Snicker – POTUS Trump Tweets Support For Kelli Ward -vs- Senator Jeff Flake…

The ‘big ugly’ is inevitable. We all know it.  The only thing yet to be determined is the timing.  My spidey hunch tells me there are multiple possible detonation moments depending on sequencing.

Today, President Trump violates Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer’s golden rule regarding incumbent Senators.  President Trump tweeted support for a challenger:

Think about it.  President Trump has quietly placed triggering policy around the base of several UniParty issues:

♦China Trade Imbalance and North Korea Denuclearization; ♦the ongoing NAFTA renegotiations and future trade deals; ♦the fiscal year 2018 budget and associated MAGAnomic policy; ♦the southern border wall and immigration enforcement; ♦infrastructure and prioritization of spending; ♦no more stupid wars; ♦the repeal of ObamaCare and tax reform to benefit the middle-class workforce. 

These are not Bannonisms, these are core and central issues important to President Trump on an inherently personal and intrinsic level.

With some nuanced adjustments to reflect the current international challenges (ie. adding DPRK to the China objectives), these are essentially the fundamental reasons why candidate Trump came down the escalator in 2015.

Each of these policy initiatives are antithetical to the UniParty and their paid lobbyists. Specifically these policies are opposed by Republicans within the UniParty apparatus.

Sooner or later it’s going to come down to President Trump calling out those who have usurped the will of the average American.   We’ve described that explosive “calling out” moment “The Big Ugly”.

Confrontation has to happen because there’s essentially nothing but intransigent opposition from professional swamp-dwellers on these issues.

For those who think President Trump will blink on these core economic issues, or doubt the severity of his commitment to follow through on them, you only need to look upon the amount of grief he is willing to endure from opposition to stay focused on it.

If the economic council needs to disband, ok – go.  If the CEO board needs to be removed, ok- so be it.  Anything or anyone who anticipates being able to modify President Trump’s 30-year-long position and commitment to these economic issues at the heart of the core erosion of U.S. interests, finds themselves in the position of a gnat looking into a thermonuclear furnace.   Don’t be surprised to see Gary Cohn removed if he’s not part of the solution.

POTUS Trump ain’t flinching on the economic stuff.

Transgenders, bathroom policing, identity politics et al – POTUS Trump could care less what anyone agrees -or disagrees- to do in political consensus.  Send him whatever the damned thing is and he’ll sign it…. moving on.  POTUS Trump isn’t that kind of Republican; and it drives some people nuts.

POTUS Trump is looking at a much, much bigger picture than who is wearing high-heels, labels and definitions of today’s biggest PC offender.

Economics is survival.

Economics is the big stuff.

Remember these words:

…”Either we have a country or we don’t.”…

MAGA is essentially President Trump defining 2009 Tea-Party Economic outlooks in modern day 2017.

The constitution doesn’t mean much without a country within which to apply it.

Trump is seemingly one guy, yet he has them surrounded. And he’s fighting for Big Stuff.

The “Big Ugly” confrontation is inevitable.

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430 Responses to Snicker – POTUS Trump Tweets Support For Kelli Ward -vs- Senator Jeff Flake…

  1. rsanchez1990 says:

    This is great, endorsing Flake’s opponent the week before going to Arizona. I hope you’re listening Arizona. You screwed up twice with McCain and Flake, it’s time to make it right. And I hope Flake is sweating. Losing the primary is all that he deserves for flaking on his voters.

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    • Kristin says:

      We hear ya, we hear ya.

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      • bentley1blog says:

        Yes indeed, voted for Kelli Ward when she ran against McShame. Of course the Soros machine came into play. Am supporting and voting for Kelli once again and hopefully she can jump the fence this time.

