Sunday Talks: FEMA Director Brock Long -vs- Pontificating Political Presstitute Chris Wallace

There were about a dozen moments within this interview when FEMA Director Brock Long could have easily broken out with: “I ain’t got no time for that“, as the insufferable Chris Wallace demands Long talk about the politics of disaster relief.

Mr. Brock Long and the entire organization of FEMA workers have been doing outstanding work with a ‘no quit’ attitude for months.  Great interview:

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98 Responses to Sunday Talks: FEMA Director Brock Long -vs- Pontificating Political Presstitute Chris Wallace

  1. snarkybeach says:

    little Chrissy obviously believes the lies the marxist Mayor is spewing (in front of boxes of USA aid).

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      He wants to believe those lies.

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    • The Boss says:

      Wallace is such a man-bitch. I watched the first 20 minutes of his pathetic show. A total false narrative, complete with a panel of douche bags, an obviously air-brushed photo of the Wench of San Juan, and predictable nonsense about tweet counts by topic.

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    • Glenn E Stehle says:

      Politics doesn’t work the same way in Latin America as it does in the continental United States.

      The political system that dominates in Latin America is what is known as “patronage politics.” A description of how patronage politics works can be found in Mexican Americans: The Ambivalent Minority by Peter Skerry.

      In patronage politics, the patrón, caudillo or political boss is like a god. No benefits, no government jobs, no welfare, no social security, nothing is possible without the imprimatur of the patrón. In return for these favors, the patrón expects either pecuniary rewards or politicaly fealty in return.

      Chris Mathews clearly has not a scintilla of knowledge of how Latin American political systems work, and why the relief effort is so different in Puerto Rico than it was in Florida or Texas.

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      • Glenn E Stehle says:

        I want to provide an example of how a patronage system of politics works. As a friend of mine here in Mexico described it to me in a message: “It is not just corruption, but a deliberate act to impede the self-organization of the people.” The patrón wants everyone to be completely dependent on her.

        Recently there were a couple of earthquakes that hit the southern part of Mexico.

        In response, my neighbors here in central Mexico (Queretaro, far from the earthquakes) collected goods to send to the victims of the earthquakes. Here are some photographs of my neighbors and the results of their efforts.

        From here the comodities were moved to a central collection point, loaded on trucks and sent to the affected areas.

        However, when the trucks reached the state of Morelos, one of the earthquake zones, the wife of the governor of the state had the police confiscate the commodities. No help is allowed to reach the victims of the earthquakes except that which passes through the hands of the patrón.

        Gobierno de Morelos expropia apoyos para los damnificados

        Here is a video recording of the Archbishop of Cuernavaca complaining of the actions of the governor’s wife:

        Towards the end of the video one can see a load of commodities collected by the students and faculty of La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México being confiscated by the wife of the governor of the state of Morelos.

        This is what the Trump administration is up against in Puerto Rico, a political culture that people in the continental United States are not familiar with and have no experience in dealing with.

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        • Jimmy Jack says:

          Thank you for this explanation from the inside. I appreciate it.


        • Lindenlee says:

          It is a form of feudalism, too. Mexicans come to the US with this attitude that 1) the “patron” owes you something toward your life sustenance (hence the powerful entitlement mentality of most Mexicans, and lack of conscience about taking what they have not earned), and 2) resentment against the patron for the power he/she holds. Therefore, anything one can get over on the patron is fine, and a source of pride.

          In the US, the patron is the government/taxpayer/”rich gringo”. This is a deadly combination for the US.

          This is why the illegals can come here and expect and demand that we, the taxpayers, give them everything they want, and they can simultaneously give us the finger in hatred. And it is not just Mexicans, it is everywhere the Spanish colonized.


      • joshua says:

        Chris’ father Mike is spinning in his grave….shamed.

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      • dginga says:

        He should ask anyone from Chicago – or the state of Illinois, for that matter.

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      • sickconservative says:

        “Politics doesn’t work the same way in Latin America as it does in the continental United States.”
        Just to add if as it usually is politically motivated like their or here you can look at one side.
        Wallace is just a waste at this point.


      • millwright says:

        Chris Matthews is long been known as a vacuum-headed loud speaker, but he isn’t alone in his lack of knowledge of how “patronage or baksheesh” works around the world ( although I agree it may be more refined and expensive in Latino nations . I well recall the “green handshakes” essential to getting your luggage through customs !


