President Trump Welcomes Championship Pittsburgh Penguins (video)…

Earlier today President Trump welcomed the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup winning Pittsburgh Penguins to the White House.

President Trump welcomed the Pittsburgh Penguins to the White House on Tuesday to congratulate them on their Stanley Cup win. “You are true, true champions, and incredible patriots…the NHL has not seen a three-peat in a generation, but I know you are ready for the challenge. I’m going to be watching so closely, because you think you’re going to be back here next year? I think so.”

Trump also suggested that Penguins owner Ron Burkle get involved with NAFTA negotiations: “I really mean that, if you want to get involved in negotiating NAFTA, I like it. Because we’re renegotiating NAFTA, Ron. Of course, he may not like that, because maybe he’s on the other side…You’re not on the other side of NAFTA, Ron, are you?” (link)

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68 Responses to President Trump Welcomes Championship Pittsburgh Penguins (video)…

  1. Pam says:

    I really enjoyed watching this. The players looked like they were excited to be there and POTUS looked to be enjoying himself. With all of the disrespect of the flag and the anthem of late, this is very nice to see for a change.

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  2. Those guys looked like they were having a blast. President Trump was charming and entertaining. Melania seemed to enjoy herself herself as well. Nice break for them from the swamp I hope.

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  3. RedBallExpress says:

    I wish there were as many flags in the background as there are players. And then give one to everyone as a keepsake.

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  4. Orygun says:

    My President is the best! I love how he jokes with everybody and still gets his point across. He is so fun to watch.

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  5. C. Lowell says:

    More than a little sad that Sidney Crosby,

    Is a better American than Steph Curry…

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  6. The Popcorn Tape says:

    I seriously bought a video game because of stuff like this.
    I bought NHL 18 last week, despite not being a hockey fan, because hockey seems to be the only sport not sullied by those that want to spit on our flag.
    What a weird thing to say, since it’s mostly Canadians playing.

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    • RedBallExpress says:

      It is weird but I bet if we played in the NHL in Canada we would respect the Canadian flag.

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      • The Popcorn Tape says:

        Yes, absolutely. I haven’t forgotten how they helped us after 9/11.
        Plus, I admit they have a BEAUTIFUL national anthem.
        I’m not even being ironic here. “O Canada” is a wonderful piece of music.

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        • Deb says:

          I grew up next to the border and learned to play this in band in high school. It is a beautiful piece.

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        • When we were younger, me and my brother had a older cousin that loved hockey.
          We sat from as early as 6 years old in front of a radio and listened to games and flipped through the pages of the Hockey News to see pictures of what we were hearing.

          One day we watched a game on TV, when Channel 9 started showing games, before the Rangers game playing Montreal we stood for both anthems and sang them.
          My dad promptly tossed us both out of the house and changed the channel.

          Why would you sing that anthem and why do you know the words? That is all I can repeat here without getting tossed.

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        • emroled says:

          I make sure to watch the anthems during Canadian teams’ home games (particularly in the playoffs). The Vancouver Canucks’ singer pauses singing for the middle verse and allows the crowd to take over.


    • Ellen says:

      Don’t know much about hockey, but maybe it is time to learn. Hockey seems to have a lot going for it. Like baseball in person, but have to admit that it is a terrible TV sport. The enjoyment of pro football is gone and I don’t see it coming back any time soon.

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      • Hockey in person is really great! Lots of excitement. I go to a few Rangers games a year and plan to go to more with all that money I am NOT spending on the NFL.

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      • jello333 says:

        I played a lot of hockey when I was younger… er, no wait… no I didn’t. I was scared to death to even try it. Which is probably why I’m still alive and here to tell you all this wonderful lie about how I played a lot of hockey when I was younger.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Anyone that goes to see a game in person falls in love with it.

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        • MaineCoon says:

          Here’s my one hockey story. In late ’90s the Atlanta Thrashers came to Atlanta. One choir member’s employer gave him 50-60 tickets to fill up the seats as it was their first game. Naturally, we all hoof it to the game. Since none of us were yet into hockey too much, we were chatting with each other and watching the game with one eye. We had great seats. A section fairly low. Next thing we know a hockey puck is flying up in the stadium and we all ducked down as it whizzed over our heads!

