Sunday Talks: Corey Lewandowski and Maria Bartiromo…

The putrid guardians of the swamp were all out in force today doing their best swamp guardian Russia, Russia, Russia screeds writ large.   So, rather than showcase the inane, today we stick with the more substantive.

Former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski interviews with Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo.  Additionally, it must be noted, that Ms. Bartiromo has, at times, a striking similarity to Suspicious Cat.

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82 Responses to Sunday Talks: Corey Lewandowski and Maria Bartiromo…

  1. KittyKat says:

    LOL, twins, separated at birth, but wonder of wonders, Maria isn’t catty. Does Corey have a twin cat?

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    • Renee H says:

      Geez, after way too many years of reading about politics and the political filth, my face is frozen in Suspicious Cat mode!

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      • luke says:

        Speaking of suspicious cat; I’ve been pondering who might the chief white house leaker be? Is anyone else thinking that maybe the majority of these leaks are being orchestrated by Donald J Trump? Obviously not the illegal ones (Comey) but items like Jr’s email.

        Anyhow I may be completely off my rocker but I do wonder if there is not a method to the madness.

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        • I’ve started to wonder that myself.

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        • The Deplorable Tina says:

          Yay, I’m not the only one!!!!

          I, too, am suspicious that some leaks are orchestrated by the showman/tv entertainer/President. Like he’s creating drama to keep people engaged, obfuscate all the behind-the-scenes stuff he doesn’t want the media prying into, and leading the MSM to the abyss of irrelevance.

          He’s got them chasing after Russians and sneaking up on getting to the point where there is NO CHOICE but to have to put Obama and Hillary in front of congress to answer questions. And if they don’t it will be blatantly obvious to everyone by then that they should. That’s the timeline I am hoping for 😏

          Lock her up!!!!! MAGA!

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          • Jimmy Jack says:

            Regarding the DJTjr issue, it seems possible. If he knows he was witetapped (he was), knows he was set up with the Russian lawyer( he was), knows that did nothing wrong but the Dems would ve implicated this would be the only way to get the press investigating.

            I hadn’t thought about it – was becoming suspicious of Kushner – but this seems definitely possible.


            • deanbrh says:

              I could really love the diversion theory, since I’ve been so depressed that ANY politician or his family would be stupid enough to withhold the incident in the first place and then not disclose all the details straight away. The stupid drip, drip, drip day after day after day is so maddening because it just turns a little jingle into a full blown opera.


        • hippielouie says:

          ‘canary’ trap????


  2. DEGinTN says:

    It’s the eyebrows……


  3. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Great work by Corey and Suspicious Maria.

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  4. snaggletooths says:

    For some on the internet that say to bad Corey does not work for Trump I have to say when did he ever stop working for him?! Great interview by Corey of course Maria is one of a handful of decent media folks out there.

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    • KittyKat says:

      I am glad to see Corey so actively involved promoting President Trump. I was quite upset when he was “fired” as campaign manager, but there must have been more to that story than met the eye. Stories were published giving all kinds of weird pretexts as to why he was fired, but the fact is, if it had been a bitter and nasty dispute, he’d probably be badmouthing the president now, instead of always speaking about him favorably. I used to hate the way Roger Stone and Alex Jones dissed Corey, and all that did was turn me off them, not Corey.

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      • shannynae says:

        From what I understand, Corey”s expertise was for a particular portion of the campaign and when it was time to start the next phase, he was let go. He started making the rounds with the media and talking positively about candidate Trump. He agreed that he could be more effective in other areas.

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        • KittyKat says:

          Such loyalty as Corey shows is a rare commodity. I wonder if there is any one at CNN who has a positive word to say about President Trump any more.

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        • rashamon says:

          And he is effective. Smirky lil’ smile. He and Maria are in collusion, 🙂

          Maria is one of the few professional journalists left. Whether I agree with her op/eds or not, she does her homework and provides a fair platform, unlike the majority of her colleagues. No high-cut skirts and low-cut blouses accompanied by a sulky glance to deliver her message.