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    • I don’t comment here much, but I visit here several times a day to keep my sanity. This is the only place I feel safe to say anything.
      I didn’t vote for McCain and voted for Kelli Ward in the primary, but ….unfortunately….he won handily. The Phoenix cabal is just too strong. It is going to take Divine Intervention again to get Flake out. I don’t want to sound like a defeatist, but I’m not going to hold my breath…..I did before and turned blue.
      I’m self employed, work full time and have a health challenged husband, so I can’t get out and beat the streets. But, I sure can say a lot of prayers and ask God to get that “deceitful and traitorous” Flake primaried out.
      In my younger days, I did a lot of campaigning for my local candidates, but it’s gotten so nasty in politics, I’m afraid it just makes me more angry and that’s not good when trying to talk sense into these “bran washed” people. There is true evil out there.
      If it’s God’s will, it will happen.
      Unfortunately, I think AZ is turning more purple by the day. We have all these Californians moving here, high tech companies who bring their “left wing sociopolitical ideas” with them.

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      • Sorry “brain washed” not “bran washed”. See…..listening to these crazies….I’m losing my brains….LOL

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      • William39 says:

        Yes, and from my perspective in the Midwest I’m sure it will be Colorado Blue within the decade. I’ve seen a lot of folks from my area in Chicago migrate to the Phoenix area because they love the weather or whatever and think they are escaping Illinois. But all they are doing is bringing their braindead mindset and stench of Chicago’s politics to you. I hope I am wrong but Arizona today with your Senators reminds me a lot of Illinois when I was growing up when state politics was dominated by RINOs mildly battling Chicago Democrats. Eventually we all end up voting for the party that promises the most free stuff.

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      • American Me says:

        ” I don’t comment hear much, but I visit here several times a day to keep my sanity. This is the only place I feel safe to say anything.”…Southern Prom Queen thank you for saying that. I feel the exact same way. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Thank you for sharing that. It means a lot to me. Thanks once again and may GOD bless you and The Treehouse.

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      • Hey, if you can “say a lot of prayers and ask God to get that “deceitful and traitorous” Flake primaried out.” I think that is a heck of a job! Because if anyone is helping us now, it is GOD! So keep praying and we are joining you. Thank you!

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        • NewNonna!!! says:


          Praise God for ordaining Trump to be our President at this time in history. Because his winning SURE AIN’T luck, an accident, or ‘fate’. It’s because God wanted him in the position. Make no mistake, Treepers, those who post regularly or just come in for sanity sake and scroll.

          And yes, prayers for God’s continued Mercy on the United States of America is what every person who voted for Trump should indeed do. In whatever way they find to be their way.

          I’m praying with gratitude and trust in Him. May His Will be done. God please hear our prayers and continue to act through Your people all over the USA and show your Might to those who DONT believe. Those of us who do believe have already seen Your Might and love when nonbelievers encounter It!!

          Thank You, God! Thank You, Jesus! May Your Holy Spirit fill nonbelievers and the brain washed masses with His beautiful gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of The Lord.


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      • jonhabart says:

        Arizona is definitely at risk of becoming a purple or even a reliable blue state if some things do not change in the near future. Demographics are changing, the older conservatives are being replaced by more liberal baby-boomers and migration from high-tax blue states like California doesn’t make it any easier. I do however feel optimistic because nothing succeeds quite like success. President Trump and his cabinet have been cultivating the economic soil of America to support growth and prosperity that hasn’t been seen in decades. Few people, if any, expected the job growth, surging stock & financial markets, and increase in GDP only 200+ days into office. If President Trump is able to lower the corporate tax rate under 20% and get rate cuts for the lower and middle class the national economy will be off to the races. The re-emergence of American energy and manufacturing is shifting the balance of the national economy and new trade deals will only ensure that the United States will once again be a net exporter of goods to the world. The establishment is deperate to damage President Trump before the results of the America First agenda is felt by every American voter, this is why I am optimistic about the voters in Arizona and across the country in the upcoming 2018 & 2020 elections.

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      • Donna in Oregon says:

        I remember voting for Jeff Flake because he was saying the right stuff.

