A Perfect Fit? The Team That Might Hire Colin Kaepernick….

Colin Kaepernick is the racial activist pro-football player who drew a great deal of criticism for his refusal to stand for the national anthem.

He mocks the U.S. military and has not played football since the San Francisco 49ers benched, then released him.

Finding a fit for his talents off the field has proven quite difficult as most NFL teams don’t want to deal with his divisive baggage and the potential to lose the majority of their fans.

Unfortunately Ferguson Missouri doesn’t have a pro-football team, so that leaves the next best location….

Without cheating and peeking, what city do you think would be considering him?

Answer below:


Perfect fit?

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182 Responses to A Perfect Fit? The Team That Might Hire Colin Kaepernick….

  1. fred2w says:


    After the Baltimore riots, the Ravens began a program in which Baltimore cops and young Black men went on a retreat to really get to know each other:


    This brilliant approach created create real friendships between both and tore down stereotypes pushed by Hollywood, the press, and corrupt politicians.

    If the Ravens now cave on Kaepernick, all that hard workwould be for nothing.

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    • Strange closing statement. So if KPnick is not hired the youths will give up on the police? If that is the case it would have never worked anyway.

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      • mw says:

        I think he means if they cave by hiring him

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      • NO! his being on the Ravens team with further divide Black and White- as he did for all of us in the Bay Area…till we all just stop showing up for the games…
        The coach is Jim Harbaugh’s brother (can’t remember his name) but Jim Harbaugh is the most decent moral honest amazing coach in football- period…and right up at the top of just being a great human being. I know that Jim Harbaugh gave Kap a chance, once… he may have had a heart to heart with him, however, either he broke up with her and has changed his tune and Jim Harbaugh (now coaching Michigan -because the owner of SF is an idiot) has put in a very good word with this brother or if he has not repented from this GF ignorance, this is someone other than the Harbaughs calling they are just looking for controversy and I can not for a second believe that what Kap says will in any way be nothing short of ignorant, because he clearly has no idea about the issues, because of that stupid BLM girlfriend of his, he is brainwashed, spouting nothing but gibberish …now all we can do is wait to see. I can tell you- SF keeping him caused so much damage I don’t think they will be gaining the publics trust for some time again. (the public was already on the outs with owner York for some very stupid moves he has made- the first of which was firing a winning coach like Jim Harbaugh, the last was keeping Kap on when the fans became outraged and not acting on the outrage.(Football here is a conservative past time…mostly)


    • Geoff snyder says:

      Very well written “mystery” column. I particularly love the selfie Mayor pic. Made me laugh.

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      • James says:

        Man, i totally though it was going to be Seattle…


        • Dave says:

          Pete Carroll couldn’t do it. The racial dynamics would have destroyed the team. The defensive players want a “blacker” QB to stand up to management. Many outspoken activist minded players. A toxic stew if Kaepernick had joined the team.


      • phoebehb says:

        Mayor Rawlings-Blake got her come-uppance on election night. She was on ABC’s panel, sporting a glam new haircut. Started out the might merry as a grig; by 9pm-ish she was deflating like a punctured balloon. Glorious few hours there as the whole MSM waited prayerfully for the ever-resourceful Brenda Snipes down in Broward (and hopefully her equiv. in Georgia) to find a few car trunks full of missing ballots… More fun than you-know-what. :o)


        • Prettyplease says:

          Actually, I think they were going to use GA to offset Michigan if the results got close enough with the other deciding states. MI n GA have the exact number of electoral college votes. GA is easy to cheat because it is one of the five remaining states with those old DRE voting machines with no paper trail n cannot be verified. Most states switched before 2012. Shame on Brian Kemp n GA legislature for their dereliction of duty. May it come back n bite ’em hard on the a$$. This a HUGE issue with me. There has been sooo much flipping n stripping of honest votes. Making it easy to do n then signing off on rigged results. Shameful


    • Sam says:

      If the Ravens cave and go PC to hire Kaep, he will be a divisive influence and very bad for the team. Chemistry matters. Gelling as a team matters very much in team sports. There’s no “I” in team and Kaep is the ultimate I. Besides he’s not that good a QB. Done do it, Ravens.

      If i were partisan, I would be saying “go for it” since it would wipe the Ravens off the competition list. Hmmm…

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      • kiskiminetas says:

        For me CK being a Raven is a two sided coin. On one side is his inane SJW crap but on the other side I am a Steelers fan and have disdain for the Ratbirds. I am in sort of dilemma with this, I don’t want any team to have him on their roster but the thought of him being on the Ratbirds roster is mighty tempting.

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        • TRiUMPh says:

          Kisk…, Did you hear ESPN fiannaly told the truth how about Kaepshits not standing for the National Anthem cost the NFL ‘HUGE DOLLARS’, with TV ratings/viewers down more than 15%. My guess is although B’more is a real S-‘hole, the NFL will not allow them to hire him, besides he is a 3rd rated QB at best. Maybe a team in Kenya might be interested in hiring him….;)


    • Interesting – being this is Baltimore, most of the cops and kids were black.


