credibility Hannity and others have on whether to continue with her on their shows.

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  14. bluegirl says:

    Sundance tried to warn Sara Carter. I knew last night when I heard her say “the dossier was a disinformation campaign by the Russians” and that “Clinton UNKNOWINGLY” WTH.
    Cognitive dissonance perhaps?

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  15. Fishelsea says:

    You cant be duped by a dossier that you and your cohorts created.

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  16. Jim in TN says:

    Timeline says Russians were colluders, or duped or set up by Hillary. Used to enable the investigation.

    Jacoby white house visit, Hillary and Obama hiring her husband.
    Simpson hiring Ohr and Steele.
    Steele putting his name on allegations. (This is where Russians are alleged.)
    Steele and Simpson repeatedly selling allegations to Brit and American Intel, and to FBI and to Journalists.
    Investigations created and ongoing.

    No Putin mastermind in that timeline. Funny that since she lost, it could only be explained by Putin joining the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, and dominating it.

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    • arete55 says:

      Recognizing that this scheme required a coordinated connection between the Clinton Camp (CC), and the Obama Camp (OC), who have been the prime fixers between the two sides?…Who are the senior tacticians and strategists?

      Have John Podesta and Valerie Jarrett been the true brains behind the schemes?

      Where has Valerie Jarrett’s name become connected to all of this?….

      Haven’t seen her picture up on the 10 Most Wanted List yet….

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  17. TreeClimber says:

    Didn’t get to this last night, and now YouTube has scrubbed it. Whoda’thunkit?


  18. JB says:

    Fusion GPS was on the payroll of FBI, had access to the NSA dbase and was consulting,informing and taking direction from Obama admin, before being on the payroll of HRC/DNC…


  19. Donna in Oregon says:

    When I read the Simpson testimony I wrote down Baker Hostetler because they were involved as well. Here is some of what I’ve found:

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  20. distracted2 says:

    I didn’t get a chance to look at this last night either. Now that I have, I have to admit that I would not have caught the word “unknowingly” if I hadn’t read the article first.

    I have another admission – I have been aware of SD’s distrust of Sara for awhile but I continued to think she might be of some value. No longer. No longer.

    To anyone who thinks that Trump supporters will fall for this disinformation campaign, think again.


  21. bill says:


  22. bill says:


  23. bill says:


  24. Donna in Oregon says:

    Now I see why Fox News hired Sara Carter. She has 5,000 documents from the Uranium One scandal. The Swamp seems to have a finger in everything, eh?

    Creeps on a Mission is gone……must have been too much.

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  25. freddy says:

    personally I read here about the dossier and assorted scandals only. FOX is not friendly and Hannity is plain old naive with Newt on there all the time…I now believe nothing Sara Carter says and half of hannity. Solomon I don’t know but the slighteset wiff of disinformation and he’s done too….How do guys like Hannity get duped this bad with some cutie takes over his mind…………..

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    • Fishelsea says:

      Sara was stating the next line from the swamp that they where all duped by the dossier.
      The problem is you can’t be duped by something you and your cohorts wrote


  26. Charlotte says:

    PODESTA was involved –even though he denied involvement

    John Podesta, Hillary’s Creepy Campaign Manager, Now in Middle of Obama’s Illegal Spying on Trump and Phony Dossier


  27. John says:

    If so it doesn’t explain the 17 agency bullshit. If Peter Struck was the one contributor from the FBI, The NSA had moderate confidence and Brennan is other source we know what this is.


  28. recoverydotgod says:

    Sara Carter’s interview of John Brennan in December 2016 was definitely not hard hitting. Sounded scripted.


  29. WT#$##$@!!! says:

    “How do guys like Hannity get duped”

    freddy: $$$$$$$ go a long way…and CLICKS of course
    sure FOX is definitely #1 CONTROLLED OPPOSITION

    but i’ll go further and say that it’s obvious to me that this whole dossier and 27 investigations is ALL controlled opposition, co-intel and DIS-info, designed to lure hypnotized “liberals” and “conservatives” to lock on to their sport of colored “hats”…. and to keep us at each others throats

    the whole deal is a swamp media cartoon – they are simply pumping both sides of it

    so has it ALWAYS been and it’s truer still today

    NOT a single prosecution of any of the significant players will result from this…watch

    it’s the swamp investigating the swamp while the MEDIA and dopey social media rack up BILLIONS a day, and their DECILLION $ globalist masters continue to relentlessly pork the shmoe American taxpayer of every partisan affiliation


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      Exactly. That is the scam. Playing possum and slow-walking.

