President Trump Meets With Democrats and Republicans To Discuss DACA and Immigration Reform….

Earlier today President Trump held a meeting today with Democrat and Republican Senators surrounding one of the most controversial issues in the current body politic. The DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and immigration reform, to include a border wall and an end of chain-migration policy, is a hot button issue on both sides of the political aisle.

President Trump surprised the entire MSM by allowing the media to stay in the meeting for an hour and hear the arguments/positions from all participants at the meeting. Extreme transparency.

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848 Responses to President Trump Meets With Democrats and Republicans To Discuss DACA and Immigration Reform….

  1. ray76 says:

    The Swamp has mugged Trump and put an impostor in his place.

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    • Matt Musson says:

      Trump is a business man who realizes that if some of these kids went K-12 in this country – we have already invested $120K in their education. Some of them should probably stay and help build our country. While felons, gang members and those who are a drain on our society do not get a free pass.


    • Luke of the D says:

      Are you paying any attention? Any attention at all Ray? President Trump is the master of negotiation… the whole purpose of this meeting is to throw everyone off balance. Ask yourself this: Has President Trump gone back on any of his promises? Has President Trump ever given you impression he has turned against America? If you think he has, I suggest you leave this website and become a snowflake. If you are upset about this in the clearly irrational way you seem to be, I suggest you step back from your keyboard and take a deep breath and watch what unfolds – I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed in President Trump (again, unless you are a liberal snowflake).

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      • ray76 says:

        I have only supplied links to what he said, not what I said, what he said.

        Friends – true friends – tell you when you’re making a mistake, they don’t say “let me hold that beer for ya” and then watch while you maim or kill yourself.

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      • slegvold says:

        DACA and immigration reform ARE the only promises he has flaked out on in his comments. All his other promises he has pretty much remained constant on. It is too bad you are in denial.


      • Cynthia Lovern says:

        AMEN! My sentiments exactly. People need to get a grip, take a breath, and watch the master work. It’s like Groundhog Day every time something like this comes up. How many times does the man have to exceed our expectations before we sit back and trust him to outsmart at every turn? Conservatives have got some serious PTSD.


    • bon says:

      no he hasn’t. U will rue your comment in a day or two.


  2. ethicall says:

    Hope he was just trying to make them feel good and continues forward with ending daca, chain migration and building the real wall.

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    • slegvold says:

      Or POTUS will rue his.


    • slegvold says:

      Trump’s plan calls for less than 1/2 the wall, including the existing wall to be refurbished, to be completed by 2027 so why not plan on immigration reform for that date after the wall is completed??? That makes more sense in light of the traitors we have put in office. Why hasn’t Trump also made some effort to get the 14th Amendment interpreted correctly? If there was true deliberation on illegal invasion of our country, all of these points would be on the table first before any talk of any amnesty or reform of immigration laws. Whatever happened to his law enforcement position? Rule of law? That is why our Congress wants reform. So they can gut the existing laws to the max in favor of their beloved cheap labor.


  3. slegvold says:

    Any amnesty given will also have to contend with giving that same amnesty to the refugeejadists. The two issues have become inseparable because many illegals crossing our southern border are now claiming asylum and if you read what they get under that program, I can assure you, your head will explode. Here is the foremost site covering the refugee issue.

    The Refugee Resettlement Program is part of U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.
    Here you can blow your top while reading thru what is offered at our expense and at the expense of our own children and grandchildren.

    All the invasion by third world losers is being allowed to transform our society. That many of you miss the significance and what is a stake for the future of America is beyond belief.

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  4. the virtue signaling is stifling


  5. the most glaring thing of this meeting? We need to stop voting in these senior citizens to the house & senate who have made politics their life-long job instead of serving and moving on.


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