Mitch McConnell Complains President Trump Has “excessive expectations” of Republican Congress (video)…

During a Monday Rotary Club meeting in Kentucky senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took questions from audience members who asked McConnell to explain why Republican lawmakers have been unable to deliver major legislative accomplishments for the president.

Senator McConnell responded by saying President Trump’s expectations are too high.

“I’d ask for a show of hands, but I know everybody’s saying, ‘been there, haven’t done anything,’ which I find extremely irritating — and I’m going to tell you why. A Congress goes on for two years. Part of the reason I think that the storyline is that we haven’t done much is because, in part, the president and others have set these early timelines about things need to be done by a certain point.”

“Our new president, of course, has not been in this line of work before, and I think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the Democratic process.”

Fortunately, this ridiculously elitist and arrogant establishment tone will likely not play well. This, along with a host of other ridiculous comments and realities could doom Luther Strange in the upcoming Alabama special election. Luther Strange is the loyal Decepticon favorite of Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove.  Mo Brooks and Roy Moore are more aligned with President Trump.

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442 Responses to Mitch McConnell Complains President Trump Has “excessive expectations” of Republican Congress (video)…


    When you go to work today part of what you earn is going to provide people to lazy to work and people who have entered our country illegally with income, food, phones, tattoos, beer, health care, education, housing, entertainment, transportation etc. You will also be paying for the failing government war on poverty, the failing government war on drugs, put money into a failing government retirement scheme called social security, a poorly managed government healthcare program called Medicare, a health care program for many to lazy to work called Medicaid and numerous other dysfunctional government programs created to make politicians appear compassionate and caring human beings.

    Additionally, every minute of your life will be spent under the weight and cost of regulations, laws legislation created by this same government. This government has encumbered you, your children and grandchildren with more debt than has ever been accumulated in the history of this planet. Every day part of your wages will be taken just to pay the interest on that debt.

    Concerned for their own future more than that of working Americans these same government representatives recently refused to replace and repeal a health care system that was unaffordable for working Americans but requires those same working Americans to pay for the health care necessary to support those who are to lazy to work.

    At this point in time career politicians continue to protect the “freebies” for those who are to lazy to work instead of the rights of those who do work in the belief they will obtain the vote of those receiving “freebies” at the next election. Thus they will retain their position of power and prestige.

    In the meantime those who work for a living must hope for the very best as related to their health and must survive under a government health care program they can’t afford.

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  2. Maquis says:

    McConnell is an Evil Weasel. “Democratic Process” my azz.

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    • carrierh says:

      Way too old and can’t move faster I guess or is it losing more outside bribes to ignore us and let them rule you Sorry, Mitch, time for you to hit the road, and frankly I would think your much younger wife would be super embarrassed by you! Too many expectations? Damn straight we have expectations that the 2 parties in 1 do the job we elected/hired them to do and they are not doing. You, however, haven’t a desire to help us, America and definitely not our far smarter President Trump. He isn’t a politician looking for ways to get richer and ignore WE, the People, and that is why we will drain the Congress swamp because you aren’t worth the powder to blow you to you know where. I guess the ads I get about donating to Mo will get me to send a donation asap.


  3. Mike diamond says:

    Mitch and Paul Ryan are get nothing done dudes !

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