Mega-MAGA Moves: Robert Mercer Leaves Hedge Fund, Sells Breitbart, Distances From Bannon and Rebukes Milo Yiannopoulos

Robert Mercer the multi-billionaire hedge fund co-chief of Renaissance Technologies; owner of Breitbart media; previous backer of Ted Cruz and currently reformed supporter of President Trump is making significant moves.

The overarching direction of the repositioning appears to be common sense. The end result, at least from a 30,000 ft level, positions Mercer toward the pragmatic MAGA Trump movement (CTH perspective) and politely distanced from the gnats and Bannon Bros.

Mr. Mercer sent a letter to his hedge fund principles (investors and pension advisers) notifying them of his stepping down from Renaissance Tech, including the board of directors, though he will remain deeply involved in the research and analytics side of the operation.

Additionally, Mercer appears to have caught-on to the general direction where the gnat swarm was/is headed and is now distancing himself from the nuttery side of right-minded political engagement.  Mercer is shifting controlling ownership of Breitbart media to his two daughters.  This is good news for team common sense and bad news for the hungry gnats.

In a very rare statement attributed directly to Mr. Mercer, he explains his perspectives on Steve Bannon and how despite the general agreement on intent, the methods and approach by Bannon is not always in alignment with Mercer’s own outlooks on politics.

No doubt there are a multitude of CTH readers who will identify with the sentiments contained within the statement from Mr. Mercer.  Indeed, as CTH has oft repeated: if you hang around a one-legged man long enough, sooner or later you’re gonna start limping.

There are a myriad of very important ideological battles being waged upon a large and encompassing ideological geography.  A candidate riding to the voting booth on a horse might sell well to a particular viewer/voter, but in the larger picture it does nothing to draw in the man or woman who hits the alarm clock at 5:15am prior to working for the next and necessary paycheck.

Good moves here by Mr. Robert Mercer, and from a perspective of intellectual honesty, CTH offers appreciation toward any influence agent of such established caliber who puts reasonable logic at the forefront of purposeful planning.


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341 Responses to Mega-MAGA Moves: Robert Mercer Leaves Hedge Fund, Sells Breitbart, Distances From Bannon and Rebukes Milo Yiannopoulos

  1. haditwgov says:

    Bannon without Breitbart has no juice, none. I haven’t been able to stand reading Breitbart for quite some time. Too much spin and propaganda and very little truth based in fact(s). I joined the Trump train from day zero, not the Bannon train. Perspective folks, reflect on the situation. Bannon could/can be a useful warrior with proper restraint. I am not sure he has any restraint and I fear his unspoken agenda and he does have one of those.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      I have no problem with Bannon or his lack of restraint….

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      • billinlv says:

        No one can deliver perfection, because………we’re all imperfect. Yiannopoulos was a Breitbart mistake precisely because he is a sexual deviant. What I hear Mercer saying is that “we” share the same goals but differ on processes. Nothing wrong with that and in any event Mercer is keeping it in the family. Bannon is not an enemy of patriotism, constitutionalism and smaller government. We need more courageously bold and truthful people….like Trump and Bannon.

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      • Prisoner says:

        The lack of restraint has been owned by the left and the globalists for a long time. When “Sundance” makes these statements, likening Bannon to gnats, he takes off his mask, exposing he is deep state, but he is a very clever pretender. Are you folks out there reading each word? Or is the author fooling you?

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      • singingsoul says:

        olderwiser21 says:
        “I have no problem with Bannon or his lack of restraint….”
        I lost trust in Bannnon alone that he still seems to be a Cruz supporter. BB is like a hockey pock . Maybe Bannon has changed or his true agenda has come to the forefront that does not aline with Mercer.
        I am a President Trump supporter and BB does not match my phylosophy .


        • olderwiser21 says:

          singsong – I agree with you in that Bannon’s support of Cruz is very puzzling. I don’t understand what is going on there as well….I don’t worry about it too much, however, because Cruz can never be President.


        • olderwiser21 says:

          I tried to reply – I will try again…..half my posts don’t make it…


        • Bill in Lexington,NC says:

          I go to Breitbart and TGP for news and views … both taken cum grano salum. (Hating the re-design on TGP … too dammmmned many ads chewing up too much ram and clock time. And that dammmmmmmmned ad by Connatix sitting right in the middle of the page is pathetic.)


    • trapper says:

      Trump may be in the engine, but it’s OUR train, not the Trump train. The mistake many Republicans make is that they forget this, and begin to think of it as the Ryan train or the McConnell train or, well, you get the picture.

      Our ancestors felled the trees, plowed the prairies, surveyed the roads, built the towns, dug the ore, made the steel, and erected America. Our culture, Western European in origin, has been distilled in the backwoods to pure clear American. America is ours. We own it. And we put Donald Trump in the engineer’s seat to drive this train home to us. Trust me, he knows exactly what this relationship is, and will not forget.