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      • us tommie says:

        Don’t believe anything you read!!!!!

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    • Disgusted says:

      I have always prefer Corey as a Trump spokesman to KAC. I’d love to see more of him, less of her.

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    • bigsy says:

      Some people have talents that are more effective when given free reign. Corey is such a person, Katrina Pierson as well.

      They are quick witted and that ability is best suited to an independent environment.

      If they were part of the administration and their statements could be construed as an ‘official’ administration position, they would have to filter their responses through that constraint.

      They are best when their spontaneity and incisiveness are allowed to roam free, without first having to think through of possible repercussions to the administration.

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  5. Jen MG says:

    Maria one of the best and toughest interviewers out there. Why they stick her on Fox Business channel on the weekends is beyond me. If you want to see one of the few honest interviews between a real journalist vs. one of the Swamp Things google her recent take-down of that loathesome and lying Hilbot John Podesta. She had him for lunch.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      In my dreams, Chris Wallace goes away and Maria takes over Fox’s Sunday show. Maria plays it straight.

      You know, that’s all I ask really. I enjoy a good pro Trump show, certainly! But all I freaking ask is that they play it straight. How seldom we see that.

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    • doc00 says:

      Maria opens the day for the Fox Business Channel. She is one of several bright stars on the business channel, which leads me suggest Fox dump 99% of their news crew and just combine the Business and News groups.


      • piper567 says:

        what we would like is a new network.
        what a joy it will be to bail on the murdochs instead of debating the slim pickins on Fox.
        With Trump’s experience with the media, I find it hard to believe there is not a little committee somewhere looking into starting a new news network.
        good topic for some prayer warriors.


    • Sloth1963 says:

      🤢 spit it out Maria!


  6. Sayit2016 says:

    I really like Corey… he is an earnest, straight up guy and he has always been a loyal advocate of President Trump— President Trump values honestly….I would like to see Cory back in the WH.

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  7. rumpole2 says:

    …..rather than showcase the inane….

    Good move. Increasingly I don’t watch FakeNews (especially Sunday shows)… even for the laughs.

    I did catch just a few seconds of Christine Wallace INTERROGATING Jay Sekulow. It looked AWFUL… Christine has gone full-psycho for sure. I might watch the whole interview later.. just by way of “keeping the enemy closer”

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  8. Donna in Oregon says:

    The viewership for cable news = Less than 3-5 million in total.

    Here is an eye-opener. In Portland, Oregon the impeachment protest had 20 people.

    Fake polls. Fake muh Russia. Fake politicians. Fake news. Fake outrage.

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  9. I note that Ms. Bartiromo and Suspicious Cat have never been photographed together. Ever wonder why not? Perhaps they are one and the same.

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  10. Jack says:

    The US media is always RUSSIAN to judgement. 😉

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  11. fleporeblog says:

    Corey is a soldier! He will always do what is best for our President. He did an incredible job getting PDJT through the primaries. His job was completed. He took on the role of voice of reason on the Fake News Network. As soon as our President told him he could leave, he was gone. Now he is working behind the scenes to push our President’s agenda. That is a LOYAL soldier in my book!

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  12. whoseyore says:

    I know that our President holds his cards close to his chest for good reason, but sometimes, you can’t help but fantasize how the conversations might have been. Like, how great would it have been if when Maria asked about Loretta Lynch approving the special visa for this woman who had just been denied a visa, Corey mentioned how this whole meeting is a little suspect and we will have to see what pans out in the next few weeks.
    I also imagine our President saying that he has seen no proof of Russian collusion because the Dems denied the FBI access when the hack happened and instead hired their own company and neither he, nor the American public has seen any tangible evidence of a hack from anyone.