        • fakenoozisforfools says:

          I agree that Chris Matthews is an idiot, but he was nowhere in evidence in this video. Let’s be sure to properly reference the “Chris” in this case as Chris Wallace. The left will have a field day with comments that lack attention to details.


      • trcudmore says:

        does this system hold true in africa and parts of the middle east….it seems like it?


    • n1ghtcr4wler says:

      they havent found any other mayor who supports the lyin mayors claims.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      I like Brock Long. He and the rest of Fema are doing their jobs without trashing anyone. He is a great American and he will hang in there until the job is done.

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  2. Awesome interview. Poor Brock looks exhausted. You can tell he doesn’t suffer fools.

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  3. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    I like this guy. Competent, to the point, and no BS… Nothing Chris did could distract him…

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  4. Realist says:

    I remember hurricane Sandy and the miserable botched “help” that came from the Obamesiah admin while Big Media just fawned over their Obamesiah and cooed sweet nothing into their microphones.

    Its not like anyone who is actually paying attention doesn’t already know what Big Media will try to do, using their 1000X Big Media microscope lens to magnify every incidence of suffering they can manage to get on camera and then do their best to lay all responsibility for any suffering at the feet of president Trump. Thats what they did for the evil Boooosh after Katrina and its just part and parcel of the libcult/democRAT playbook.

    Until Big Media is broken up and the power of a handful of Ruling Classers to dictate what the “news” is has been utterly broken, We the People will be fighting a needlessly uphill fight against the Machinery of Deception and Control, aka Big Media.

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    • Orygun says:

      That is the biggest obstacle so far to regaining control and nothing has been done so far. There is total collusion between the MSM here and the BBC. In the background I am sure the same people are pulling the strings.
      Everyday kids are lied to in school and watch lies on the TV. If you intentionally spread falsehoods your broadcast license should be pulled.

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    • JBrickley says:

      News has always been biased and useful as a political weapon and dissemination of malicious gossip. The printing of a newspaper was started up by private individuals with their own agenda’s. I believe there are histories detailing Benjamin Franklin bashing the press and writing editorials under a pen name or Abraham Lincoln locking up journalists in the brig of iron ships on the Potomac River for sedition during the revolutionary war. The Hearst family shifted from mining to buying newspapers and owned a ton of papers where they played political games. Mark Twain bashed the media all the time. Since day one, the media has been corrupt and biased.

      You cannot believe anything you read and only half of what you see. That saying is as true then as it is now, even more so since what you see can certainly be manipulated. The only thing that has changed in the history of media is the speed with which information can travel. Ever since the earliest of days of mankind culture you still have to do your own assessment of information and determine truth. You must prove everything all the time.

      The Bible spends a lot of time instructing the faithful to study the word of God and to know it well as it will be necessary for them to prove all things all the time against the word of God. Not only to protect and preserve the Word but to know when you were being lied to and to know what is right and what is wrong.


  5. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Don’t have much use for Prissy Chrissy Wallace.

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  6. andyocoregon says:

    It’s obvious Brock Long is totally in touch with the relief efforts in Puerto Rico and other hurricane damaged areas. It’s also obvious Chris Wallace is totally out of touch with President Trump’s ability to manage many urgent issues simultaneously. He didn’t become a multi-billionaire by accident.

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  7. Suncc49 says:

    Chris Wallace makes me want to puke as usual… what a sniveling nasty man

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  8. gfgustav says:

    The Trump Administration is going to emerge from all of this with shining gold stars. The more the left attempts to besmirch the often heroic efforts coordinated by this administration, the more it simply shines a light on the cucarachas. It may be that even a few low-info voters will begin to notice. I love the way PDJT and his team handle these mendacious midgets. They’re not accustomed to seeing the ball slammed right back over the net, straight at them. It’s so refreshing. Let them whine. As Napoleon B. said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

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  9. TwoLaine says:

    No Chris, he said the statement was taken out of context, at the very beginning remember. Purposely, and we don’t have time for that crap, get it?!

