President Trump Holds Higher Approval Rating Than: Macron (France), May (Great Britain), Merkel (Germany)…

While the U.S. media loves to talk about President Trump’s approval rating when it’s bad news, what they fail to discuss is how President Trump has consistently higher approval ratings than: •President Macron, France; •Prime Minister May, Great Britain; or •Chancellor Merkel of Germany.

According to Zogby Analytics:

♦ President Trump approval 42 percent
♦ Chancellor Merkel approval 40 percent
♦ President Macron approval 28 percent
♦ Prime Minister May approval 28 percent

That means President Trump has the highest approval rating compared to the leaders of largest economic countries in Europe.  However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise because it was evident in Germany’s recent election that Merkel -in victory- had less support in Germany than President Trump holds in the U.S.  Go figure

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74 Responses to President Trump Holds Higher Approval Rating Than: Macron (France), May (Great Britain), Merkel (Germany)…


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    • Signer1 says:

      President Trump hasn’t invited terrorism and those that cannot assimilate into our country. European leaders are weak, afraid, and the real citizens are are scared. They know their culture, their history, is being stripped away, day after day.

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    • CiscoKid says:


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    • Carrie2 says:

      Jim Marine #4, and because in general the polls are bought and paid for they cannot be believed as I think most Americans rate him a lot higher because for the first time a president making America First and actually getting things done. We need to keep scaring our Congress meanwhile so that they get the tax bill through as Trump wants it, complete REPEAL of the ACA that we and Trump want, and let us get the wall completed. My suggestion in 2018 is that if a candidate has already had 2 terms in Congress, he will not be eligible to run again so we can control them the way we should. This will remove a lot of deadwood and obviously now a lot of sexual harassers at the same time which by the way I think we need to have their names and make them pay us back for using our tax monies to cover their dirt! We must take back the reins of this Republic!

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      • nimrodman says:

        “… polls cannot be believed …”

        BLM Deletes Poll After Trump Wins by a Landslide, But We Took a Screenshot

        “The Black Lives Matter group suffered an embarrassing loss when it posted a poll that asked about President Donald Trump’s job performance, and the backing for the president was overwhelming.

        “The poll, first put up on Twitter on Nov. 15 by the group, was posted three different times in the clear hope that most respondents would disapprove of Trump’s performance.

        “But that wasn’t the case.”

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      • Pam says:

        Yes, a million times! Of course no one in their right mind believes these polls and sees right through the BS. It became obvious after the election that the shenanigans were
        going to continue and indeed they have. On the hand, no one in their right minds loves having their countries ran like socialist dictatorships with terrorists running amuck which is the way Obama ran this country and Hillary would have been no different.

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      • G. Combs says:

        I do not trust the YSM, uniparty polls.

        This is in December 2009 before the Uniparty Elite moved to destroy the Tea Party and before Rasmussen (a Libertarian) sold his company.

        Tea Party Tops GOP on Three-Way Generic Ballot
        Democratic 36%
        Tea Party 23%
        Republican 18%
        Not sure 22%

        A more recent comment by Fran Coombs (no relation) @ Rasmussen
        Friday, July 08, 2016 Is Donald Trump the Tea Party’s Revenge?
        “Did the pundits and politicians who are still surprised by the Donald Trump phenomenon forget about the Tea Party? Have the media and liberal politicians so slimed the Tea Party movement that no one dares make the connection between then and now?

        President Obama and the Democratic Congress got the Tea Party movement rolling during tax season 2009 with their $787 billion economic stimulus plan. That plan, along with the auto and Wall Street bailouts, triggered protests from middle-class taxpayers demanding smaller government and lower taxes. Within a year, 48% of voters said the average Tea Party member was closer to their views than Obama was. Slightly fewer (44%) identified more with the president. Tea Party members made their presence known forcefully at congressional town hall meetings, and in November 2010 Republicans took back the House of Representatives from the Democrats.

