Another Corporation, Reebok (Adidas), Jumps Into Politics – Against President Trump…

President Trump created a stir amid his political opposition when he was reported to have told French first-lady Brigitte Macron: “you’re in such great shape“.   Apparently, according to the ever-pliable rules of the virtue signaling political left, it is “sexist” to compliment a woman on her physical appearance.

Of course it didn’t take more than a news cycle for yet another corporate entity to jump head-first into the opportunity to attach their own brand-image to anti-Trumpism.  [Adidas is the parent company of Reebok]  The hypocrisy behind this opportunistic marketing endeavor/virtue-signaling is stunning.  Here’s the tweet from Reebok:


As you can see, Adidas/Reebok have made a political decision.  Virtue signaling your superiority in defining what is/isn’t appropriate is never a good look.

You would think the loss of brand value for companies who previously did this (Macys, Starbucks etc) would be enough to stop any reasonable corporate marketing head with a fiduciary responsibility. Alas, the allure of scoring cheap political points finds another victim.

However, when contrast against the actual marketing image of Reebok, the outcome is even worse.

Reebok is specifically stating that complimenting a woman based on her appearance is “sexist” and “inappropriate”.



OK, well let’s check out the latest Reebok commercial (WATCH):


Or how about the print advertising for Reebok:

Oh, these are only the PG-13 versions. There’s full naked female imagery within the European Reebok AD campaign.

Somehow using a woman’s physical shape to create a marketing brand is ok. But pointing out a woman’s physical shape, born out the success of applying that marketing brand approach as an outcome, is… well, “inappropriate”.

Tell a man he’s in great shape and it’s no big deal; no-one would even think twice of it.

Tell a woman she’s in great shape and it’s an immediate crisis.

Yeah. Gender equity. Huh?

Anticipate a diminished brand value to Adidas and Reebok as an outcome.  Financially position yourselves accordingly…

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492 Responses to Another Corporation, Reebok (Adidas), Jumps Into Politics – Against President Trump…

  1. mcfyre2012 says:

    Glad I stuck with New Balance for the past decade and a half. Reeboks always gave me blisters after two miles of jogging.

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  2. Daniel says:

    The headline should be:

    Company best known for branding and business mistakes, displays hypocrisy while telling worlds greatest businessman and brander how to be politically correct.

    Okay… a long headline, but there’s a lot there.

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    • joshua says:

      Anything That Promotes Unethical Behavior

      Something that also crosses the line is the promotion of behavior that is immoral or unethical. A recent example of this is the Reebok ad that was quite happy to encourage infidelity. The headline read “Cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout.” It could quite easily had read “A workout is like a girlfriend – you never cheat on it.” But the ad agency and Reebok thought the other approach was more edgy. Maybe, but also unethical. You can also ad to this list the following: dangerous driving, excessive drinking, unruly or anti-social behavior; cruelty to animals; neglect of children.

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      • maiingankwe says:

        I cannot believe how anyone would deem that as acceptable advertising. Cheat on your girlfriend? Really? Sounds like it’s something they do. I never would’ve believed it.

        Oh, and as a lady, I love getting compliments when I’ve taken the extra time to look nice. It makes me feel really good.

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        • skipper1961 says:

          I think these are the same people who are “triggered” by a man opening a door for a woman. I will open doors (house, car) for my wife (and others) till my dying day.

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          • maiingankwe says:

            Now that’s why I like you, a gentleman through and through.

            As a lady, I open doors for everyone too. It’s a nice gesture, and it never gets old, not for me anyways.
            Stay smiling, and good to hear from you. Hope all is well in Florida!

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            • skipper1961 says:

              All is well, indeed. Thanks for asking. As to our “conduct”? I believe we are “products” of proper upbringing. And on that note, I hope you aren’t upset by my telling you, that when I see you “on the threads”, I think of your Father. May God Rest his soul.

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    • omyword says:

      BREAKING: Rebox uses same ad agency as Starbucks and Kelloggs. Same results. More at 10

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    • J Sorge says:

      I always buy Reeboks and so does my family. No more. (from Australia)

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  3. keebler AC ovfefe says:

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  4. allhail2 says:

    Dear Reebok employees,

    The smart ones, and you know who you are, would be highly encouraged to dust off the ol’ resume, cash out your company investment and search for greener pastures. The rest of you are probably too dumb to know what’s about to happen; so, good luck, anyway.

    Best Wishes in your new endeavor,
    The American Consumer

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Ha! Hilarious! Will these maroons never learn? Their hypocrisy is literally stunning. Who plans these ad campaigns? I really just can’t imagine marketing people being so dumb.

