Secretary Tillerson Transmits Support for Iranian Protests….

Interesting.  Visible support for a position 180° from prior administration.

transition of government” supported by U.S.

State Dept – We are following reports of multiple peaceful protests by Iranian citizens in cities across the country. Iran’s leaders have turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos. As President Trump has said, the longest-suffering victims of Iran’s leaders are Iran’s own people.

The United States strongly condemns the arrest of peaceful protesters. We urge all nations to publicly support the Iranian people and their demands for basic rights and an end to corruption.

On June 14, 2017, Secretary Tillerson testified to Congress that he supports “those elements inside of Iran that would lead to a peaceful transition of government. Those elements are there, certainly as we know.” The Secretary today repeats his deep support for the Iranian people. (link)

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103 Responses to Secretary Tillerson Transmits Support for Iranian Protests….

  1. Fe says:

    Exciting and very interesting times we are living in…

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      The view leading from the front is certainly much better than it was from behind. Now is the time for our allies to join in the chorus and turn Tillerson’s tune into a full-fledged, freedom loving, worldwide opus.

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      • cats23 says:

        That view, from behind,actually sided with the Mullah’s.
        That view, (Obama) SQUELCHED the freedom seeking movement of THE PEOPLE!
        So, not much better from the front…..
        Who are we kidding???
        With the Trump admin, without getting involved,(!!!!) the Iranian people can see Freedom
        KNOWING the US and their Givernment STAND w/ them.

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      The Trump Effect is in play.

      Iranians are looking for their own ‘deplorable-WeThePeople style’ status in their country.
      Here in America, Christians were fighting against Satanism (Globalism) with a dose of Islam(Obama), whereas, in Iran, they are fighting within their religion. Very interesting to see that.

      I was telling hubbie this morning…Iranian’s secret funding from ObamaAmerica has been cut off. With little/no money to pay the Revolutionary Guards, anything can happen.

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  2. President Trump’s support can perhaps change Iran for the better!

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    • Thecleaner says:

      The armed forces of Iran must see the writing on the wall here. The mullah’s are leading them into a no win confrontation with the US, Israel and Saudi…..if they get the order to put these protests down, it may expedite their destruction. Smart leaders would take this opportunity to side with the population, take out the mullahs and perhaps invite a NATO stabilization force in to assist the restructuring of the government and facillitate elections.

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    • fleporeblog says:

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  3. Falcon Koch says:

    Thank God for our Pres.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Another peace of evidence that our Father had intervened in our election last year. The people of Iran 🇮🇷 have an ally in our President. We are going to be the envy of Generations to come that will wish they had lived during the Lion’s Incredible Eight Years.

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  4. fedback says:

    Iran is the key to break the vicious cycle of destruction in the Middle East.
    A moderate secular Iran would be a blessing to the whole world

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  5. abdiesus says:

    Assuming a Trump administration would not stand by and do nothing like Obama did, how far do you think Trump/Tillerson would be willing to go to support this fledgling movement? I suppose there has to be some idea that it could be successful at over-throwing the mullahs, but does that seem likely, and even if they can over-throw the mullahs, can they move forward and establish a government solid enough to replace them – which is much more difficult?

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  6. Michael says:

    Where would we be today if obama had supported the Green Movement?
    Would NK have the bomb for example?

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  7. Jack says:

    Once called Persia, it stood in history with Greece, Rome, Egypt, China and India, being in the midst of all. So they renamed their nation after a tribe some 3,000 years old , nomenclature not used since ancient Greece and the Etruscans started the climb for modern civilization, and descended into a theocracy resembling a 7th century barbarian society. Welcome to Islam.

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  8. KittyKat says:

    They make American protestors look like a bunch of spoiled ingrates; the protestors in Iran are taking real risks.

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  9. bofh says:

    Democrats (and thus, the MSM as well) must be frantically messaging each other trying to figure out if they want to try to get a piece of this, or else what to do? PDJT, on the other hand, doesn’t have to ask permission or wait for a hastily-convened focus group or poll to begin responding.

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  10. wjb105 says:

    You can’t do anything. They are on their own. Cheering them on is only giving moral support, but they will have to fight for themselves.

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  11. BigMamaTEA says:

    Just came across this on twitter….

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  12. paulraven1 says:

    Another of the untold scandals of Obama was how he left the Iranian Green Revolution of 2009 hanging in the wind. How many young Iranians were killed waiting for the support they thought was coming from America. Contrast this with how swiftly and fervently Reagan gave moral support to Lech Walesa. Obama wanted it to fail. He wanted the mullahs to crush those kids. What a slimy, filthy bastard he was.

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  13. Pam says:

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  14. Love22 says:

    SA and The Gulf Cooperation Council will help them. We will likely not be jumping into a hot war. Sword dance, anyone?

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  15. Pam says:

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  16. wj2016 says:

    We overthrew their elected leader in 1953. We supported the Shah and his torturing, murdering secret police for a quarter of a century. We pushed Sadam Hussein to invade Iran and we gave him weapons and the means to produce chemical weapons, with which he slaughtered hundred of thousands of Iranians. We shot down their civilian airliner in 1988. This is only a part of the meddling, mischief, murder and mayhem we have inflicted on the Iranians. Now we need to leave them the eff alone and handle their own business.

    President Trump is winning on the domestic front and doesn’t need to be sucked into the foreign intrigue that Dubwya fell into.

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    • lastinillinois says:

      I agree completely, and posted something similar on a different thread tonite.

      As a matter of fact, it seems we have a near unanimous mantra going on this issue thus far:
      US (CIA) leave Iran alone and let them handle their own business and just maybe we can have normalized relations.

