President Trump Joint Press Conference with Spanish President Mariano Rajoy Brey – 1:45pm Livestream…

Today President Donald Trump meets with Spanish President Mariano Rajoy Brey and will be holding a joint press conference at the conclusion of their meeting.  Approximate start time 1:30pm – 1:45pm EDT

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkRSBN Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream Link

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55 Responses to President Trump Joint Press Conference with Spanish President Mariano Rajoy Brey – 1:45pm Livestream…

  1. fedback says:

    Once again a foreign dignitary visits the WH and the American press will ask domestic questions
    Muh NBA, Muh emails (not Crooked Hillary’s), Muh Russia etc

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    • Martin says:

      They have no shame, no journalism skills, and don’t care if they look like idiots in front of world leaders. It’s the narrative, baby, the narrative!

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      • Martin says:

        Yup. Reuters, first question. “Are you distracted by the NFL, while recovery in Puerto Rico…”

        That would be Zero, who began his day with ESPN. I well imagine Trump gets a week’s worth of work done, by the time Zero typically even turned up. Stuck on stupid, these ones are…

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  2. mikgen says:

    Catalonia?……….nah, NFL!

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  3. Nigella says:

    So NFL, racist, Kushner private server?

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  4. fedback says:

    We will respond with an even stronger force, the American spirit

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  5. tonyE says:

    The way things are going in Catalunya… Rajoy should have been asked why he’s turned Franco. The guy should have his cojones cut.

    NFL questions…. the “press” is so useless. Might as well have E! show up to ask the questions.

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    • FrN says:

      Rajoy is not turning to Franco. He is doing nothing to stop the secession when in any country the secession is a crime. Defending a nation that was a nation way before Franco, way before the 1st and 2nd Republics, and before of any Kingdom, is not ideology, it is defending REAL history and REAL identity.


    • jmclever says:

      John Tesh would certainly ask better questions. My 12 y.o. son would ask better questions! Then again, so would the 5 yo

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    • Lack is not all says:

      What are you talking about? Rajoy like Franco? Please ecucate yourself in Spanish history and Spanish politics before uttering such a nonsense, tony E


  6. Brant says:

    Can someone do a timeline comparison of Trumps “energetic” tweets and talks and if before a world leader? Does he like showing the press off to the world as the laughable fools they are from the questions they will ask?

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  7. fedback says:

    Don’t get nervous Steve

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  8. fedback says:

    All I do is work

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    • duchess01 says:

      Glad he covered what is happening in Puerto Rico at present – perhaps he has heard the press is not covering what is actually going on there or the Herculean effort of our Coast Guard and Navy – in coordination with FEMA – the press has no clue.

      Quickly put that NFL Nonsense to rest – respect for our men/women who serve in the military, first responders, law enforcement – who sacrifice their lives for our country – disrespect for our flag and our country should not be tolerated – Shame on them!

      You Betcha, fed! All President Trump does is work – the List of Accomplishments on the White House Blog alone attests to what he does on a daily basis!

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  9. fedback says:

    President Trump in great defense of America

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  10. fedback says:

    ‘North Korea should have been handled by previous administrations 25 years ago, 20, 15, 10, 5 years ago. I inherited a mess and I will fix it’

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  11. Eris says:

    Correction: Mariano Rajoy Brey is the Prime Minister of Spain, not President.

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    • Ayo says:

      He is the Prime Minister of Spain and also the President of the Spanish Government. He could be referred to as both.

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    • napoleon32 says:

      His actual title is “President of the Government”. The EU uses the term as “Prime Minister”, but President has been used as well for the head of the Spanish government. In Spain, he is referred to as “Presidente”, not “Primer Ministro”. The naming of the chief minister as “Presidente” is a tradition dating back to Isabella II. It’s a weird little piece of linguistic parsing, and I’m certain the Spanish were asked how he should be addressed.

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  12. fedback says:

    The problem in Venezuela isn’t that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.
    President Trump at UN

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  13. fleporeblog says:

    Another epic fail for the Left, Uniparty, Bain Capital, MSM and Globalist who were trying everything in their power to convince the world that our President doesn’t care about Puerto Rico and their current circumstance. The problem for them is that the Governor and Mayor of San Juan are painting a totally different picture!

    Here are two POS from the Uniparty that call themselves Republicans!

    But HERE is the reality!


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    • napoleon32 says:

      Ben Sasse being completely useless/disloyal yet again. Now that the ports are open again thanks to the Navy and the Coast Guard, water and other supplies can get there in the needed quantities. And it’s already been established that the entire, ancient power grid has to be completely rebuilt, so “power crews” won’t help much at this juncture. The engineers are the ones needed currently. But that’s too much for a sitting US Senator to bother with, I suppose.

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    • LBB says:

      Thanks to all the twitter warriors who I know are responding to erroneous info being sent out by congress critters and others. I do see factual stuff in feeds. Even recognize the names once in a while. : )

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    • Somewhere in Dixie says:

      Well, Little Marco always peeing outside the toilet sort of speak.

