The Swamp’s Biggest Willful Blindness – Republicans Don’t Need Democrats To Fund Southern Border Wall…

On December 12th 2014 the Republican controlled House of Representatives passed a 1,600 page continuing resolution, an “omnibus” spending bill of over $2 trillion dollars.  Every one of President Obama’s policy and agenda items was fully funded; including Obama’s executive action on immigration called DACA (Deferred Action for Children of Americans).

Approximately two months later, February 2015, the key-note speaker for the CPAC conference was Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.  The same Paul Ryan who just passed a $2+ trillion Omnibus and eliminated the debt ceiling. At the conclusion of his speech over 1,000 members of the CPAC audience gave Speaker Ryan a standing ovation.

During a discussion of the irony and hypocrisy someone coined the phrase “Battered Conservative Syndrome” to describe the audience.   What, exactly, did that CPAC audience see as “conservative” in the fiscal action of Paul Ryan in the preceding two months?

Fast forward two and a half years later.  Republicans are in control of the House of Representatives, Republicans are in control of the Senate, a Republican President is in the White House, and somehow there’s “negotiations” on how to fund the #1 campaign promise of President Donald Trump, the border wall.

Here’s the rub.

Here’s what pundits never discuss.

The Republican party doesn’t need a single Democrat to fund the border wall.

A single spending bill could come from the House of Representatives that fully funds 100% of the border wall.  The spending bill then goes to the senate, where again, it doesn’t need a single Democrat vote because spending legislation is specifically what “reconciliation” was designed to facilitate.  That House bill can pass the Senate with 51 votes and proceed directly to the President’s desk for signature.

So, ask yourself: why is this even a point of discussion?

The honest answer, for those who are no longer suffering from Battered Conservative Syndrome, is that Republicans don’t want to fund or build an actual physical barrier known as the Southern Border Wall.

It really is that simple.

To those who would claim this is too simplistic an overview, I would suggest they were probably part of that 2015 CPAC audience.

Yes, the UniParty is very real.

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280 Responses to The Swamp’s Biggest Willful Blindness – Republicans Don’t Need Democrats To Fund Southern Border Wall…

  1. Lucille says:

    Copy and paste this article into your note to Speaker Ryan…

    Be wonderful if he got thousands of them.

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  2. History Teaches says:

    Ideally we need a third party founded on pure patriotic ideals. Plain and simple. Both parties now have become pale shadows of what they were supposed to represent. Time will inevitably corrode the energy and idealism of a new movement, and money and power will eventually corrupt leadership, but the enthusiasm and impetus of the first ten years of a freshly formed party would be enough to radically transform the direction the nation has been headed.

    The President has to be the start of a movement eventually leading to a third party. The Republicans will never ever become the party he hoped it would. At best they will grudgingly to the bare minimum of his agenda, waiting for their nightmare to end and a return to ‘politics as usual.’

    The media landscape also has to change. There certainly seem to be enough conservatives in the nation to support a purely conservative oriented network. Fox has become severely compromised, but they originally flourished by being comparatively conservative. Talk radio of various conservative persuasions is is dominating the airwaves. Dozens (if not hundreds) of conservative internet sites have loyal patrons. The President won the election!

    All this will take monumental amounts of money, the sharpest minds and the thickest skins. But all revolutions begin with the odds and powers against them. The President is in the unique position of being the highest power within the establishment. He can orchestrate massive change to the system from the top, not fight from the bottom of the swamp.

    Unless significant progress to the Maga agenda is made then what will have been the point of the sacrifice of his time, energy, money, reputation and family honor? As a pragmatist he has to seek the path that is most effective. He is trying everything possible within a party that largely opposes him and his goals. So much more could have already been done if the normal etiquette of party support were operative. Why on earth remain loyal to a party that will never willingly concede an inch on any legislation?

