Minnesota: Somali Police Officer Refuses To Give a Statement To Investigators…

To say that something in Minneapolis seems sketchy would be a disservice to all things sketchy. Something is seriously odd about the Minnesota shooting death of Justine Damond by a police officer originally from Somalia named Mohamed Noor.

Having followed several very high profile police shootings closely the same undisclosed media elements are present.

Officer Mohamed Noor is refusing to cooperate with, or give a statement to, investigators from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. However, the second officer who was partnered with Noor is cooperating.

Matthew Harrity gave a statement to the BCA and based in part on that statement the BCA released some information yesterday. -See Information HERE-

In a Tuesday evening news conference (video below). The weird and overly dramatic Mayor, Betsy Hodges, the Assistant Police Chief Medaria Arradondo and City Council Member Linea Palmisano addressed reporters.

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510 Responses to Minnesota: Somali Police Officer Refuses To Give a Statement To Investigators…

  1. Nick Lupo says:

    I sincerely apologize for getting Ms Justine Damond’s name wrong.

    If the officers received a dispatch to investigate a possible sexual assault there is even less reason the sight of a woman wearing pajamas emerging from the dark should ‘shock’ them. Responding to that type code an officer might expect to encounter a female.

    It is suspicious that the dash cam and the officers body cams were all off in such an event. I’m questioning the whole scenario as reported. There had to be some security lighting or even cameras around the backs of homes and garages in such a good neighborhood. Were these officers concealing illicit activity of some sort?

    What could Ms Damond possibly have heard or seen which made her seem a looming threat to Officer Noor and his partner ‘Officer’ Harrity?


    • Angela says:

      And, why did it take over nine minutes for the officers to respond to possible crime in progress?. Dispatch should have sent them immediately – that is how it is done.

      And, why was someone with three prior complaints against him by women, two not yet resolved, on active duty?


      Minnesota is gone, by the way.


  2. zaq123 says:

    Under the Garrity Rule, he has to give an administrative statement to their Internal Affairs Unit. However the Garrity statement doesn’t have to be made public while the case is being investigated and cannot be used in any court proceedings unless it’s discovered that the officer lied at some point, during it.

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  3. Nick Lupo says:

    I’m sorry I can’t edit previous post to add tips.

    Previously advised:

    Read report at link [& screen capture the page] ASAP. Could be key to motive.


    Info related to Noor’s failed run for MN State senate and local political office contradicts the stereotype of Sharia fanatic Muslim.

    Keeping info re: Officer Noor in mind, maybe somebody can find info re: CSO Matthew Harrity history.


    • Nick Lupo says:

      The Mohamud Noor who ran for MN state senate and school board elected offices may not be Officer Mohamed Noor. Although their photos appear nearly identical, the ages are different. There are hundreds if not thousands of Mohamed Noors in USA.


      Let’s keep hunting.


      • disgustedwithjulison says:

        They are two different people. Apparently it is a popular name.

        I have posted info on Harrity earlier in this thread. I know him. Good kid from a working class home. I would be surprised if he is not fully cooperative throughout this whole thing.

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  4. oldiadguy says:

    Let me park this information here. It is from the 8th Ward news page. Council vice president Elizabeth Glidden posted the following info about Mohamed Noor.

    “He has a Degree in Economics and Business Administration from Augsburg College. Prior to joining the Department he worked in Property Management primarily in commercial and residential properties both in Minneapolis and the St. Louis Missouri/ East Metro market. Officer Noor is excited to be on the 5th Precinct roster and looking forward to being a part of the community.”




    If anyone knows or heard who Noor did property management for it would be helpful to know.

    Take Care


    • disgustedwithjulison says:

      Oldia guy….of course, it is media from outside of the area that is actually covering this story. The Australian has someone on the ground here investigating and doing true journalism. Here is a little more on Mohamed Noor.

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      • oldiadguy says:

        Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, it appears I need a subscription to open the article.

        I wish there was a way we could communicate in private. I have some details I need to confirm but I don’t wish to place them in a public forum. I don’t want to dox anyone as there are too many crazies out there.

        Any info on Noor’s last employer, the property management company he worked for?

        Take Care


        • disgustedwithjulison says:

          Strange….do this. Google: Mohamed Noor real estate st. louis missouri

          The Australian article should be about the fourth one down in your search. Click on that and it should take you to the article without needing a subscription.


          • disgustedwithjulison says:

            Article states he was kind of a drifter….marital problems (culturally married in the Islamic faith but not civilly married – whatever that means), managed a hotel in a Mpls suburb, moved to St. Louis to help his brother-in-law in his real estate business. Moved back up here to be a cop.

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          • oldiadguy says:

            No, it is still requiring a subscription. Tried searching it in Bing and Google.

            Does the article give a middle name for Noor or list his former employers?


        • disgustedwithjulison says:

          Well, this post will be a little long…..but here is the article:

          Late on Monday night, 48 hours after he shot dead Australian Justine Ruszczyk, 40, policeman Mohamed Noor returned home quietly, easing his silver Toyota into a back parking lot of his apartment building in New Hope, Minneapolis.

          Neighbours say the 31-year-old got out, flipped a hoodie over his head to avoid scrutiny, and carried a bag up the two flights of stairs to his one-bedroom apartment.

          “I saw him arrive here at about 11.30 last night,’’ a neighbour who did not want to be identified told The Australian. “It was like he wanted to keep a low profile. He put a hoodie over his head and took a blue bag inside.

          “You know, the guy screwed up bad. It was inexcusable and it should never have happened.

          “She was a beautiful woman from what I heard.” The neighbour said that Noor did not stay for long and that he had not been seen since.

