Angela Merkel Rises to Defend Kim Jong-Un…

The totalitarian left is beginning to rise up in defense of North Korea.  Partly they are doing this because they are ideologically aligned with a similar totalitarian world view of order that they alone demand to be in control; the globalist view.  However, they do this also as an outcropping of the economics – a generational defense of China.

President Trump will never take first-strike action against North Korea; it’s not his approach.  Instead Trump prefers to take on the economic side of the conflict and he is more than willing to wage thermonuclear economic war against the DPRK’s enabler, communist China.

Remember, e.v.e.r.y enterprising nuclear power needs nuclear allies to protect them during the end-stages of their accomplishment.  History has a perfect track record on this dynamic. It has always been thus…. Always.

To wit, and taking the bait to expose her ideological world-view, German Chancellor Angela Merkel rises up to defend Kim Jong-un from possible military action.

GERMANY – German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on Friday against “the escalation of rhetoric” in the wake of rising tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, adding that she didn’t see a military solution to the issue.

“I believe that, am firmly convinced that an escalation of rhetoric will not contribute to a solution of this conflict,” Merkel said when she was asked about President Trump’s recent statements on the issue.

“I do not see a military solution to this conflict, rather I see continuous work, like we have seen in the U.N. Security Council with members with resolutions in view of North Korea, and above all very close cooperation with affected countries, especially the United States and China, but also South Korea, of course Japan,” she continued. (read more)

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151 Responses to Angela Merkel Rises to Defend Kim Jong-Un…

  1. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Frankly, these people love Tom Haydin and Jane Fonda more than they love Andrew Jackson and Jim Bowie.

    What do you expect.

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    • helix35 says:

      Leftists ALWAYS come to the defense of the enemies of America.

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      • JTLiuzza says:

        If there was a credible military threat to Frau Merkel’s Germany (other than the self-inflicted musloid invasion), it would actually be America who is treaty bound to come to their aid, at the expense of American $$$’s and American lives. And Germany isn’t even footing their share of the bill for that lovely little arrangement. Yet in this situation, Germany can’t even find it in themselves to give their protectors even rhetorical support, or at least remain silent.

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  2. hbaronaz says:

    Communists are a one world conspiracy.

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  3. FL_GUY says:

    If NK attacks, it will be due to stupid leaders like Merkel and the EU. It will be the last thing Kim ever does if he’s stupid enough to do it.


  4. BGPGuy says:

    She needs Xi to be her sugar daddy.


  5. Thomas Marshall says:

    OMG, long time lurker…1st time commenting…btw SUNDANCE, you are a saint and an amazing Real News journalist…but I had to comment cause the pic of ObumO nearly knocked me out of my chair! That is beyond awesome and funny as all get out!

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  6. john says:

    Merkel is just softening up the Square Kim Hillary Pants because she has got some migrants to ship him….let’s unleash the migrant horde on Kim

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    • scott467 says:

      The multicultural mix of islam and North Korea would be spectacular.

      In a 4th of July fireworks sort of way.

      Like a cage match between ISIS and MS13.

      Not that islam doesn’t have that same effect everywhere, but it is rare for totalitarian ideology to meet totalitarian ideology on the field of battle.

      The bloodshed is incalculable, because neither side places any value at all on human life — their own OR their adversary’s.

      The last time that happened was the Germans vs. the Russians.


  7. Jerrie says:

    She’s a dam idiot for siding with him! What do you expect, they are both lunatics!


  8. Joe S says:


  9. carrierh says:

    I dislike this nazi female because she has ruined my spouse’s country. Hopefully, and we are praying, she will NOT and NEVER again re-elected. Today’s German, on the whole, after WWII have become too placid and difficult to rise to anger, but there are those now that are rethinking that they, like Japan, has to rise up and realize they must take back their country once more.


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