Day #6 – President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Visit Beijing, China…

As CTH provides an overview of President Trump’s historic visit to communist China the majority of our review is toward the geopolitical aspects.  China is a communist nation; many people forget that.  China’s central command and control authority goals are to dominate the globe with a disposition that China is the world’s center.

Therefore the optics and presentations from Beijing contain more audiences, and more nuance, than what is customary in a state visit with a non-adversarial free society.

China, Xi Jinping and Beijing’s communist old guard, approach the U.S. presidential visit from a dynamic unfamiliar to most U.S. observers and political watchers.  There are multiple audiences, internally and externally for China, being managed in this visit.   Additionally, the engagement with President Trump and First-Lady Melania Trump is both cultural and political.

Despite the complexity of the dynamic it is possible to locate indicators within this controlled script that later allows us to analyze the U.S. and Chinese engagement as future events present.   These important reviews of how Beijing is controlling the visit are not related to personal relationship dynamics or disrespect toward the U.S. President. The considerations are about the politics not the personality.

The personality of the participants may change; but the dynamic of the politics, the geopolitical face, presented by Beijing toward their ongoing goals and objectives, will remain constant for many years.  For our endeavors, it is the dynamic of the geopolitical face that becomes more important.  We are looking beyond the mask; whether it’s a panda mask or a dragon mask, it matters not. It’s always a mask. [Hope that makes sense.]

There’s no doubt President Trump and First Lady Melania will navigate the personal aspects with strength, grace and poise.  In turn, and understanding the scale of the cultural control and self-discipline of the Trump’s, Beijing will never intentionally show outward disrespect.  They consider President Trump a true and worthy adversary, well beyond the scale and scope of the previous administration and light-years more elevated than Hillary Clinton.

However, that doesn’t mean Beijing, and when we say “Beijing” we are specifically referencing the communist old guard (and now an empowered Xi Jinping), will not seek to control every scintilla of nuance and optic.

As the geopolitical Lion walks deliberately through Big Panda’s bamboo forest, they will seek to steer his path, and therefore seek to influence his viewpoints, holding out silent and strategic invisibility toward their larger motives and intentions.

And that’s OK, because, unlike previous administrations’, Donald Trump is an apex predator very familiar with the geographic gamesmanship amid apex predators.

Decades ago Beijing chose to use economics as a weapon.  Now they are entertaining a president who is an equal in their schemes.  A billionaire international businessman who has honed his skills in deals that contain the same level of competitive nuance and complexity.  Traditional Chinese trickery will not work; they know this.  It would also be extremely bad form, embarrassingly so, to be caught manipulating.

It is also impossible for Beijing to be caught disrespecting an economic adversary, a successful businessman – now influential politician, when they have been selling that exact image as an honorable goal for decades amid their own culture.  This is what makes the timing of Donald Trump so remarkable in consequence.

However, again, Beijing will control everything.  As several people noted last night the welcoming events were giving the appearance of warmth, welcoming, respectful and honorable.  Yet, also transparently scripted like they are casting characters (children waving flags) for a theater production.  The background spaces, beyond the camera shutters, were devoid of ordinary people.

Treeper Gaius Gracchus puts it very well:

[…]  The Chinese emperors used foreign delegations to bolster domestic power and to awe the barbarians.

And it is important to view the ChiCons as the latest dynasty of China, rather than an ideology. Mao, like Chiang Kai Shek, was more like a warlord from the many conflicts of the 20s and 30s in China.

Most of his efforts were designed at control. He did try to change Chinese culture, but culture really changes slowly long term. It bounces back.

I recently read that most millionaires (90%+) in China are descendants of pre Communist wealthy families. Communism did far less to change society than should have happened.

China views itself as the Middle Kingdom, the center of the world. When the country prospers, then the rulers have the “Mandate of Heaven”, the idea that heavenly forces approve of the ruler and bless China.

When disaster and strife occur, these are signs that the Mandate of Heaven is gone.

In the 19th century, with rebellion and foreign wars, the Qing dynasty was seen as having lost the Mandate of Heaven, allowing for the birth of the republic in the early 20th century.

But what Chinese rulers have really hated, especially since the Opium Wars, was being disrespected.

President Trump has taken the exact necessary tone and posture with the Chinese. He honors them but doesn’t suck up to them. He treats them as a great competitor and adversary, as an equal or near equal.

Since WW2, the US has been the center of the world. The Chinese recognize that. As such, being treated as an equal is a huge honor.

Since Clinton, the US has been seen by China as a corrupt decaying power. Clinton was easily bribed by China and sold China important missile tech. We allowed China to pillage our economy, all in the name of selfish greed. We demonstrared over and over again our weakness, while building up China.

If Hillary had won, the Chinese were ready to assume the primary position in the world. But with Trump, they see an America reinvigorated, led by a true leader.