          No one was hurt so game on!

          Next thing we see is a guy down on the ice, blood all over it as a shoe blade had sliced his cheek. For the rest of the game there was a huge blood soaked section on the ice. It was terrible.

          That was my first and last game!

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          • jello333 says:

            I played a lot of baseball, and I don’t think it’s bragging to say that some parts of the game not only require a lot of skill, but also courage. But hockey… now that’s a whole other level for me. It just seems like every player on the ice is constantly one second from potential catastrophe. Actually, a few years ago a goalie came THIS close to dying on live TV… when his jugular was cut. The video of that, and the reaction of the announcers is hard to watch.


            • NC PATRIOT says:

              Always an ambulance and full medical at the ready at games. The skate blades can produce great injury but are rare and and more like a “fluke” than a standard happening.
              The above cited player came back to play after his injury.

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          • fleporeblog says:

            Sorry you had such a bad experience.


        • Again in a different time. My brother and I used to take the bus from Jersey to NYC. We’d walk down 8th and go to the games. I was 13 he was 11.
          Sat in the blue seats and had the time of our lives.
          Then walk back and take the bus home. Then walk the 4 blocks back to the house.

          My love of hockey started around 6 years old. Of course the bus ride was about 50 years ago. When the world and NYC were a completely different place to live in.

          But seeing that live was everything. You really are hooked when you see it. And sitting in the Blue seats at the old Garden was just great. Everyone there knew everything about hockey and the players.
          Where they played. Where they lived . How they got there.

          If you listen to the older players talking they all wanted to play for Montreal. But were happy to be in the NHL.
          Taking a bus from place to place to play at the 6 arenas. Carring their own luggage and buying their own sticks.
          At the end of the season having to go back home to work on the farm or in the family business.
          No real money in playing, it was all for pride.

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    • NC PATRIOT says:

      Not true that most players are Canadian. On my team (Carolina Hurricanes) 1/3 are Canadians, 1/3 American and the other 1/3 are from Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic. (in the past we have had Russian and German players.) So they are better characterized as “international”. But they revere and honor their own and each other’s nationalities. And you won’t see disrespect.

      American hockey teams in the NHL (25) outnumber Canadian teams (6), but all of the teams have an international mix of players. All the American teams honor and support the military strongly. They avoid politics.

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  7. kathy3882 says:


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  8. kinthenorthwest says:

    I do believe I have a new sport to add to my like of NASCAR go Hockey go Pittsburgh Penguins

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  9. RuckusTom says:

    America’s new number one sport after Felon Ball.

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  10. Deb says:

    Seeing the Stanley Cup at the White House with President Trump fills this Far North Country girl with pride.

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  11. RJ says:

    Glad to see #66 Mario Lemieux standing right behind President Trump and FLOTUS! Mario is a big man – about 6′-6″ and the President is about 6′-3″. Big men on the stage!

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  12. zaq123 says:

    A long time ago, when Atlanta still had a team, they played the Penguins on a Sunday night. Walked into a bar and saw 3 huge, ugly guys with a bunch of young girls handing all over them. Lemieux, was one of them. That is one big SOB. And the two with him were no different. That’s when I realized that the days of Brian Trottier, at 6′ 200lbs, being one of the bigger guys in the NHL were long over.

    On a side note, it really is nice to see a First Lady that oozes so much class and style, compared to the last one. It’s almost like the folks the dressed the last one, were doing it as a joke.

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  13. kiskiminetas says:

    I live down South now but was raised NE of Pittsburgh. We loved the Steelers (won’t watch them now) and Penguins. My mother loved both teams and the Pirates. I watched every game of the Pens first two Stanley Cup wins (playoffs as well). Just about everyone you knew was watching them. I remember Mario Lemieux skating down the ice and cutting through 5 Minnesota North Star s players and scoring a goal. It was magnificent. Yes hockey is a great sport and have always thought they should have had it when I was in junior high and high school. Thank you PDJT for honoring my home town team!

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    • kiskiminetas says:

      I must correct one statement ML cut through 3 players and not 5 as two of the North Stars player were bac in the Penguins zone.