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      • Helen says:


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      • Garrison Hall says:

        “Trump may be in the engine, but it’s OUR train . . .” This is something the president spoke of often during and after the campaign. It’s easy for outsiders to forget that the force that elected Donald Trump is an entirely new, insurgent, political alignment made up of disaffected former Democrat voters, minorities, working White people—many of whom who had stopped voting—and conservative Tea-Party Republicans.

        President Trump’s opponents may behave as though he is an outlier, a rouge president without real support, but in this they are profoundly mistaken. The president, in fact, works for us, the people in this new insurgency who elected him. Similarly, Steve Bannon, with or without Mercer support, is not some anomalous firebrand who speaks **at** conservatives, Like the president, he draws his power from us and, when he speaks, he speaks **for** our insurgency and not **at** our insurgency.

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    • goldduggar says:

      Bannon’s agenda is to help drain the swamp.

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    • Kaco says:

      Yeah, in the beginning of the Trump presidency, I started to fall for their alarmist articles. Well, all the fear mongering about Javanka hasn’t panned out, has it? I quit Breitbart completely a month or so ago, I don’t even click on links people post here.

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      • mnlakes says:

        I might check the headlines, maybe lip-off a little if it’s another “Bannon is Wonderful” article but other than that, I’m done with them. I remember during the Primaries getting so mad at the negative articles they felt the NEED to post. I could care less what Michael Moore has to say about PTrump or any of the others. I always thought it was Breitbart’s way of hitting Trump 3rd Party yet keeping their own hands clean.
        I’m half expecting to see a Breitbart Headline “Cruz 2020”.

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      • sat0422 says:

        My problem started with BB just after Andrew died. I could not read it for over a year and complained that it was shallow. As time went on, I went back to BB and read some of the tabs once or twice weekly. Then, came the election and I have tried to read BB more BUT, all they do is post from the left and then there is no comment. They report all the bad news. If I want to know what the left wing nutcases are saying or doing, it can be found on Brietbart. No editorial comments, just the news I don’t even care about watching or reading. Perhaps with the new owners (Mercer’s daughters) it will get better.
        Actually, the best thing on BB now is the TEXAS tab. You never hear or see that news anywhere else. I don’t have a true read on Mercer at all as I find him very elusive. As for Milo, all the LGBQTs got a little wierd under Obama and I think they throught he was God and that they had been forgiven and would live out their fantasy life after Obama made them visible and used them to divide the nation.
        I hope Mercer stays with the MAGA agenda for many reasons.

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    • michaelonoo says:

      Got the same feelings after election with gateway

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    • saintoil says:

      Exactly what are you afraid of? You sound like the lefties. I have no problem with Bannon shouting MAGA from the rooftops.

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      • singingsoul says:

        Bannon claims to be in Trump’s camp but when he shouts he shouts his own bruised ego into the air. He seems to be a starch Cruz supporter and only supported Trump for his own ideological agenda.
        When things did not go his way he began to spout off to the paper before leaving the WH and also leaked. He is a control freak . No one voted him president as I remember.
        I might be wrong but that is the man he presented himself as. I never knew about BB or Bannon until President Trump. I am not alt right I like nothing that swings to far right or left.
        I learned from German history because to far right and to far left can be a slippery road without realizing until to late.
        President Trump is just perfect for the way I see things and the soul of this country.


  2. zephyrbreeze says:

    Could this be the difference between wholesale and retail politics. Wholesale is nuts and bolts, removed from aspiration and focused on mechanisms. Haute couture.

    Retail is about the narrative, the courage and fortitude, vision, and outlet for built up frustrations, common people looking for relief from gut-wrenching problems ie. VA waiting lists, terrorists imported and supported with tax dollars, hordes of illegals affecting the quality of public schools, none of which impacts a hedge fund manager. Off-the rack.

    I see that riding a horse to a polling station is quirky, to say the least, but regional tastes allow for iconoclasts. It’s an acquired taste, but enough people have acquired it. Bucking of conventions is trending, and part of the modern zeitgeist.

    Interesting to see what happens.

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  3. Mia C says:

    I couldn’t disagree with Mercer more about Milo. Milo is a bright spot of Conservatism. He’s fighting Islam, the man-hating variety of feminism, political correctness and FOR Western values. Mercer is suspect now to me. I don’t understand severing ties with Milo AT ALL. What an awful public statement to make. Sure, he’s too revealing about his sexuality for my taste, but it’s great to have a gay ally for so many great causes. He’s funny, engaging, feisty, thoughtful and puts on an entertaining show. PLUS he TAKES THE FIGHT TO THE COLLEGES WHICH IS WHERE WE NEED TO BE.
    –I’m not at all happy with this Mercer statement. I see him as a problem at the moment. I don’t trust him.