      It’s worked for generations…..except for that one time with Marie Antoinette and the fall of Versailles.

      No worries, Hillary never gave us any cake. She only asked, “What difference does it make?”

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      • WT#$##$@!!! says:

        great comments on RODHAM ;O

        actually, i’d say it goes back to the Holy Roman Empire…when government and their globalist masters figured out that they could easily control a willing and eager populace with mind control, propaganda, indoctrination and fear porn…and they’ve been perfecting it ever since.
        Since the millennium, they have it on LOCKDOWN. It’s game over if you ask me.

        like Vladimir Lenin, all time champion globalist psychopath said so eloquently –
        “the best way to control the opposition is to LEAD it ourselves”


  30. freddy says:

    Your done Sarah pack it up and move on. Don’t try fooling people like those who hang out in the CTH. You will be exposed so fast your head will spin. Don’t try manipulating or any of your cutsie BS cause most here have it all down now being lied to so many times it can’t be told. Go join the stupid RINOS who think we are all uneducated trailer dwellers and be ready to be surprized what happens when your BS flys back in your face……That goes for Jordan and Gowdy and all the other Congress rats trying to sooth us…


  31. LULU says:

    I have never had a good feeling about Sara Carter. She was always too hyped up, too nervous-looking.

    Not big on needing pundits and television journalists and reporters to “follow”. I have my own internal drummer. March to it. Do admire Sundance. In a class by himself. Trust him until he proves himself to unworthy. So far, no sign of that….


  32. Buckeye Ken says:

    Why did Feinstein prematurely release Fusion GPS testimony? To give parties an opportunity to align defenses?


  33. America First says:

    From Q anon post: SC: misinfo from past reliable source.

    SC = Special Counsel? Past reliable source = Sara Carter? Hmmmm.

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  34. freddy says:

    Sara is the classic honey pot .. How could you not believe her. She played her part quite well but blew it apart and it won’t be glued back together. Too bad some one makes you trust and is a liar and plotter all along…. If hannity has her on again I’ll never watch his show. He is responsible for fake news and she is it………….


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      They have no incentive to end this. Why shouldn’t she string it along. She went from Circa to The Hill to Fox. The longer this takes the more her paycheck goes up.

      Honestly, if you had a gravy train how long would you drag it out?

      We are purists; in contrast, they (the MSM) are composed of harpies….predatory person(s) and slobs….lazy, slovenly or boorish person(s). We may be better people, but they make money off our misery.

      The media is our enemy along with the elite, entitled class of Globalism. They want to own us and all these games pay them extremely well.

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      • WT#$##$@!!! says:

        AWESOME comment! It’s great to know that there are a few out there with eyes open, and using their critical brain. That’s RARE, believe me…

        And YES the thug puppet media and dopey social media too…raking in BILLIONS a day now with their cartoons while porking the hypnotized shmoe masses relentlessly.

        It’s hard too imagine how anyone wouldn’t recognize this, especially the madness we’ve witnessed for almost TWO YEARS straight now, but people have been asleep for so long.

        I get it ;O


  35. jeans2nd says:

    Perhaps this will fit here.
    This all seems a little reminiscent of a gang that could not shoot straight, or perhaps a problem of people trying to serve two masters. There are still at least two questions, and at least two diff sets of actions to consider. Which requires some weeds. You all perhaps forgot a weed or two, which is relevant, having just read today’s post re: the three-pronged approach.

    Did you know that a FISA app’n that uses a first-of-its-kind reason/method for the warrant is not initally put in front of FISC, but is run by a FISC judge/FISC advisor(s)/FISC clerks outside of court session? True, per frmr FISC Judge James Carr, Case Western Reserve Univ School of Law (Cleveland).

    Chairman Nunes spoke w/Hannity 23 Mar 2017 re: unmasking, dissemination, and leaks

    The FISA warrant was used to unmask Trump ppl from a routine collection “with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value” per Chairman Nunes in the Devin Nunes clip “Devin Nunes CONFIRMS Surveillance Of Trump Transition Press Conference 32217”

    01:15 “details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value.”

    Devin Nunes states several times that the unmasking and dissemination issues about which Rep Nunes read had nothing to do w/Russia.

    01:35 “…none of this surveillance was related to Russia, or the investigation of Russian activities, or of the Trump team.”