  2. PDQ says:

    My sports-minded husband tells me the guy is not very good.

    So, it’s controversy for the sake of controversy and maybe selling tickets.

    I am thinking the ticket sales will not be too exciting, though…people are sick of the fake racism and anti-American rhetoric. I think he should give up his citizenship and go back to wherever he hails from.


  3. SSI01 says:

    “Don’t shoot and we won’t loot:?

    I saw a pretty good rejoinder, maybe here, maybe on another blog; it’s worth repeating:

    “Hands up – don’t shoot” – “Pants up – Don’t loot!”

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  4. joshua says:

    Pardon me if I just don’t give a crap about this loser…or the entire professional football crowd. They hijacked a sport for money….same as greedy global businessmen….just about the Benjamins.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      This is a shining example of a spoiled, over-hyped individual that voluntarily wasted blessings and opportunities.

      What he had was never going to be enough. Greed has no bounds and so it would be fitting if this young man finds himself permanently ‘out of bounds’ as far as another overpaid football contract. He had it all and he willfully blew it all.

      Maybe his Muslim girlfriend can get him a job at the radio station where she works since he forfeited any football talent God gave him in trade for running down the country that paved his way. In today’s media world, there’s always openings for America Last voices. Speaking of anti-American points of view, ESPN may have a place for him.

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      • Coldeadhands says:

        Yes, ESPN and Kaepernick would be the perfect marriage. Kaepernick could officiate over the continued demise of the social justice idiocy at that looser network.

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      • Daniel says:

        They were dogging him about his “privilege” so that was his response. Tribalism runs far deeper among some than among white western people who have a far larger tribe due to our capacity to follow and respect law.


  5. Angry Dumbo says:

    If this were about talent, CK would still be with the 49ers. He is a distraction. He made himself one. Now he must deal with the consequences of placing his own interests over those of the team.

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  6. Charlie says:

    He has reaped what he sows – discourse is not a virtue to NFL owners.

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  7. MAGA! says:

    Someone needs to throw a match in his wig. 😉


  8. jojo says:

    Professional sports lost me a long time ago. Talk about snowflakes.

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  9. StormyeyesC says:

    Full confession. I am not a football fan, so my first thought was Oakland


  10. mo says:

    Of course, a racist sh**hole like Baltimore. Why not continue the descent.


  11. dreadnok89 says:

    This is old. They passed on him and signed a nobody


  12. Raven says:

    My first guess was Minnesota Vikings, with nothing needed to explain why.


  13. Dehbashi says:

    Honestly, I don’t think teams care about the kneeling as much as he sucks as a QB. All the other kneelers like Brandon Marshall from Denver, Mike Thomas from Miami, Kenny Stills as such got signed this off season. That is because they are actually good. Kraperprick just sucks as a QB.

    My favorite game of his is on December 4 against Chicago. He went 1 of 5 for 4 yards and was sacked 5 times for 25 yards. That means his net passing was – 21 yards and was benched in the 4th quarter. That is pathetic even for a High School QB. If Tim Tebow had those numbers when he was playing people would freak out and rightfully so.

    Of course SJWs tried to make the excuse of the bad weather but never point out how Matt Barkley, the 3rd string quarterback playing due to injuries, played. Barkley threw for 11 for 18 for 192 yards. He just sucks.

    It’s the Tebow effect. They are not going to have someone they think is bad and a distraction just because.

    I guarantee knowing Colin’s ego that as a backup he wants 20 million a year. That is what is driving teams like Seattle who thought of getting him away.

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    • Daniel says:

      What’s “good” about them? I see low morality and low character.

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      • Dehbashi says:

        I just meant in production. They can actually do their jobs. At least the owners could at least justify to the fans about those knuckleheads that they can at least produce on the field however wrong that can be. They can’t use the same justification with Kaepernick because he stinks as a player. That is why they won’t touch him with a 100 yard pole.


  14. Bonitabaycane says:

    Ask yourselves one question: Why is the Dishonest Media so supportive of this Anti-American athlete? The answer should be clear.

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  15. Wayne says:

    No no no Colin is needed down at pepper factory. They need him to pick the fly shit out of the factory . This will keep him busy and uninvolved with other people’s thoughts . He is unwanted / unloved / and unsung / this rat bastard had no appreciation in him

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  16. Meatzilla says:

    Whomever signs day late race-hustling performance artist opportunist Colin Kaepernick is going to pay a heavy price indeed, and I am in no way, shape or form referring in the least to Kaepernick’s potential salary and bonuses. Kaepernick is utter poison to every NFL franchise.

    Vastly, and certainly justifiably, legions of NFL Fans can’t stand the asinine sumb**ch.