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    • paulraven1 says:

      In some respects Mercer is articulating the historic loser mentality of the right.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Mia C,
      Milo wrote a nice tweet in response to Mercer. He had written that he had appreciated his help in getting him to where he is now and wished him and his family the best.

      I like Milo, always have. I can see why Mercer pulled out though. Mercer believed that Milo could get open debates going between both sides. However, I don’t believe anyone could’ve accomplished that considering what they are up against at these universities. If anything, Milo accomplished getting the people who run these campuses out in the open along with their illegal and/or asinine demands.

      In addition, Milo can lose focus at times and lives in the moment rather than looking at the big picture. I do the same too. It’s just not what Mercer wanted or thought would happen. It’s his money and his choice.

      I’m not a big fan of Bannon. I don’t care for all of the hit pieces on our President Trump day in and day out at Breitbart. Sure, he’s not writing them, but he sure does allow them to be posted. If he was all about protecting our President Trump I would think we would see more evidence of that at Breitbart. I also don’t think Bannon is forthright, and I sure as heck do not trust Cruz. I had enough of him thank you very much. He’s a snake and will always be a snake. He really had me fooled in the beginning, never again.

      I would think Mercer had a few talks with each before cutting out. It was their decision to stay the course they are on and it’s why he’s leaving. It’s his money, and if he doesn’t feel they are doing what he thought they would do, then I don’t understand why he should continue giving them his money. It wouldn’t be good business sense.

      We are all going to have different opinions, and I think it’s good we are honest with each other on where we stand. I learn a lot from people and get more insight to the big picture when people share their views and reasoning. I may not always agree, but I’m always better off learning why they think the way they do.

      I do hope Milo will continue to be successful, but at the same time, I do hope he will take a step back and understand why Mercer pulled out and if he needs to adjust a few of his steps before moving forward.
      Be well,

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    • scott467 says:

      “He’s fighting Islam, the man-hating variety of feminism, political correctness and FOR Western values.”


      Agreed. He is a strong voice against islam, aginst FemaNazis and against political correcntess.

      He also recognizes that islam and Cultural Marxism intend to destroy the West, and that the West is not even willing to recognize the threat, much less defend itself.


      “Sure, he’s too revealing about his sexuality for my taste, but it’s great to have a gay ally for so many great causes.”


      His homosexuality was useful as leverage against the hateful Left, because it made him essentially impervious to their typical (racist, homophobe, etc.) attacks.

      But the cost for that leverage will be his soul (eventually) if he does not change his ways; and if we care about him as a human being, we can’t lose sight of that.


      “He’s funny, engaging, feisty, thoughtful and puts on an entertaining show. PLUS he TAKES THE FIGHT TO THE COLLEGES WHICH IS WHERE WE NEED TO BE.”


      Agreed. He has amazing potential. The homosexuality is his Achilles heel. It has been useful to him tactically in the short term as mentioned above, but long term it holds him back from what he could be and what he could accomplish otherwise.

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      • paulraven1 says:

        His “Achilles heel”? It’s who he is. And if it is a tragic flaw, better to have a heroic flaw as a warrior than to be another corporatist apologist like Mercer vaguely embarrassed by our best warriors. Milo – his fearless audacity – is a thing to value not disavow. Again, Mercer is evincing the self-defeating social diffidence that is the loser legacy of the Right.

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        • evadouglas says:

          Milo reminds me so much of Breitbart, a gleeful warrior who relishes taking the cultural war right into enemy territory. He’s articulate, outrageously funny and so good at hoisting the Left with their own Alinsky-like petard. As for his sexuality, we all are sinners and fall short, whether the Pope, President Trump, Milo, or any one of us. God favors the bold, the fighters for His cause, no matter their human failings.

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        • scott467 says:

          “His “Achilles heel”? It’s who he is.”


          It’s not natural; it’s not ‘who’ he is, it’s something he does.

          IIRC, he was molested as a child. No doubt that had a profound impact; it would compound the tragedy if he was never able to overcome it, which is particularly difficult in a society which (currently) rewards, glamorizes and promotes the sexualization of practically everything.

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    • Bill in Lexington,NC says:

      By now, we all know that Milo married a Black man. It’s time to let that meme die a quiet death … Milo will do considerably better with about 30% less flaming.


  4. wj2016 says:

    There is weird obsession around here with Bannon and Breitbart. I don’t think we can have too many people on our side that support our core beliefs, even if they might have supported Cruz two years ago. It reminds me of the commie purges of the twenties where Stalin was eradicating his fellow communists because they weren’t sufficiently communist.