    06:57 “The information that I have seen has nothing to do with Russia or the Russian investigations. So bluntly put, everything that I was able to view did not involve Russia, or any discussions with Russians, or any Trump people, or other Russians, so none of it has to do with Russia.”

    07:32 “it was essentially a lot of information on the President-elect and his transition team and what they were doing. ”

    08:09 “there were no references whatsoever in everything that I read, …and it was dozens of reports, and there was no mention of Russia.”

    10:59 “All I was able to see were reports. Reports on information that was collected…”

    11:10 “I read through them (the reports) and there was no mention of Russia.”

    11:23 “This appears to be all legally collected foreign intelligence, under FISA, where there was incidental collection, that then ended up in reporting channels that was widely disseminated”

    Chairman Nunes makes clear several times that the collection was incidental and not illegal. The unmasking is the problem, plus the dissemination and leaks, as well as why we were surveilling a particular target and including this target in a report. The use of the FISA warrant may be illegal as well.

    Note the 11:23 remark. This def involves FISA. But how to obtain a FISA and for what purpose, and combine that FISA with routine foreign surveillance?

    There is an answer to that question, and is where Russia and the dossier come in. One could offer another page or more worth of facts and weeds which will be saved for another time, but thinking back over what we know for certain, it would seem the surveilled country “with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value” is Israel, using a FISA issued for Russia. The method and use of that FISA warrant sure seems illegal imo. Is that legal? Dunno.

    Jared Kushner had contact w/Israel as well as Russia during the transition, and Chairman Nunes states clearly these actions were taken Nov-Dec 2016 and Jan 2017.

    It all makes sense to me and will fit, albeit convolutedly. It involves every true aspect of what we already know for certain, and includes FISA, the dossier, AG Jeff and AG Jeff’s investigations, the DOJ IG, Gen Flynn, Iran, the leaks, et al.

    But a teaser, perhaps. Go back to Nunes vid.

    08:49 , out of the blue some guy asks “what might have motivated the ban or the restrictions of electronics on airlines?” Chairman Nunes advises the guy to see DHS and shuts that convo down. Textbook.

    Move to Pres Trump in the Oval Office w/Kislyak and Lavrov, and the histrionics over Pres Trump leaking State Secrets (!) and outing the Israelis as the source for the ban/restrictions on airline electronics, information and source which the Russians already knew.

    Which brings us to the recent declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Coincidentally (?), the Heritage Fdn held a forum 11 Jan 2018 titled “President Trump’s “Ultimate Deal” Is Israeli-Palestinian Peace Possible,” with Ron DeSantis, James Phillips, Elliot Abrams, and Daniel Pipes, PhD, held a month after the 6 Dec 2016 Jerusalem announcement
    Web page w/MP3
    Listened to this twice. Oh yeah. This works quite nicely. Rep DeSantis was outstanding. Combine Elliot Abrams solution w/Dr Pipes solution.

    The “Ultimate Deal.” China agrees, via CGTN China Global Television Network

    O does not care about Russia, or Clinton. O cares about Muh Legacy. One could postulate that “fundamental transformation” is the ultimate goal, bamn, including communism/socialism, terrorist islam, and the takedown of America.
    We are going to make certain that does not happen. BAMN.

    Russia is the MacGuffin imo. The target is unmasking, dissemination, and leaks.

    Or not.

    Keep an ear on AG Jeff, DNI Coates, and that ignored leak investigation. The DOJ IG fits in nicely with all this. AG Jeff is law and order. Guaranteed AG Jeff already has crimes and statutes identified and ready to go. Do not forget Hezbollah, Clinton Fdn.

    Adm Rogers did his part, shutting down the upstream 702(17) queries. Enjoy retirement sir, well done, and thank you.

    The preceeding was written by a well-documented crazy person. If you’ve read this entire thing, odds are so are you. React accordingly…

    “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”
    Matt 6:24


    • jeans2nd says:

      “House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes is focused on the FISA abuse; and overall abuse from the larger intelligence community (FBI, CIA, ODNI and NSA). The FISA-702 angle is his leverage to reveal it.”

      Perhaps more so than we think.

