U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions DACA Announcement – 11:00am Livestream…

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be announcing President Trump’s decision about DACA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) today at approximately 11:00am EDT.

UPDATE: Video Added

RSBN Livestream 10:00am

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821 Responses to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions DACA Announcement – 11:00am Livestream…

  1. Missing Andrew says:

    Let’s be very clear about DACA.
    These 800,000 people are in the shaking predicament they are in BECAUSE the choice THEIR PARENTS make many years ago.
    Their situation was aggravated BECAUSE of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL and FAKE HOPE given to them by the previous administration A.K.A DEMOCRATIC EXECUTIVE ORDERS and ACTIONS.
    President Trump HAD nothing to do with it.
    It is the President duty to enforce the laws and to NO ENFORCE the NON-LAWS.

    Parents UNLAWFUL choices
    Previous administration UNLAWFUL and FAKE HOPE
    President Trump LAWFUL choices
    Are we good?

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  2. 4sure says:

    Is anyone going to require the DACA “chillun” to return they soccer balls or teddy bears when they leave? GET ’em out and take they soccer balls and teddy bears!


  3. Tegan says:

    What I especially thought was brilliant was both AG Sessions and POTUS, in his subsequent statement, called out Obama by name as a President who illegally over reached his authority and ignored not only the immigration laws in place, ignored Cingress but also the Constitution. Read a day or two ago, Obama was “going to speak out”….well, he will have a lot of nerve to do so now. Check mate!

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    • KBR says:

      Obama built this. Obama is cruel.


      • mike says:

        Obama was cruel to us, the US taxpayers, citizens. Presumably he did gift free a lot of stuff to the Dreamers that they wouldn’t have in their country of origin.

        I sincerely hope the DACAs made good use of their time in the US, so they and their children will not feel the need to Invade again.

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  4. realcapedcrusader says:

    Thousands move every day to other countries to live, and work, and many take their families. They look at it as a challenge, and an opertunity.
    Everyone crying that the Dreamers don’t know any other place but the US, I say so what? The Dreamers have had a great opportunity by being allowed to live here, they have learned trades, and had virtually free educations. They knew their stay was probably going to be temporary, and they should be grateful for the time they have had here!
    Maybe it’s time to take the skills they have learned back to their countries of origin, and make those countries great again.

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    • singingsoul says:

      We celebrate that POTUS is a Christian and shows Christian values on abortion and happy he has a day of prayer set aside.
      Now many complain that POTUS is making decision that are camparabel to his Christian faith.
      I love my President may God continue to Bless him continue give him wisdom.


  5. vanwinkle says:

    Nice to see Sessions do his job for a change, even if he was [forced] by Mr T to go to the podium.


  6. David says:


    E-VERIFY: Have a penalty of 20 years in prison when an Employer Doesn’t E-Verify all their employees. If there are “No Jobs” All 11 million illegal aliens estimated many years ago, which may be 25 million today; will just leave the U.S. on their own.

    If 11 million to 25 million illegal aliens Self-Deport; we only have to debate about 860,000 DACA Illegal Aliens.

    Fox News Hannity Debates Jorge Ramos:
    Ramos can’t make a common sense or logical, reasonable, rational argument; completely off point and spins repeatedly. All SMOKE AND MIRRORS.

    It is as clear as day; Illegal Aliens think they own the United States. The are stealing our way of life.

    FINALLY; Hannity states there are 642,000 crimes in 7 years in Texas alone. I’ve been waiting a year for a Media person to disclose this number. https://www.dps.texas.gov/administration/crime_records/pages/txCriminalAlienStatistics.htm

    Ramos Fake News; states crimes by legal Citizens are Greater than Illegal Aliens. I’m not sure if this is true; even if it was; If illegal aliens commit the Same/More/Less number of crimes than Legal Citizens… just one Illegal Alien Criminal Act is one act that did not need to happen (1-too many).

    Jorge Ramos debating Hannity;


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