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  5. MfM says:

    NB has outlet stores, but you can’t find them if you Google that. They call them New Balance Factory Stores. Sign up for emails and you get notifications of deals.

    There are some Reebok shoes in our house. Once newer sneakers are gotten they will be relegated to filthy work like working in the garden, painting and if we had them cleaning out stables.

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  6. Mike diamond says:

    No reek-bok ! Or adidas for me, me never ever!

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  7. Curry Worsham says:

    Reeeeebok put their shoe in their mouth.

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  8. waltherppk says:

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  9. Joe Knuckles says:

    That Reebok commercial was so disgusting I watched it 5 times. Yup, it was horrible. Those still photos were equally appalling. Wait, let me go check one more time just to be sure. 😜

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  10. MaryLS says:

    Excellent exposure of their blatant hypocrisy.

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  11. Curry Worsham says:

    Man who wear glass shoe not kick stone.

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  12. frjas says:

    Reebok/Adidas scratched off my list…….done! To hell with them.

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  13. They should have called Kellogs first. Oh well. Bye bye factories and stock value and about 200 stores…I give them 2 months before major layoffs.

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  14. Curry Worsham says:

    Adios Adidas!

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  15. MrE says:

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  16. missmarple2 says:

    All of these missteps by corporations are driven by their advertising departments, who are predominantly liberal.

    David Axelrod was in advertising before he started pushing Barack Obama.

    Corporations would be well-advised to supervise their ad departments and if necessary, clean house.

    All of these lefties (advertising, Hollywood, churches, NGO’s, press and cable news,artists, academia) all know each other and work together to advance the narrative. They are a swarm of virtue-signaling leftists who instinctively work to advance their destructive cause.

    They control public discussion and work hard to push their agenda.

    Now, it may be that Reebok’s CEO is a leftist and thought this was just a swell idea to signal to his pals how much he hates Trump. Or, it could be that this got posted without approval from the higher ups in the company.

    Either way, a drop in sales will get the CEO’s and stockholders’ attention. Either advertising department heads will roll, or we will know what the corporate bigwigs think.

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    • keebler AC ovfefe says:

      Parent company is German. Reekbok was bought out by Adidas, hence a US originated brand but now owned by a German CEO. When Adidas says ten-hut! American Reekbok jumps. Profits cycles up to Germany.

      Merkel and her psyche is anti-American. Europe for the most part hates America, not unlike the muslims. It’s the old country versus the new country to this day. Europe has a lot of baggage and Macron is one of the leftovers who exult in the royal monarchist hegemony of the old days where Europe once ruled the world with its iron fist. Slavery came from Europe and eventually the new country came out of its fog and shook off its evil beginnings with God sense. America beat itself up over it because it had the biggest conscience but Belgium historically was the worse slave owners who refused to bring them to the old country, but mistreated black slaves working on their colonial plantations in the worst way. Obama conveniently forgets this because his muslim sponsors want him to do so.

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    • Tegan says:

      Good point…I’m sure the marketing geniuses don’t have too many “checks and balances” on them and snarky leftists think it oh so clever to promote their personal agendas. When the sales and stock starts to tank, the brown stuff will hit the fan and everyone will wonder what in the heck happened. It’s like porn being inserted into regular TV programming because the tech in charge thought it funny.

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      • piper567 says:

        these manufacturers will only motivate folks who wish to start American businesses.
        It really doesn’t matter if they do not learn a lesson…Starbucks will be Starbucks.
        But then, all of a sudden Black Rifle Coffee Co comes along, and demand is so high they cannot meet it at first.
        One reason these big Co.s are so arrogant is they have no real competition from actual Americans. When that starts happening, there will be a migration to buy American, bc people’s sons and daughters will be working in these small start ups.
        we can begin now to support those folks willing to start up new sm businesses. By Americans for Americans !

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  17. keebler AC ovfefe says:

    Reekbok is what happens when an international company, Adidas, buys out an American manufacturer called Reebok. Iffy morals German multinational trying to make Americans miserable by attacking the American President through a popular brand. Know that Adidas uses China to manufacture their runners, hence, poor quality. The latest Adidas gimmick to is transfer factories back to Germany by using robots to replace the Chinese factory make shoes. Even worse quality to follow! As someone earlier commented, Adios Adidas!

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  18. Raven says:

    Love, love, love the picture of President Trump pointing out and making it crystal clear “this” is why I won!

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  19. David Phillip Quinn says:

    No problem, it’s easy to avoid buying Reeboks. Thanks for telling me, CTH.