    Play the game now because there is no quick way to change things. But look beyond and explore all alternatives. Perhaps by actually prosecuting some of the big fish of the Clinton/Obama gang he can shake up the swamp enough to use the big stick to wack his own party.

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    • litlbit2 says:

      First paragraph. Done President Trump
      Second paragraph. Done President Trump
      Third paragraph. Done President Trump
      Fourth paragraph Done President Trump
      Fifth paragraph. Done President Trump
      Sixth paragraph Waiting for Ryan, McConnell??? I am running out of time
      Last paragraph “Prosecuting some of the big fish”?? Congress still exempt aca,
      GOPe/dnc/msm pounding war drums with Russia, NK anyone they
      Can provoke, Obamacare still raping the folks and powerful AG
      Sessions AWOL looking for his announcement of the announcement he is going to make once he finds the announcement that tells him where the announcement is located and time to collect it.

      Conclusion distant November 2018. In the meantime pray for the president Trump and read CTH..Sundance


  3. Best thing the GOP could do is get rid of those two RINOs

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    • Sentient says:

      Replace them with Cornyn and Kevin McCarthy?

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    • 4sure says:

      No. To get rid of RINOs, you’d need to replace 90% of the pubs. Probably all in the senate. There are no true conservatives in the leadership positions. NOT A SINGLE ONE! And are not going to ever be a single one. The uniparty will never permit it. They are lying scum! They have been for yrs. We were just not willing to face it. Trump has not outed them. They have been there for yrs. and we saw it if we were looking. I will not go into detail, but ask yourself why nothing ever came from the so called hearings of fast and furious, Lois Lerner IRS, Benghazi, and all the others. Why was a budget not passed for the past 10 yrs. Why was the border wall never built. Why were illegals never deported. Why did the gang of eight push for amnesty. Why has not one damn conservative agenda item ever been passed. Why NAFTA. Why the globalist agenda. They have always been scum for years. They knew we would keep voting for them. We keep falling for their clown shows of fake opposition to the dimms. They have learned to play us like a kitty kat plays w/catnip.

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  4. Publius2016 says:

    If the “Republicans” were really Republicans then the Freedom Health Bill, Tax Relief for Families and Businesses, Infrastructure Bill, Immigration bill, The Wall, and NAFTA renogiation would have been completed in the first 100 days. Instead, we have 90% RINOs, Nevertrumpers, and Dems dominating the Congress! The President gave them 6 months to make deals and instead they’ve spent the time investigating the President, his family and friends, and stopping and delaying his appointments.

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    • CleanhouseinDC says:

      So POTUS needs to take action to give them a clear message… like cutting their subsidies for healthcare and the same with insurance companies. They’ve done neither him or WTP any favors, in fact, they hurt us over and over. It’s past the time for tweeting snide remarks at them. The tweet he sends should read – “all of congress and their staff will immediately be placed on Obamacare. Subs for insurance cos cancelled. #FreeRideOver”. No action = Kabuki

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      • piper567 says:

        I am not quite ready to tell Trump what he needs to do, but I have confidence that the whole Congress thing will be addressed.
        This obstructionist thing has gone on long enugh for anyone paying attention to note it is Congress stalling on MAGA.
        Because Trump Tweets as he does, and at last count his followers on Twitter alone were 35M, he has pointed out the Congress is the problem.
        Think its pretty clear.
        And, I believe Trump’s presence n the Campaign trail will be felt.
        He wishes to get rid of Rinos at Least as much as we do !

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    • StrandedinCA says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. Let the “Concern Troll” comments commence, but as much as I had high hopes for President Trump’s success I am now downgrading to 50-50 chance of success (with that success being short-term). The swamp is too big (mentioning your RINOs, Nevertrumpers, Dems, and don’t forget the Media) and too powerful. President Trump will be blocked at every turn and publicly flogged everyday in the media. To add to that, we have the people (many here on this Board) who are already trumpeting the line that we have to support the incumbents no matter what in 2018 to ensure a Republican majority. I don’t know why we need a Republican majority when all they do is stall the President’s progress so that the others can stick a knife in his back. To be sure, there will be some success – but the Swamp will win out in the end (post 2020, or if we’re optimistic 2024).


