President Trump To Announce Federal Reserve Chair Next Week…

There’s essentially five candidates being discussed for Federal Reserve Chair: •Stanford University economist, John Taylor; •current Chair, Janet Yellen; •economic adviser, Gary Cohn; •former Fed Governor, Kevin Warsh; and the most likely pick •Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell.

More than likely two candidates from this group of five will be selected; one for Federal Reserve Chair and one for the currently open Vice-Chair.  WATCH:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump is leaning toward nominating Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell to be the next head of the U.S. central bank, two sources familiar with the matter said on Friday. The sources cautioned that while Powell had emerged as the leading candidate from a short list of five, Trump had not made a final decision and could always change his mind. (link)

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23 Responses to President Trump To Announce Federal Reserve Chair Next Week…

  1. “And I will give you leaders after my own heart, who will guide you with wisdom and understanding.” (Jeremiah 3:15)

    In Your mercy, let it be so Lord.

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    • frankie says:

      The author of has a post today showing how public records helped drive coverage of the JFK assassination documents, Hillary’s uranium scam and the fake Steele dossier, and even the guard who left the scene of the Vegas mass murder for Meh-hi-co for a few days. He believes President Trump is being trasparent on the JFK murder to show the evil of the Deep State and how it might murder another president if unpunished. God and St. Michael the Archangel, keep President Trump, his family and his team and their loved ones in the palms of Your hands.

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  2. SeekerOfTruth says:

    Powell and Marsh my vote.

    WS odds for Cohn are less than 5% and he looks to be leaving the admin as soon as tax plan come in. Fine with me.

    PDJT has been playing nice lip service to Yellen I think just so she will not tank the market on purpose before her term is up. Just good business move. But I do not think he will pick her. Hope not anyway.

    Taylor I do not know. But still in academia and that is a strike against him. We need more realists on Fed board and not more academia purists.

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    • WVPatriot says:

      Taylor, I believe was an economic advisor to Reagan in his first term. Bush asked him if he would recommend TARP, and Taylor said, “NO!!!”

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      • SeekerOfTruth says:

        tx.. Taylor may be the lone monetary and fiscal conservative at Stanford. If he still feels that way now.

        If PDJT does pick Taylor the markets will probably react negatively. They were up hopefully on Powell being the leader now with Taylor being an outsider with almost no chance.


        • Ditch Mitch says:

          Reports are that Taylor will raise rates a bit faster than Yellen or Powell. So negative market reaction on Tayler would be expected.

          In interviews with Maria and Lou PDJT stated he likes Yellen but her negative is being there already. PDJT would be expected to choose his own people.


  3. wheatietoo says:

    I wonder if Rand Paul would take the job…

    It would take him out of the Senate, to be replaced with a more Pro-Trump senator.
    Rand could audit the Fed to his hearts desire.

    I don’t want more years of Yellen.
    Gary Cohn has not impressed me with his loyalty, or lack of.
    I don’t really know much about the other three…but an economist from Stanford is not a very thrilling prospect.

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    • luke says:

      I think Rand would be too much cold water on the Fed. I’m sure our friends over at BB are demanding the POTUS shut it down lol. Truth is we need to keep doing what we’re doing. The Economic Trump Train is rolling down the tracks with speed and momentum. It is the heart of the entire MAGA agenda. Throw it off the rails and our itinerary goes off course with it.


    • Orygun says:

      He should offer it to Rand Paul just for the chuckles. I would like to see what his response would be.

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      • Katherine McCoun says:

        What about Ron Paul? Wouldn’t that be a dilly!


      • Founding Fathers Fan says:

        Rand Paul is a self-serving Politian and speaks as a libertarian to libertarian audience, a conservative to conservative audiences and as a moderate to moderate audiences. In all his speeches he has a touch of socialism blended in the mix. He was only able to muster 66,788 out of 31,183,841 votes (0.21%) and only 2 Delegates out of 2,472 in his Presidential Primary run.


    • WVPatriot says:

      John Taylor and Peter Schweizer “Cinton Cash” are both members of the Hoover Institute at Stanford.


  4. I ran across this Donald Trump handwriting analysis during the campaign and found it extremely apt and accurate. The signature at the end of this video reminded me of it so I looked it up again.

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  5. Thecleaner says:

    I think he gives it to Cohn….the swamp like him, so Trump will give them Cohn, and the swamp will give him tax cuts as quid pro quo..


  6. fedback says:

    ‘Have fun. God Bless America’.

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  7. William F Buckley's Ghost says:

    Hopefully, President Trump doesn’t sabotage himself and MAGA by appointing an interest rate hawk to any openings on the Federal Reserve Bank! 😉

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  8. booger71 says:

    I wish President Trump would appointment at CPA firm to go through the books from the last 8 years to find out where all that extra money included in all of Obama’s CR’s went

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  9. I met Taylor years ago, back in the seventies, while working as a textbook salesman for a publishing company. We laughed about Keynesian economics, and particularly about Lord Keynes’ habit of decorating his chapters in his magnum opus with calculus equations that in fact made no sense to anyone who actually knows mathematics. Even Trump would not have the nerve to make this man the head of the Federal Reserve. But “tis a consummation devoutly to be wished”.


  10. C-Low says:

    I sure would love to see the Fed audited. I really would like disclosure of were all those BILLIONS of stimulus/quantitative easing/etc… printed then poured monthly into our stock market FOR YEARS was invested.

    I would bet body parts the corruption and altering natural value of companies stocks i.e. huffington post, facebook, twitter, with no real monetary value happened, not to mention they openly admitted overvaluation in general by multiples across the market.


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