      24 Feb 2014 in a talk at Case Western Reserve School of Law An Introduction to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and Court Case WR 24 Feb 2014
      Judge James Carr, who was one of the original 4 justices appointed after FISC was expanded from 7 to 11 judges 2001-2002, details how one of the most difficult parts of a FISA order is when an FBI (or other) guy uses a reason/technique that has not been used before. Judge Carr states that what is usually done is that the judge, along with FISC advisors/clerks, will meet w/FISA petitioner outside of courtroom in a type of consulting session. The FISA petitioner will “fix” the FISA request so as to meet a judge’s approval, in a later FISC courtroom (will dig out exact time and words if you like; time for a nap now).
      Did Contreras have one of these mtgs before the Oct 2016 FISA? Wonder if Judge Carr has thought of this.

      In the Dossier, pg 27 dtd 14 Sep 2016, first mention of Azerbaizan/Russian businessman Araz Agalrov. Algarov also has an office in London – enter Carter Page and Page’s London professor. Don Jr met w/ Russian chick attorney in June 2016, at the request of Agalarov’s son’s promoter – part of Clinton/State Dept op (?). Is Azerbaizan Muslim Bros? Dunno, but at any rate, Azerbaizhan has terrorist and corruption dealings. Coincidentally shows up in the dossier just in time for FISA issued Oct 2016.

      Now go back to Nunes vid,
      08:49 , out of the blue some guy asks “what might have motivated the ban or the restrictions of electronics on airlines?”

      Chairman Nunes advises the guy to see DHS and shuts that convo down.
      Chairman Nunes is very good imo. If the answer is not yes or no, answer the question asked and nothing else. Textbook.

      Move to Pres Trump in the Oval Office w/Kislyak and Lavrov, and the hystrionics over Pres Trump leaking State Secrets (!) and outing the Israelis as the source for the ban/restrictions on airline electronics, information which the Russians already knew.

      Which brings us to the recent declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Heritage Fdn held a forum a month after the 6 Dec 2016 Jerusalem announcement titled “President Trump’s “Ultimate Deal” Is Israeli-Palestinian Peace Possible,” with Ron DeSantis, James Phillips, Elliot Abrams, and Daniel Pipes, PhD

      Forum description is “The Trump Administration is developing an “outside-in” strategy, enlisting Arab governments to take positive steps toward Israel. Will this do the trick and break decades of Palestinian-Israeli impasse? Or are there alternate approaches with a better chance to end the conflict?”

      The first 28 minutes by Ron DeSantis, 0:02:05 – 0:28:10 w/Q & A, are most excellent imo. Rep DeSantis outlines very much Pres Trump’s views, imo.

      After Rep DeSantis, there are 2 brief talks given by Elliot Abrams and Daniel Pipes, followed by Q & A.

      Elliot Abrams said that we have been chasing a two-state deal and merely pursuing the “peace process,” not a solution. Pres Reagan originally opposed a two state solution, and later changed his mind – thanks, GW 41 putz

      Elliot Abrams says we are asking the wrong question. The question is not, how do we get to a two state solution, but how do we get to peace?

      Dr. Pipes has a radical, radical, proposal. Israel won the Six Day War (-?- this may or may not be correct), yet Palestians never accepted the fact that there is an Israeli state, namely, Israel. Therefore, Palestinians are still trying to win and wipe out Israel. Dr Pipes’ proposal is quite simple – everyone get out of the way and allow Israel to decisively win.

      The last 3-4 minutes are good, but one small spot stands out, from a gentleman associated with a group in Africa.
      1:20:04 “Elliot Abrams made a statement, which will be the future. They (the Palestinians) will either merge with Israel, or they will have to merge with Jordan. Because small states like we know in Africa, that’s what we’re trying to forge, are not viable, and very soon the Palestians will understand that.”

      Combine Elliot Abrams – merge w/Israel or Jordan – with Dr Pipes – Israel wins Palestinians lose – and you very well may see the reasons for why many things are the way they are at present, as well as the reason why all the Fake News is Muh Russia.

      There is much more that could be added, but not now. But do add in the first Presidential trip, the White House visit by Bibi N and other leaders early on in the Trump Administration, Indian PM Modi making the first visit to Israel by an Indian PM, etc etc.

      Who was behind the Trump win? Behind, not in front. Jared Kushner. Who is running the Israel-Palestinian talks, along w/SA et al? Jared Kushner. Who is handling China-India-Japan etc? Ivanka. Big Bro (Don Jr) will always protect Lil Sis. Even when Big Bro is Sis’s Lil Bro (Eric). Always beware the quiet ones. The quiet ones are the most dangerous; the hardest to see and hear.