Trump is pushing China to act as if really has all the power it believes it has. With power comes responsibilty, and China must be willing to pressure North Korea, to control North Korea.

Trump will not suck up to China. China will treat Trump with dignity and grace. They want peace.

A multipolar world does work to keep world peace. Great Powers work together to manage issues. And China is more than willing to work with Trump.

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51 Responses to Day #6 – President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Visit Beijing, China…

  1. FL_GUY says:

    It is wonderful to have President Trump, a true genius who totally understands how the world works and is using that knowledge and skill for America First! President Trump knows what is behind the bamboo curtain.

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    I wrote the following on the Presidential Thread and will share my blog here:

    In it I wrote some of the following:

    China just hours ago signed 19 agreements at a ceremony attended by U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

    From the article linked above:

    U.S. and Chinese companies have signed business deals the two sides say are valued at $9 billion during a visit by President Donald Trump, in a tradition aimed at blunting criticism of Beijing’s trade practices

    That deficit will be drastically improved because we have an AMERICA FIRST PRESIDENT!

    The reason our President is in a win-win with the Tax reform Bill is the fact that he has single handedly gotten our GDP humming at around 3.0%+ per quarter by cutting massive regulations and unleashing our Energy dominance. In many ways that was his plan for 2017.

    As we get ready to roll into 2018, our President will continue to build on the cutting of regulations and our Energy dominance. However, as you can see from what I wrote above, he is also going to narrow the trade deficit gap with the four Asian countries totaling $474 billion dollars as well as killing NAFTA which cost our country another $80 billion dollars with (Mexico {majority of trade deficit} and Canada). If our President is able to cut the entire trade deficit in half with the 4 Asian countries and Mexico/Canada, you are talking about saving close to $275 billion dollars in our favor plus the billions upon billions of dollars our companies will be getting for their products.

    That alone will add another 2% to our GDP by 2nd and 3rd Quarters in 2018. If the Republicans decide to kill his Tax Reform Bill, once again they can’t take an ounce of credit for where the Economy is. Our President can use that narrative to ask Americans to vote out Rhinos but more importantly kill Incumbent Democrats in the 10 states that he won that are up for reelection in the Senate in 2018. The House will be protected because they will have passed both the Repeal and Replace for Obamacare and the Tax Reform Bill.

    If the Republicans realize that the time has now come to get behind the agenda and pass Tax Reform, our President will allow them to take the credit for getting the GDP from 3% to 5% as we get closer to the 2018 Elections. He and us at CTH will know the truth that they had nothing to do with it because it will take a few years to see the movement from the Tax Reform Bill in our GDP but he and us won’t care because the agenda is FINALLY being pushed!

    As you can see from the Tweet below, our President’s plan for 2018 is working out extremely well!

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  3. YvonneMarie says:

    I believe you. The Clintons are a disaster.
    I am concerned about the “free stuff” generations in the USA though.

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  4. Bob Thoms says:

    “The background spaces, beyond the camera shutters, were devoid of ordinary people…”

    Exactly. Very weird……vacant and cold IMO.

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  5. MMinLamesa says:

    That was very well laid out sd.

    I wonder what Obama was thinking when he saw the reception President Trump received vs him having to deplane from the galley? Maybe that’s why I hear he gobbling cannabis gummy bears??

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      At the risk of being vulgar– Obama was saying ” that muther……”

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    • Covfefe-USA says:

      I believe he’s likely one big envious FUBAR’d POS ex-POTUS. Soooo glad I no longer have to see him bouncing down the stairway from AF1 with his little fists curled up chipmunk-style, as if he were some athlete extraordinaire.

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      • MVW says:

        It is hard to say what OB is thinking. He really had no clue how to do what Trump is doing. So, how could he be jealous? More like he is angry that his damage is being handily and rapidly reversed.

        The Shrubs and Griftons are being cut out of huge cash just when their old brains (Sr. & Bill) are slipping into death & decay. Soooo sad… NOT.

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  6. tonyE says:

    Interestingly, in China Melania Trump went with a very classic Western European sartorial style, whereas in South Korea and Japan her clothes had touches of the local cultures/designs.

    I guess it telegraphs (a) you chinese have no style (hehehe) or (b) up yours, I’m going Paris.

    Either way, I think it’s excellent.. pretty much says to the Koreans and Japanese that they are our warm friends, but for the Chinese, they are not so really….

    Trump as usual… does it with the tie and the smile. ;-D

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    • bosscook says:

      IMHO, Melania hasn’t missed the mark on ANY of her clothing choices for any event, official or casual. Just stunning. She’s the most elegant first lady ever…and I’m including Jackie Kennedy. So refreshing after 8 years of Michelle looking like she shopped at Forever 21 and Baby Gap….those shrunken sweaters did NOT flatter her.