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  17. RyanG says:

    As a Baltimore MAGA supporter this story is 100% Fake News. The media posed the question to the Ravens brass and they gave the PC answer that they would consider any player that could help the team. They should have just flat out said no but the media would like that more. In any event the media ran with it to create a story out of nothing.

    Just FYI there are a lot of Trump supporters here in Baltimore and surrounding areas. Of course we have been gerrymandered to death and don’t have the voice we should. We have to take a lot of abuse here and really have to stand by our convictions in a blue state like this. Hopefully Trumps policies can help restore dignity to this great old American city and home of the Star Spangled Banner.

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    • Josh says:

      Speaking as a ravens fan, I can attest to that. Some stiffness on Flacco’s back and all of a sudden, the Kaep brigade shows up.


  18. dayallaxeded says:

    RyanG, glad to hear this good report from Charm City! Lived in Remington/Waverly and Hampden in the mid-late 70’s. Drew a lot of inspiration/sustenance from the Lee & Jackson statue across from BMOA on W. 29th. Gritty as she was and still is, there’s a ton of heart and solid, patriotic, conservative values and great people of all stripes in B’more. It’s just not what makes the news and unfortunately, like the rest of the USA, wasn’t what won at the polls in prior elections. Hopefully, things will turn around, but without Leon’s Pig Pen, it’s gonna be tough.

    Any team who hires Kaep is just trying to gin up publicity among a demographic they weren’t previously getting any business from. And they still won’t get any business from them, except demands for freebies and degeneration of the fan base and venue that they will bring, thus alienating the real, paying fan base. Not generally a Ravens fan, but don’t want that to happen to a town I still care about and where I’ve got friends.

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    • RyanG says:

      Well I’m crossing my fingers they don’t sign him because I told my wife that if they do I won’t watch anymore.


  19. Mike diamond says:

    I thought he might play catch with Obama ! In his back yard ! Nobody else wants him!!!!!


  20. mypitztop says:

    I lived most of my life in the Seattle, WA area … then moved (of all places) to Nevada (when Kaepernick was QBng the U of Nevada Wolf Pack.

    2 things:

    1. Yes, I thought for a moment – if you understand the PC/Communist politics of Seattle City, the Seahawks might sign this guy and ride the liberal shame based media parade through the downtown streets extolling how loving, tolerant and committed to fake-social justice we all need to be. (If you think the NY Times is completely unhinged, you gotta take a look at the Seattle Times!) Problem, for the city and the Seattle Seahawks, is you step 1 foot north or south out of the city limits, and (the rest of the US does not know this) the people are salt-of-the-earth, blue collar, hard-working, common sense Americans! Of course, you step 1 foot east and you’ll drown in the Microsoft, Google, and Amazon swamp. The team’s risk is keeping the vast majority of its ticket base, and signing Kaepernick would surely bring out the red around the collar of those fans who help sell-out the stadium every Sunday. Within the city limits, the dominant Amazombies are non-USA/pro-EURO Seattle Sounder fans. They hate anything so blatantly American as football and baseball, they will not use the word ‘soccer’, preferring something non-english, like futbol! They will NOT play or have a picnic on a FIELD unless the city renames it a PITCH! (I jest, but not really!) And besides, the current ‘blame everything on the white man’ players on the Seahawk squad have already given his Supreme Coach Super Bowl Pete Carroll enough sleepless nights. They don’t like their current pro-bowl QB, thinking he’s not black enough. (One never knew that being black enough was a prime skill for a NFL QB!) And since money talks, sings, dances and walks, the Seahawks will let the accused pedephile Seattle mayor lead the various hate the US pride parades down 4th avenue. Look up the city council members, there is ACTUALLY a city council woman who is a member of the Communist Party. I kid you not.

    2. Kaepernick is not that good. He looked OK at Nevada because the level of play is so obviously far down from the PAC 12, BIG 10, BIG 12, SEC, ACC, etc. (Sorry, UNLV fans, but it’s true!)

    All this just leaves me with more questions.


    The NBA’s former commissioner began the ruination of that pro league. What are the NFL owners thinking? They pay Goodell mega-millions to understand their fan base. And this is what they think their future needs to be about?

    MLB better watch out. They already have crazy sports writers screaming at the top of their keypads how baseball needs to eliminate the totally racist National Anthem and the completely intolerant God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch. Maybe they’ll try to deep-six the entire 7th inning stretch, too. Hasn’t revisionist history proven that ‘stretching’ is something brought to America by the slave trading US founders?

    And, anyway, how does Kaepernick get his helmet on with an afro bigger than the one ‘sported’ by Angela Davis in the 60s?

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  21. Has anybody suggested trading him to a CFL team?
    Perhaps Toronto or Vancouver has a team that’d be a much better fit for Cappy.

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  22. TwoLaine says:

    I hear NBC needs someone to replace Princess MK on Sundays…
    How much did they waste on her?
    He would be just as big a waste.
    I like it when they ALL LOSE.

    I Like WINNING!
    Not tired of it yet.

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