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  5. jmuniz1 says:

    You guys have it wrong he is bieng sued for 6.8 billion in back taxes he needs to liquidate some of his assets. That is all this is about. Its all smokes and mirrors.

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    • LBB says:

      Well, the case has not even gone to court yet. Will be interesting to see how the tainted IRS against conservatives plays into this. If companies abused the “basket options” murkiness, then ALL companies should pay up accordingly.
      Side note- McCain had his handed in bringing this to the forefront which always gives me a
      why? flag.


      • Chad C. Mulligan says:

        If the tax situation is what’s behind this, would it not be prudent for him to disconnect from Bretibart, so as to negate the inevitable Leftist screams that Breitbart is contaminated by the connection? In which case, he’s protecting Breitbart and, by extension, Bannon.


  6. Johnny Brando says:

    excellent points. kudos on identifying the mental fortitude necessary to maintain one’s compass against the proliferation of cultural marxist slant in all media forms. sundance likely has this one wrong, however, i reserve 10% doubt on that conclusion

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  7. jeans2nd says:

    Having listened to Bannon’s recent remarks at think tanks, etc., Bannon seems not to have picked up the part about encouraging people while offering constructive criticism, as Mr. Mercer has done in his letter.
    Milo is fun, but lacking decorum at the very least. Eventually one must needs by necessity mature, especially in the workplace.

    One can appreciate Mr. Mercer’s astute perception and paucity of words at departure without being lugubrious.

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    • paulraven1 says:

      He lacks decorum? Who gives a sh#t. We’re fighting for our lives. The false decorum of conservatism has stripped us naked in the storm for too long. Milo simply fights on a new and necessary front in the culture wars where we’ve been historically clobbered. He reaches people we would never otherwise reach. We can’t allow this without shame?

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  8. CharlesXXIV says:

    They still have a few reasonable articles but they are diminishing. BB is definitely heading in the direction of wacky political tabloid journalism.
    This recent hit piece is a disgrace. If any of it is true, they should have ensured they had clear evidence and identified sources.
    “Report: Trump Privately Blames Jared Kushner for Mueller’s Indictments (according to a source that was briefed on the call)” A “source that was briefed” is a new one for me. How many times was the source and his or her source briefed before he briefed the printed source.

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  9. wanthetruth says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember President Trump saying (during his primary rallies) that a friend of his offered big money, wanting to donate to DJT’s campaign? Candidate (at the time) DJT had to say no, as he was totally committed to only using his own money so he wouldn’t be “owned” by anyone!

    He asked his friend what he was going to do, and (paraphrasing DJT’s words) his friend said he would then back someone else – he wanted to be in “the game”.
    That I have seen, no-one has ever mentioned this post-election. I have often wondered if that friend was Robert Mercer. Who is there who knew the darkness – and in some cases seemingly evil, that lurked in the heart and soul of the Cruz campaign?

    I can see where Mercer might have been taken in by what Cruz exuded as his core persona, and where a separation may have come between what he originally saw and what ended up being the unvarnished Cruz – which was not pretty.

    I felt Mercer was happy to be done with Cruz and happily supported PresTrump…I don’t believe Bannon felt/feels that same way. He gives me the impression he thinks he is smarter and more politically adept than PresTrump and he’s now set out to prove it. He doesn’t care about MAGA…he’s on his own political ego trip, IMO.

    He thinks he knows better than WeThePeople and he’s willing to push us in the direction he wants, whether the division takes down the MAGA movement or not. IMO he’s got a goal and is in denial of the big picture (or he wouldn’t be a Cruz-o-phile) or he’s looking only to build his own power on the back of MAGA – no matter what the final results may be.

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    • keebler AC ovfefe says:

      Concur. Bannon WAS NEVER MAGA AT CORE.

      In hindsight, what Bannon’s former employee wrote although we didn’t have sufficient experience to know, is that Bannon is ALL ABOUT BANNON 120%. He’ll bulls.hit if he has to to bull doze over others. That’s not a conservative principle. You can’t have a bulls.hitter be an integral mouthpiece for conservatives. Mercer is wise to let Breitbart-Bannon go. Bannon writes what Conservatives want to hear regardless of whether it’s vetted or not. It’s no better than Fake News. Really, it isn’t.

      — I was editor-at-large at Breitbart from 2012 to March 2016, and worked as a member of the top editorial team until late 2013. There are few people who have dealt with him who haven’t been on the receiving end of a fully blue tirade over some nearly meaningless issue. He fancies himself a media Svengali, but has utilized celebrity politicians and pundits to push forward his own career, rather than vice versa. He’s ambitious, he’s mean as hell and he’s willing to run roughshod over anyone to achieve his agenda.~B.Shapiro

      No matter how you might dislike Ben, he was an employee and editor of Breitbart for a good period of time, and what he writes about Bannon confirms what we now have experienced too.