        Yet despite the mainstream economic views of most Tea Party members, Democratic leaders successfully labeled them as extremists and economic terrorists, and it went down hill from there. GOP nominee Mitt Romney held the group at arm’s length in his lackluster run for the presidency in 2012.

        Still our surveys continued to show voters wanting smaller government and lower taxes and getting angrier and angrier at their representatives in Washington, DC. Trust in the federal government fell to historic lows. In November 2014, Republicans took control of the Senate, too.

        But if Congress’ recent track record is any indicator, the GOP apparently hasn’t learned either. The end result is Trump who is arguably a third-party candidate running against the leaders of both major political parties. It was the Tea Party, though, that was the first sign of where we were headed.”

        I do not think those Tea Party supporters went away. I think they just shut-up as they realized Politically Correct people would hamper their lives and even get them fired if they stood up for themselves.

        Employers already snoop on Facebook accounts during job applications – but could they DEMAND passwords as well?
        “[…]A recent survey by Telstra revealed that 20 per cent of bosses also check employees’ Facebook accounts while at the company.[…]”

        2014: <a href=";.Will employers still ask for Facebook passwords in 2014? – USA Today


    • Jenny R. says:

      It is because whatever else one might say of him, Trump is a sensible and politically very capable man.


      • Jenny R. says:

        …and I should add that a great part of that involves his lack of need or desire to win at the expense of winning down the road.
        He appears to prefer winning long term and will sacrifice the short term — he’ll let other people win too, which adds to a bigger win for him.
        Clever man, that.


  2. M. Mueller says:

    Our President towers over all other leaders, but we already knew that!

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  3. Signer1 says:

    Merkel exhibiting her “steeple positioned hands” for a posed photo, is priceless. She is so afraid to be seen as weak, she appears as inappropriate! After Charlie Thebdo, while the world leaders marched through the streets in France, Merkel looked either terrified or insane. I’m still torn as to which it was.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Signer1, since my husband escaped communism in Germany, apparently several refugees have been sent back, but still a crime every day over there and he is worried about his siblings. Thank God we will be removing dreamers, DACA, chained families, and NO amnesty so if they want to be here they have to apply and see if they qualify just as did my parents and many of other Americans’ relatives. No government maintenance (real welfare, etc.) in those days so they came and if not sick and could speak a little English, they immediately needed and wanted to work for survival. Too bad we don’t go back to that way for many on the dole here. Remove it and they will work to live. Trump also has welfare being viewed and changed and hopefully soon. We know his next year(s) will be just as fruitful in getting America made great again and a real Republic again and we will override/remove/whatever Soros, the Clintons, and others of their ilk from our soil and no longer permit antifa, BLM, etc. tell us what to do. You live here you have the same rights as everyone does here, so shut up and thank God daily you live here and if you don’t like your life, do what my family did and Dr. Carson’s mother did, get an education and move on up with pride in yourself and stop complaining you are maltreated when blacks especially murder their own.

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    • WSB says:

      I HATE that!!!!!


  4. fleporeblog says:

    Merkel is in some serious trouble beca She couldn’t form a coalition. They may have to call for another election.

    From the article linked above:

    Germany’s would-be coalition partners appeared to have reached an impasse over immigration policy as a self-imposed Sunday evening deadline for agreeing the outlines of a government programme passed with no deal.

    Failure could precipitate Germany’s worst political crisis in decades, since the Social Democrats (SPD) have already said they intend to go into opposition after coming second. Options include new elections or a minority government, unprecedented in the country’s post-war history.

    For Merkel’s own arch-conservative allies in Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU), the stakes are existential. The CSU fears that a failure to secure an immigration cap could fuel a far-right surge in a regional election next year, perhaps even unseating the CSU after 60 years in power.

    While the FDP continues to demand tax cuts, the trickiest sticking point concerns immigration, where the CSU insists on capping new arrivals at 200,000 a year.