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      • NC PATRIOT says:

        And Geraldo Rivero is on Fox this afternoon, from Puerto Rico, subtly wondering why relief wasn’t coming fast enough. (for several days they had to work on making ONE landing strip serviceable) Now there are three—and he is complaining b/c they have CLOSED outgoing (people wanting to leave)—so more supplies can come IN. He has to get his digs in.


        • Lack is not all says:

          Geraldo Rivera, the one reporting on Iraq and giving away military secrets on TV? Geraldo Rivera is jealous of Trump. Besides will say anything to have one minute of fame . Geraldo Rivera finished.


        • Bob says:

          Who pays any attention to this idiot?


        • Mr. Morris says:

          Geraldo Rivera, who claims he is Jewish from the neck up and Puerto Rican from the neck down owns a large beautiful sailboat. Did he sail from New York to Puerto Rico with his boat loaded with water, food, generators, and other supplies for those suffering from the effects of Hurricane Irma? I certainly hope so because he is quick to critique others for not doing enough.


  14. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    Major Garret is such a miserable scumbag

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  15. dekester says:

    Serious question here. Other than the voting booth. Is there no mechanism for getting rid of these obviously fake Republicans.

    Although I would support PDJT as much as humanly possible. I can accept that folks would vote every McConnell endorsed candidate out. Sadly including Strange.

    We knew this latest Obamacare repealfarce would dissolve into nothingness. They ALWAYS do.

    It is PDJT and the Deplorables.

    God bless PDJT.


  16. The media HAS to cover these events and Trump uses them wisely to get his message out.

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  17. hypnotique59 says:

    In short, NO.

    As to removal by recall, the United States Constitution does not provide for nor authorize the recall of United States officers such as Senators, Representatives, or the President or Vice President, and thus no Member of Congress has ever been recalled in the history of the United States. […] Although the Supreme Court has not needed to directly address the subject of recall of Members of Congress, other Supreme Court decisions, as well as the weight of other judicial and administrative decisions, rulings, and opinions, indicate that

    (1) the right to remove a Member of Congress before the expiration of his or her constitutionally established term of office is one which resides exclusively in each house of Congress as expressly delegated in the expulsion clause of the United States Constitution, and

    (2) the length and number of the terms of office for federal officials, established and agreed upon by the states in the Constitution creating that federal government, may not be unilaterally changed by an individual state, such as through the enactment of a recall provision or a term limitation for a United States Senator or Representative.

    Under Supreme Court constitutional interpretation, since individual states never had the original sovereign authority to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of service of federal officials agreed to and established in the Constitution, such a power could not be “reserved” under the Tenth Amendment.


    • hypnotique59 says:

      This was an answer for dekester.


      • Blacksmith8 says:

        And that’s why I want the Seventeenth Amendment repealed. It was always for the States to send a Senator to serve at their will in the National Government. There wasn’t supposed to be a recall. They were supposed to be FIRED when they strayed from the path or when the state moved in a different direction.

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    • FL_GUY says:

      Senators use to be appointed by State legislatures. From the original founders of the USA, the Reps represented the people, the Sens represented the States. I believe at that time, before Wilson mucked with the Constitution, States could remove the Sens that did not represent the State policy as they served at the pleasure of the State Legislature. Wilson pushed having Sens voted in a general election to cripple the states. It worked. Very few Sens do what is best for their state and with their 6 year term, can cause all sorts of problems before another election. If Sens are going to be generally elected, there should be the equivalent of a State electoral college where big cities do not determine the outcome. But that is not what Wilson wanted. So today, there are many States where ONE city decides for the entire state. Not Fair and not what the founders of the USA intended.

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  18. Troublemaker10 says:

    The left want to attempt to make Puerto Rico Trump’s Katrina because they know recovery will be slow (it can’t be helped). The entire Island was wiped out.

    The power grid was already failing PR due to mismanagement and neglect by local government. The power grid will need to be totally rebuilt….it will be several months before power is restored. They need generators and fuel in the meantime. PR is in for a couple months I of hell. The left will politicized this.

    Puerto Rico’s Power Woes Are Decades in the Making

    So, I am glad that Trump/FEMA are out in front of this. So glad that he will be visiting next week. Hope he takes Melania with him.

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  19. Troublemaker10 says:

    Trump’s been bringing up the evils of Socialism a lot lately, especially in talking about Venezuela. I think this is by design since the Dem party is openly pushing a socialism agenda now.

    So glad to hear the PM of Spain talk about how Venezuela was once a democracy….and is close to being a dictatorship now.

    Isn’t that always the progression….democracy to socialism to dictatorship.

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  20. dufrst says:

    Did Major Garrett call the President of Spain, Prime Minister, thinking he was correcting President Trump? What an idiot!


  21. Mr. Morris says:

    Geraldo Rivera, who claims he is Jewish from the neck up and Puerto Rican from the neck down, was crabbing that enough was not done to help Puerto Rico, suffering from the devastation of Hurricane Irma.
    Geraldo is a sailor and owns a large ocean going sailboat. Did he sail from New York to Puerto Rico with his boat laden with generators, water, and other supplies? Or is everybody else supposed to do the heavy lifting?

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