Dr. Sebastian Gorka Departs White House…

It is being reported by multiple media outlets and their sources that Dr. Sebastian Gorka has parted ways with the White House.  Some reports say ‘forced out‘, others say ‘resigned’; it matters not.  Gorka was staff; simply staff, nothing more than staff; he and Bannon can go make cucumber sandwiches now.

Dr. Gorka was essentially a Steve Bannon employee in the administration; Gorka reported to Bannon, and Gorka took instructions from Bannon.  With General Kelly creating a formal chain of contact and message discipline within the White House; and with Gorka’s boss having resigned a week ago; it was entirely predictable that Gorka would leave.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka had been on a semi-hiatus since a week prior to Bannon’s departure when Gorka appeared on national television and did a big stupid.  Gorka asserting he held influence over Defense Secretary General Mattis and claiming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was “nonsensical” and did not know the Administration’s military agenda toward North Korea.

“The idea that Secretary Tillerson is going to discuss military matters is simply nonsensical,” Gorka said at the time. “It is the job of [Defense] Secretary [Jim] Mattis, the secretary of defense, to talk about the military options, and he has done so unequivocally.” (link)

Anyone noticing a pattern here?

Yup, just like Steve Bannon claiming only he was skilled enough to direct U.S. foreign policy engagement from the State Department, Sebastian Gorka was way out of line with is “nonsensical” Tillerson statement. It’s not accidental that Bannon’s statements and Gorka’s statements were similarly framed.

To the extent you can know anyone from watching them, I like Bannon and Gorka. But, c’mon, I mean seriously… what level of stupid arrogance is needed for Bannon and Gorka to think they held free reign to undermine Cabinet Officers?  Have neither of these guys worked in a large corporate and/or institutional system where you understand your role and the number one rule: “never compromise your leadership.”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was the CEO of Exxon Mobil.  The largest private sector multidimensional organization on the planet with over 75,000 employees working on every continent.  The guy made billion dollar decisions over breakfast and will forget more about running complex organizations than Gorka and Bannon could ever know….

Something had to be seriously f**ked up internally for Bannon and Gorka to think they were ‘better than‘, and ‘more important than‘, Defense Secretary Mattis and Secretary of State Tillerson.  Thankfully it appears the screwed up dynamic is what Chief-of-Staff James Kelly is now correcting.  God bless him.

Following Gorka’s comments, which occurred the after week General Kelly began as Chief of Staff and at a time of peak importance with North Korea, Mr. Gorka was told he was no longer authorized to speak on these issues on behalf of the White House and sent on vacation.  A week later Steve Bannon exited the White House; a week later Gorka’s unscheduled vacation ends and he exits.  Hello? All entirely predictable.

Just like when Bannon resigned, most of the predictable angst toward President Trump for Gorka’s release will likely come from Breitbart and Bannon allies within the “conservative” sphere of Ted Cruz media and associated/affiliated #NeverTrump support groups.

In the final analysis, Sebastian Gorka was staff, always staff; simply staff.

White House Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka did not create any of President Trump’s policies or platform issues.  The political policy from President Trump is directly from President Trump.

As I said before:

President Trump is the wave, the Tsunami wave. Just like Steve Bannon, Gorka was a surfer…. you already know how this story ends:

….The more he may speak of his honor, the faster we should get to counting our spoons…..

Oh, and one last thing.  Don’t worry about Policy Adviser Stephen Miller – he isn’t as stupid as Bannon and Gorka.  Miller knows his role and his place.  Both Stephen Miller and Homeland Security Policy Adviser Tom Bossert are the visible personification of professionals going about their duties with clear understanding of their boundaries.

Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka held too high an opinion of themselves and disregarded professional boundaries.  That’s why they’re gone.

