Mitch McConnell Just Lit The “Ugly” Fuse…

It would appear Mitch McConnell, and the larger congress, just lit the fuse on the big ugly.  Winter is coming.

• President Trump has requested all Republican Senators to attend a White House luncheon, held entirely in their honor, tomorrow.  • President Trump has also announced a MAGA rally to be held in Youngstown Ohio, next week.   • Not coincidentally this rally announcement comes on the same day Ohio governor John Kasich writes an op-ed in the New York Times gleefully celebrating the defeat of the senate healthcare reform and  ObamaCare repeal. • HHS Secretary Tom Price is NOT HAPPY.

Oh yeah, the Big Ugly is coming.  President Trump is not a politician.

The failure of congress to pass Obamacare reform means the tax reform agenda for the middle class is now far less likely.  The UniParty Congress know this.  The UniParty Congress is doing the bidding of the lobbyists.

The escalating costs of ObamaCare, specifically because of the Medicaid expansion, means increased tax revenues are needed to pay for the program.  John Kasich, and his crew of like-minded governors (there are eleven) demand their state get more federal dollars.  This means more income tax revenues are needed.  This means no middle-class tax relief.

The average American worker on the individual healthcare market are now stuck with increasing premium costs for their insurance plans, AND we get the double whammy because we must pay higher taxes to subsidize those who need medicaid.

Congress knows this.

The UniParty politicians are not blind to the consequences of doing nothing.

The lobbyists are happy because tax reform wasn’t targeted to aid the upper income or corporations.  Factually the White House tax reform proposal had loopholes and deductions eliminated for the wealthier, which means their payments would have gone up.

Additionally, the majority of global corporations who would benefit from lowered U.S. corporate tax rates already went through inversion (see Apple in Ireland); they are no longer domiciled in the U.S.   Tax reductions wouldn’t necessarily benefit them.   This group is part of the funding mechanism for lobbyists.

So who loses out without tax reform?  Small companies, individual corporations (S-Corps), U.S. based companies that are economically patriotic, and…. yes, once again, the American middle-class worker.

See how that works?

Notice the U.S.-based institutional class who fund the lobbyist created legislation, that’s the multinational corporations and banks, are inoculated from the downside of both failures.  Obamacare reform failure and tax reform failure mean nothing to the interests of those who fund the DC lobbying machine.

Go back and remind yourself who were the beneficiaries of U.S. fiscal policy in the last three decades.  Remember the discussion of the New Economic Dimension?   What you see within that reminder is those entities suffer no financial impact from congressional failure.  ie. those entities have a vested interest in that failure.

See how that works?

President Trump’s entire ‘America-First’ economic platform is built around a series of sequential steps which uplift the middle class by reversing three decades of erosion.  He does this by shifting fiscal and economic policy to support the middle-class (trade, regulation, banking reform, tax reform etc.).

The multinationals (including globalist U.S. entities) benefit from the former policy which aided Wall Street and the multinational corporate and multinational banking system.  So anything they can do to disrupt the Trump agenda actually increases their own value.

There are trillions of dollars at stake.

President Trump still has a way to work around congress by targeting trade deals like NAFTA and bilateral trade deals with S.E.A.N, China, the U.K and EU.  To diminish and constrict the value of globalism.  That diminishment will eventually lead to less lobbying because there’s less reason, less possible benefit, to the lobbying itself.

At the end of that trade renegotiation process there will be less legislative opposition because the underlying financial benefits to lobbyists will be removed.  However, that trade process is years long (it begins in August with NAFTA).  In the interim, the economic engine is not moving very fast.

That’s why it appears Trump is now willing to pull the trigger on “The Big Ugly”:

Secretary Price: “The status quo is not acceptable or sustainable”

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, M.D. issued the following statement regarding ongoing efforts to provide Americans with relief from Obamacare:

“Obamacare is flawed, failing, and harming the American people with higher costs and fewer healthcare choices. The Trump Administration is, and always will be, focused on putting patients, families, and doctors in charge of healthcare.