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      • keebler AC ovfefe says:

        BenS in Aug 2016


      • Troublemaker10 says:

        In other words, he is a street fighter?

        I like both Bannon and Shapiro in different ways and for different reasons. I suspect Andrew Brietbart did also.


        • keebler AC ovfefe says:

          LOL. That he is!
          Not the prize-winning kind though. Shapiro is a talented writer you have to admit, and he wrote that Bannon made his bones from riding on and abandoning political horses as convenient.


      • Cetera says:

        If nancy-boy Benji is against Bannon, then Bannon has to be doing something right. I can absolutely see Benji saying just those things about Bannon, particularly as Benji was (and still mostly is) a huge Never-Trumper in the middle of 2016, while Bannon was on board and helping.

        And it does matter how much we dislike Benji, and how much he’s earned that dislike with his sniveling backstabbing and faithfully losing every battle while holding on to his precious “conservative” globalist principles.

        Benji is a cuck, and can not be trusted.

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        • Indimex says:

          Thanks. You beat me to it. Ben left Brietbart over the faux Cory Lewandowski scandal. The last I heard, (last week), he still thinks that twit was, “assaulted.”

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      • mariner says:

        If memory serves Ben Shapiro was one of those pushing the story that Trump had struck a female reporter, and we since discovered that both she and he were liars.

        Shapiro is a NeverTrumper and I don’t take his word for anything.

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    • Bill in Lexington,NC says:

      Well, I know that there are never any guarantees, but at the moment (8:26 pm,11/7/17) that Gillespie has lost in VA. A victory tonight would have further burnished Bannon’s reputation as a king-maker, but he’s going to have to do better to earn that crown.

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  10. Bach says:

    Sundance. Not to be picky, but I think the word you wanted was hedge fund “principals” – a person with high authority – rather than “principles” – a fundamental truth

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  11. grandmotherpatriot says:

    Conservatives do not need a Dark Night as we can think for ourselves.
    Yet, in America we have many voters that failed civics.
    I like Bannon but, Bannon backed Cruz prior to boarding the Trump Train as did Mercer financially.
    It was Cruz’s legislation or lack there of. ….that put the nail in the Coffin for Cruz.

    Do not be fooled as we conservatives know how to fight and will never follow the left.
    Its none of my business who marries whom. ..nor is it the business of our government.

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    • bulwarker says:

      When did Bannon “board the Trump train” exactly? When did he say he supported Cruz? These are genuine questions. If you go back a page in the comments I linked the events of Feb-March 2016 where Cruz loyalists like Beck blasted Bannon by name for backing Trump over Cruz and the Never-Trump (Cruz) faction of Breitbart split from the Trump faction over the Fields mishap.
      I certainly believe Mercer was pro-Cruz, and used Breitbart to generate data to aid the Cruz campaign. But as far editorial content Mercer and Bannon were at odds.

      As to OP’s comment, its my opinion that Bannon and Gorka are doing the 2018 dirty work so Trump can keep his hands clean. Trump needs every Republican Senate vote to pass his agenda in the interim, and can’t alienate senators like Strange. The ones he antagonizes already declared they won’t run for re-election and make it a point to hurt our president.

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      • grandmotherpatriot says:

        Its in my opinion the Mercer is hiding some assets as he still has problems with the IRS.
        Breitbart backed Cruz from the beginning anyone that had posted here at the Treehouse for years can tell you that information.
        As stated I like Bannon but he was not on the Trump Train from the beginning although Bannon is a true believer in draining the swamp. ….it was President Trump that faced off with the media and the elite alone with his supporters it was not until Cruz lost the primarys that BB and Bannon boarded the Trump Train.

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  12. Amy1212 says:

    His resignation seems more likely related to the IRS case on appeal. Date of appeal is scheduled for Nov 7, 2017.

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  13. grandmotherpatriot says:

    Could it be that Mercer dumped assets due to his past issues with the IRS.
    Just a thought.


  14. farmhand1927 says:

    Mercer is returning to his Cruz roots. When he started from that point, he was bad news among many here. Now that he’s reverting back to the comforts of The Swamp he’s in good graces. Whatever. He doesn’t have the President’s ear. Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka do.

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  15. Troublemaker10 says:

    Here is a summary of the Milo Yiannopoulos scandal if you are not familiar:

    The PAC that exposed the old Milo video interview was a never Trump PAC promoting Evan McMullin:

    Personally, I think it was a mistake to purposely take out a culture warrior like Milo. He was outrageous at times beyond my taste no doubt. He was also brilliant most of the time in getting college kids to think for themselves and to reason issues like free speech, snowflake mentality, victimhood, entitlement mentality, sjw issues, etc all in a different way. He was pulling them away from progressive socialism indoctrination into openness to libertarian/conservative ideas because they could see it in a different way. I enjoyed a lot of his speeches and interviews myself. He made some great points.

