TPP Decepticons Hold Tax Reform Announcement Press Conference…

We’ll dig through the tax reform details as they become available.  However, pragmatic #MAGA Trump supporters would be wise not to get too far out in advance of supporting this GOPe tax reform package yet.


The reason for caution is quite simple.  Notice the players, the key constructionists. These are the exact same Decepticons who constructed the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) trade deal, and who operate in DC on behalf of their multinational corporate sponsors and benefactors. The representatives within this press conference are the EXACT SAME members who constructed TPP and pushed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to ensure its legislative passage.

On the broad overview so far – it would appear the Decepticons are following their traditional UniParty playbook.  Meaning they are following the road-map that continues the status quo by announcing a program not structurally established to meet the guidelines of the Trump MAGA agenda; at least as it was initially described.  Much like the ruse with Obamacare repeal and replacement efforts the GOPe often do this intentionally.

Here’s the bitter pill of DC based reality on these types of issues.

CTH accepts things as they are, as they present themselves to be.

If you remember Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz teaming up to design the legislative pathway for TPA (the roadmap) which facilitated TPP (the legislative passage), you will remember their joint op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. [Their later denials were pure politics] Today’s announcement has the same branding and multinational organizational fingerprints.  The group involved is following the UniParty lobbying process.

By now everyone is familiar with the reason why Trump-Agenda legislation never came to fruition.  The campaign platform of candidate Donald Trump ran directly into the reality of the DC-based UniParty.

Lobbying groups write legislation, not political representatives. There simply is no lobbying group, the actual engineers within the administrative state who construct legislation, for the Trump-Agenda.

This simple truth behind DC operations is why federal legislation has been an ongoing nine month exercise in futility.  Everything is essentially staged UniParty operations designed to give the appearances of something, but yet retain the modern swamp construct.  An encapsulated version might be: “everything is designed to fail.”

Status quo or the inability of the administrative state to generate change, which by its very nature is adverse to the interests of the swamp, is not a flaw in the legislative system, it is a feature.  Distracting ‘loggerheads’ is inherent within the legislative design.

Once we fully accept this truism, we begin to understand why status-quo is the outcome and can see how everything else is a distraction intended to avoid the electorate catching on.

CTH has been watching each specific example, and the nuance within it, as expressed within this approach for almost a decade.  Much like the GOPe “splitter strategy, it takes a while to see, but the pattern is clear and not accidental.

Accepting this uncomfortable reality is what helps people understand why “Republican Controlled Committees” are investigating a republican president (Trump).

President Trump is not a third-party figure in Washington DC, he actually represents the 2nd party; a challenge to the Uniparty apparatus.  This makes President Trump an existential threat to the entire construct of the administrative state.

Secondly, the professionally republican, the establishment per se’, genuinely don’t care if they lose control of congress in either the House (Ryan) or Senate (McConnell).  There is nothing worrisome about GOPe losing status because there is only one party in Washington DC, the “UniParty”, with two caucuses: Democrats and Republicans.

The out-flowing legislation from the administrative state (UniParty Congress) doesn’t change when either of the two caucus members are in leadership.  The legislation is the same.  That’s why with control of the House and Senate President Obama rarely had to veto bills and the GOPe delivered on DC priorities.  Think: “Corker/Cardin” for Iran deal; think “TPA” for TPP passage; think “Omnibus” for all Obama spending, etc.

Republicans controlling the House and Senate delivered on DC priorities; and when they couldn’t they changed the rules process to allow the DC priorities to pass with less support.  Here’s where you remind yourself of *Republican* senate legislation that flipped the 60 votes for approval into 60 votes needed for denial, and passage was then possible with 40 votes (democrats).   The various bill passages give the illusion of “only democrats” passing the bills, but the reality of republicans (who are in control) changing the rules shows their unity in ideological alignment with the underlying legislation.

When you understand this process we begin to see the schemes with greater clarity.  UniParty republican leaders don’t want to be in legislative control when they have a republican president.  It makes being a UniParty member awkward, albeit not impossible, to hide.

Additionally there’s more affluence available from the minority position.  When you are in the minority the party in the DC lobbyists need your support for Majority Party UniParty constructs.  The lobbyists pay for this support.

When a party is in the majority, and you are a member within that majority, your vote position is essentially pre-determined.  Ergo your vote is less valuable to lobbyists.  When you are in the minority and the majority lobbyists need your vote of support, your vote is more valuable.  This reality is how you make money in DC.  Remember, lobbyists write the legislation – politicians are paid to support and sell that legislation.