“The Department of Health and Human Services has already begun providing relief to Americans who are paying more and getting less as a result of Obamacare’s broken promises. We will continue to build upon this progress as Congress debates the best path forward to fix our broken healthcare system.

“The status quo is not acceptable or sustainable. We will work tirelessly to get Washington out of the way, bring down the cost of coverage, expand healthcare choices, and strengthen the safety net for future generations.”

Click here to visit where you can learn more about HHS actions to lower premiums and protect patients. This site highlights the regulatory and administrative actions the Department is taking to relieve the burden of the current healthcare law and support a patient-centered healthcare system.  (LINK)

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479 Responses to Mitch McConnell Just Lit The “Ugly” Fuse…

  1. Troublemaker10 says:

    I agree that Obamacare will continue on death spiral. However, it will be the Republicans who will be feeling regret. This won’t hurt Dems. Republicans will pay the price.

    Democrats Will Soon Regret That Republicans Failed To Repeal ObamaCare


  2. Big Jake says:

    I think I’m more angry now than I was just before the TEA Party sprang up.

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  3. Reagan's Ghost says:

    Motto to the Songs of Innocence and of Experience

    The Good are attracted by men’s perceptions,
    And think not for themselves;
    Till Experience teaches them to catch
    And to cage the fairies and elves.

    5And then the Knave begins to snarl,
    And the Hypocrite to howl;
    And all his good friends show their private ends,
    And the eagle is known from the owl.—William Blake

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  4. distracted2 says:

    Boy, if the uniparty thinks that its inaction will prevent President Trump from being re-elected, they are in for a huge shock, bigger than the one we administered on November 8, because WE WILLre-elect him. We won’t blame him. We will blame them.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      And we will primary them out of office.


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    • pyromancer76 says:

      Not only that we should have the voter rolls repaired so that only citizens vote ONCE in their place of residence or by absentee ballot. Not only that, we need paper ballots along with digital counting machines that are safely kept. Not only that, we need the digital votes counted in the U.S., not offshore.

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    • V.Lombardi says:

      Trump gets no blame, showed he was a good team player, he was a cheerleader for the effort in Congress, while Congress continually blocks his agenda and insults him. Trump is not the one who promised a repeal for 7 years.

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  5. Landslide says:

    I picture Bannon and Miller gleefully anticipating all of the reality that they will be serving at the luncheon tomorrow. Delicious.

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  6. MVW says:

    Trump always goes for the win, win even bigger outcomes. In this case, lose the vote, win with a better deal a bit later.

    Plus, I wonder how much ObamaHorror can be stripped down by Sec Price and team via wiggle room in a 2000 page law and executive order?

    I wonder how much Trump ‘gloom’ and ‘disappointment’ is real? If it is zero, even the tax bill will not suffer. However, I will leave the answer to those that understand 2000 pages of red tape gobbledegook.

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  7. ginaswo says:

    Bring it Mister President. We are with you all the way.
    We will make it rain for primary candidates you endorse.

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    • Cuffs says:

      Coho really believes McConnell gives a damn? This guy is worth $25M. He has his, now all he ewants is the power & perks of office.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Some of that Millions he did marry. Mrs. TurtleHead’s parents are Chinese Shipping bigwigs, (shhhh! with rumors of white powdery substances in some containers)

        In-laws gave them BIG GIFT for wedding. However, TurtleHead has made some insider investments in his day too! {grrrr!}

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  8. Atticus says:

    I’m hoping that PDJT holds a classic “Come to Jesus” – “out behind the woodshed” meeting.
    Time to get in line….or get run over.

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    • Black Irish Rose says:

      Let’s hope he has 50 different press releases to go, tailored to each senator and his/her state, breaking down the cost increases to families, businesses and individuals in his/her state. Tell them the release gets sent to their state’s news media outlets before the servers have finished cleaning up the dessert plates….