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  10. I was Brock Long I would have busted Chris Wallace in the mouth, he was only interested in hearing that the response was fouled up and inadequate and that is FAKE NEWS. In this kind of unprecedented situation progress will be slow and very incremental. It will take years before all of the damage is cleared away. I have dealt with much smaller unified commands and they are incredibly difficult to administer, the size of the unified command in Puerto Rico is astronomically more difficult and he and his staff are apparently making it work. They deserve credit for that and the fact that the Mayor of San Juan is not fully participating must make it much harder to make things work in a very public way. She should be ashamed of what she is doing to San Juan and Puerto Rico as a whole. The only thing most of us can do is pray for the people of Puerto Rico, I know that is what I will be doing for many months at least, please feel free to join me.

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    • mike says:

      The video of the Mayor gushing on and on about her association with the longest serving FALN terrorist makes me doubt that she even recognizes the US government. Her disruptive avoidance of FEMA include an FALN position of non recognition.

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  11. TwoLaine says:

    Smarmy little midget. He didn’t hear a word Brock said.

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    • MTeresa says:

      He didn’t bring him on his program to listen to Mr. Brock. Wallace brought him on to give himself a platform to pontificate against POTUS like he always does every Sunday. If DJT found the cure for cancer, CW would find fault.

      Smarmy is right.

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  12. ALEX says:

    Nothing the Fake News can do anymore. The media toilet has been flushed now that the Internet and our wonderful President have fully exposed these frauds, they are irrelevant in the big picture.

    The media oversold the narrative and day after day the coordination and relief gets better for this wiped out island. Sixteen people dead is what I read and that’s remarkable.


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  13. maggiemoowho says:

    God Bless Brock Long, his nerves have to be made of steel. Not sure how he deals with all this BS without blowing a gasket. Just seeing Chris Wallace makes my B/P go up.

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  14. Mike diamond says:

    Brock Long is doing a great job,little Chris Wallace needs to get to the island and drive a truck,or take some bottled wasters door to door! Little Chris just wants to hug the liberal mayor who is not doing her job!!!!

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  15. Mike diamond says:

    Sorry for my spelling I meant bottled waters!!


  16. Pam says:

    Brock Long must have the patience of Job. That’s what you would need to put up with this insufferable dolt. He did well here under the circumstances.

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  17. IMO says:

    SMOKING GUN=> San Juan Teamsters Didn’t Show Up for Work to Distribute Relief Supplies – US Aid Rotting at Ports

    GP linked CTH article 👍🏼

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  18. Cassandra says:

    Chris Wallace’s smug media privilege supremacy is on full display. Brock Long is a decent hardworking public servant who’s seen enough media and bureaucratic doubledoing and doublespeak to recognize the malarkey.

    Long, when goaded by Wallace deflected by making no comment on Mayor Cruz.

    Wallace, when shut down by Long’s level composure, lack of fingerpointing, facts regarding the good progress already made, and his knowledge of the situation, resorted to a cheap jab at Trump by closing with – “your job is tough especially having to deal with all the politicians in Washington.”

    Chris Wallace is a very flawed, weak, arrogant man riding on his father’s coat tails.

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    • fakenoozisforfools says:

      What? Mike Wallace was a paragon of virtue as a journalist? Chris watched his dad peddle fake nooz on 60 Minutes for years and took it from there. Mike was just as flawed and arrogant as Chris is.

      The rest of your comment is spot on, but I couldn’t let the reference to Mike Wallace pass without responding.


  19. How many Congressional investigations will there be into “Did Trump move too slow”?

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    • Regina says:

      investigate the tweet count!! because it takes So much time to type out a tweet, surely he’s not getting anything else done!

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    • snarkybeach says:

      anything to avoid doing their job

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      • yep, apparently the dems are already planning an investigation…makes them look serious and working hard…I am sure the Republicans will happily go along with it…when will Ryan come out with his statement in support of the San Juan Mayor? He must be enjoying his weekend…tomorrow it will happen….and then Senate will begin three or four separate investigations into how Trump screwed up and hopefully in a criminal manner since so many are reported to have died from starvation but no bodies available just yet.

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  20. CW: “trouble, disconnect, problems, DC-disconnect, political , tweets NFL, on the ground, disconnect.” Long: under control back in operation, fast, 13000 people brought in, 2 storms, Virgin Islands too, improving daily, under control. CW:” disconnect, death, disaster, politics, tweets” . Wallace (and msm) is desperate that Texas and Florida could not hurt President Trump and that this administration was already IN the islands prior to Maria, due to Irma. Poor Chris needs another disaster to lie about. Sheeeeesh!