Lobbyists create the legislative product. Politicians are the sales force.  We focus on switching out the sales people without ever considering the product remains the same.

A minority position representative can make a lot more money selling his or her vote because it’s not an expectation to support the lobbying construct like it is for the representative in the majority.

See how that works?

You can simply make more money from lobbyists in the minority; and the perks between ‘minority’ or ‘majority’ are not that much different.

In the majority you make money by selling your committee outcomes.  If you are on valuable committees you make more money.  If you are a majority chairperson of a committee you can make way more money from lobbyists.

Summary: As a representative in the minority you make money from multiple lobbyists on lots of legislation.  As a representative in the majority less people make money because only the key committee heads are valuable to the lobbying groups.   More people can make more money when in the minority.  That’s why the republican wing of the UniParty are not adverse to losing their majority status.

Lastly, when you understand this process you begin to see why Multinational Banking interests and Multinational Corporate interests, ie. “The Lobbyists”, are in full control.

The two-party political apparatus is an optical game to give voters the illusion of choice.  The reality is that both UniParty caucuses, Republicans and Democrats, all support the legislative interests of their leadership within the Administrative State, the lobbyists.

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194 Responses to TPP Decepticons Hold Tax Reform Announcement Press Conference…

  1. zephyrbreeze says:

    I. Am. So. Sick. Of. These. People.

    We are in an abusive relationship with our government.

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    • scott467 says:

      WE should be the abusers.

      These civil miscreants work for us.

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      • Mari in MD says:

        No, as outlined in this article, they work for the lobbyists.

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        • scott467 says:

          “No, as outlined in this article, they work for the lobbyists.”


          Yes, but that is not according to the Constitution, ergo, it is yet another example of the lawlessness and renegade and rogue nature of our wholly corrupt government.

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          • WSB says:

            This is why we MUST primary every sitting Republican who has voted against POTUS and MAGA, and then we must FORCE a Republican blowout next fall. Force Republicans to win against their own will.

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            • Phrank says:

              People gasped when they heard Reagan say the nine most feared words in the English language are “I’m From The Government, And I’m Here To Help,” but they are as true today as they were then. It is absolutely abominable what is going on today: America is more Totalitarian than the U.S.S.R. could ever have dreamed of becoming…..

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          • carrierh says:

            scott, we must find a quick to kick them out before they further ruin America just to protect their pockets and too dumb to know by ruining America, they lose it all. Draining the Congress Swamp needs to start now. They don’t listen to us, those who supposedly they should be representing. Since they are not representing us, cut off wages, benefits/etc. so they will have to remove themselves and, if possible, are hanged for treason of the highest order! Enough is enough. If we don’t do this, we lose it all!


    • carrierh says:

      zep, we are the government and these creatures are our elected/hired employees who preferred selling us down the river and making them millionaires. They are traitors in more ways than one. They spout and think we are too dumb to know they talk only when it will give bigger payback to them and shaft us in the interim. They have left America and become bought and paid to work against us and both Houses are truly the uniparty. Mulvaney did a great job explaining the new tax rates/situation and all we are hearing here is just pure rhetoric. By the way, way too many elderly men there meaning they have been in our Congress way too many terms and most have had backers to buy their re-elections to further screw us! We need to take back the reins and kick their behinds out NOW by draining the Congress swamp. We must search for patriot candidates to primary them or maybe take over the Congress, kick them ALL out on to the streets without benefits/perks, etc., and start fresh which appeals more to me. Leaving even one will continue the spread of their evil ways sprouting again. We are the Republic of by and for the People who are the government. They don’t deserve to be in Congress (maybe only 5% are okay but are being poisoned the longer they are in Congress) because they have defied us and our President to feather their pockets. I suggest only two 3yr terms MAX, no benefits/perks, and preferably moving then out of DC back to home state with the warning that no insider trader ever again allowed, and taking donor dollars via lobbyists or anyone else means you are fired. They can conduct business in today’s world by real time video saving us a lot of money with them under our eyes and with reasonable salary but all else they have to pay like we do. No need to be in DC, one of the worst criminal area in this country. Under our eyes they will have to be honest or else! If we don’t stop their liars/cheats/robbers now, then things will only worsen. Ryan and McConnell do not like Trump and never have but somehow they weasel being speakers. Enough of this!