    The cap is opposed by the Greens, who also want to preserve a rule allowing successful asylum seekers to bring family members to join them – though the CDU’s Kloeckner implored the Greens to acknowledge this as only a “subsidiary right”.

    Failure to reach a deal could lead to a new election, something all the parties are anxious to avoid as they fear this could lead to the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) making further gains after surging into parliament in September.

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  5. Queensland Kel says:

    I can’t believe that PM Turnbull has an approval rating of 36% here in Australia. Everything this socialist globalist ex-lawyer touches or does is bull sheet.

    My little fantasy is that we could ‘borrow’ your President Trump. Just a year should do…

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    • CiscoKid says:

      Patience my Aussie friend.
      President Trumps polices will not only make MAGA and safer, but with the help and co-operation of our allies, the world safer.
      We did it in WWII and if necessary, together we’ll do it again.

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      • Queensland Kel says:

        Hi Cisco, I agree President Trump is already making an impact internationally as well as domestically. But I can’t believe how quickly the political rot set in here in Australia.Our politicians seem to want to sell the country to the Chinese whilst they run down manufacturing and the Defence Forces who at the moment are only recruiting females – diversity rather than the most able is what they seem to be after. And we’ve got no-one on the horizon anywhere near the caliber of President Trump.

        There are many of us who know and will always be grateful to America – our parents and grand-parents told us repeatedly growing up that it was the Americans, not the British, that came and saved us from the Japanese in WW2. But how quickly some of us forget…

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        • wrd9 says:

          What’s your opinion of Tony Abbott? I was quite disappointed when he was replaced with Turnbull. Abbott at least was tough on illegal immigration and eliminated the carbon tax, positions quite out of step at the time with other Western countries. I felt he was a precursor for Trump.


    • sadsack says:

      There are many Canadians, especially from Alberta, who would also like to have President Trump. Lots of canadians are cheering and praying for our southern neighbours.

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  6. Sentient says:

    It’s also the case that in 2020, the Dems won’t be able to just run a candidate named “Not Donald Trump”. They’ll have to run an actual human – who will have flaws.

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  7. Those other “leaders” are childless and therefore have no stake in the future. President Trump’s grandchildren are learning multiple languages, including Chinese.

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  8. A2 says:

    Just a reminder, that wherever they are, the so-called deplorables TRUMP the pols and global sophistry agents everywhere. In democracies, those ‘elected’ need to realize that an election victory, is no guarantee that ‘shit doesn’t happen’ and that bad policies may flush them out as well as it has brought them in.

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  9. rumpole2 says:

    Best World leader EVAH!

    Oh noes!! It’s an American! Oh Noes it’s Trump!

    The Europeans ain’t gonna like it!!

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  10. wheatietoo says:

    Our President’s 42% is in spite of all efforts to make his ‘approval rating’ appear low.

    Is Zogby one of those pollsters who showed Hillary winning last year?
    I don’t remember.

    But that thing about “people are unwilling to admit they support Trump” which existed last year…that is still in place, in large parts of the country.
    So polling results are still going to be off, as a result.

    I dunno about the polling in those other countries, as far as how accurate those are.
    But there may be people in Germany who are ‘afraid’ to say they are against Merkel, because she is in power.

    Personally, I think that if the truth were known…our President’s approval rating would be in the 65% range.

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  11. keebler AC says:

    Was feeling down the past few days but these reports are exceptional!! Yippee. Gonna go get mo’popcorn!
    (P.S. OT, keep your sanity, don’t go to Breitbart, it’s fodder. Look at the quality differential between SD’s articles and…BB Headlines: With Steve Bannon Gone, Donald Trump Risks Becoming Arnold Schwarzenegger 2.0…spit)

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  12. The LSM never mentions that President Trump is more popular than their globalist idols, Merkel, Macron, and May Does that sound like a crooked law firm or what?