    Does that excuse the way he discussed the issue of young boys and older gay men? Of course not. But perhaps if you come across damaging info like this against a fellow warrior, a friendly ally, etc the way the McMullin pac did….you could handle it a different way than intentionally using it for personal destruction.

    Milo was a victim of abuse himself. I think he chose a form of denial to deal with that abuse. I also think his apology on how he talked about it was heartfelt. But his shock jock speech was totally damaging. There was no way to recover.

    He still has a following, but can’t be the open face of any movement (at least not anytime soon). I still like him, but understand why public figures must distance themselves.

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  16. Tejas Rob says:

    >Just check how your own attitude toward fags have changed. <

    "Fags"? What are you, like 16 years old?

    My attitude towards gays changed because I grew up. I know gays who are fine people, many of us have relatives who are gay. We don't appreciate people who persecute them. You sound no better that the people who would execute them, like by throwing them off buildings.

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    • scott467 says:

      “Fags”? What are you, like 16 years old?”


      It’s just a word. It has no more ‘offense’ in meaning than you or I give it, and lots of homosexuals say things much worse about Christians or anyone else who disagrees with the the Gaystapo / Gay Mafia / GayKKK shoving their sexual deviance down America’s throat.


      “My attitude towards gays changed because I grew up.”


      Grew up, or grew compromised, morally?

      It’s a real question, not an insult.


      “I know gays who are fine people, many of us have relatives who are gay.”


      You know gays who PRESENT themselves as ‘fine people’, but we’re ALL sinners. Their sin is pushed on America with the desire of ‘normalizing’ it and ‘desensitizing’ people to it.

      You don’t see people doing that with other sin, but the Cultural Marxists can’t push the sin of homosexual fornication any harder if they tried.

      And due to grade-school ‘peer pressure’, lots of adults feel compelled to accept or condone or acquiesce to the acceptance of this sin, for no reason other than peer-pressure, if we are honest about it.

      If enough people in our social circles use peer-pressure to promote child-molestation, will we accept and condone that too?

      Think hard; less than 10 years ago, NOBODY thought we would be where we are today.

      It’s not a slipperly slope, it’s a a greased rocket-chute.


      “We don’t appreciate people who persecute them. ”


      We the People don’t appreciate being persecuted by the Gay Mafia / GayKKK / Gaystapo.

      I can assure you.


      “You sound no better that the people who would execute them, like by throwing them off buildings.”


      So opposing homosexual conduct, and opposing the homosexual agenda to shove homosexual deviance down America’s throat, or having a Christian worldview, is equivalent to islam now?

      He said “fags”, he didn’t throw anybody off a roof-top.


      • Deb says:

        You’ve been setting off my “troll radar” lately, and this post confirmed it. Please troll elsewhere, we are a civil and respectful group and you do not fit in.


    • Doug says:

      Not sure why you had to say fags either… not cool.


    • jahealy says:

      Thank you for saying that. There are many highly productive, business and home-owning, law-abiding, tax paying gay men and women in this country. They have as much right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as the rest of us, and to dismiss them as “fags” is one of the reasons the right has gained its reputation as a very exclusive club.


    • Donald says:

      I have a very strong suspicion that WhichWayWesternMan, to whose comments you alluded in your remarks, may be none other than Milo Yiannopolos himself, who was severely chastised in Mercer’s statement. The tone and content of the particular comments under the moniker of WhichWayWesternMan strongly suggest that it was in fact Milo who made reference to the word ‘fag,’ which is his standard nomenclature, and never far from his thought process.
      Let it be known that I agree with those points about conservatives living, essentially, in a world of the liberals’ making. Time to seize the initiative!
      Hint to AG Sessions: start at the universities!!


  17. skaebne says:

    Like so many commentators on the established Right, Mr. Mercer is either obtuse or in denial about the present situation. If Mercer can answer the following questions, I will cede his point about avoiding divisiveness in preserving the “signal of truth”:

    What is the best forum for offering constructive criticism to an Antifa agitator?
    How does one offer perspectives that differ from the mainstream without provoking divisiveness when one is blocked from speaking by death threats and violence?

    To value civility above truth is a form of moral cowardice.

    Liked by 3 people

  18. PatriotKate says:

    Plus he’s apparently always been a recluse. Think about it, none of us had ever heard of him until a couple of years ago. Didn’t like the sunlight and notoriety, wants to divest of his assets while he can with the looming tax situation and slink back behind the scenes.


