President Trump Sends Congress $7.9 Billion Initial Harvey Relief Request…

(VIA AP) President Donald Trump has sent lawmakers a $7.9 billion request for an initial down payment for Harvey relief and recovery efforts.

The request, expected to be swiftly approved by Congress, would add $7.4 billion to rapidly dwindling Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster aid coffers and $450 million to finance disaster loans for small businesses.

The initial Harvey package is just the first installment for immediate disaster response like housing assistance, cleanup and FEMA-financed home repairs. The White House says more than 436,000 households have registered for FEMA aid.

The request also reiterates the need for Congress to increase the government’s $19.9 trillion borrowing limit by the end of this month. Republicans are signaling that they may link the unpopular debt limit increase to Harvey relief.  (read more)

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37 Responses to President Trump Sends Congress $7.9 Billion Initial Harvey Relief Request…

  1. jmclever says:

    Let’s see if the dems block this as well. You know, on principle.

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  2. Sean Supsky says:

    Why are we not surprised that Congress wants to screw with folks that are in need? Linking the request to the debt limit basically says to those hurting, get screwed now or get screwed later…

    Those are some sick b*st*rds.

    Excuse my language.

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    • Oldschool says:

      They do it all the time, burying a prize in the box of cracker jack. That’s how they get their massive pork bills passed.

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    • vincent cuomo says:

      GOPers want Trump to keep DACA and not fund the wall and allow Obama’s pet programs to continue in exchange for Harvey relief; shut down the Government now and even better; Trump should have Price rescind the exemption and put the entire Federal Governent on Obozocare; lets see how Kamala Harris and those kooks in California and other liberal spots like it when they have to put their money where their mouth is!


  3. visage13 says:

    This is a clean bill. Not like the fake narrative the msm is trying to sell with linking it to the debt ceiling.

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  4. magagirl says:

    I’m sorry, pardon my ignorance, but what happens if Reps. link Harvey relief to debt limit?

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    • Publius2016 says:

      The debt limit increase is needed to give flexibility in case of emergency and to signal continued confidence to investors. Since President Trump took office the debt has gone down due to increased revenues and falling expenses. Ryan most likely will not link bill as he wants to destroy our America First agenda by any means necessary. The reality is that there is no debt limit in an emergency. The Federal Reserve holds 30% of the “debt” and can be nationalized by the Executive.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Publius2016 you seem to have a strong grip when it comes to the proposal of tying the bill to the Debt Ceiling increase. Our President was upset that Congress didn’t do that with the VA Bill before leaving for vacation. Why wouldn’t this be a good thing? You would be hard pressed to not get 218 votes in the House and 60 in the Senate? You would eliminate this topic from the September agenda. I maybe missing it. Any further explanation would be greatly appreciated.

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    • It means they are playing politics with the sufferings of the American people.

      Harvey relief is very popular and I would know of no one who might oppose this. However, the debt limit increase is very unpopular. We already owe $19.9 trillion, and do not need to increase this dept limit any more……

      This is typical Ryan, McConnell–in your face, and screw the people politics.

      I find it sickening.

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      • shallbe4 says:

        Jerry sickening is right. If Congress ignores the people of Texas then we Americans and our votes mean nothing to them. They will have figured out a way to keep their seats without lifting a finger for the public.

        But I choose to be positive because its unthinkable that Congress will do anything but send the money to Texas. May God be with Texas and may we all do what’s right for a fellow state.

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      • Founding Fathers Fan says:

        The thing that is truly sickening is that RINO McConnell ran against a conservative in his last primary and STILL won with only a 20% voter turnout. It was a Closed primary so that means that 80% of Kentucky republican voters stayed home in the primary.
        RINO Ryan ran against a conservative in his last 2 primaries in Wisconsin District 1. Voter turnout was less than 19% the first time and less than 15% the second time. 81% and then 85% stayed home and did nothing to stop him, either.

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  5. Niagara Frontier says:

    This better be a clean bill. No amendments, no exceptions.


  6. teaforall says:

    Any one in Congress voting against The Harvey Relief Bill will be crucified on social media . This would be suicidal, and their political career is done. Mark my words. This is the biggest Disaster in my life time. This Disaster is uniting the American people, and we will rise above , rebuild, and unite as our Forefather did before us….. Remember we are all Americans, home of the free, proud of the brave……………….GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP MAGA

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  7. NJF says:

    I posted this in the day of prayer thread, but I want to keep sharing it.