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  21. Bert Darrell says:

    You can readily distinguish politicians from businessmen. The former are afraid to “offend” presstitutes and put up with the nuisance. The latter think: time is money and I have a job to do. I don’t have the time to put up with this nincompoop, whose late father is surely taking another spin in his coffin this morning).

    Jake Cr@pper, Chuck Toad, George Staphylocopoulos and John Brickerson are Sunday morning villains, whereas Chris Wallace is merely a certified idiot.

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  22. Paco Loco says:

    The Federal sea and air lifts of supplies to PR was rapid and comprehensive. The goods have been sitting on the docks for days for the locals to distribute the supplies. The bottle neck in getting the supplies out to the storm victims is all on the head of the local authorities. If the Teamsters are refusing to truck the supplies to where they are needed then the authorities need to authorize the Feds to do so. This is a classic Cluster Fxxk caused by a corrupt Left wing leadership and a “no care” bureaucracy. Wallace is a Cuck news commentator who is a total zero and it apparent that he knows virtually nothing about how the “real world” operates.

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    • G. Combs says:

      From WIKI:
      The Labor Management Relations Act of 1947 29 U.S.C. § 141-197 better known as the Taft–Hartley Act, (80 H.R. 3020, Pub.L. 80–101, 61 Stat. 136, enacted June 23, 1947) is a United States federal law that restricts the activities and power of labor unions. The act, still effective, was sponsored by Senator Robert A. Taft and Representative Fred A. Hartley, Jr.,

      ….The Act also authorized the President to intervene in strikes or potential strikes that create a national emergency, a reaction to the national coal miners’ strikes called by the United Mine Workers of America in the 1940s. Presidents have used that power less and less frequently in each succeeding decade. President George W. Bush invoked the law in connection with the employer lockout of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union during negotiations with West Coast shipping and stevedoring companies in 2002.{…}


  23. Ron Myles says:

    Thanks Mr. Long for yours and the FEMA staffs’ hard work dedication. You make America proud. Don’t let the worthless, mealy mouth political class get you down because we citizens don’t care what these idiots think. You should be very proud of the job you are doing!

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  24. n1ghtcr4wler says:

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  25. Peter says:

    Once again – the media hits trump day after day “this is Trumps Katrina , this is Trumps Katrina!!!!”

    He responds on twitter after opening speech after speech by saying we are all praying for those impacted – how does Wallace paint his story – lookie what trump said!

    They bait him Day after day – what a joke.

    What is going for trump? – Anyone in the know – knows Wallace is a worm.


  26. We shouldn’t have to deal with the bs media politics.
    All Mr Wallace really cares about is making Trump look bad. Get a freakin grip. This is about helping a territory that barely helped itself. The US is busting their butts helping PR. Why don’t you go there Mr Wallace – I am so sick of turning on the tv and seeing so much political bs. It is disheartening. I was so proud of all the people helping each other in TX and FL and I am so disgusted by the News and it’s propaganda concerning PR. Get some reporters in there showing neighbor helping neighbor, FEMA and our military rebuilding this Island foot by foot.

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  27. sedge2z says:

    from New You Post (Sept 30, 2017):
    Jorge Rodríguez is the Harvard-educated CEO of PACIV, an international engineering firm based in Puerto Rico that works in the medical & pharma sectors. “Even before the hurricane hit, water & power systems were already broken. The $118 billion debt crises is a result of government corruption and mismanagement.
    When the hurricane hit we had experts from FEMA from all over the US on the ground and I was really proud of their quick response. The first responders and FEMA have all been outstanding in this crisis, and should be supported.
    I have 50 engineers that I have sent out pro bono to help FEMA and local companies.
    I won’t allow my people to work with the local government.”
    Rodriguez says:
    >>>>> I have a message for the U.S. Congress: Watch out what relief funds you approve and let our local government handle. Don’t let the Puerto Rican government play the victim and fool you. They have no clue what they are doing, and I worry that they will mishandle anything that comes their way.” <<<<<

    Excellent first-hand advice for our Congress. Can Treepers with strong branches pass this on to our politicians? Thanks!

