President Trump Questions Fusion GPS Officials Day After Company Asked Lawyers To Hide Financial Records…

President Trump begins to question Fusion GPS, the company behind the widely debunked Steele Dossier, a day after the company filed legal motions to quash a subpoena and hide their financial backing.

The dossier was reported to have been used by the FBI as a justification to get a FISA warrant against Trump campaign officials. Warrants that later became the tools underlying the road map narrative for the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the election.

(Via Breitbart) Fusion GPS — the firm behind the Trump dossier — filed for an injunction in a D.C. court on Friday to quash a subpoena for its financial records, according to a source familiar with the investigation.

The House intelligence Committee earlier this month subpoenaed TD Bank for Fusion GPS’s financial records, and an injunction would be to prevent those records from being handed over.

The move comes two days after Fusion GPS executives Peter Fritsch and Thomas Catan appeared before the committee and pleaded the fifth to every question asked. Another executive, Glenn Simpson, is due to testify in November.

Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX) had requested the subpoenas to find out basic information about the dossier that’s still publicly unknown, such as who paid for it, and what sources it relied on, according to a source familiar with the matter. (read more)

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250 Responses to President Trump Questions Fusion GPS Officials Day After Company Asked Lawyers To Hide Financial Records…

  1. jbrickley says:

    Pleading the 5th? Attempting to block warrants to look at their finances? Better raid them quick but the shredders and BleachBit have likely been running non-stop… If somehow justice prevails, this could have an earth-shattering impact on some extremely powerful individuals.

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  2. stinkfoot63 says:

    Certainly not the behavior of innocent people with nothing to hide. Justice cannot be denied if the very concept of justice is to retain any meaning.

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  3. DeWalt says:

    Funny every financial institution in the world gets hacked and millions of peoples information is stolen, but not this one. Tells me something about who’s controlling the hacking. Also, when Bush started criticizing the sitting President, told me someone is getting over the target.
    Lots going on we know nothing about.

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  4. 4sure says:

    Prez. Trump. I don’t know why you keep tweeting this nonsense. Are you tweeting to yourself?

    Stop. Think. Executive Branch. Potus in charge. Potus be like BIG BOSS. YUGE BOSS. FBI/DOJ part of Executive Branch. YOU be BOSS. Comprende? Instead of tweeting, like you are far removed from FBI/DOJ, order them to do it. Remember, you fired F B I director Comey. Bosses fire people. Bosses hire people. You hired Director Wray. You hired Sessions, the AG. FOCUS. Quit making yourself look like a damn fool by tweeting about what you should be doing as though it is someone else’s job.

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    • milktrader says:

      He is giving them a chance to do the right thing.

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    • wodiej says:

      Quit making yourself look like a damn fool by presuming somehow you know what President Trump’s strategy is.

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    • You are the one who is acting like a fool. President Trump is creating a groundswell so that the information cannot be swept under the carpet. He is telling people that the time is coming to take sides so that the peripheral players think about what they have to lose. He is turning up the heat.
      I guess the heat is making you uncomfortable and you would rather not get to the bottom of things. A boss can’t effectively run the company without staff. They need to be brought on board and pressure applied to get the ball rolling. The stick & the carrot.

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    • AsksTooManyQuestions says:

      4sure, some people seem to believe everything he does is thought out and, if it seems like it’s not, it’s really him playing something like 3D chess and we just can’t see the wisdom. I’m not in that group.

      Sometimes he tweets things I really wish he hadn’t, even if I agree with it. Too many times I feel he’s created controversy that upstaged some really positive accompaniment just done by his administration.

      Even though I think some of these tweets give his enemies too much ammo, I can’t deny it also energizes his base and can also be a very effective way of communicating with the public and, indirectly, with people in various governments.

      So I have very mixed feelings about the tweets. Even as I’m laughing saying “Preach it!” , I can be shaking my head saying “Why?”

      Just my opinion, probably not shared by many Treepers, but respectfully given.


      • Heard respectfully but not shared. President Trump’s style sometimes resembles a boy applying a stick to a hornets nest. The frantic buzzing and attack by the hornets akaMSM, & the Globalist enemies of America may seem like a negative consequence but it serves many purposes. While POTUS is getting a few meaningless stings he is herding the MSM where he wants them to look and keeping the heat off of other areas. Congress critters scatter when attacked and keeping the heat on himself POTUS gives them room to work and get in position to pass his agenda. He has brought light on many individuals forcing them to change their plans because America is now watching them. (Bill Ryan are you listening…)
        POTUS has not started even one hare that didn’t turn out to be right in the end> Each time in the end POTUS has pushed the National dialog somewhere that benefited the MAGA forces. POTUS thrives in chaos, it gives him freedom of movement and confuses the other side. It is uncomfortable from the outside but I am developing big picture thinking.

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  5. wodiej says:

    Pleading the 5th means guilty.

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  6. Trump holds all the aces in this matter. He knows all the secrets as to who did what? Always remember Trump never plays on their level and always keeps his opponents guessing? AG Sessions, and FBI director Wray are keeping a low profile until the trap is complete. This is all being played out to give Hillary and company a false sense of security until they spring the trap. At that time Mueller will go down with the rest of them. Keep the faith and live to see another day.

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  7. richy rich says:

    Trump is like a prize fighter. He’s not just swinging aimlessly into the air. When you hit things they bleed. Things get exposed. You find out their strengths and weaknesses. You find out who your allies are and who your enemies are. He is shaking things up for a reason. He burns through all the rhetoric and levels all the playing fields. The only thing that will be left standing are those things strong enough and true enough to stand. He’s proving everything and everything


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