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564 Responses to Dr. Sebastian Gorka Departs White House…

  1. janc1955 says:

    Gorka’s remark about the Afghanistan speech and deleted references to radical Islamic terrorism is nagging at me. I’m not sure people understand the power that Stephen Miller’s speeches hold in presenting PDJT to not only this country, but the world. Trump’s heart is solid; however, he’s an imprecise and less than artful speaker. I think Miller is a true believer, and his speeches are works of art. If it’s indeed fact that the PC police are now in charge in the WH, and are editing Miller’s speeches before PDJT gets them, it’s a problem for two reasons. Number one, PDJT NEEDS those speeches, and number two, I suspect Miller, as a true believer, won’t hang around if his work is being gutted by people who either don’t understand or object to the heart and soul of MAGA.

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    • 4sure says:

      First they wanted Flynn. He’s gone. Next they wanted Bannon. He’s gone. Then they wanted Gorka. He’s gone. They also want Miller. He will soon be gone.


  2. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    DC Swamp Rat claims Gorka did not resign.
    “No attribution please, senior White House official only.” ~ Low level staffer Kelly Sadler.



  3. Q&A says:

    Eh, I don’t worry about Ivanka. If President Trump is like most loving fathers, he nods his head and tell his daughter thanks, then does whatever the heck he decides to do, regardless. I know my wonderful dad doesn’t listen to anything I say advice-wise.

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  4. TexasDude says:

    Trump stated in the same breath terrorism, ISIS, Al Qeada, Pakistan.

    Wow, he did not say Islamic extremism. OMG, let’s all freeeeak out!!! (SMH)

    He did not say that exact term in his speech in Saudi Arabia in May, but he made it clear exactly that is what he was saying.

    Why that is OK, but the Afghan speech is not is beyond me.

    Want to talk about agendas? How about those that decry familial influence. It’s his daughter for crying out loud. And exactly how has she made MAGA bad?

    Just as SD predicted Bannon out over the general, it is clear Trump will take advice of his daughter over someone on this board.

    Jeeez, folks.


  5. jojo says:

    This adorable deplorable trusts our CITIZEN SELECTED & ELECTED PRESIDENT. He is 3-4 steps ahead of everyone else ALL the time. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Just sayin’

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  6. mnwild1961 says:

    Sundance, I absolutely love your website. You are the most level headed blogger I’ve ever read. You have an unparalleled ability to put situations in context and to describe and explain the big picture. I don’t comment often, but I read you religiously.


  7. Nobody knows what is really going on. Trump may not even know himself. He is a man, not a god. Our faith and trust needs to be in God.


  8. It’s odd to endorse Trump’s purge of his staunchest populist-nationalists, Bannon and Gorka, but voice nary a snark when it comes to precious daddy’s girl and her beta male accessory? I didn’t realize Jared had a diplomatic career negotiating with heads of state prior to helping his family sell EB-5 “investor” visas to the Chinese who purchased real estate in 666 Fifth Ave.? I guess that’s just a family matter? Lying on security clearance forms, forgetfulness, attending conferences with the enemy, etc…? When can we expect their departure? I am waiting with baited breath, and do not believe anything Donald Trump says about MAGA until he does boot their behinds from the West Wing.

    Then, there’s the deep concern over not one, but three ex-military in high level cabinet positions? Since when is the U.S. government run by a military junta? This is a civilian government, and should be run by civilians, not rehashed military geezers with bad haircuts.

    The fact is without Bannon or Gorka, Trump has lost the voice of the base inside the White House. No one else in that Administration cares about middle America. I am sorry to see both go, as it means Trump pivoting to globalist agenda. Why did I expect him to do anything else? Trump has no character, bad character or weak character and we all knew that before the election. He’s still better than Hillary, but will have miles to go to prove himself.


    • jsbachlover says:

      You have no idea that what you said about what’s going on in the White House is true. You’re making huge assumptions, as are a lot of the other freak-outs here. Provide some real evidence and maybe the rest of us — Trump’s base, BTW — will believe you.


      • That Bannon and Gorka are gone, and Democrat “advisors” remain is evidence of the priorities which Trump supports. It is impossible to state that Trump is a strong leader who will not stand up to his daughter if he doesn’t agree with her positions? Having her and her husband there is a grave insult to Americans who support anything resembling a meritocracy. Nepotism is corruption and I am sorry that you either cannot or will not see that.


      • Given Trump’s tweets about “loving Dreamers” and “don’t worry, we’re not going to deport you”, why should any American have any doubts about this man’s integrity and character? He has none!