    This is what these swamp creatures need to focus on.

    Full story at the link

    Wes and Emily Claburn posted the above photo of their 4-year-old son, John Wesley Claburn IV, welcoming the National Guard to his Pecan Grove street with an American flag that the family found during Harvey.

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  8. Jimmy Jack says:

    I will be shocked if the total bill ends up being less that $500 billion. I expect it to come in even higher.

    I am thankful for anything send Texas’ way. If the Dems block this there will be a backlash the lines of which they can’t even imagine.

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    • grandmaintexas says:

      Imagine the ire of Floridians who are looking down the barrel at a possible catastrophic storm next week. Wouldn’t be good at all for politicians to tie disaster relief to a disastrous debt ceiling increase.


      • shallbe4 says:

        grandmaintexas. You’re right that it wouldn’t be good at all for politicians to tie disaster relief to a disaster debt cell increase. However, this should come as no surprise. It appears that Americans come a distant second to everything else Congress cares about. I am going to pray extra hard that they will do the right thing for the people of Texas because I don’t even want to think about what could happen if they act selfishly.

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  9. xyzlatin says:

    One of my beefs with disaster relief is that people who insure their properties, pay out all their life, get shafted and those who do not insure get all the relief and the sympathy, and taxpayer dollars (some of which comes from those who insure themselves, so they get screwed twice). Same with possessions. Renters as well as home owners have the option to insure their possessions but few do. Then there are businesses not insured, and public buildings.


  10. keebler AC ovfefe says:

    Annual Torchlight Parade on New Year’s Eve for skiers

    Evening community outing for families

    Another festivity

    Real KKK photos of old don’t show members carrying torches at all. The only ones I could find with torches were conjured up Hollyork movies. The haircuts you see were from the 50s when the KKK revived in Connecticut of all places. I won’t post the images because I found them uncomfortable to see but the marchers in Cville most of them sported the same style.

    I post these photos here because some UA attendees said they were excited about joining a Torchlight Parade in the sense that it was a chance to socialize, surround the statue with their protection of light, and evening out. They were had. They probably still don’t know what happened and how they were framed. It’s very sad that it has come to this, but Texas as follow up to Cville was a silver lining.

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  11. Pam says:

    These folks in LA and TX desperately need this disaster assistance. If congress doesn’t approve it, then they have a lot of explaining to do to their constituents back home next year during the midterms.


  12. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    if I were them I would move to North Dakota


  13. Mike says:

    Where does all of this federal and private monies really go? I would say right now there is more than likely enough monies in the relief system to rebuild all of the affected areas in Texas right now. But watch, like Katrina and other disasters, none of those monies will go to anyone actually on the ground that lost everything. They will be left to their own devices, while the monies for actual rebuilding just disappear.


  14. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    I found out that Houston, Texas voted for Hillary Clinton, not President Trump. Sounds like God is punishing Houston for doing that. Now President Trump has to help the Houston, Texas people. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have done anything to help, because she is so corrupt and crooked that she wants to keep the money herself along with all the corrupt Liberal Democrats. Also, they don’t believe in prayers and God. President Trump believes in God and prayer. Now I know how God works. He wanted to teach the Liberal Democrat party a lesson, that’s why God chose President Trump to win the election. He knew President Trump was the right candidate that could help this country. Liberal Democrats, you better start changing or God will show you that he’s the boss, not you!


    • MW says:

      God is not a Republican or a Democrat. He loves all his children equally and he most certainly does not unleash events in reaction to people’s political choices. He has a master plan, we are but his servants and we do not know his plans or purpose.


  15. Wayne Robinson says:

    Everyone needs to watch 70% can mean different things . Example on constructing large building . 70 % of steel , other than in foundation ,can mean different things . If it is divided on tonage then the columns and ” some ” beams could equal 70% . If your looking at time orhours . Ornamental , stairs , handrails can be 90% of man hours . Seventy percent sounds great or at least better. Ut this can be very misleading . I say seventy percent of what exactly ? And how is it to be measured and who measures it and many other issues .


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