Senator Rand Paul and Senate GOPe Leadership React To Their Own Inability…

Various senators deliver remarks following the collapse of their ability to reform and replace ObamaCare with any alternative.  Beginning with the controlled opposition position of Rand Paul and continuing with Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP leadership (at 15:00 of video).


What these insufferable politicians well understand is that any substantive tax reform will necessarily also be compromised by the flawed dynamics inside ObamaCare. That will have a negative downstream impact on any hope for economic growth. However, they are not stupid – they know this – that is their unified UniParty goal.

The increasing taxpayer costs to keep big government ObamaCare operational, for non-taxpaying medicaid recipients, means the middle-class is once again sacrificed at the altar of the Big Club.

American workers on the individual market will not only see increased insurance rates, but their income tax rates will also be higher as the need to subsidize the lower-income non-working group (medicaid) remains.

A pox on them!

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270 Responses to Senator Rand Paul and Senate GOPe Leadership React To Their Own Inability…

  1. Sherlock says:

    More b.s. A picture perfect example of how they ALL want to be able to say they were against Obamacare–though somehow they can’t seem to get 51 together. 46 want to repeal, an overlapping group of 48 want the Senate bill, etc. This is all a lie so they can all claim to have opposed Obamacare, somehow. What a pack of liars.

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    • Sherlock says:

      It’s like: “We all agree we should have ice-cream, and a simple majority can get ice cream for everybody. Unfortunately, 34 want vanilla, and 48 will accept chocolate but not vanilla, while 22 would vote for pistachio if vanilla fails to pass, but not chocolate, and 5 want sherbet, but would accept vanilla, and 42 will accept milkshakes with ice cream in them….
      ALL b.s., all manipulation, all lies.

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      • RG says:

        They know that they have the true American public in a “catch 22.” We know that the Democrats are evil as they voted unanimously for Obamacare…We also know that the Republicans are corrupt and a majority stand with the Democrats on Obamacare. The rest is smoke and mirrors. The time is ripe for a third party.

        The Uni-party is lying to the citizens of the USA. Trump has the MSM against everything he does and yet, he has been able to make stars shine when the MSM is left waiting and when he doesn’t need congress to act. Look for more Executive Orders coming from the White House…ya think.

        Now common patriot, what do we do? Continue to let the Republicans be a majority in congress or elect Democrat opponents. I learned last week-end that Corker has a strong Democrat running against him in TN…hmmmm, it may get interesting but the Chamber of Commerce has lots of money and power and they call Soros grandpa.

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  2. NYGuy54 says:

    What’s insane is that the Democrats want to keep pushing the Russian collusion angle. It is shrinking their party and drying up their fundraising. It’s like the Republicans dropped the biggest gift of their lifetime on their laps and they are too stupid to use it. TDS is an addiction.

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  3. I don’t see where either side of the aisle incumbents can run on anything. They’ve done jack-shit and have no horns to blow next year.

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  4. Abster says:

    Thoughtless pigs. They plan on the usual accomplishments…nothing.


  5. Fingolfin says:

    Hey Sundance, any thoughts/ideas on how PDJT can effectively counter??

    Was it a mistake to push for Repeal & Replace as the first big item or do you think that doing so was (like most moves by President Trump) part of a bigger game plan that’ll win out in the end?


    • piper567 says:

      Fingolfin, the deal with HC being first is that its passage will impact the tax reform plans Trump has put forward. Have to know ab HC before tax reform can go though the way we would wish.
      Nobody thought this would be easy.


    • Southern Son says:

      They just keep on takin’ rope.
      It Will run out.
      And they will be surprised, because they all told themselves it never could.
      Just like Trump happened.
      They are Paid not to get it.


  6. Plain Jane says:

    I wish PDJT or Dr. Gorka would come out and tell the public exactly what SD said.


  7. CheeseHead says:

    Dr. Charles Krauthammer on Special Report blamed the senate healthcare fail on lack of presidential leadership. WTH is POTUS supposed to do sit the GOP losers down every day and tell them “be sure to keep your promises boys and girls”. Dr. K must be prescribing himself too many hallucinogenic drugs.

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  8. The two year delay means nothing will ever happen….puleeeese….

