Mandalay Massacre Witnesses Jesus Campos and Stephen Schuck Speak to Ellen Degeneres…

In a taped interview that aired today the security guard, Jesus Campos, and maintenance worker, Stephen Schuck, from the Mandalay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, speak to Ellenn Degeneres about the October 1st massacre at Mandalay Bay.

Worth noting, according to the well-prepared and rolled out script, Mr. Campos and Mr. Schuck will not be giving any additional interviews with the media.  As such, it can be intellectually assumed the content of this interview was thoroughly vetted and prepared after consideration from all stakeholders.


The emphasis on the “hero angle” is inauthentic, too heavy, and appears structured as a preferred narrative. However, given the position of all local and national stakeholders in the event, and against the backdrop of potentially devastating legal liability against Mandalay Bay and Las Vegas, the need for a strongly structured narrative is transparent and understandable. Any alternative is financially problematic.

STAKEHOLDERS: Las Vegas, almost entirely dependent on tourism, needs to present an image of safety and security. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police need to present an image of competency and security control. Mandalay Bay, the MGM corporation and the larger hotel and casino industry, need to reduce any culpability and liability; as well as portray their action as prudent and secure before the attack, and competent in the aftermath. Federal crisis management with direct influence over investigative authorities (FBI and DHS) need to portray an impression of national security and control.

Ellen Degeneres, an insider within the entertainment industry and a stakeholder in the outcome, is a friendly venue for this exclusive interview.

Las Vegas investigative authorities (LVMPD and FBI) have stated they will provide no additional press conferences or information on the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

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739 Responses to Mandalay Massacre Witnesses Jesus Campos and Stephen Schuck Speak to Ellen Degeneres…

  1. POP says:

    This perp had a point to make.
    There will be evidence or a note somewhere or his point is lost to the world.
    Unless it wasn’t nutter event but an operation or transaction, then there will not be a note.


  2. Watcher says:

    I can’t understand the Mandalay bay not cooperating with LE about videos. Just makes no sense, what are they hiding? Liability is an issue I know, but would video change it that much. Is MGM going to try to shift responsibility to the LVPD and therefore the city of Las Vegas?

    BTW above the broken windows are cameras that would show the fields of fire.


  3. Bubba says:

    Campos was mostly serious & sullen until the end of the interview. He couldn’t hold back his smile any longer and then had to hide his head below the check.

    The False Flag must have tickled him.


  4. MickTurn says:

    SO Ellen is now a 4 star General in the Leftist Army of Stupidity?


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