President Trump Watches Eclipse (Video)…

It looks like the First Family’s review of the eclipse took place just before, during, or shortly after, a POTUS debriefing of last weeks NAFTA negotiations.  That’s US Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Lighthizer and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross together with Attorney General Jeff Sesssions, Ivanka Trump, First-Lady Melania Trump and President Trump included in the video:

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91 Responses to President Trump Watches Eclipse (Video)…

  1. reenahovermale says:

    What a wonderful day for our lion and his lioness to be basking in the solar eclipse. I want you treepers to know that it was a comment here today that pushed me forward to drive 3 hours out of my way to join the hubby to share this day. Thank you all. What a lovely day it’s been.

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    • I just read the following IRS Article. Jeff Sessions should be a the DOJ working not gazing at the eclipse. The article said, “Engelbrecht told Fox News that “the fight” under the Trump administration has been “every bit as difficult” as it was under the Obama administration’. What is Sessions doing?

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    • Kathy says:

      Wasn’t it, though? Got cold up here near Seattle, even with only 90% coverage. And the sunlight was weird, made weird little smiley faces on the ground as it shone through the trees.

      What a great day to be an American. What a great day to share an eclipse with our President and First Lady. And Barron, too.

      I’m glad you made the trek to share the event with family. This is strength-producing, and we’re going to need everything we have for the battle days ahead.

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  2. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Barron is the man.

    He’s great, and helps to show how down to earth Trump and his family are. Just a normal kid.

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  3. rsanchez1990 says:

    Great stuff. The additional context of Lighthizer and Wilburine is great to keep in mind. I don’t see anyone else online reporting it like this.

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  4. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    good to see Sessions is back at the table

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  5. Nigella says:

    Waiting for the snarky remarks from the media… Did he have his glasses on wrong? Was his tie crooked?

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  6. JC says:

    I see Superhero Wilbur Ross received his now-customary smooch from beautiful First Lady Melania. Love them both.

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  7. fleporeblog says:

    The Wilburine once again gives a nice kiss to our FLOTUS. The President seemed to be in much better spirits today than when he returned to D.C. last night. Lighthizer and the Wilburine must of told him that they are cleaning Canada and Mexico’s clock at the negotiation table. Maybe AG Sessions told him the indictment for the Clintons is proceeding along. One can hope :)!

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  8. SpanglishKC says:

    So interesting to see them interacting. Very normal people. I was not expecting AG Sessions to be there. Anything to make of that?

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  9. Eclipse is almost as much of a nothing-burger as Russia, Russia, Russia and Trump is a NAZI sympathizer

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  10. G3 says:

    Great Photo

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  11. Trump probably looked at this for a minute, realized it was a another media-created scam and went back to work

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  12. Daniel says:

    Those are great pictures. Trump’s hair never looked so good 🙂

    Beautiful family. That Barron is going to be bigger than his father… maybe not in height; probably about the same. I mean in terms of what he will do in life. I just feel like he’s going to change the world in some very significant way.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Can you imagine 60 years from now when Barron will be interviewed about his dad, the days in the WH and the decades of Trump’s impact on USA and the world.

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  13. Joanne Avella says:

    There is a picture of Trump being shot with many arrows and comments I just copied from the Antifa web site regusarding Trump rally in Phoenix Arizona tomorrow. For some reason it will not let me copy the picture . You can go to their page and see for your self. Where the hell are the Secret Service and why are people getting away with this ?

    Call for an anarchist anti-fascist and anti-colonial presence against all Presidents

    Anarchists & Indigenous Unite!

    Call for an anti-fascist & anti-colonial contingent against Trump’s rally on Tuesday, August 22 at 6pm at the Phoenix Convention Center in downtown Phoenix on occupied O’odham territory.


  14. sundance says:

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  15. sundance says:

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  16. andyocoregon says:

    The wife and I drove about 30 miles south to Salem, Oregon to experience the total eclipse, which we did. It lasted all of about two minutes. Loud cheers went up from the parking lot when the sun began to reappear. What I found interesting is that it didn’t get very dark until the moon totally blocked the sun, then it was as if someone quickly turned a dimming light switch to dark. That reversed when the sun began to reappear.
    Can you imagine what people in the 15th century and before thought of eclipses? Most of them had no forewarning like we have now.

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    • Tegan says:

      We are in western South Carolina and had about 99+% totality…but much to our surprise it didn’t get nearly as dark as we anticipated….more of the dimming light switch you mentioned. It’s quite hot here and we did feel a slight cooling of temperature.

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    • Sharon says:

      I’m in the Woodburn area – – just got back from a brief checking-out-the-situation-drive. I-5 NB is at a standstill at the outlets offramp, and traffic crosstown is very heavy as well. The offramp was full up – guess many are going to try out 99-E – which won’t give them much benefit from what I see. Looks everyone is being patient, though, so that’s good.

      The total here was shorter than expected, I thought. It seemed only 25 seconds or so. A thorough experience nevertheless. Really amazing. Really chilly as it happened. Stunning as the moon pulled across and presented the diamond ring on its way out.

      I’m so glad I go to see and enjoy it all [from the picnic bench on my patio] 🙂

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    • Deb says:

      The ancients had knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, they predicted eclipses with varying success. Our current knowledge is the result of ancient and medieval and modern astronomers studying the skies without the benefit of the powerful telescopes we have today. We are standing on the shoulder of giants.