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  9. mortgagesforthemasses says:

    Let’s start with the 33 senators up for reelection in 2018. Time to find replacements before the primaries start.

    I think we need a dedicated site to exchange ideas and encourage honest people of character to run. Time to break out your wallet to fight the well funded Big Club.

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    • G. Combs says:

      We need to get organized NOW. I am an independent by nature, but I would really really like to help get rid of the RINOS in my state.

      Perhaps Sundance can do a how to with pointers to websites as a ‘sticky sidebar’


  10. zephyrbreeze says:

    Withhold their pay until they pass repeal. Let’s see who can outlast whom.

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    • Southern Son says:

      That would work.
      If only We controlled their pay.
      Giving themselves Raises and Platinum Healthcare, is proof we dont.


  11. stats guy says:

    I think its time to really talk about raising taxes on the high income and wealth people. Like Bannon was rumored to say, we need a tax bracket with a 4 in it (presumably 40+ percent). The main dishonestly in the RINO party is that they want cheap socialism. Well, socialism isn’t cheap. I read a little about Paul Ryan’s tax proposal. Three tax brackets and eliminating some deductions…plus increasing the EITC….yay!

    Tax the middle, give to the lower classes, save the Rich. Sorry…as an, almost, lifetime R voter I’m tired. And when I say wealth tax…yeah let’s call it a Solidarity Tax…Why exactly do Gates and Buffet get to have foundations that do not share their wealth with The Government? Aren’t we all part of the government? Isn’t that what barry said? And why does Silicon Valley get to be the oligarchs when a simple wealth tax would help a lot of people?

    If 70 percent of our betters like collectivism, well, let’s have us some collectivism. Oh sure, I know the economy might suffer. Yeah, well, the economy isn’t going to be sustainable anyway if we don’t have the rich start kicking in part of their wealth.

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    • singingsoul says:

      You want socialism . ?


    • USMCLt says:

      All talk of raising taxes on the wealthy is useless as long as we limit that talk to Income Taxes. Long, long ago the wealthy bought politicians and lobbyists who wrote into the Tax Code loopholes which enable the wealthy to continue to accumulate wealth without declaring “income”. If you’re really serious about increasing taxes on the wealthy, then tax their net worth, their foundations, their trusts, and all of the other cute little gimmicks they use to hide their money. And while you’re at it, tax the crap out of the lobbyists, politicians, lawyers, accountants, etc who also benefit from this little scam. They all belong in jail, but that will never happen, so a big chunk of their ill gotten gains will have to do.


  12. fleporeblog says:

    At this point I am so happy our President told Mitch the Bitch to move forward with the procedural vote next week! This doesn’t allow Dean Heller from NV or John Hoeven from ND to hide behind the 3 witches and Rob Portman. This crew of 6 cared more about their Medicaid expansion money than anything else. They have all gone on record to say that they wouldn’t vote on the first bill or the second bill. They have to show their faces because they can’t vote for the Repeal Only bill when it is more draconian then the other 2 bills.

    I would also add the moron from LA, Bill Cassidy, who said last week on tv that a Repeal Only bill was a non starter.

    I can’t wait for these seven traitors to go on record and show their constituents that they LIED and could care less about them.

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  13. YvonneMarie says:

    President may will veto laws that increase in federal income taxes.


  14. MVW says:

    This whole legislative insurance regulation drama was posturing and maneuvering to avoid Uniparty dole out and sell out to Swamp Inc.

    Swamp Inc. = insurance companies, NWO’s, agents of Medical Industrial Complex, Soros Vultures Inc, Corporateers, unions, etc. – whatever makes up Swamp Inc. – your guess or favorite picks.

    The only non losing move was do nothing. Walk. Let the beast die. Or, repeal as best as can be done.


  15. Frankly Ben says:

    No, Sundance, you are incorrect in stating that higher tax rates are needed to support increased revenue needs of Medicaid recipients. Higher tax rates will result in lower tax revenues, not higher tax revenues (until the crossover rate is reached on the Laffer curve).

    As happened with JFK, Reagan, and I believe Bush, lowering tax rates resulted in INCREASED tax revenues.

    You have it backwards.


  16. USMCLt says:

    Cold Anger!!!


  17. positron1352 says:

    With the Democrats, you know what you’re getting. With Republicans? Traitors.


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