Ambassador Nikki Haley Interview Following Historic Unanimous U.N. Security Council Resolution Against North Korea…

[*NOTE* Ambassador Nikki Haley will be appearing for a lengthy interview on Sunday Morning FBN news with Maria Bartiromo tomorrow (10:00am EDT).]

Today, following the historic and unanimous U.N Security Council sanction vote on North Korea, U.N. Ambassador Haley appeared on CNN for an interview:

The Question on U.S. economic pressure toward China (via trade) was asked in this U.N. interview:


Haley Remarks at the U.N. following the vote:


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28 Responses to Ambassador Nikki Haley Interview Following Historic Unanimous U.N. Security Council Resolution Against North Korea…

  1. MrE says:

    Interesting vote by China. Did they do it just to save face and not appear like the lone NK apologist? Will be interesting to see if Jinping abides by the new sanctions.

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    • Bouchart says:

      China is in the easiest position to smuggle in and out of NK. They’ll pretend to go along since it costs them nothing.

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    • Alison says:

      Did you not read Sundance’s earlier excellent analysis of this UN vote? Inform yourself!

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    • shallbe4 says:

      While other websites continue to tell us who hates Trump today I listened to an interview between the BBC and Sebastian Gorka. An interview like this would terrify our Fake Media because Gorka stands strongly with our President and this country. If this had been a debate Gorka would have won hands down.

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  2. sundance says:

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  5. Wend says:

    This is petty, but I love Nikki Haley’s dress. She’s really rocking that bright color.

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  6. Quinan2 says:

    And who says Pres. Trump is not working hard enough or that he is not getting things done?

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  7. trapper says:

    Well done, Madame Ambassador, well done!

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  8. fleporeblog says:

    Great job Nikki! None of this would’ve been possible without our PRESIDENT.

    I wrote the following last night;

    “I absolutely loved SD’s piece (see below) about how our President has setup both Russia and China to not veto the UN sanction against NK. I have highlighted numerous times that our President has allowed the Economic Train to leave the station never to return again! Yesterday’s job number for July (209,000), the fact we have cut the trade deficit in June by over 6% in comparison to the year prior, 2nd quarter GDP of 2.6% and the Stock Market hitting an all time high for the 8th consecutive day shows that the train is picking up serious traction.

    Stunning Leverage Created by President Trump Over Little Dragon – Draft U.N. Security Council Resolution Targets N-Korea Economy…

    All of this would not have been possible without the unleashing of our Energy Superpower. From coal to LNG and every other source in between, corporations realize it is more cost effective to build in America versus the rest of the world.

    This Energy explosion has also allowed us to take the upper hand with Russia and for different reasons eventually with China. Our President has been traveling to different countries or meeting with them in the US and is selling American coal and LNG. In doing so, it is feeding our economy but also buying us Massive Leverage with the two world powers that we need to resolve our two biggest issues; North Korea and eventually Iran.

    South Korea is paying for our protection by signing an agreement for $15 Billion in LNG. Ukraine got screwed with HRC losing and has to pay for their bet on her by purchasing coal to be able to use throughout the year. Poland and the Three Sea countries (11 total) decided that to distance their dependency on Russia, it would be smart to sign contracts with our companies to supply LNG. They are also building up their infrastructure to be able to pipe the LNG through each of the different countries. Our President assures them that the US will never use the fuel as a weapon against them.

    All of the things I just described is killing the Russians and their stronghold on these countries and their economy back in Russia. China will agree to massive amounts of LNG and coal to lower the import/export advantage they currently have. We will continue to take their trinkets but in return they will buy hundreds of billions of dollars in LNG and coal. The need is there for them with 1 billion plus Chinese living in China.

    Folks our President is beyond brilliant! Energy has served and will continue to serve two major purposes. It will be used to “Fuel” our Economic Train and it will continue to “Fuel” our leverage with Russia and China!

    That isn’t just winning. This is MAGASUPERWINING!”

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  9. Sylvia Avery says:

    I have wondered about this before, but maybe someone reading will have something to offer? That happens so often here. People know the most amazing things…

    What I am curious about is Nikki Haley. She scorned Trump, and yet he saw something in her that made him think she would be good for this position. What on earth is in her background that would make her a logical choice for UN Ambassador? Maybe some of you in SC who know her could comment?

    She has done very, very well as far as I can tell in carrying out President Trump’s ambitions at the UN. I’m frankly surprised and very happy about her success. And amazed at President Trump’s ability to judge horseflesh. I think about that when the hue and cry reaches fever pitch about whatever fill in the blank Cabinet selection is currently in disfavor.

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    • I have wondered the same thing. I thought perhaps it was the opportunity to get a person he could work better with in her seat. But Nikki Haley really seems to have excelled at the UN.
      I was one who would have pulled the plug on the UN but this leverage to corral NK has shown me that it can function. Even at the UN POTUS, through Nikki Haley, may be able to clean the swamp or at least redirect the action.
      President Trump is really good at judging people which I will have to remember next time I am tempted to worry.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        You are right. I hadn’t thought about it but I’d love to see us get out of the UN, but seeing what PDJT has been able to do with it is rather amazing.

        It is still probably not worth a darn, but it is a tool and he is getting use out of it! I am in awe.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          Sylvia I agree with growtiggerknits statement about getting her out of SC so that the Pro Trump replacement could step into the position. It may also have to do with her ethnicity and being a female. Maybe our President realized that her personality was made for the UN! She can come off as a Bitch but I mean that in a complementary way. She doesn’t take no for an answer and will tell it like it is. She has some of the same qualities our President has. All of what I describe may be some of the reasons for her being selected. To her credit, she is shinning in this position and winning for our country!

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    • bkrg2 says:

      Hi Sylvia, I have wondered the same about Nikki Haley. I’m not big on politics and following all these players. I remember mostly negative comments about her too.
      Since being named to the UN, everything I have seen from here is impressive, pro-Trump, and America first.
      I posted on another thread that Ambassador Haley is doing a great job and she is an excellent example of a “tiger that can change stripes”.

      Over the past few weeks, there are many Treepers bashing Session, McMasters, Reince, Jarod, Mooch, even TRex!
      Whenever I hear the “hue and cry reaching a fever pitch”, I remember a few points:
      – Trust Trump
      – Nobody can be perfect 100% of the time (except T-Rex and Ross 🙂
      – Some of Trumps picks were initially bashed on CTH, yet they have worked out good so far (KellyAnn Conway, Nikki Haley, Mulveny, Ivanka & Jared…)
      – I don’t have inside information to what is actually happening with all these people, Trump does, and he will handle it when needed
      – Trump has actually fired people before, so I am sure he will do it if he needs
      – Almost everyone beyond the first degree of separation from Trump is actively working against him – Congress, Media, Demonrats, Foreign governments, Globalists…
      Therefore, I don’t need to be another hindrance to MAGA.

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  10. Mike diamond says:

    I love.Nikki Haley she is a blessing!! CNN would find something to gripe about if every problem in the world were solved!! The communist news network is fake news!

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  11. Yep, our President Trump somehow has molded a political superstar in Nikki Haley.
    So, what he sees in his other picks will surprise us as well I’m sure.
    Looking forward to it.

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  12. Tonawanda says:

    Trump seems to have liberated Haley from her mental captivity to the GOPe.

    Her voice has become as sharp and incisive as Rex, Ross, Gorka and Sekulow.

    I would not be surprised at all to see Haley replace Pence.

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  13. deanbrh says:

    Yes. she is wearing a cross. Made me feel better about her. I was NOT a fan, because she slammed Trump brutally during the campaign, before primaries.

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