Dr. Sebastian Gorka Departs White House…

It is being reported by multiple media outlets and their sources that Dr. Sebastian Gorka has parted ways with the White House.  Some reports say ‘forced out‘, others say ‘resigned’; it matters not.  Gorka was staff; simply staff, nothing more than staff; he and Bannon can go make cucumber sandwiches now.

Dr. Gorka was essentially a Steve Bannon employee in the administration; Gorka reported to Bannon, and Gorka took instructions from Bannon.  With General Kelly creating a formal chain of contact and message discipline within the White House; and with Gorka’s boss having resigned a week ago; it was entirely predictable that Gorka would leave.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka had been on a semi-hiatus since a week prior to Bannon’s departure when Gorka appeared on national television and did a big stupid.  Gorka asserting he held influence over Defense Secretary General Mattis and claiming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was “nonsensical” and did not know the Administration’s military agenda toward North Korea.

“The idea that Secretary Tillerson is going to discuss military matters is simply nonsensical,” Gorka said at the time. “It is the job of [Defense] Secretary [Jim] Mattis, the secretary of defense, to talk about the military options, and he has done so unequivocally.” (link)

Anyone noticing a pattern here?

Yup, just like Steve Bannon claiming only he was skilled enough to direct U.S. foreign policy engagement from the State Department, Sebastian Gorka was way out of line with is “nonsensical” Tillerson statement. It’s not accidental that Bannon’s statements and Gorka’s statements were similarly framed.

To the extent you can know anyone from watching them, I like Bannon and Gorka. But, c’mon, I mean seriously… what level of stupid arrogance is needed for Bannon and Gorka to think they held free reign to undermine Cabinet Officers?  Have neither of these guys worked in a large corporate and/or institutional system where you understand your role and the number one rule: “never compromise your leadership.”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was the CEO of Exxon Mobil.  The largest private sector multidimensional organization on the planet with over 75,000 employees working on every continent.  The guy made billion dollar decisions over breakfast and will forget more about running complex organizations than Gorka and Bannon could ever know….

Something had to be seriously f**ked up internally for Bannon and Gorka to think they were ‘better than‘, and ‘more important than‘, Defense Secretary Mattis and Secretary of State Tillerson.  Thankfully it appears the screwed up dynamic is what Chief-of-Staff James Kelly is now correcting.  God bless him.

Following Gorka’s comments, which occurred the after week General Kelly began as Chief of Staff and at a time of peak importance with North Korea, Mr. Gorka was told he was no longer authorized to speak on these issues on behalf of the White House and sent on vacation.  A week later Steve Bannon exited the White House; a week later Gorka’s unscheduled vacation ends and he exits.  Hello? All entirely predictable.

Just like when Bannon resigned, most of the predictable angst toward President Trump for Gorka’s release will likely come from Breitbart and Bannon allies within the “conservative” sphere of Ted Cruz media and associated/affiliated #NeverTrump support groups.

In the final analysis, Sebastian Gorka was staff, always staff; simply staff.

White House Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka did not create any of President Trump’s policies or platform issues.  The political policy from President Trump is directly from President Trump.

As I said before:

President Trump is the wave, the Tsunami wave. Just like Steve Bannon, Gorka was a surfer…. you already know how this story ends:

….The more he may speak of his honor, the faster we should get to counting our spoons…..

Oh, and one last thing.  Don’t worry about Policy Adviser Stephen Miller – he isn’t as stupid as Bannon and Gorka.  Miller knows his role and his place.  Both Stephen Miller and Homeland Security Policy Adviser Tom Bossert are the visible personification of professionals going about their duties with clear understanding of their boundaries.

Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka held too high an opinion of themselves and disregarded professional boundaries.  That’s why they’re gone.

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565 Responses to Dr. Sebastian Gorka Departs White House…

  1. Paul Peterson says:

    To wit:
    “Citizens standing up for equality and freedom can never be equated with white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the KKK,” Cohn said of the recent violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. “I believe this administration can and must do better in consistently and unequivocally condemning these groups and do everything we can to heal the deep divisions that exist in our communities.”

    Cohn’s comments were a clear shot at President Trump, who took heat in the media for acknowledging that “both sides” engaged in the violence in Charlottesville.


    • Benson II says:

      Insisting the administration repeat over and over their disdain for white supremacist is ridiculous. Just because it’s the daily mantra from the left doesn’t mean it needs to be answered daily and President Trumps answer about both sides was totally correct.

      The Charllotesville confrontation was aided if not planned by the left because the Russia conspiracy seems to be falling on it’s face or maybe just as an additional club to beat the president over the head with.

      Cohen seems to be to keenly aware of white supremacist while totally unaware that antifa is the violent equivalent of the brown shirts deployed by Hitler against Jews and free speech in Germany.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. BGPGuy says:

    Gorka was the voice of the administration on all the talk shows. If his response to the clearly conflicting good cop / bad cop NK statements by Rex and Trump was not sufficient, condemning media for asking the question on military strategy was means for dismissal, I think someone should have told Gorka beforehand how to handle it. IOW, the failure is a failure of leadership to properly prepare “staff”. Bannon stepping over the line I agree with, Gorka, no, what he said made sense, and to me was not a slap at Rex, but the best response he could give for the radically opposite positions of Trump and Tillerson put out to us the people.

    I am fine with such gamesmanship btw, but also find it a tad insulting. I guess there are people that are less intelligent who need the pat on the head and reassuring hugs (Rex).


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