  19. Having not read the comment thread, a first thought is that Mercer is anticipating a far less lucrative Hedge Fund industry, as the inside information opportunities dry up and the M🇺🇸A🇺🇸G🇺🇸A! Marketplace continues to catch fire.

    • America is becoming the greatest magnet for international investment on the planet.

    • As one participant mentioned in President Trump’s Oval Office session yesterday, America is now a “HAVEN” for capital.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Archie says:

    Trump HATES Bannon! Bannon and Breitart relentlessly attack his family. Bannon was the leaker in the White House.


  21. POP says:

    Oh my….just as Bannon was forcing Uniparty Republicans crony enablers in the Senate to surrender and run for the hills terrified they won’t win their primaries.
    Mercer realised he’s actually really mostly establishment I guess.

    Ah well, I guess Jared and Ivanka are pleased.


    • Bill in Lexington,NC says:

      Mercer has got his butt in the sling with the IRS. This is, I think, simply strategy to conserve as much of his assets for later fights as possible.


  22. scott467 says:

    Robert Mercer wrote: “I supported Milo Yiannopoulos in the hope and expectation that his expression of views contrary to the social mainstream and his spotlighting of the hypocrisy of those who would close down free speech in the name of political correctness would promote the type of open debate and freedom of thought that is being throttled on many American college campuses today.”


    This was my reservation about Milo from the beginning.

    I was impressed that he stood up to the Leftist mob and their bigoted demands that he conform to their politics simply because he was homosexual. It takes fortitude and conviction to go against the crowd, to stand for your beliefs, and I respect that.

    But I also recognized the obvious danger of backing or allying oneself closely with a flamboyant homosexual who brags about his sexual exploits. For all of his positives, he is also a neon billboard promoting a very specific sin, and that cannot end well.

    There was/is only one way that could eventually end, and you don’t want to be nearby when that train goes off the rails.

    Milo could and likely will rebound; I did not agree with the mob-mentality backlash to his comments that forced him to leave BB, because I don’t believe he ever advocated or supports anything to do with abusing children.

    But that kind of danger, those types of comments that he made, are never more than a press-conference or TV interview away with Milo.

    I applaud his courage and willingness to take on the Left. I am in agreement with many things he says regarding freedom of speech and guarding against the loss of our freedoms. I don’t dislike him in the least, though I strongly disagree with his advocacy for and self-promotion of homosexuality.

    He has great potential; I can only imagine how effective he would be if the scales fell from his eyes, and realized the error of his ways, came to a knowledge and understanding of the truth, and proceeded from that solid ground.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. scott467 says:

    “No doubt there are a multitude of CTH readers who will identify with the sentiments contained within the statement from Mr. Mercer.”


    I don’t understand (and haven’t understood) the antipathy toward Bannon on this website.

    I do realize that he was (and apparently still is) a Cruz supporter, and I do not like Cruz. I also realize that Mercer bought BB to ensure a favorable media outlet for Cruz, and that Bannon worked (and presumably still works) for Mercer.

    Bannon is far from perfect, as are we all.

    But Bannon also appears to exemplify the fighting spirit that Conservatives seem to always be missing. Maybe that’s why I like him, because like Trump, Bannon is willing to kick political-correctness and the Leftists who promote it in the teeth.

    That has to count for something; Marquess of Queensberry isn’t going to win a single round against Alinskyites (just ask President Romney).

    At the moment, it appears that Bannon’s mission is to:

    A) expose, apply pressure and force out as many RINOs as possible

    B) promote Trump-supporting MAGA conservatives to take the seats of retiring RINOs

    C) promote Trump-supporting MAGA conservatives to primary challenge those RINOs who won’t retire

    I don’t see how that’s a bad thing. It’s a strategy to retain majorities in the House and Senate while simultaneously removing NeverTrump Traitors and replacing them with people who will support DJT’s agenda.

    I don’t like the way Breitbart criticizes Trump’s every move without understanding it first, and if they read THIS website (CTH), a lot of their questions would be answered and therefore a lot of their concerns would be alleviated. It appears that they use BB as a tool to keep pressure on DJT to fulfill his campaign promises, and that’s not a bad thing in and of itself, but I think DJT intends to fulfill his campaign promises (and is doing so) already; BB would be more useful if they reported the way CTH does, rather than scaring DJT supporters every day with their click-bait rage-inducing (and often misleading) headlines.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. scott467 says:

    “A candidate riding to the voting booth on a horse might sell well to a particular viewer/voter, but in the larger picture it does nothing to draw in the man or woman who hits the alarm clock at 5:15am prior to working for the next and necessary paycheck.”



    But if this is a reference to Roy Moore, I still don’t know why Luther Strange would have been a better choice.

