Sean Hannity Discusses Uranium One Scandal With Sara Carter and John Solomon…

Fox News host Sean Hannity reveals the stunningly explosive scandal he has been hinting toward for weeks and weeks. Joined once again by fellow explosive story seller Sara Carter, Hannity outlines the most incredible, scandalous, explosive, controversy, in history.


The thing is… It really is a scandal; and it really is a big deal; but when pitched by the same team that claim every scandal is the biggest deal in the history of big deals, well, the ‘chicken little factor’ comes into play.  Thus we accept the historic modus operandi behind controlled opposition leaks, stories and narratives from inside the swamp.

When everything is sold as a big deal, then nothing is a big deal.  As such the UniParty swamp shrugs with a subtle sneer and says:… yeah, so? …And your point?




But, wait…, wait,… So then Hannity said Bubba was getting paid – and Holder, Rosenstein, McCabe and Mueller were in charge of the investigation…

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537 Responses to Sean Hannity Discusses Uranium One Scandal With Sara Carter and John Solomon…

  1. NewfTea says:

    Sooner or later, corruption collapses under its own weight. Hopefully, these sick don’t bring down the USA with them.

    Corfuption, not the longing for freedom as such, brings down dictatorships. (Evidenced by the fact that the rebels often set up a new dictatorship and the people accept it. See post-Soviet Russia with its ruler for life.)

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  2. eklingmaneklingman says:

    As upset as I am about the deep state and corruption, a wise man told me the following rules regarding Change Management…it requires: CM = ADKAR
    Awareness – must be raised that a change needs to happen (Enough rope is available and people are becoming more aware)

    Desire – must be present to make the change happen – Trump got elected on the message – desire is there

    Knowledge – of how to make the change happen (mid-term elect the bums out & prosecute)

    Ability – must have the ability to make the changes happen (Trump has to avoid the deep state, not get impeached, get the economy rolling and fight a communist entrenchment like we’ve never seen)

    Reinforcement – there has to be constant reinforcement for the change to stick, and not backslide to the previous behavior

    I think we are all hoping that the terrible crap we see in the MSM everyday is raising awareness, and come mid-terms people exercise their voting rights and Trump times everything right to get the changes made…he is BRILLIANT, but he has the whole world of power arrayed against him.


  3. flawesttexas says:

    Hannity thinks the Freedom Caucus are “upstanding Conservatives”…

    Freedom Carcass are the ones who gave us Paul Ryan as Speaker…and refuse to remove him

    Wake up Sean…


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