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  9. Jeff says:

    When a narcissist can no longer control you they attempt to control the way others see you . The narcissist can only be taken down by someone using their same tactics . In this case the narcissist is representative of the entire GLOBALIST construct of ENEMEDIA , UNIPARTY DCeivers, CoC, and K-Street etc .

    Rush Limbaugh said on his radio program yesterday that president Trump is always negotiating ” THE ART OF THE DEAL ”

    To define BIG UGLY ……..President Trump will use twitter and social media to target all of the UNIPARTY in advance of the 2018 midterms . He’s not a politician and he understand THE LONG GAME . DIMINISH AND MARGINALIZED starting with the not about freedom …FREEDOM CAUCUS !!

    Just as the twitter trolled individual CNN accounts to repost what they said on their social media footprint . Trump has an ARMY on twitter to GASLIGHT and PROJECT on every individual DC uniparty dirtbag !

    “Inside the Beltway ” is not a safe zone from hence forth . I suspect his meeting will be that declaration . ” MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH ” the Trump badgers will continue to set up their parrallel legislative writing entity , parralllel Main Street capital banks / credit unions , safe zone in SYRIA , and negotiate NAFTA and work WITH the world on THE BELT AND ROAD INITIATIVE . All to #MAGA

    President Trump has drawn out the entire swamp of DEEP STATE , UNIPARTY , ENEMEDIA , and CoC . Now it’s time to shine the light brightly on their corrruption on the personal and individual level .

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I agree. He is going to force them to face the public firing squad. Locked and loaded.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      As an perpetual student of the textbook, “The Art of the Deal”, I would be remiss if I didn’t urge members of the Uniparty, the media and NeverTrumpers to also read “The Art of the Comeback”, also authored by Donald J. Trump. In “Comeback” all naysayers with a smidgeon of sense will learn that Donald Trump WILL win these battles. He would not have run for President if he didn’t believe to his core that he could and would bring down pillars, Samson style, in Washington DC.

      They will continue to fight him, mock him and set their hands toward evil against him. Time and again they will try, but they will not prevail. The hateful weapons of lies, unjust treatment and maliciousness will not scathe him.

      Donald Trump is the leader of a revolution so strong it can only be compared to the Spirit of 1776. Our first President rallied farmers and shopkeepers behind him and always rode ahead of his troops into battle. His clothing was often shot full of holes but he was not injured because the Almighty clothed him in an armor no man could pierce.

      Washington led a just cause. Today, President Trump leads the charge against just as evil and difficult foe that wishes to control and stifle our freedoms and keep us in bondage and want.

      George Washington and Donald trump are kindred spirits, men called from the comforts of their later years to serve in the most difficult job on the planet.

      “Never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person.” R. Buckminster Fuller

      Dear God, please continue to bless President Donald Trump, and thank you for choosing him to be ‘that one person’. Bless also his family and those that serve at his pleasure and give them courage and strength for the difficulties they bear. Amen.

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      • Ivehadit says:

        Farmhand, you are so right. And in many ways, the uniparty just handed us a big gift for 2018…THEY HAVE FIRED US UP LIKE NEVER BEFORE. They have poked their fingers in our eyes one time too many. Gloves off, Mr. President!

        My ONE criteria for candidates in the upcoming election is: Are you with Trump? And can your ACTIONS prove it? (No fakers allowed) That’s it. Period. NO MORE WORDS. Battle lines are now openly drawn.


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        • Ivehadit says:

          And I would love to see a (Amanda Carpenter!) list of Never Trumpers because fakers are out today…
          So-called “Conservatives” have already sent out an email this morning asking for $$$$ to replace obamacare republicans. Ha! Donate only and directly to Trump!

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      • Tonawanda says:

        Wonderful post!

        I would add (IMO): Trump reminds me very much of Lincoln in many (not all) ways.

        (Trump does not get depressed etc).