        Once he got to Washington DC he was doing the right things…..and then the GOPe went after the Tea Party where ever they existed and John McCain took Flake under his wing.

        John McCain is the Globalist Greeter. He and his pal Ted Kennedy have been running the immigration hustle for years and years. Old John McCain is a total hustler. Remember when he said, “build the dang fence!”???

        Once McCain is gone, Flake will be easy to take out. By next August 2018 the brain cancer should take him out, then Flake will fall without the Globalist infrastructure.

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      • cbjoasurf says:

        Where’s a divine “lightning bolt” when we need one to take out that “FLAKE”

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        • NewNonna!!! says:

          It happens!! I’ve personally seen it happen, totally unexpected, up close and personal!! God IS a MIGHTY God!!

          Keep pray and trusting. Let a Him work it all in His timing.

          If we believe and trust Trump to do what he says, how much more so do we need to trust in God!!

          1Peter 5:1-11


      • rsanchez1990 says:

        We have President Trump’s intervention now. Whether or not that is divine intervention, I am hoping and praying that will be enough.


    • listingstarboard says:

      Perhaps people don’t recall but Sarah Palin was the one who endorsed Jeff Flake who was in a competitive primary race with Cardon. She def whiffed on that one, but jus like McCain he lied to everyone about his beliefs and broke every promise. Send his morally ambiguous ass back to his hometown of Snowflake.

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      • Katherine McCoun says:

        a lot of now elected RINOs fooled us in the ’10 & ’12 elections. By the election of ’14 we weren’t as fooled any more and by ’16 we were prepared and onto their schemes…thanks to Sundance explaining their plan! Anyway, Sarah Palin was not the only one fooled in ’10 and ’12. Many were stilled fooled during the primary season of ’16. Now, those same guys are revealing themselves more and more. Which side are you on, Marco? Cruz?

        And many others are revealing themselves so much that even moderate Republican voting base are seeing through them. Guys like Tillis, Corker, Lamar, etc. all talked a good game of what they would do if they had the chance and what they were against that the Dems were doing, etc. Now they have the chance and they are showing their true colors.

        No blame on Palin. Our eyes are open now and we are more aware and questioning.

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        • Charles Martel says:

          I quit supporting Republicans here in NC because of Tellis. I support Trump, not the Republican “elite” losers. Pray for our country

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          • vincent cuomo says:

            I keep telling the Republicans when they call for donations that until they do something about the Never Trumpers that are infecting their party and trying to destroy Trump, I will not give them a dime; I am saving my money for Trump’s next campaign or opponents of these Never Trumpers running in Republican primaries.

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          • Templar on Right says:

            I support an agenda and not a party. Donald Trump comes closest to enacting that agenda for the betterment of this country. Add in his raw, results-oriented, no double speak, and perseverance against all odds attitude. DJT is the right guy at the right time. MAGA.


      • shallbe4 says:

        Question for Sundance. You appear to be saying that Trump supporting an alternative candidate in a Senate Race is a huge no no. What if the Republican Congress refuses to support Trump what other choice does he have?


      • StrandedinCA says:

        She also endorsed John McCain for his latest Senate run – after he and his staff brutally threw her under the bus after the disastrous presidential campaign. I also heard her on TV after McCain’s brain cancer announcement in tears stating what a great man and hero he is. I don’t get the Sarah Palin worship on this site and many others – – she talks a good game regarding independence from the RINO’s, but her actions in endorsing them time and again go against her rhetoric.


    • Bob says:

      Let the People speak…get rid of all the FLAKES and bring new blood that will support PDJT

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    • Don L says:

      Si senor….

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  2. Travis McGee says:

    While I can’t stand Flake and I love Trump’s jab at him I remember how so many were just ecstatic at Saramuccis appointment but look at what a screw-loose he turned out to be. If she accepts an invitation to Trump’s rally and jumps on the train then great. I see where there are several comments not to complimentary to her but I would agree she would be better than Flake. I just wish we could get some people that were rock-ribbed Trump supporters. Sick of the turncoats.