  17. floridadcc says:

    It looks like Barron is wearing a vest or something sturdy under his shirt. I noticed it last night in the red shark Tshirt too. I hope there haven’t been any threats against him.


    • Ned says:

      I have no doubt that Barron is a target. Shame on those that would even consider making him one. I often feel bad for him. He must be a lonely kid. He seems like a nice guy. First Lady Melania, is a wonderful mom! She truly is a lady with traditional values.


  18. reader says:

    Lovely pictures of your first family, US! So appreciative of your POTUS. Hope he can encourage our PM Mrs May to recapture some of the grit she showed when he was new to the White House and we were so thrilled to see them supporting one another. Sadly, the biased MSM is now as bad here in the U.K. as it is over there but the PM isn’t displaying the same grit as your lion. Please include us, and our future, in your prayers as you can, treepers……

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  19. John Doe says:

    Most adorable eclipse photo goes to… Jeff Sessions— Joe Perticone (@JoePerticone) August 21, 2017


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  20. Dora says:

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  21. NickD says:

    I didn’t have any glasses, and my attempt at making a pinhole projector failed bigly. So, I took to looking at the projections that the trees made in their shadows. We got to just 68% in my area, but it was still impressive. At one point a cloud blocked out the sun completely, so I glanced up to see when it would clear. I was absolutely floored at what the Sun and Moon looked like. I didn’t look long, to preserve my eyes, but I was still very impressed.

    As for the effects…it was definitely dimmer out. It was a strange effect…it was as if it was dusk, but the sunlight was the same color as daylight, unlike the oranges and reds of evening. In my part of the country, we’ve consistently had the heat index hit 110 degrees for the last week. But today, close to the time of maximum eclipse, I was able to walk to my apartment complex’s management office and I didn’t even break a sweat. It was odd, to say the least. I also didn’t feel the need to bring sunglasses, as it was so dim I didn’t need them (not to worry, my contact lenses provide something like 95% UV protection).

    All in all, even though I was nowhere near totality, it was a truly unique experience. I hope to be around for the next one coming up, God willing, and I’ll definitely find some gear so I can view the eclipse more “up close and personal”

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  22. Dora says:

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  23. farmhand1927 says:

    The media should worry abt the blindness they willfully operate under.

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  24. MAGA Happy Boy says:

    I just experienced the eclipse here in Columbia, SC and would like to share that I have never experienced such a visceral encounter with Our Lord’s creation. We were most fortunate to be in a position to simultaneously observe both the heavenly and earthly manifestation of Our Creator’s image. As we viewed the progression of the heavens through our glasses, we also watched the earthly progression of Our Lord’s majesty from west to east along a singular earthly corridor. My biggest regret is that my children and grandchildren chose a different venue and will never feel the rapture that enjoined my soul.

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    • waltherppk says:

      When the day was darkening I heard the birds get quiet like it was time to roost, and then as the day was brightening I heard a rooster start crowing, and laughed because he was having to be working a double shift of crowing on the same day. Maybe he got some extra corn for working some overtime, with the Lord above seeming to wink at us all.

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  25. MfM says:

    I just was on FB — the number of pictures of Trump without glasses looking upward are all over the pages of my ‘lefist’ friends. I watched the video and him looking up was momentary.

    Once again he is living in their heads. I love how he does things that they can call him stupid… and then it turns out to be a nothing burger and they are the ones who look dumb.

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    • indiana08 says:

      I’ve noticed that the left is obsessed with everything Pres. Trump does or doesn’t do too. They are going into a great depression the day Pres. Trump leaves office on Jan. 20, 2025. They have invested way too much energy into obsessing over him to ever move on.

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  26. wyntre says:

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  27. Ber Knar says:

    Used a sky watcher program indoors to track the progress on a tablet. Interesting that Mercury and Mars And Leo were in close proximity to the sun today.

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  28. dayallaxeded says:

    Found this little nugget of info online: Edmond Halley was the first person able to predict with reasonable accuracy the tracks of total solar eclipses, such as those crossing the British Isles in 1715 and 1724. This was an important development, not just for science. It meant that, in principle, it was feasible for cultures with modern scientific attainments (and thus the ability to read an astronomical almanac) to scare the wits out of less-learned peoples.

    So basically, everyone’s all excited and scurrying around about an event that western culture has been capable of predicting and tracking since the early 1700s. Seems we’ve lost a whole lot more common and objective scientific sense and knowledge than just the loss of any historical sense about our Constitution and governmental institutions. Doesn’t bode well for the next 100 years.


    • Deb says:

      People are scurrying about because these events are rare, and they want to see it in their lifetimes. It is an awesome sight to behold.


  29. Troublemaker10 says:


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  30. Brant says:

    Pretty cool in Murphy, NC. Literally and figuratively. Went quite dark and saw several stars and/or planets. I did get some videos. The 3-4 hour drive there from Hendersonville, NC on Sunday was about 7-8 hour drive back on Monday. Even with creeping lines of 10mph and some stops for several minutes, I did not see one accident and maybe 3-5 that ran out of gas. All were prepared and very cordial in their driving. No craziness anywhere.


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