          Noor refused yesterday to be interviewed by investigators about why he shot Ruszczyk at point-blank range as she approached­ his police car after calling 911 for help.

          But as the authorities seek answers­ to his actions, The Australian has pieced together key parts of Noor’s life. They portray a drifter from a big Somali family who moved from job to job, looking in vain for a steady profession before deciding, fatefully, that policing was his calling.

          The eldest of 10 children of Somalian­ refugees in Minneapolis, Noor appears to have been determined to make a name for himself and break the cycle of poverty which so often afflicts Somali immigrants in the US.

          After being raised speaking ­Somali at home, he studied business and economics and then tried to branch out into the commercial world.

          He was only 21 when he met the girl who he thought was the love of his life. She was Salma Hussein, a fellow Somali of the same age who had just qualified as a medical laboratory technician. They were both educated and employabl­e. Middle-class America beckoned.

          They lived together in Minneapolis but never married, later describi­ng themselves as ‘‘culturally married in the Islamic faith but not civilly married’’.

          In 2010, Hussein gave birth to a son, Zayn. Noor landed a job as a general manager of a two-star hotel in the Minnesota suburb of Eden Prairie — he worked the day shift while Hussein worked the night shift in a medical lab.

          But even with the help of their big families, the strain of this ­juggle became too much.

          In 2012, their relationship started to deteriorate and in October­ 2013 they separated, sharing custody of Zayn.

          A year later, Noor threw in the hotel business to try his luck in real estate. He left Zayn with his mother and moved to St Louis, Missouri, to help his brother-in-law with his real estate business.

          He stayed until early 2015, when he decided to try his hand at policing. Noor returned to Minneapolis to join the police academy program.

          He moved into a one-bedroom bachelor flat in a featureless 1967 brick apartment block, where dim lighting and faded carpet led up to his second-floor flat.

          He bought a large tub of Lego for Zayn to play with when his son came over on the weekends, but otherwise he attended the academy each day until he completed the 29-week training program.

          But as he was training to become a policeman, his ex-wife met a man named Malcolm online.

          Three months later, in July 2015, Hussein and Malcolm met in New York for the first time. She fell in love and told Noor she wanted to move to New Jersey to attend optometry school.

          Noor initially agreed but when he subsequently learned of ­Hussein’s new relationship, he ­decided to oppose the move.

          Early last year, the two went to court to fight over custody.

          As this domestic battle was unfolding­, Noor finally achieved the professional recognition he had been craving. He was appointed as the first Somali police officer of the city’s Fifth Precinct, which covers one-fifth of Minneapolis. He was one of only eight Somalis in a police force that has long had tensions with the city’s large ­Somali community.

          Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges said his appointment was a cause for celebration, and a function­ attended by hundreds of people was held in his honour. Publicly, he was a poster boy.

          But privately Noor’s life was grim. In custody documents obtained­ by The Australian from the Minneapolis government, Noor accuses Hussein of deceiving him about her move to New Jersey, saying it was all about love and that it wasn’t fair to take Zayn.

          He was never going to win the custody battle, given that he had moved alone to St Louis for at least six months and that he had his heart set on full-time policing.

          “(Noor) did not seem eager to rearrange his life around Zayn, certainly not to the extent (that the mother) did,” a family court evaluator wrote.

          The evaluator also cited Noor’s home, noting that it was sparse and without children’s toys. “It was lacking in toys or books for Zayn except for a big box of Lego,” the evaluator reported.

          Hussein won custody of Zayn. By then, Noor was having work problems also. His behaviour as a policeman garnered three separate formal complaints from members of the public. One was dismissed but two remained open.

          He was also sued by a woman named Teresa Graham, who alleged­ that he manhandled her roughly and without justification after she called for help over a nearby vagrant.

          The practical outcome of his failed custody battle was that it freed Noor up to work the Fifth Precinct’s ‘‘middle watch’’ — the night shift.

          That is why Noor was rostered on last Saturday night as he and fellow officer Matthew Harrity responde­d to a 911 report of a suspected sexual assault occurring in a back alley of the upmarket suburb­ of Fulton.

          As they approached the spot, Harrity turned off the car’s lights to spot any offenders. According to Harrity, they drove up the alleyway until they reached the end.

          Harrity has told investigators he was ‘‘startled by a loud sound”. Immediately afterwards, he said, Ruszczyk approached the driver’s side window of the car.

          Harrity was blinded by a flash and a deafening noise as a gunshot rang out from Noor’s gun.

          Ruszczyk fell to the ground, a fatal wound in her abdomen.

          Noor and Harrity jumped out and tried to revive her, but nothing could be done.

          In a moment of apparent madness, Noor destroyed a woman’s life and broke countless hearts in Aust­ralia and the US. Now Mohamed­ Noor almost certainly has destroye­d his own life as well.

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          • oldiadguy says:

            Thank you very much, that fits the profile of the guy I’m looking at. The problem I have is that I don’t have enough personal identifiers to be sure it is the same guy and I am running into a wall as there are just too many Somali males named Mohamed Noor.

            Any mention of Tyson Foods?

            The reason I ask is that the locations my Mohamed Noor have Somali communities that work for Tyson Foods or other meat processing companies. My MN received a couple of building code violations on a piece of commercial property in a small Missouri town. The building just happened to be used as an Islamic Center.

            Also, my guy spent a tidy sum to take care of a legal issue in late 2012 – earlier 2013. This would have been after he had graduated from Augsburg College and before the separation and later the application with the MPD. I don’t see a guy probably working at a poultry processing plant paying out the kind of money for the legal issue involved, unless he had a very good reason.

            I may well be chasing the wrong rabbit down the proverbial rabbit hole, but the circumstances sure seem to fit.

            I want to thank you for helping me to investigate these issues.

            Take Care


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