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  3. dayallaxeded says:

    Praise the Lord and pass the voting ammunition! The uniparty target rich environment is about to light up and never before nor (hopefully) ever again will the Big Ugly look so beautiful.

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  4. MaineCoon says:

    I liked this article a lot. It was a peaceful read for me.

    It’s now target practice. Flake is first in his sight. He’ll fall fast – just like the other 16+1.

    I liked the strength of each sentence as it accurately revealed President Trump’s unnerving convictions, enduring beliefs, steely backbone. Street fighter. And, he is giving God glory.

    I was very glad to read, “Don’t be surprised to see Gary Cohn removed if he’s not part of the solution.” Cohn was the one person I never thought fit in the administration. I couldn’t see the Goldman Sachs mindset in sync with PT’s. I hope they part ways.

    I’m glad the CEOs are gone. Just pimples on an elephant’s arse. They all missed their shining moment in history to ride the Trump train to victory and shine in their corps for it. Losers all left behind by their choice.

    He’s been 30 years in the making, which old interviews reflect his same viewpoints then as now. No one will change him. Either they assist or they are obstacles to be removed.

    PT will take major hits daily.

    No one made Trump, but Trump.
    No one elected Trump, but Trump and us Deplorables.
    He understand us. We understand him.

    Stay out of the weeds.
    Support him.
    Pray for him.

    The Aaronic Blessing is my favorite and I pray this for President Trump:

    May The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
    May the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
    May the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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  5. rjcylon says:

    Clearly the President is not wobbly from all the attacks against him this week. His enemies feel emboldened, but he keeps carrying on. Flake has to go. I hope his poll numbers are in the negative digits by next week as a result of this.

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  6. indiamaria2020 says:

    Nice. Both Sundance and Flepo ringing the Liberty Bell on the SAME thread !! Will be counting Eagles tonight instead of sheep. Thanks BOYZ !! As Gomer Pyle would say, SHIZAAA-AUM !!

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  7. TimeIsNow says:

    Sundance, you had me convinced about this “Big Ugly” stuff some time ago. It is all about the ECONOMY.

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  8. 4sure says:

    Fle. Unfortunately, Most people in SC do not pay attention to politics. All of the globalist companies and large businesses in SC are yuge Graham supporters. He is owned by them. SC employs a lot of illegal immigrant labor. Hotels (lots of hotels in SC Mts./Beaches), poultry processors (poultry growing is Big in SC), turf maintenace (lots of golf courses in SC) Immigrant labor(lots of peaches grown in SC) . We have major tire mfgs in SC,
    ( Michelin and BMW Plant in SC (YUGE plant) SC is the largest tire MFGer in the USA and is the largest exporter of tires in the US. Boeing has a very large 787 Dreamliner mfg plant in SC.

    Lindsay will not be easily defeated. He starts acting like a conservative about 4 months before the election. He was primaried the last time he ran. There were about 4 other candidates running against him. None stood a chance and none were very good. Lindsay has never had a real strong primary candidate or a Dem. candidate in the Gen. Dems. have conceded the sen. seats to pubs, in SC. No one in congress or in the state house that could defeat him has run against him. Believe it or not, but some of the largest County Pub. parties have censored him, but it has not hurt him. He is owned by the globalist and can raise tons of money for a sen. run. I’m telling you, most people in SC are just not into politics until election time and then it’s too late because they don’t hear anything except the campaign BS and ads. Drives me nuts. And I have never voted for Lindsay or Scott. Both suck. And I have never missed voting in any primary or gen in my life.