    • TexasDude says:

      Why do you insist on pitting family against family?


      • What claim to position does his “family” have in the White House? That is OUR HOUSE, not his house! Could it be their deep liberal Democrat ties? Their disqualification based on experience, skill or education? C’mon! Are you that obsessed with Trump you cannot see the truth in front of you?


  9. highdezertgator says:

    How many times does it have to be pointed out that P45 had formulated his economic philosophy over a lifetime. It is called experience. “construction is the biggest industry in the country” “deep depression / recession for years” he was talking jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs!
    If you watch his testimony you will not see Bannon or Gorka telling him what to say….. so all the gnashing of teeth over Bannon and Gorka is nothing less than a “gaslite” blah…blah..echo chamber

    Donald Trump at 1991 House hearing on U.S. Economic Recovery: Depression vs. Recession 1st C-SPAN Appearance (for the umpteenth time)

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  10. Benson II says:

    I always have to come to CT for any level of reason and I’m patting myself on the back for not joining in the babble fest of Bannon and Gorka leaving. They were helpers and their help was appreciated while it lasted. I didn’t vote for either of them and their terminations are only extraordinary in their own minds and those who thought more of them than they think of Trump. Their statements after leaving and the statements of those in media who supported them prove to me my last sentence was correct.

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  11. Rodney C. Johnson says:

    Yawn. Attacking Ivanka, and her husband is stupid and makes no sense. Bannon, Gorka… Ect were there after the fact, and didn’t help shape who President Trump is as a person. Where as Ivanka has always been a part of who Donald Trump is.

    Anyone who cannot see this… Is… probably coming at this from a less then good place.

    More to the point. To assume the President is somehow being overruled by people, such as McMasters – Who do not have the power to overrule the President is paranoia, and lack an understanding how these things work.

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  12. hitrestart1 says:

    “never compromise your leadership.”

    You mean the way Cohn just compromised President Trump the other day when he publicly disrespected and contradicted him?


  13. jonvil says:

    THANK YOU Sundance!
    Just last night I was bloviating that Bannon and Gorka leaving was the consequence of their overblown egos.

    The prevailing meme I’m seeing is that Bannon and Gorka are the last of the good guys vanquished by President Trump’s evil staff, implying that the President is incompetent and easily influenced.

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  14. Rick says:

    Bannon & Gorka were the Jake & Elwood Blues act within the WH! While both were incredibly talented and intelligent, neither possessed the Corporate survival skills or the Military acumen to respect Chain of Command. In recent weeks both came out with questionable comments to the hateful media where neither man endeared themselves to the WH Guard. So much so, that the General saw neither worth sending back to Officer’s Training School.

    I always thought that if the President was the Arctic, Bannon was his Anarctica. I think we saw that Bannon’s ego was getting the best of him in the early going with Jared. While some think that Jared & Ivanka are traitors to MAGA, I got news for you, they’re not going anywhere unless it is of their own doing. For a man that was invited in from the outside to be the Chief Strategist for the President, Steve sure didn’t fit the image. Bannon, who probably buys his suits at Men’s Warehouse, probably was in the Oval Office more often than not unshaved and completely disheveled. When in comparison to the impeccable President, it wouldn’t be a surprise to surmise that Bannon’s stay on the inside was always going to be a temporary one. I can picture the President saying, “Steve, do you think you can clean up those muddy Hush Puppies before you board Air Force One.”

    Bannon, and Gorka who was asked to join WH forces as his subordinate, both decided that they found the forces within the WH too compromising and not in line with their personal beliefs so they decided to pack it in, instead of toughing it out. So much for that fighting spirit. Not likely, folks. Something else was going on. Bannon may have been the leaker. Hopefully, now both will be better serving the people outside the WH. Yet, there is a danger I suspect and it was evident this morning on Breibart. Matthew Boyle was given his marching orders Friday night to stir up an article, burning the midnight oil in order to show up in Breibart Saturday morning defending Gorka and challenging the WH narrative about facts in regard to his departure. Does it really matter whether it was “Your Fired” or “Mr. President, I resign.” Yet, Boyle found it important to make sure that Bannon’s Briebart and Gorka’s farewell was a fight worth taking on. Llike a PitBull chomping on the Jugular of the WH, it was all to prove a irrelevant point. Who really cares, Matthew Boyle?