      • svenwg says:

        Nobody on this site has ever called to vote for the encumbents, in fact the calls that I have read all called for the encumbents to be primeried and Trump Conservatives backed to the hilt to win their seats. It is the only way to weaken the uniparty!

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      • mimbler says:

        I think it is rather simple. Contrast what we are achieving with PDJT and his admittedly GOPe congress versus what we would have with a dem pres with a dem congress!

        Yes, I would like the GOPe to support Trump more, but they are still better than dems. We should primary where we can, but where that fails, still vote for the GOP person. The split between dems and GOP is still huge even with their common uniparty goals.

        I understand and share the righteous anger at these charlatans, but in the end, our charlatans are better than their charlatans (and I really mean that). Dems in control would slide the country into anti-white, anti-self sufficiency socialism. We witnessed it with obama and the resulting lawlessness that resulted.


  5. Sentient says:

    We need a good, long, government shutdown to concentrate GOP minds. Period.

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    • CleanhouseinDC says:

      Only if it is without pay. Every other shutdown, the govt employees got all of their pay, even though they were off of “work”. The only ones who suffered in the last shutdown were veteran’s visiting D.C.

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    • diogenes says:

      Who was it who said “Being hanged in the morning concentrates the mind wonderfully?”

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    • piper567 says:

      why we need a Republican majority is bc the Dems would vote for impeachment the second they had a majority.
      If the Republicans tried that, I’m willing to bet the streets of DC would fill with deplorables.


      • Piper Lauderdale says:

        My retired Army Colonel husband would like a mechanized infantry battalion, reinforced by heavy tank company, to descend upon D.C. during the State of the Union address when key members of all three branches, are all in one place.


  6. eric says:

    vote these bastards OUT!!!!
    It’s time for “new” faces that support America 1st!!!!!!

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  7. 4sure says:

    The POTUS can gut the ACA bill with xorder. It is living on xorder by Obama and Sebillus tinkering w/regs. Trump should and can undo 95% of it. He needs to do it. And anything else he can by xorder, he needs to get busy doing because the congress is not going to give him one single thing he wants. Build the dam wall by xorder.


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  8. jdondet says:

    Both my GOP Senator and Representative, who are running for election next year, are both big open borders types and huge Anti-Trump types. Which is why I will not be voting them next year. It is all I can do.

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    • svenwg says:

      It is not all you can do. The GOPe always put 10 or more no hopers into the primaries to ensure th uniparty candidate gets to not only keep his seat, but is more enslaved to the donors.

      What you and al your friends should do, is get out the vote for the candidate that President Trump supports and make sure they are the ones elected to drive President Trump’s agenda forward with the speed of a runaway express train!

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  9. William Ford says:

    Paul Ryan is a globalist Democrat. There is nothing conservative about him. When are Republicans, and especially conservatives, going to realize that?

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  10. Bubba says:

    The site should be required reading for all voters. Too many voters are clueless about the uniparty and, therefore, the rinos keep getting reelected. The only way to beat the uniparty repubs is to expose them individually in their home districts/states. There’s only one way to do that in our current media & political environment (an environment that covers for those rino creeps). The only way is for president Trump to use his bully pulpit to viciously & relentlessly call them out one by one, issue by issue, state by state. Since his inauguration, president Trump has tried to work with congress (in good faith on his part but not on their part). It didn’t work. President Trump is the only vehicle that can coordinate & deliver an effective message that will garner the necessary media attention against multiple foes in multiple states with multiple demographics on multiple issues in the short amount of time needed. I hope it’s part of the Big Ugly that we’re waiting for.


  11. unconqueredone says:

    Or put another way, Democrats don’t need to win elections for a southern border wall to not be funded.


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