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    • Bill Voss says:

      US Term Limits – Citizen Legislators – Not Career Politicians


  2. the illusion of choice: paper or plastic

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  3. freddiel says:

    I will repent later for saying this but every time I see that dumb a$$ Ryan sporting his stupid grin I want to slap the snot out of him.

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  4. Texian says:

    The Uniparty is announcing their tax reform? Pffffttt.. Not gonna happen.. not even going to waste my time listening to it. It would be like listening to Hitler announcing concentration camp reform..

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  5. stats guy says:

    This is where i get into the Convention of the States mode. The only way to save this country from the greed and lust for power is to regulate the pols. No lobbyist position for 10 years after public service. Term limits for pols…and congressional staff. Make it unconstitutional for public employees at the federal level to unionize. Make it unconstiutional to give welfare to non-citizens..and so on.

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    • saywhat64 says:

      the only problem with a CC is that Uni-Party will be running it…

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    • Deb says:

      No convention. Just organize the states to vote on a term limit ammendment.


    • carrierh says:

      stats, email your thoughts, suggestions, complaints, compliments, whatever to Trump because many of us feel the same way and if more of us let Trump know what we want, then you will see even more getting done for us: I find myself emailing him often and then right away or eventually I see he already has almost all of my suggestions on his list or already handling. We are the Republic and Congress members are our employees and time we took the out of service.

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  6. Patriot1783 says:

    The group of weasels should be ashamed to stand in front of the wonderful portrait of President George Washington much less be in the same room.
    Dolly Madison had the foresight to remove Washington’s portrait when the Whitehouse was getting looted and burned down by the British during the War of 1812 and these idiots can’t even agree to pass the President of their own party’s agenda.

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  7. bobloblaw says:

    “”Notice the players, the key constructionists. These are the exact same Decepticons who constructed the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) trade deal, and who operate in DC on behalf of their multinational corporate sponsors and benefactors. “”

    So??? Unless they slip TPP into the legislation, there is not problem. Your argument is one of fallacy. They can be wrong on TPP and right on taxes. Being wrong on TPP doesnt make them automatically wrong on everything else.


    • What makes them wrong on everything else is the fact that they ARE wrong on everything else.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Your entire argument is based on supposition of future human behavior which has, to date, never been observed in these aforementioned human beings.

      The argument you label “fallacy” is based on a pattern of known documented past observable behavior of said aforementioned human beings, which are a relatively stable predictor of future human behavior.

      Iow, they win you lose.
      but thx 4 playing

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Lets see the tax bill then. Only 2 days to go.

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    • Fe says:

      oh take your BS some place else. I’ve no patience for anyone here that doesn’t get what these creeps are all about and it’s certainly not about us, the forgotten men and women, the American worker. They work for the CoC and other multinational donors. Their weasel-speak and sh:tfaced grins make me sick.

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    • Deb says:

      The point is that they are lying snakes, and it’s smart to be weary of lying snakes and to refrain from trusting them.

      That is truth.

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  8. jeans2nd says:

    Remember 2016, PROMESA, the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act, that set up an advisory board to “oversee” (read manage) PR’s public finances? Ya, we taxpayers took a fleecing on that one. From these same DeceptiCONS.

    Those same hedge fund vultures are back, offering Puerto Rico “loans” to rebuild PR’s infrastructure. Get ready for another taxpayer shearing.

    Of the known creditors, 51 were asked “if they would support a moratorium or cancellation of debt payments for the island, given the humanitarian crisis.”

    Only 3 of the known creditors have even donated to charity for PR, totaling 1.25 million. To my knowledge, these creditors are hedge funds. Their laughter was heard echoing down the halls of Congress, over the Atlantic to the Puerto Rican shores.

    Antics such as this is why people hate “capitalism.” whatever that word means. And when the “muh principles” cruzers start whining about no tax breaks for the rich, this, my friends, is why.

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  9. Question: but, the Dems seem to like being in power…no problem there. If this is uniparty, why are they acting the way the are doing now…why not act like the Republicans act when they are a minority…guess I am still not getting the whole equation….I get the Republican act, but the Dem act is not the same. Can someone explain?


  10. TKA says:

    I sincerely hope my friends here aren’t buying into the ruse that John Thune is going to be some sort of neutral party as the salesman for all this. He’s every bit the establishment lackey the others are. There was a report today, not sure how credible but it was out there, that John Thune is being considered as a replacement for Mitch McConell because he’s so despised in the Republican world. As noted above, John Thune is no better choice than Mitch McConell. He’s a stooge for the establishment. Make your voices heard my friends.

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