    Now Bannon is back at his safe place within Breibart with a big voice and millions willing to listen. Among his young staff of sycophants, its easy to envision him rambling on to his staff about any topic he opposes while they sit there in awe eating warm fruit salad & stale office bagels, being washed down by many hours old cups of Folger’s, straight black and as thick as tar. It’s clear that Bannon is not done disrespecting any chain of command or is willing to show respect to the agenda at hand. Breibart is Bannon’s artillery unit and now as its Commander-in-Chief again, he gets to spout off and second guess any decision he doesn’t like coming from the WH.

    I say BRAVO TO SUNDANCE, who squarely hit the nail on the head with this column. WOW! What better point than to understand that “the President is the wave, Bannon & Gorka were just surfers.”
    We best not forget that. PDJT & the Generals are far more credible in war than either Jake Bannon or Elwood Gorka. It was time that the Blues Bros. moved on in light of some of their most recent public comments. These slips of tongue were not because of honest mistakes. Both Blues Brothers were playing to the tune of their own audiences, for their own benefit. Sorry, but that’s not helping the President to Make America Great Again. Priebus, Mooch, Spicer, were also opening acts. Many more “B” actors will come and go inside the next eight years. So, just sit back and enjoy the time with this President. He is fighting for us, the forgotten man & woman. It’s likely he will be the last one to do so before the next great Civil War.


  15. 4sure says:

    Doesn’t sound like Bannon or Gorka are going to be working for Trump.
    From BB:
    “Breitbart is currently in negotiations with Dr. Gorka regarding his support for the website, as well as collaboration on a joint venture that would embody a Jacksonian national security vision.”

    From: Vanity Fair:
    “At Breitbart, Bannon has a brigade of similarly happy warriors. “We’re in a loud bar celebrating the return of our captain!” Breitbart’s Washington editor Matt Boyle told me on Friday night. Breitbart’s defense of Trump has so far helped keep the Russia scandal from gaining traction on the right. But that could swiftly change if Trump, under the influence of Kushner and Cohn, deviates too far from the positions he ran on. If that happens, said one high-level Breitbart staffer, “We’re prepared to help Paul Ryan rally votes for impeachment.”


  16. Paul Peterson says:

    To wit:
    “Citizens standing up for equality and freedom can never be equated with white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the KKK,” Cohn said of the recent violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. “I believe this administration can and must do better in consistently and unequivocally condemning these groups and do everything we can to heal the deep divisions that exist in our communities.”

    Cohn’s comments were a clear shot at President Trump, who took heat in the media for acknowledging that “both sides” engaged in the violence in Charlottesville.


    • Benson II says:

      Insisting the administration repeat over and over their disdain for white supremacist is ridiculous. Just because it’s the daily mantra from the left doesn’t mean it needs to be answered daily and President Trumps answer about both sides was totally correct.

      The Charllotesville confrontation was aided if not planned by the left because the Russia conspiracy seems to be falling on it’s face or maybe just as an additional club to beat the president over the head with.

      Cohen seems to be to keenly aware of white supremacist while totally unaware that antifa is the violent equivalent of the brown shirts deployed by Hitler against Jews and free speech in Germany.

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  17. BGPGuy says:

    Gorka was the voice of the administration on all the talk shows. If his response to the clearly conflicting good cop / bad cop NK statements by Rex and Trump was not sufficient, condemning media for asking the question on military strategy was means for dismissal, I think someone should have told Gorka beforehand how to handle it. IOW, the failure is a failure of leadership to properly prepare “staff”. Bannon stepping over the line I agree with, Gorka, no, what he said made sense, and to me was not a slap at Rex, but the best response he could give for the radically opposite positions of Trump and Tillerson put out to us the people.

    I am fine with such gamesmanship btw, but also find it a tad insulting. I guess there are people that are less intelligent who need the pat on the head and reassuring hugs (Rex).


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