      Muh Russia was started by John Podesta in mid-Dec 2015 as part of the oppo-crap on candidate Trump and others, if not before. The Dec 2015 Podesta Wikileaks email appears to be one of the first docs available. Lying, twisted, evil minds went to the Dossier. very sick ppl

      What has Obama been after his entire life? Bringing down America, communism/socialism, and Islam supremacy.

      Throw in SA, Egypt, India, China, Russia, Hamas, Hezbollah, AG Jeff, Iran (and unrest in), Japan, NoKo, Ukraine, DW Shultz, Awan Bros, Muslim Bros, Muse ValJar, Huma, Weiner, Haley at the UN, ad infinitum. Which also explains why Bannon had to leave. If one considers, even Don Jr is running interference for “Javanka” with Muh Russia. Bannon, for whatever reason, apparently did not see the biggest picture – God, family, country, Corps. ok, strike that last, for unity’s sake

      AG Jeff’s recusal has no effect on Muh Russia as, even were Pres Trump impeached which Pres Trump will not be, VP Pence will not waiver from the goals, which are the same as Pres Trump’s. And every day VP Pence is learning. Congress is having its eyes opened, and the GOPe is learning better how to play, not necessarily make nice.

      Loser Obama, who wants to see Iran ascendant and by correlation communism/socialism and Islam, was never able to beat Israel into submission and achieve the Obama goals, although heaven knows Obama tried.

      Obama does not approve of Pres Trump’s solution – promotion of moderate Islam coexisitng in peace with Israel without violence, and by george Obama is making certain Pres Trump does not succeed, no matter what. If that involves chaos and war, even better. If Clinton goes down with it, party-time.

      Postulating this – that Israel is the country from which routine collection “with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value” was collected, using a FISA granted based on Muh Russia. Jared Kushner was caught up from the FISA and unmasked. Gen Flynn was also a target. Gen Flynn publicly disagreed with O and backed a whistleblower who had filed a suit against the FBI and McCabe. All seems illegal to me. O’s modus operandi was to go full-throttle, as no one was stopping him.

      Or not.

      All the above seems contrary to law, imo. Is it? Dunno. We will not know unless/until we see the original FISA docs, which is highly unlikely imo. The stuff on Clinton is already out. Clinton may sufffer some. O will always be protected. imo

      Perhaps the Big Ugly will be Bigger and Uglier. Perhaps we are still thinking too small?

      Both of the preceeding comments were written by a decidedly crazy person. If you’ve read both of these comments…well, best see a shrink. Or run, fast…


      • V says:

        “The Dec 2015 Podesta Wikileaks email appears to be one of the first docs available.”

        Could link that email and any others in the Podesta WL that show connection to the contents of the Dossier? You know, cross-check Dossier with his emails.

        If the emails are in jpg form, they will show up here in picture form. No need for html.
        Otherwise, just copy and paste the https line.

        Here’s the Dossier link for you:

        It has its own search function you can use to find words.


      • V says:

        The 5-19-15 infamous email from Kadzik using his personal gmail to his long-time friend John Podesta, giving inside DOJ info to Podesta and Clinton campaign.

        1-17-17 Re Peter Kadzik, DOJ Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs emails ordered to be preserved thanks to Judicial Watch and Judge Emmet Sullivan

        Kadzik left DOJ within days of this date.

        Might be useful to search for all of Kadzik’s emails in the WL Podesta database and see if there are any Dossier-related discussions.

        Also wondering how tight Kadzik’s connection is to the shallow state robots – Strzok, Lisa Page, Priestap, McCabe, Comey, Mueller and his team, like Weissman; Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Fusion GPS, Crowdstrike et al.


        • V says:

          Peter Kadzik – where is he now:

          “Washington, DC (June 5, 2017) – Venable LLP announced today that former senior Obama Administration Department of Justice officials Peter J. Kadzik and Alicia C. O’Brien have joined the firm as partners in the Government Division in the Washington, DC office.”

          “…He also managed the Department’s efforts on numerous pieces of legislation, including FISA reauthorization (USA Freedom Act), criminal justice reform, enhanced measures to prevent human trafficking,….”
          Ha ha ha


  36. Donzo says:

    I understand the trial balloon idea but I’m not convinced. How does that work? Sara Carter says the word “unwittingly” and then Deep Shitters sit back and wait to see how it went over on Madison Avenue?


  37. Donzo says:

    Given Carter’s frequent appearances on Fox it shouldn’t be long before we hear from her again. Will she modify the talking point or continue with it and effectively double down on the Russian disinformation narrative rationale?


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