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  28. kpm58 says:

    Mayor Cruz wants more help from the President.
    How about a DOJ team sent to investigate for fraud and corruption?

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  29. Comrade Mope says:

    The problem with Puerto Rico is it lacks illegal aliens to do the work Americans refuse to do.
    We don’t hear about the same problems with the Virgin Islands. Gotta be the lack of illegals.

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  30. MaineCoon says:

    Mr. Brock Long is impressive as I’m sure his staff his as it does not appear that he’d accept a standard lower than his own.

    Those two “journalists” stink. They criticise him and they have never been to an on-the-ground daily FEMA meeting.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Brock Long is very impressive – level headed and good at assessing complex relief situations and organizing effective responses/solutions.

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    • Glenn E Stehle says:

      Mr. Brock Long is indeed impressive.

      I could never do what he does. Confronted with such colossal ignorance, stupidity, hostility and dishonesty, I would lose my cool, which would be political suicide.

      One has to have great admiration for his ability to remain cool and clear headed under such intense fire.

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  31. georgiafl says:

    The SJ mayor is obviously loony. She’s got a screw or more loose – and she’s very immature and ineffective as a leader. There was NO reason for her to be wading up to her neck in flood water – or riding around with the press – except for photo-ops.

    There was EVERY reason for her to attend FEMA meetings to coordinate disaster recovery.

    She reminds me of those Baltimore prima donna who spent a million on publicity/image consultants, who gave local looting terrorists ‘space to destroy’ and prosecuted police wrongly.

    These are your typical leftist loonies.

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  32. ACDoyle says:

    Most of us can relate in some way to Brock Peter’s situation (including sundance in Florida) where you exhaust yourself to help others in the best way you can and they not only don’t appreciate it but some low information jackass interjects themselves into the situation and demoralizes and irritates those that worked so hard solving the problem or emergent situation. If you add vitriolic partisan politics it’s even worse.

    The Dem show boating mayor is an absolute disgrace to humanity for playing “dirty trick” politics (ie. “We are Dying” T-shirt) during a crisis of this proportion and media jackals like Wallace are low level creeps trying to bolster their own credibility or ratings by engaging in “tough concerned questioning” of a very tired but incredible FEMA Director who along with all the others working with him have been sacrificing their own health and welfare in their tireless and stressful efforts.
    I just hope when these multiple crises are dealt with these people receive an abundance of gratitude and appreciation for their efforts and much rest. Brock Peter’s is an exceptional fellow as is Tom Brossert and the many others doing a fabulous job during a difficult time. I hope the majority of Americans realize it.

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  33. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Brock Long did a great job. He knows his stuff, and Chrissy couldn’t counter him. Also, Mick Mulvaney did an outstanding job as well against Chrissy.

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  34. KittyKat says:

    Wallace the weasel.


  35. andi lee says:

    It is quite simple.

    Mayor Cruz failed her duties in emergency response preparedness and that of her staff. Emergency Office of Management? List of island designated 1st responder contacts, logistic personell?

    Shelter-in-place list? (Clearly, not.)
    Cries for: food, water, meds. Top 3 on the SIP list. Simply, obvious. FAIL.


  36. Harleyd says:

    Little Chrissy’s “interview” with Mick Mulvaney was equally telling.

    Chrissy and the vaunted Fox show prep team thought they had Mick re: government travel.

    Chrissy, in his smarmy way, took a dog leg left in his questioning to, out of the blue, tell Mick he knew Mick was in Canada for a conference. Chrissy, with his little smirk, told the Mick that he hoped he had flown commercial given that Mick was critical of Sessions’ transgressions. Chrissy and the Fox news twits thought they had Mick by the short hairs.

    Mick was prepared. He educated Chrissy quickly, informing the little twerp that not only had he (Mick) flown commercial to Canada but that he had paid for the flight out of his own funds. He did so because he was taking his son to Canada to visit colleges.

    Chrissy was embarrassed beyond belief. He had been skewered like he was a Junior High School JV debater. He quickly changed the subject.

    This will make for some uncomfortable times at DC cocktail parties for Chrissy. He may even lose his pocket hanky.


  37. Venus E. Lee says:


  38. Mike diamond says:

    BrockLong is doing a good job ! Take the news media to the island let them drive the trucks !


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