President Trump Thanks Vladimir Putin For Reducing State Department Payroll in Russia…

President Trump was asked to respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin expelling 755 of the U.S. Russian embassy’ 1,200 strong consulate staff in Moscow.

The response wasn’t exactly what the liberal U.S. media anticipated. WATCH:


“I first saw the campaign of his excellency President Trump, and I listened to his speech of the necessity of facing and confronting terrorism all over the world; that he is a great personality and a unique individual, and that he will find great success.”

~ Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

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149 Responses to President Trump Thanks Vladimir Putin For Reducing State Department Payroll in Russia…

  1. Delivered that with a straight face too. Priceless!

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  2. helix35 says:

    They’re going to be greatly missed.

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  3. Rex says:

    Excellent! We ought to elect real Americans more often.

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  4. bertdilbert says:

    Since we are not exporting that payroll money and support, I think Putin just increased out GDP!

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  5. Brian L says:

    That was Trump for “I don’t give a f**k”. Lol.

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  6. MfM says:

    That’s exactly the response. What good is it to bitch? It doesn’t buy anything and gives Putin satisfaction.

    Any normal group of people would have laughed… but not the media. Now they will go on the warpath that he doesn’t realize he and our country have been dissed by Russia.

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  7. WSB says:

    I think it was quite a nice gesture for President Putin to help drain the Swamp.

    We should send thank you notes.

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  8. All of you should watch the whole interview from the clip we are all talking about.
    There is something very different going on with President Trump. He is now even more confident and sure footed than he’s ever been.

    This is a guy who came out of the box at the top of his game and now seems even better at what he’s doing. If thats even possible?

    He truly is something very special. I’d ask anyone who was ever on the fence about him to watch that. If that doesn’t seal the deal for them, nothing will. And that is purely their loss.

    He has a vision and he’s not shy about how we get there. Who needs to step up. Who needs to do a better job. What he expects out of Congress. His demand and the expectation for excellence from the people around him.

    Just remarkable!

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    • Running Fast says:

      Funny my wife and I discussed the same thing. There is solid confidence in him now. Almost like the guy at the table sitting on a royal flush while everyone else goes all in. He’s got this big time!

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      • Rebcalintx says:

        Running fast, I think he knows how pathetic they are. He knows who they are & that gives him confidence. He knows the jobs num & progress he has made. He is intent on fulfilling his promises to the Americans people & that keeps him pressing on with his vision & plan to execute it. It drives him & he loves winning.

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    • Bendix says:

      That’s what I was going to say. This is classic Donald.
      How on Earth does he do it?


  9. WSB says:

    Even if I pull a number out of a hat, $70K average salary, President Putin probably just saved us over $52,850,000.

    Thanks, Vlad!

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  10. CharterOakie says:

    Classic Trump.

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  11. big bad mike says:

    Vintage TRUMP. Let the Good Times Roll!

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  12. scott467 says:




  13. scott467 says:

    That was so good, I had to watch it three time!


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  14. B Woodward says:

    I’m surprised that the federal union and/or civil service hasn’t told the President that he has to keep them on the federal payroll–in DC.



  15. yakmaster2 says:

    I had a good chuckle over President Trump’s response. It’s funny and TRUE!
    Made my day!!👍

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  16. NJF says:

    Like a boss n

    And the splody head response is just icing on the cake.


  17. Sandy says:

    Just too Funny! President Trump is absolutely the best!


  18. Did you notice that the reporter caller them “workers”? That’s Comemyspeak. “Workers unite” etc.

    Have you ever seen a bureaucrat “work”? It’s painful to watch. These self-absorbed leaches would starve to death if there were no giverment to sponge off of.

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    • G. Combs says:

      “Have you ever seen a bureaucrat “work”? “

      PLEEEASE, Don’t remind me!

      I had a gov’t retiree boss, a chemist. He spent so much time playing politics and figuring out what arse to kiss he got fired within 3 months. He picked the wrong side in a turf war and was setting me up to take the fall for marketing requests not getting done. (The results sat on his desk and mildewed.)…. Trouble was the Marketing VP knew me and my work. So he went around the boss and asked I give a copy of the results directly to him and he had his marketing guys started making the requests to me not to my boss. A few months later when the boss tried to fire me it boomeranged right into his face. And he was kicked out the door. 😁

      That was back in 1977 and I have had nothing but contempt for gov’t employees ever since.

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  19. Bob Foster says:

    And they will all come back to D.C. And find comparable work in the State Department HQ in the Russia section until they’re allowed back in. Comedy theater from Trump! Would love it if he could just privatize the lot of them.


  20. G. Combs says:

    TRUMP: You see those jokers out there?

    PUTIN: Yeah, those jokers are a pain in the neck.

    SO? Let’s mess with their heads.


  21. Putin owed us, anyhow: Obama kicked out a bunch of Russian diplomats in December 2016, as he furiously worked for the first time since taking office 8 years earlier, trying to create plausibility for the “muh Russians” narrative and cause as much damage and chaos as possible for incoming President Trump.

    Remember, in response to Obama’s newfound resolve Putin invited the American diplomats to a Christmas party. Totally clowned Obama.

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