    But what is worse is that Trump is more popular than any polls are showing imo. For one thing, you absolutely can’t trust polls anymore, and especially any that involve PDJT. Not only do they over sample Dems, etc., but many people are afraid to admit they’re Trump supporters. And why wouldn’t they be…with all the hate and violence that is directed at Trump and his supporters. But when they get behind that curtain and pull that lever (yeah, I know it’s mainly touchscreens now), they’ll pull it for the only sane choice. MAGA!


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  13. brh82 says:

    God Bless you Sundance! Without you we would NEVER have seen these photos and NEVER have seen the polls. I can’t imagine how you get all the information and photos that precede ANYTHING we would ever see elsewhere, and most of it we would NEVER see anywhere! We are soooooo lucky. THANK YOU!

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  14. thefrankproject says:

    The German election results seem to indicate that Merkel’s numbers were overstated. And I have believed for a long time that Trump’s numbers are understated, for the reason that I see no evidence of change in methodology or attitude in the same failed pollsters who got 2016 so badly wrong.

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  15. kea25252014 says:

    Trumps #’s are higher then that. No one trusts the MSM no one!!!

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  16. JimmyJack says:

    I can’t believe Merkel has 40% approval but I believe that number is accurate. I just can’t believe Germans hate themselves so much.

    May is a disaster. If that is conservative what is liberal?

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  17. WSB says:

    I find interest not so much in the USA to China ratio, but the Japanese to European…Germany and other countries. Look at the numbers again :

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  18. USA First! says:

    Globalist politicians care not for how high they ride in the polls. They are paid to do one thing. And that is to do the bidding of their masters. They will be used and then discarded as the plebes began to revolt. They then are shuffled out of place and a new globalist politician is inserted in their place with great promises of change.

    The globalist politician that does as their told moves on to a lucrative job on K street or a cushy job with some high powered law firm. If they’ve been extremely effective at implementing globalist policies they are given a huge salary and put on staff at executive level in a bank somewhere.

    The globalist politician is arrogant because he knows his golden ticket doesn’t end after doing as told by the billionaire elites. The globalists take care of their own. Has Bill and Hillary lacked anything? Has Obama? Has Bush?

    Angela Merkel is not sad because of her poll numbers. She is sad she has lost ability to ram through the globalist agenda as she once did at break neck speeds. Her tears are tears of sadness that the plebes are uprising before the total collapse of Westerner culture.

    “ A house divided against itself cannot stand”. These globalists know this and so have imported an element of people that will divide and tear down the house so it no longer stands. Pure evil is what they are. Believe not for one moment you are dealing with men of ignorance. These are men cunning, purposely set about in plans to destroy freedom from the hearts of men. Liberty among people is anathema to them.

    To enslave is their utmost goal, their chief aim, their purpose for living. It’s what drives their every thought, their every action. Disguised in the cloak of social justice they stealthily move their agenda, in the dark, where shadows live. Quietly, slowly, one passed law and hidden legislation at a time.

    They are rebuilding Babylon. They won’t stop until they grab the stars. You are there stepping stones. The weight of their plans never moving to give reprieve. In all of this I can say, No, I will say, I’m proud to be a Christian, I’m proud to be a Nationalist, and I’m proud of my President, Donald J. Trump.

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  19. TwoLaine says:

    I guarantee he is well over 50%, but they will NEVER EVER EVER show that. It would BLOW A BIG HOLE in their FAKE NEWS that America is more divided than ever before.

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  20. ibobland08 says:

    I thought we didn’t believe in polls? Anyways all those countries have multi-party systems, not a two party system like we do. So obviously approval ratings for Europe will be much lower.

    I personally believe Trump’s approval ratings are accurate. However, they aren’t “really low” like what the media makes it out to be. Nearly all of his voters support him except for a few of reluctant voters.

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  21. positron1352 says:

    Agree with wheatietoo. Trumpers, for the most part, don’t come out of the closet to their liberal friends. It just invites more instability in them. What’s the point. As long as we stick together and continue to tweet our congressional leaders to hold people (Hillary, Obama, ) accountable, we have a chance. If we stop the pressure, it all fizzles.


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