    I know you like to think positive. But, I think you are being a little too positive about some of your predictions. I’m a realist. And sometimes real “aint” positive. I know Trump was very popular in the state during the primary and the gen. campaign. I think he still is . If Trump could work w/the SC gov. to find a really strong candidate to primary Lindsay and if Trump would really get behind that candidate and campaign for him/her.Lindsay could possibly lose. Otherwise, no.

    Here’s the deal w/Scott. Niki Haley appointed Scott to fill Jim DeMint’s seat when he got fed up w/the uniparty swamp and resigned. Haley was beginning to be the darling of the GOPe and she had her eye on being the VP on the GOPe ticket in 2016. She moved the confederate flag from statehouse grounds (it was placed there by the last Dem. Sen SC has had, Hollings) and lots of residents were not pleased. She did that for her cred image for the VP slot. She then appointed Tim Scott to fill DeMint’s seat. Tim Scott was also used to shed the racist label the dems would have tagged her w/as a VP candidate being from the south. Nikli Haley is all about Niki Haley. If she sees any weakening of support for Trump, she will turn on him. She still has her eye on the WH. She could probably beat Lindsay or Scott in a primary, but would never do it. She’s a snake. Haley was a Cruz/Rubio supporter and probably still is. She figured the dream ticket would be a Hispanic surname and a female. I believe she would have been on a Cruz or Rubio ticket.
    All of this is just my opinion based on observing these political scoundrels for decades. Every move they make is a politically calculated one meant to serve them.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      4sure is that the same Linsey Graham that decided to drop out of the Presidential Primary before getting to South Carolina because of not wanting to be embarrassed that our President would beat his ass in his own state? I am not worried about that Lindsey Graham if our President has set his target on him 3 years out from the primary.

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    • SR says:

      100% on point and Niki Halley is another Hillary who is building her resume and makin her center right corporate lover candidate for 2024. She will leave job in 2020 like Hillary and build her campaign from foreign money as UN relationships.


      • listingstarboard says:

        Obviously SC not paying attention to politics–they re-elected that slimeball Mark Sanford lol!!

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      • bentley1blog says:

        SR: Oh boy do you have that right! She is a never Trump creepy woman who was instrumental in having the Confederate flag removed from her state. Do not trust her and yes, she is feathering her nest for her run for POTUS in the very near future. She is one big two-face just like kankles.


    • TPW says:

      This is where all of us need to move from state to state supporting the opposition candidate by buying and bombarding the airwaves with Flake’s, Lindsey’s, own words so that the uninformed have not heard. This is not a state by state issue but a national issue…..

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    • big bad mike says:

      Great post and insight into SC politics. Isn’t Mulvaney from SC?. Could he beat Ms. Lindsay with the President’s help?


    • carrierh says:

      But by sending her to the UN, she is not in the best place to move up the ladder. I was angry with her over the flag because all flags and statues are part of ALL OF AMERICA’S HISTORY. Nevertheless, she is doing good work in the UN but I think that is where she will stay but never ever in the WH. Melania would be far better in the WH than Nikki if push comes to shove!


    • Kroesus says:

      Haley has the same problem as Bammy Cruz Rubio and Jindal…she is INELIGIBLE….she can claim US citizenship under the 14A (Cruz has yet to prove his) b/c her parents were here legally when she was born… neither was a citizen at the time she is missing 2 of the 3 elements for NBC status

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      • mj_inOC says:

        So true… She, nor Cruz, Jindal, Rubio nor Obama eligible. Pelosi left out phrase confirming Obama’s eligibility in letter to House after election, as she knew it too.

        We learned the NBC requirements in 8th grade civics. Haven’t changed. It was for loyalty and fidelity to US … [and not changing history by taking down flags and statutes].

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  9. Watcher says:

    I hope President Trump gets to endorse Catskill opponent. Go Tony.

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  10. scott467 says:

    “Sooner or later it’s going to come down to President Trump calling out those who have usurped the will of the average American. We’ve described that explosive “calling out” moment “The Big Ugly”.