        Simplicity, humor, practicality, self-possession, objectivity and independence of thought, iron determination, fairness – someone could write a great essay.

        But there is also the similar circumstances: a man sent from God to carry a heavy burden, to undo a great wrong, to save his country. And, ironically, an out of control, infantile, selfish, nasty, hostile Democrat party defending the most vile policies, in fanatic delusional murderous opposition.

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      • chbailey says:

        In the Spirit of 1776:
        “…The Trump Administration is, and always will be, focused on putting patients, families, and doctors in charge of healthcare.”

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  10. PatriotGalNC says:

    I am thinking that all what appears to be “feet dragging” by the Trump Administration, is really a stealth tactic in drawing out the “deep state, globalist, traitor, swamp creatures” to come to the light of day! The more bold they become, they are actually revealing who they are, and who is bankrolling them. Allowing all the attention to the Russia Thing to continue is giving PDJT time to find out who the leakers are, who all the Obama holdovers are, and in so doing, he is CLEANING HOUSE. So, whenever I begin to feel discouraged…I think of the “long game”.

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      So smart PatriotCalNC! Collusion, RICO. To prosecute as a cabal, proving treasonous intentions takes time and documentation. We only know a small portion of what has gone on.,


  11. Mike diamond says:

    Obama care will fall apart on it own ! President Trump is still the winner and so are we,insurance company’s are leaving, Obama care is a total mess! Obama care is like buying a fake insurance policy out of a gum ball machine ! If it was so great why didn’t congress want it for their own insurance!!!?????

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  12. GuerillaPatriot says:

    Final Boss ==> Uniparty : Thread Music


  13. coxyvetttecomcast says:

    Okay, I admit – I’m totally lost on all of this! Can someone explain what this mean, like I’m a two-year old?


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Essentially coxyvettte, the RINOS have pottied in their pants for the last damn time! They are about to get their bottoms busted. Now, We the People are going to actually be the ones busting their azzes; but POTUS is going to let them in on that info.


  14. jmclever says:

    “That diminishment will eventually lead to less lobbying because there’s less reason, less possible benefit, to the lobbying itself.”

    Do you think there will be a voc rehab or JTPA for all those dislocated lobbyist workers? LOL


  15. jmclever says:

    When Trump shuts down the gov’t I propose that it affects only Congress and the DC apparatus. Leave all the parks and monuments open, etc so that the ONLY ones who feel the pinch are the ones obstructing MAGA.

    Also need an exec order that forces all who are currently exempt from O’care to purchase it.

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  16. ej says:

    These idiots are probably giggling among themselves at the Big Club. Little do they know what is in store for them.

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  17. Alison says:

    I don’t know where to begin but the US Chamber of Commerce & Tom Donahue continue to work their evil cloaked in seeming obscurity. We know the MSM will never educate the public on how they run Congress.

    It seems none of the newer social media journalists are digging into it either. There has to be a way to expose this – digging into one Senator and his aides – the history of one Senator’s connections; background of his aides; who they meet with; how the money flows …

    I feel frustrated because I don’t have the connections/skills to any investigative journalist or a way to shine a light on this.

    The general public has a low opinion of Congress, as do I. But it wasn’t until I was educated by Sundance that I understood why. There must be a way to show how destructive the COC is to Main Street.


    • NvMtnOldman says:

      Start with FDR and the COC in the 1930s doing the NRA and NIRA stuff that was declared unconstitutional by the SCOTUS in 1935, It is an eyeopener.


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      Lawsuits by displaced American workers from the Visa programs. Class action. Discovery during the trial will expose the collusion.

      Judicial Watch should look into this. It will help with all their other investigations,


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Start with researching the National Chamber of Commerce. You will find that they were never designed to be anything but a lobby group in DC. Not like your local town’s Chamber that does good works for your towns. If not still, at least they did when I was growing up.


  18. sturmudgeon says:

    Continued Safety, President DJT Family, & your TRUE Friends.

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