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    • MVW says:

      That may be, my thought is that China respects the strength of successful difference, what works. The Chinese have succeeded in following the west, yet have also kept the past beauty in honor of their ancestors and heritage.

      This is not an either or, it is a ‘both’.


    • Beenthere says:

      Great observation pertaining to Melania’s clothes on this trip.


  7. Wend says:

    The Chinese absolutely love Western high fashion, so in a way she’s honoring them as well.

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  8. Chuck says:

    SD, I was hoping you would use the Gaius post in just this manner. You have attracted very insightful readers and posters here.

    On a side note – do you get any sleep when POTUS is on these trips?

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  9. Sylvia Avery says:

    I watched General Jack Keane on Fox & Friends this morning talking about China. He said that China expects to be the dominant world power within the next twenty years, and Xi getting the consolidated power recently is potentially very helpful for them to achieve that goal.

    A key part of China’s world power strategy (which makes me appreciate all over again the SK’s introducing PDJT to their Assembly as the Leader of the World) is challenging the sovereignty of our Asian allies most notably by building those islands and contesting claims on other islands. Bullying, intimidating. Attempting to win without war.

    General Keane says he believes PDJT is well up to the task of challenging Xi and pushing back on these tactics much to the relief of our allies and for our own long term good. I agree with General Keane. PDJT can handle China. They are tricky so and so’s, but I have great confidence in PDJT’s abilities.

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  10. Gaius Gracchus says:

    Thks for the quote! I am honored to be included with your always excellent analysis!

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  11. Dora says:

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  12. Too bad Arabella wasn’t there – she would have LOVED it!

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  13. Jeff C-C says:

    Here’s how it went when Chinese President Hu visited President Bush in 2006:
    * A Falung Gong protester got onto the White House grounds and heckled President Hu for several minutes / The Chinese national anthem was addressed as the Taiwanese national anthem / President Bush forcibly grabbed President Hu’s arm to redirect him.

    President Obama goes to China and doesn’t exactly get red carpet treatment, leaving Air Force One out of an emergency door at the back of the plane. Here’s the Chinese side of it:
    “China provides a rolling staircase for every arriving state leader, but the US side complained that the driver doesn’t speak English and can’t understand security instructions from the United States; so China proposed that we could assign a translator to sit beside the driver, but the US side turned down the proposal and insisted that they didn’t need the staircase provided by the airport,” the official added.”

    Chinese President Xi travels to the U.S. in the Spring and we drop the Mother of All Bombs during dessert.

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  14. lastinillinois says:

    My lord, she gets more beautiful by the day.

    Pretty soon headlines are going to read:
    “First Lady Melania Trump and her husband, the Pres……….”

    More Melania, si vous plaiz?

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      • lastinillinois says:

        That was very nice Mary,
        Thank you.
        Each image looking better than the last.

        And I’m certainly no fashion dude, but I like that American flag purse.

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        • You’re very welcome. I just love her grace and beauty, and I had such a good time making that. She’s a walking art piece, and the subtlety with which she approaches fashion during her foreign travel amazes me. One of the designers was talking about how she worked with the firm to conceive a gown and it was impressive that she knew what she was after and how to work in a team to achieve her vision. All those years of modelling are paying off big and that, combined with the way she interacts with children, just turns me into a small puddle. Really great first lady.

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  15. ALEX says:

    Time for the reciprocal trade the President talked about in Japan. He memtioned some balk at tariffs, but reciprocal policies would be much worse for other nations..If we did that with China it would change everything…

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  16. Oldschool says:

    Remember all the fearmongers hurling insults at Trump for lack of foreign relations experience? What a pathetic group of self righteous elitists. The world is Trump’s stage and his expertise with people cannot be blocked by the snakes who undercut him at home.

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  17. Well it’s still a communist country; of course everything is controlled.

    They actually still have forced labor. They put all of these factories in rural areas and they force young women to leave their villages and go to these factories with state provided rooms and they work like 12 hour days…no life for these people. Making American company products, of course…

    I was listening to something…could have been Limbaugh (yeah, I think it was, doesn’t Apple make stuff there and Rush is always pushing it) saying something like they put these factories out in the country because what else is there to do…keeps people busy…wow, very ignorant…it is forced labor and they remove them from their families…I think they get a day off every once in awhile….so they can do their laundry.

    So, I understand all of the theories in the other thread this morning, but still, is it wrong to enjoy PTrump getting a great welcome (even if staged, and they all are anyway) rather than being dissed like Obama. There was even someone on that thread that was implying being dissed was better than being honored (that person is a Dem troll, imo). So, great analysis, SD, as always, but it is possible to do both: enjoy pageantry and be aware of what is really going on. Amen.

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