    Confrontation has to happen because there’s essentially nothing but intransigent opposition from professional swamp-dwellers on these issues.”


    Agreed 1,000% and can’t happen fast enough.

    There have been so many ‘last straws’ I couldn’t count them, but the LAST ‘last straw’ had to be the GOP-controlled Senate blocking their OWN party president from making RECESS APPOINTMENTS during the political-class summer vacation.

    I didn’t remember seeing that talked about here on CTH.

    Senate blocks Trump from making recess appointments over break (first search result I found for “all senators voted to prevent recess appointments”)
    By Jordain Carney – 08/03/17 07:40 PM EDT

    “The Senate blocked President Trump from being able to make recess appointments on Thursday as lawmakers leave Washington for their August break. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), doing wrap up for the entire Senate, locked in nine “pro-forma” sessions — brief meetings that normally last roughly a minute.

    The move, which requires the agreement of every senator, means the Senate will be in session every three business days throughout the August recess.”

    EVERY Senator was required to vote in favor of this.

    That means ANY Senator could have blocked it.

    Not a single one did.

    Not a SINGLE Republican Senator opposed it, every single Republican Senator agreed to BLOCK their own party’s president from making recess appointments.

    If that is not a unanimous declaration of war on the President, then what is?


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  11. Fromseatoshiningsea says:

    I suspect in AZ he pardons Sheriff Joe hints at Julian Assange pardon.

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    • ginaswo says:

      I’M SO EXCITED. I’m going to lose my mind whooping like Beatlemania if he announces a pardon then endorses DeWit or Ward live.

      Of the great AZ rallies, the rally he burned the house down was August 31 ’16 I Immigration address after Mexico trip.

      We were standing in line in 112′ for hours watching Livestream of his presser in Mexico and we *knew* he wouldn’t let us down. FAKENEWS media had spent 2 days claiming The Don was walking back his Immigration stance and weak sisters were wigging out.

      He came on stage a few hours later and tossed us red meat for an hour. Freaking awesome.
      We are doing it again Tuesday.
      Oh yes.
      #America First

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  12. melski says:

    I can think of 48 Dem. Senators and about two dozen or more Rep. Senators who need the same Flake Jeff Flake treatment over the next few election cycles.

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    • scott467 says:

      Every single Republi-Con Senator was needed to prevent DJT from making recess appointments.

      UNANIMOUS consent.

      That was a declaration of war on their own party’s leader and President.

      Only ONE Republi-Con was needed to block this attack on the President.

      There was not ONE good man in the Senate.

      NOT ONE.


  13. Ned says:

    Glad to see this! Kelli Ward would have been great as a replacement for McPain.
    Hopefully she will WIN!
    After that DUMP Ivanka and Jared the Mooch pushers. They are nothing more than opportunist liberals along for the ride. Their agenda, when it suits them, is to get Trump to be like them and forget voter promises.

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  14. Joe Collins says:

    Arizona Republican senate primary date: August 28, 2018. We have a full year to watch Flake squirm and sweat.

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  15. MIKE says:

    My President’s got this. In about five hours, President Trump will rise, fire off some lethal tweet on some poor uniparty bastid, then sit down for a nutritious breakfast. A yuge bowl of Kellogg’s toxic Flakes.

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  16. TwoLaine says:

    ARIZONA, Tell Lyin’ Jeff his TERM IS UP!


    Term-limit pledges get left behind
    12 Apr 2006
    by Andrea Stone, USA TODAY

    “WASHINGTON — Jeff Flake pledged during his first campaign for Congress in 2000 that if elected, he would serve three two-year terms. But the Arizona Republican is running again to keep his seat in the House of Representatives.

    “It was a mistake to limit my own terms,” says Flake, a conservative who has challenged Republican leaders on federal spending. He says the once-fashionable movement to limit terms in Congress has “just petered out.”