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    • JimmyJack says:

      I have never lived in a city where the whole town oozed team pride the way Pittsburgh does. I think this whole Pittsburgh Kneelers fiasco has really hurt a lot of die hard fans there.

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  14. keebler AC ovfefe says:

    It’s a very exciting sport to watch! Moves really fast. Personally, I watch the occasional curling. The ball is huge so you can keep an eye on it as glides on ice, and it’s like slomo without the slomo watching the ball head towards its target guided only by two brooms, lol.

    President Trump seems so delighted with these sports stars who look real fine dressed up for a special presidential occasion. Melania is picture perfection!


  15. You can’t really appreciate hockey unless you watch it in person. If you only see it on TV, you don’t get to feel the building shake when a player is slammed into the boards, and you don’t see for yourself how fast that frozen puck is moving until it hits the glass in front of your nose. And by the way…the Oilers are back so Pittsburg might as well give up all hopes for another cup.

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    • sledhead406 says:

      Agreed. Edmonton is the team to watch now. The father in law is uncontrollably excited about it. I’m a penguin to the core but anyone thinking we can do a threepeat is delusional.

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    • NC PATRIOT says:

      And you don’t see the players changing seamlessly in the middle of the play– since the forwards are only on the ice for 45+second shifts at a time. That is lost watching on TV


  16. JimmyJack says:

    This was a very busy day for Melania. She looked lovely all day long.

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  17. woohoowee says:

    Trump45 looks like he’s fit enough to play with them! At 71!

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  18. MAGAbear says:

    As a mostly retired goalie, I of course loved watching DJT there with the Stanley Cup champs. This is what winning looks like. 🙂

    No kneelers in hockey………makes me want to get out the gear and hit the ice. 🙂

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  19. sledhead406 says:

    I’ve been a pens fan since I was 7 watching Mario and jagr.. if they had skipped this I would have been heart broken. Even Ron Burkle, co owner with lemieux is a big Dem contributer is front and center.

    And Phil Kessel has never looked so happy. Man I love that guy.

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  20. maggiemoowho says:

    Loved watching our Pens with the President, can’t wait till next years visit😃👉🏻🏆🏆+🏆👍.
    Lord Stanley isn’t ready to leave Pittsburgh

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  21. Rip Tide says:

    Hockey is awesome sport! It was my favorite, even though I played MLB, hockey is still my favorite to watch both live, and on TV. Playoff hockey is the real deal if you’ve never seen a game, I encourage all to check it out. I’m a Red Wings fan, so at least we’ve won a few times too.

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  22. Gary says:

    Morning, I’ve played hockey all my life and at 56 years old still gear up and skate with my sons. I coached youth hockey for over ten years and I can say with no reservation whatsoever that most players are genuinely good kids.Hockey isn’t like any other team sport I know of, yes it’s similar to soccer but still much different. It is a game of finesse and violent contact. It is a game of mistakes, without them there would be no scoring. All of this builds character in younger players and as I have on occasion witnessed….parents too. Ok, back to my perch!

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  23. LULU says:

    Kids near us started very young, hauled to local skating rinks in the wee small hours of the morning. (I was glad my sons were too old at that point!) We had well-situated season tickets to the Los Angeles Forum for Kings games – and went to every home game. Drove a long distance to get there. OK except when I had to drive home because DH had enjoyed the Forum Club refreshments too much.


  24. MAGAbear says:

    Had to laugh today listening to NHL radio on Sirius talking about the Penguins “controversial” visit to the White House. Only controversial if one is a lefty living in a lefty media bubble. They mentioned that the Penguins players tweeted more about their visit last year when a truly controversial POTUS was still in office (Iran deal, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS scandal, etc.). Whether that’s true or not I don’t know, but when all these players here from the MSM is “Trump is Hitler”, it wouldn’t suprise me that they wouldn’t want the backlash from the leftist sports writer community by tweeting nice things about Trump. I’d be willing to bet most of the players who can vote in our elections voted for DJT.

    As a side note, the Penguins are maybe the only team in the league that has more American born players on the team than Canadian players. Good news for USA hockey!


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