      I love the opportunity that is presenting itself.

      Gonna be a VERY interesting 2018.


    • WSB says:

      The Shah of Iran was the George Washington of his nation. He was outing murderous Is
      Islamist Fundamentalists who were trying to put the Mullahs back in. Carter handed it to them. We had hostages for years there, and look what we have now.

      A complete and utter mess.

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        The Shah was put there by CIA.
        At the end of WWI, we suspected that there was oil in Persia. We have not had a straight foreign policy with Iran since at least back as far as post-WWI map line-drawing.

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        • WSB says:

          Understood, however, that actually was a great move to secure a secular nation. And the Shah was a better man than any of the other kooks now in power in Iran.

          I have had good friends who were living in Teheran at the time and the widow of her husband, a professor at the American University there, still shakes her head at what a dramatic, instantaneous and horrible regression took place after the Shah was helped out of power by Carter. They both had to flee and she still recounts what a wonderful place in which it was to live.


    • Bl says:

      +1. Although Bill Krystol and the like are drooling at the opportunity to start another war.


  17. USA loves Melania says:

    This stuff is all way above my paygrade but that’s why I voted for a guy who is a lot smarter than me named Donald J. Trump. I trust his judgement. He’ll know how to handle the situation. Secretary Tillerson, a genius appointment by our President, is one of the sharpest guys around when it comes to world affairs. I trust them both. You couldn’t pay me enough to do either of their jobs though. And just think, our President works for us for no pay.

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  18. Turranos says:

    I sure hope that the Iranian people can throw off the Mullah’s, in time. It’s so comforting to know that our POTUS is not going to rush in and do something really stupid. With the things currently happening in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, I like the fact that the Iranians will stay busy with their own changes at this time. Hope it works our well for everyone in ME.

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  19. burnett044 says:

    old wise words..

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  20. I think moral support is very important to the Iranian people. Obama ignored them and blew them off; they thought the Nobel Peace Prize winner would be on their side. He did nothing….I do believe PTrump’s moral support is needed.

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  21. cats23 says:

    My Heart is Singing!!!

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  22. Thecleaner says:

    Good work T-Rex….i am waiting anxiously to see what our fearless leader two socks Trudeau has to say….it will be completely inappropriate whatever it is I am certain.

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  23. StanH says:

    Mr. Trump recognizes opportunity, this is how you make the Mullahs squeal.

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  24. As long as we stay out of it we can offer all the moral support we want.


  25. iwasthere says:

    Going to be hard for the ‘people’ to rise up against – 180 billion in cash the US government paid to the thugs. That kind of money can hire a lot of heat – as a thug might say. #ThanksObama.

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  26. Tim says:

    I’m all in for moral support. I’m also all in for arming the protesters who are willing to fight for their own freedom.

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  27. Matt Transit says:

    There is nothing that justifies one more ounce of American blood spilt in the sand of the Middle East.

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  28. Texian says:

    I remember the people of Iran back in the 1970’s.. Culturally they were the most westernized moderate middle eastern nation, and they were on their way to becoming a major modern country on the world stage.

    Then, certain dark forces were implemented that, when coupled with the purposeful inaction of an impotent United States democratic President.. allowed them to drag Iran back to the stone ages..

    If they are successful it would be a huge Victory, not only for them.. for the World.. Westernized Investment and Economic opportunity will flourish among them..

    Don’t underestimate what is happening.. it is significant.. It will be a New Day for the World..

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  29. Texian says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words..

    Below is Iran in the 1970’s, before their “fundamental transformation” back to the stone ages.. They just wanted what any group of civilized people wanted – a better way of life and economic prosperity in a modern world..

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  30. SharonKinDC says:

    Reagan had candles lit in the WH windows in support of Poland’s Solidarity movement. That was a huge morale booster for those trying to change things in Poland. Symbolic acts and messages can make a difference. Which is why I’m pleased the Trump admin has so promptly messaged their support for the people of Iran.

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  31. ray76 says:

    We should stay out of it.


  32. jmclever says:

    Hmmm…basic rights and an end to corruption…Magnitsky Act E.O. will be very useful me thinks.

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  33. thinkthinkthink says:

    So blessed to see our Lion of a President standing in solidarity with those who are brave enough to risk their lives for FREEDOM.

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  34. reverence1 says:

    Thomas Wictor thinks, that the Saudis have a hand in this, he has written many threads on this, here is a comprehensive one:


    • GrantsLounge says:

      Exactly. There is a point at which the military stands down, and ignores orders against their countrymen. Perhaps, this is that time, Lord willing. Time will tell, but it cant be anything but different this time, at least from our perspective, with DJT in the oval office.


      • reverence1 says:

        Exactly. You know I live in Europe and everybody here freaks out about what President Trump did about Iran. But its so clear, he exactly knows why he did what he did and why he does what he does.


  35. quintrillion says:

    mega-thread with info and links on Iran protests:


  36. Sunshine says:

    SERIOUS STUFF: Sent from Shabnam, an expat Iranian and who spent serious time in Evan prison in Iran:

    Iran: Imam Khomeini International Airport: 7 airplanes, 3 cargo planes, 4 passenger planes filled with GOLD BARS, GOLD COINS, and FOREIGN CURRENCY parked at the corner of Imam khomeini Airport awaiting to take off at the last possible minute when is needed.

    Since yesterday the regime officials have stalled the Airport activities for preparing these airplanes and we have not been able to go home for two nights. They even took Persian rugs, and paining. If anythings happens, please do not neglect the airports in Iran (meaning watch the planes trying to taking off and leaving Iran) . From a month ago, “secretly” the Iranian officials even issued permits for each airplane to take off any time any minute.


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