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  13. Bull Durham says:

    I said it early this morning while this was on live. Corey belongs on the Communications Team inside the WH. And he and Stephen Miller should be turned loose on the MSM and NeverTrumpers and Dems.

    They would roll back the oceans. Let’s fight with our best.

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    • deanbrh says:

      When Corey was “let go”, I assumed it was because the brush with the LYING Michelle Fields made him a liability to the campaign, for the time being. He claimed to be starting his own company, helping Trump “from the outside where he could probably be more effective”. He had one or two others in the new business with him. i forget the business name, but something with the word “Strategy” in it. Just recently, maybe two or three weeks ago, I heard he had again joined the team in the White House and I’ve seen him tweeting now and then, always VERY pro-Trump. I’ve always thought of him, and loved him, as Trump’s Other Right Hand Man, next to the man (sorry forget his name)who delivered the “pink slip” to Comey’s office.

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    • Deplorable Ukie says:

      You also said:

      on March 6, 2017
      Trump since then has lost control of foreign policy, is waging war in Syria and Yemen similar to Obama’s tactics, is allowing UN anti-Russia, anti-Syria motions and speeches just like Obama. And is unable to harness CIA, NSA, Cyber Command or any of his political appointments to do what he needs.

      on June 16, 2017
      IMO Pence should be set to the Navel Gazing Observatory for the duration. The MSM is going to start pushing Pence 24/7 soon.

      on June 1, 2017
      Ivanka is crying, and playing the “No, daddy,don’t” game.

      on May 9, 2017
      Promote KT McFarland and dump mcmaster.

      on May 1, 2017
      Report is that Gorka has left the WH team…Hard to figure He is hardcore anti-Russia, anti-Iran so it might be “messaging” that someone wants to control face time, not an ideological shift. He fits the McMaster ideology and neocon wars.

      on April 13, 2017
      …in this WH there is a hierarchy with Jared-Ivanka at the top. The others are fighting over lower positions on the totem pole. Cohn, Preibus, Bannon are the others. Among them, only Bannon has no duties… When Bannon realizes the powerlessness of his position, he will leave. Soon probably.

      So much for your expertise…


    • Mike says:

      add back in Katrina Pearson to the team. She was a bulldog.


    • covfefe mariner says:

      They only need to be better than the MSM, and they have been.

      Why put the first string out in front every day when the second string is getting it done?

      Corey may not be inside the WH, but I have no doubt he’s saying things Trump wants him to say.


  14. Mike diamond says:

    Bill Clinton meets with Loretta Lynn on her plane, the pay for play Clinton foundation,Hillary bleach bits her computer,Louis learner of the IRS targets conservative tea party members,the Obamas bad Iran deal,yet the media wants to talk about trump Jr?????wow! Proof the media are only for liberals.!

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  15. ecmarsh says:

    Though I am old enough to be her papa there has always been something about Maria.
    I am attracted to beautiful, intelligent, Italian women.
    Hope my wife doesn’t read this. Wink, Wink!

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  16. mitrom says:

    Although Corey alluded to it a little, I’m very surprised that Trump and his surrogates aren’t also publicizing that this meeting was most likely a set up, but not by the Russians, but by the Dems/Hillary/Obama Admin/Fusion GPS to make it appear that there’s collusion. If the truth comes out about this, it will make the Dems look bad, not DJT, Jr. SD’s prior article on this seems right on.

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  17. scottmc37 says:

    Im sure Corey is still working with Trump, he is loyal and smart, its just where he fits in best and I leave that in T’s capable hands…


  18. labrat says:

    Jesse Watters defends Trump fairly well. Start at 1:35.


  19. MIKE says:

    Corey has been loyal to President Trump longer than any other public figure I can think of. Says a lot.


  20. Mike says:

    Good ‘ol Corey Lewandowski. Dear God, please have team Trump fold Corey and Katrina Pearson back into the fold. They are both loyal and talented, and Katrina would tear the likes of Fake Tapper into little bitty pieces. Amen.


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