    Trump never made a convincing argument for Strange, and nobody here (at CTH) did either, at least not that I recall.

    Mitch McConnell made a convincing argument for Strange, which is exactly what convinced me that Strange was the wrong man for the job.

    Mitch wasn’t fooling around. What did he spend, $30 million on Strange’s race? That’s no head-fake, that’s commitment.

    If Dark Helmet (McConnell), arch-villain and NeverTrump Traitor, is that committed to Strange, then how can Strange be the right choice?

    Nobody EVER addressed that basic question.

    It could be that Strange might have had a better chance in the general election… or at least that could be (and probably is) the establishment’s argument. But that’s ALWAYS their argument, and all it ever does is ensure the propagation of the establishment.

    Why not try something DIFFERENT, and then get behind it, like we did by electing DJT?

    We’re trying to DRAIN the swamp, not enlarge it by recruiting the Swamp’s scouting picks, aren’t we?

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Psadie says:

    This is all about the money…IRS is after Mercer for $8.6 BILLION. That is a lot of money!


  26. distracted2 says:

    Buzzfeed is taking credit for Mercer’s resignation based on some internal email exposed by Buzzfeed in an article dated Oct. 5, accusing Bannon, Milo and Breitbart to be white nationalists and racist. Those claims are not new but Mercer’s own words give credence to the pressure he was receiving from outside sources.


    • distracted2 says:

      A link to the Oct. 5 article is included in the new article.

      I can believe that these allegations might have driven him to cut ties with Bannon, Milo and Breitbart, but I have to think there is something more serious involved to force him to step down from his company.


  27. jello333 says:

    Mercer will do what he feels is best for himself and the plans he has in the works. And if those plans involve supporting and helping Trump, that’s great. But I just wanna say that regardless of what Mercer feels he needs to do regarding his relationship with certain individuals, I will continue to like, respect, and support Milo.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. solr says:

    Lets not forget Mercer’s approximately 6 BILLION tax bill that he is trying to avoid paying.


  29. trumptea says:

    This might be the very first article where I disagree with @Sundance … not because I am a fanboy of Bannon or Breitbart. I have found both Bannon’s and Breitbart’s approach to the Trump Presidency/Administration to be devoid of reason and logic while simultaneously be overflowing of emotion.

    Bannon’s constant “reminding” us that “he has POTUS Trump’s back” and that “he is his wingman” seem to insinuate that POTUS is somehow a dunce and doesn’t know what is good for him. When the more likely scenario is that Bannon has no idea of Trump’s strategy.

    Now, back to the article, I disagree with @sundance in that Mercer’s move is more likely a move of desperation and self-preservation. I see it as a calculated move that has less to do with MAGA and more to do with Mercer.

    Time will tell, and I won’t mind admitting I’m wrong, IF, it turns out to be the case … but I think I will be proven right.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. sunspots7 says:

    Lets not forget Mercer’s Renaissance Technologies has an over 6 BILLION tax bill. Quite the court case.

    Is Mercer’s allegiance to Trump linked to avoiding this tax bill? I suspect Mercer played “lets make a deal” with Cruz — Mercer funds Cruz’ campaign and avoids the tax bill under ‘President Cruz’ (oh it felt icky typing that). Trump doesn’t need Mercer’s money. Maybe, just maybe, Mercer is hoping Trump will look kindly on him if he does something to disrupt the re-building / strengthening of the never-ever-Trump coalition.

    Regardless, Mercer’s move is a dagger to the never-trumpers’ prospects for 2018 and 2020.


  31. KBR says:

    So, if it’s a bad idea to continue those associations, does this mean he hates his own daughters?


  32. Jake Speed says:

    Bannon and Milo are useful without billions of dollars, Mercer is not….

    When SB says something that is critical of the Trump admin it has yet to be something I would not say myself. There are many forces trying to pull the POTUS off course, we need Steve Bannon to grab the wheel and scream in Trumps ear to refocus him.


    • Benson II says:

      When someone is screaming your off course when your consistently over the target and firing I question the screamers motives.


      • Jake Speed says:

        I see Bannon being critical of Trump when it needs to be done, DACA being a prime example. POTUS made some comments on DACA that made me nervous, he needed to be called out on it….and he was.

        Liked by 1 person

  33. John Q Public says:

    Oh, no, Milo caused “pain”! What kind of cucks are you people?


    • G. Combs says:

      Some of us here actually like Milo and support what he is doing.

      He maybe a bit ‘Strong’ and ‘Shocking’ for some but that is EXACTLY what is needed to shock the SJW, cry-baby college students into actually THINKING. If he was not effective in doing that the PC crowd would not be having such hissy fits and driven him out of Breitbart.

      As the saying goes, if you are recieving Flack you are over the Target.


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