Secretary T-Rex Responds To Criticism From Inside State Department…

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson responds to criticism from inside the U.S. State Department –EXAMPLE HERE– stemming from the professional career bureaucrats who cannot accept a change in objectives within the Depart of State.

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86 Responses to Secretary T-Rex Responds To Criticism From Inside State Department…

  1. sundance says:

    The insufferable Andrea Mitchell (Alan Greenspan’s wife) but, but, but Trump tweets…

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  2. Matt Musson says:

    “Anytime you have a dramatic change you have people who are going to struggle with that.”
    This guy is smart and impressive.

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  3. Brian L says:

    We should crowd fund an animatronic (spelling?) T-Rex for him, so that when he has to go in front of reporters all he needs to do is press a button, have it roar at them and then walk away.

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  4. patrickhenrycensored says:

    “That’s information for everybody,”………..even you, bimbo.

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  5. Publius2016 says:

    They have “permission” to leave…either out of State or to another role…either way, America First is the policy. President Trump was chosen👍🏻

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  6. Vince says:

    Kinda odd to think back to Obama, who campaigned on “change”. Nobody in government struggled with his changes of more intrusive government.

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  7. Jim Rogers says:

    T. Rex!!! DJT is at the top of the political mountain, but Mount T. Rex follows closely! A succinct answer to a lib’s rambling question….. What a pleasure to have stalwarts and patriots back in positions of trust, direction and authority!!!

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  8. Scotty19541 says:

    Love our T-Rex!!! If these people can’t adapt to the new policy well we will find something else for them to do …. like sweep the floors or clean the toilets!! LOL….go get ’em T-Rex!!

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  9. abstain says:

    Where is that “T-Rex Rules” picture from?

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  10. Charles says:

    Tillerson: “We’ll adapt to it”
    translation: “Dude! Trump tweets. Get over it or stop following him.”

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  11. Summer says:

    The answer is given respectfully and with dignity, without whining or resorting to profanity. Imagine that.

    I hope the Swamp’s self-draining won’t stop, though. I prefer the demoralized Swamp. Take their coats.

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  12. Brian L says:

    Consigned millions of Chinese to slavery under Communist rule?

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  13. stillers213 says:

    The first thing I noticed about this guy after his appointment was that he always seemed to command the entire room. There are certain individuals who just have a presence.

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    • He is all in one package deal! Charisma, great gruff commanding voice, stature, silver hair, great grin when necessary, very rich… should I keep going! We all are in love with him! Great asset to POTUS!

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      • MissingAndrew says:

        Thanks and blessing to his lovely wife for sharing such a man with all of us.
        After all those years of hard work she was looking forward for family time with grand children, but she knew,…he had been training for this job for decades.
        God bless T-Rex and ALL his family for their sacrifice.

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  14. Sylvia Avery says:

    Thin the herd, Rex. Good work!

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  15. Mickturn says:

    The real problem with all the ‘reporters’ is that they are so full of themselves they don’t recognize it’s all really crap vs. brains.

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  16. tampa2 says:

    I’m still amazed PDJT didn’t beg sellout Kerry or extortionist Hillary to come back to State???

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  17. LEET says:

    Love Rex Tillerson. He is a real leader. These progressives and liberals have gotten their way for SO LONG and run rough shod over our entire government that they can’t even fathom or comprehend what Tillerson just said. That our state department.and foreign policy should be dictated by some mealy mouthed disgruntled progressives is absurd and that reporters asnine question pretty much indicated that is what think!

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  18. fedback says:

    Adult in charge
    How can you not like this man, he is so honest and straight forward.

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  19. Paul Killinger says:

    My suggestion would be to treat these insufferable Govt employees the way New York City disposes of teachers no longer permitted in classrooms but who cannot be fired.

    They are assigned to a separate building where they report each day and read newspapers or some such to pass the time.

    When taxpayers get wind of this abuse of the public purse, our do-nothing Congress will have no choice but to amend the law so they can be fired.

    (In fact, I’d be surprised if the President hasn’t thought of this. Being from NYC himself, he no doubt knows about it.)

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  20. Johnny Bravo says:

    How about the question she was gonna ask, but lost her bottle.

    Thank you Secretary Tillerson, I love me, who do you love?….

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  21. wondering999 says:

    Thank you Secretary Tillerson for bringing Otto Warmbier home. That took skill and motivation. I feel safer knowing Tillerson is in charge

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  22. melski says:

    People talk about putting President Trump on Mt. Rushmore. I say no. What this country will need after eight years is an entirely new “Mt. Rushmore” with President Trump and most of his Cabinet carved onto it. #MAGA

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  23. keebler AC ovfefe says:

    Government unions are one of the biggest problems today right alongside propaganda journos and establishment. It’s all about entitlements not ethics nor hard work.

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  24. dobbsfan says:

    The trouble with the Democrat Party … that it’s full of Democrats.

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  25. MVW says:

    Full Tillerson press briefing with Q&A


  26. Edith Wenzel says:

    Imagine the nerve of this ‘broad’. She asks Tillerson if he has changed? When did he start to work for the bureaucrats in Govt The complainers are confused.. They WORK for him as a representative of the people of American. Not some Obama faithful who likely has been causing trouble, maybe even been paid to cause trouble, since day one. I would have told the complainers to go work somewhere ELSE, not be polite and ask someone to find them something else to do. I suspect & hope General Kelly puts all of these little whiners and Obama fans in their place. He likely has a test for them that will eliminate all of them soon.

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  27. Bull Durham says:

    We work for the People who elected the President and carry out the foreign policy the People wanted.

    Sounds good.
    I don’t see the policy. I see the same and more so of what was in many places.
    Russia, Ukraine, Baltics, Balkans are not looking good. Certainly not new. Much more dangerous than even the neocons had before.

    Regarding North Korea, coercion is not a good policy to get China on board.
    ISIS-AQ, we have decided to go it alone, without Russia. Not a good policy.

    Afghanistan is so flawed the President had to stop the new military plan.
    Iraq, we are being told to leave now that Mosul is over.
    Syria, we are playing Kurdistanish games. Won’t ever work. Turkey, Russia and Iran and Syria will have none of that.

    If we stuck to the campaign foreign policy that got Trump support, we will work with Russia against ISIS and AQ, leave Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan when they were done as ISIS bases, we would have fewer problems.

    North Korea needs Russia, China, Japan and South Korea to end the nuclear threat. That’s their neighbor. Instead, we want to run the show.

    We have a Bush-Obama foreign policy of sorts. Bush–getting involved. Obama–wasting billions.
    It looks and smells like the last 16 years will continue in all the wrong places.

    When McCain and Graham are shaping your foreign policy, it’s not good.
    We didn’t vote for that at all.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Bull, let’s give them six more months,,,,,,and then see what has changed. When We the People allowed this federal government to become so LARGE…………it’s slow to make changes of any kind.


  28. Lulu says:

    I really like Tillerson. He’s politically to the left of me, but he might be the first decent SOS we’ve had in my lifetime. And he’s doing well in the headquarters of the swamp – foggy bottom.


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