    Flake is one of at least seven House Republicans who had vowed to leave Congress next year but will be on the ballot in November. They ran as citizen legislators — antidotes for “career politicians.” But after six or 12 years on Capitol Hill, they say they’re just getting the hang of the job. None faces serious opposition because redistricting has protected incumbents.”

    Read more:

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  17. IrredeemableDeplorable says:

    I’m in AZ. It’s the Republican Party here that pushes the status quo. McDaniel at the RNC needs to start using whatever leverage she has to help Ward. If it’s possible? Don’t know. Republicans like Jim Click (wealthy businessman) give to Flake, McCain and Romney. Frustrating.

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  18. MaineCoon says:



  19. Suite D says:

    Good is defeating evil. We won’t win every battle but we will win the war! maga!!!

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  20. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Here is another sign that the big ugly is here – FAKE conservative S.E. Cupp is getting pushed up into greater visibility. She will be the FAKE right edge of the FAKE Overton window used to frame Trump by the MSM.

    So easy to predict. Watch for some initial “fake bona fides”, but when THE BIG UGLY hits, you KNOW which side she will be on.


  21. Robert Simmons says:

    Just donated $25 to Mrs Ward

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  22. Jason Johns says:

    I would love to see Flake lose, but Ward is a bit of a crazy conspiracy theorist. Here in Arizona her chemtrail conspiracy will doom her.

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  23. ginaswo says:

    I’m ecstatic POTUS is coming back to AZ. I’m going to the rally and will report back. I know the Treepers will be Livestreamingredients RSB. I’M SO EXCITED!!!


  24. ginaswo says:

    freakin autocucmber Livestreamingredients? Really?


  25. Donna in Oregon says:

    I see President Trump in Phoenix AZ has a great sign that Sheriff Joe will be pardoned. That skank Federal Judge Bolton is the same bimbo that wouldn’t let Arizona control illegal aliens when Obama wouldn’t kick them out.

    I hope President Trump kicks Federal Judge Bolton to the curb, she needs to be fired.

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  26. Abandoned says:

    Of course, without Trump Party Congressional candidates we’re stuffed long term.
    Govt by executive order goes only so far. But a long so far, so far.
    The Tea Party if it has an IQ above the room temperature must support the only patriot in executive govt….DJT.
    It’s that or business as usual boys and girls.


  27. John Matrix says:

    Just reserved tickets to next weeks Phoenix rally!!
    Cannot wait to have our President bring the heat to the valley of the sun, aimed right at that feckless, globalist toad jeffy flake!
    Better crack open the ol’ rolodex for COC contacts jeffy…we can all totally see you as a creepy lobbyist sooner than later…

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  28. jbrickley says:

    Really need to revive the Tea Party and get some new blood to run for office around the country. I have little to zero choice in my deep blue state. Although the GOP has managed to land 50% of the state congress positions they need a majority to get anything done. 2018 is coming. The governor is not liked even by the Left. They haven’t passed a budget which has been delayed six weeks with no end in sight. They did sign a deal with the unions that prevents them from losing jobs for years and the pensions are still unfunded and derived from the general fund. Something like 40% of state revenue goes to union pensions! In the private sector no one gets a pension and if they do, it’s funded properly. Better off stopping the pensions and giving them 457 plans that are at least professionally managed. The state of the state is a sorry state indeed, rather close to bankruptcy like Illinois. Maybe a year or two behind. Somehow we managed to run this state for over 100 years without an income tax nor casino revenue but yet we are still out of money. 65k of state employees doing what exactly? Driving a lot of state issued company cars apparently. I bet they don’t pay for gas either. Spending never really gets cut and no one has published a line item public budget to show where the money goes. Cause I bet if the public knew what was going on it would be game over. Somehow they spend and spend on schools yet teachers buy school supplies out of their own pocket. Apparently, they just keep adding administrators and pay them $100k/yr and I bet most of them work maybe two days a week and get summers and holidays off.


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