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  20. Steele81 says:

    Reebok are the worst running shoes ever made imo. Adidas are right there with them. Blisters delux. This old runner loves Newtons(they help me run faster) Please Newton management keep your mouths shut. That is all.

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    • Wend says:

      Yes I just looked up Newtons and they look great. Not a runner but wear only trainers, Sketchers, flip-flops and comfort shoes.


      • Steele81 says:

        The difference with Newtons is your foot strike is on the ball of your foot instead of heel strike. More efficient. I have been running in them for years.


  21. omyword says:

    Well, since I’m a hated evel white guy, don’t think I will ever wear your cheap slave child labor manufactured shoes.

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  22. joshua says:

    Reebok CEO O’Toole is a simple tool. Picked the wrong team to fight with, lightweight….now go pick your nose.

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  23. The Boss says:

    If Reebok and Adidas are so easily triggered, why do they sell their stuff at Dick’s?

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  24. mnwild1961 says:

    Hey folks, here’s the link to contact Reebok via email. Mine has already been send. I detailed how many relatives I purchase gifts for throughout the year and now due to their sideway’s swipe at PDT I will never be buying their products for as long as I live.

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  25. BMG says:

    Foot-hoof in mouth (up the azz) disease. The deranged liberals gift that keeps on giving.

    Watch these stocks tank bigly over the next several weeks.

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  26. justme928 says:

    I’m 60, workout, look 25 in a bathing suit and this stunt by Reebok makes me mad as heck. People need to light up Reebok’s twitter page.

    If it hasn’t been posted, someone needs to post the picture of Brigett Macron in a bathing suit. ‘you’re in such good shape, beautiful’ in an understatement. I would post the pic but I don’t know how.

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  27. lubyankafh says:

    I think that great Katica twitter block list is somewhere north of 7,000
    For many months I’ve also been blocking any product advertisement that takes an anti-Trump stance.
    I purged out of Facebook in 2014, and any “Promoted Tweet” that irritates me I block not just dismiss.

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  28. joshua says:

    Corporate Hypocrite….

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    • maiingankwe says:

      She’s definitely a pretty, young lady and in great shape. I think 30 minutes of yoga in the morning is awesome, but there is one thing I wasn’t comfortable in hearing.

      She meditates in the car while driving? Really? Not too smart. I would’ve edited that part out if I was reebok, but then they haven’t been proven to be too smart.

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  29. Shiggz says:

    Mistake we make is thinking left really cares about stuff like this.

    We all know dozens of examples of real sexism and racism that leftist leaders have done and beyond just hypocrisy and they also can’t get motivated.

    Its their hatred for us that motivates them ever craving a fresh target and excuse to fuel their rage fire.

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    • Shiggz says:

      I would reply to leftist on social media with a link like this.

      Real change only comes as from striking at the root.


      • piper567 says:

        Real Change comes from someone stepping forward, as Trump did, to let people know there is an alternative to the daily caca out there.
        A whole lot of people out there, more than 60M in fact, jumped at the chance…
        There’s the lesson.
        What “these people care about” or do not care about is not what’s important…the rest of us will simply continue to participate in Trump’s vision, and follow what’s really important.
        This stuff is just more leftist caca…what do we expect?

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    • Sloth1963 says:

      We know they don’t care. They promote it constantly. They’re just Rezissing cuz they think it’s cool. Show them how wrong they are. They don’t give a rats arse about virtues of any kind just virtue signaling.

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  30. Donna in Oregon says:

    It has always comforted me that the left gets so riled up from their big, fat egos that they destroy themselves. Here is another lefty company, sacrificing themselves on the Progressive alter.

    Does life get any better than this? YES! Make popcorn, they’re not done yet.

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  31. I am a woman. Just so there’s no doubt … it is always appropriate to tell me I’m in good shape and that I look beautiful. My husband tells me that and after 30 years of marriage I know he’s stretching the truth. Really, what woman doesn’t want to hear that she’s in good shape and beautiful?

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  32. MVW says:

    Bubble brain, echo chamber, unicorn tripe, fools and clowns, all sorts of images come to mind. Product of a modern American education system is another thought. Or dying legacy media advertisement. Anyway, it is nuts.

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  33. rjcylon says:

    Miss Manners, by Reebok.


  34. TG McCoy says:

    When are they going to make an ad;
    When is it appropriate to say:
    “Better put some ice on that..”

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  35. Susan in VA says:

    Well there goes my Reebok workout clothing! NO more purchases of Reebok. I’ll speak with my money and leave the Twitter weeping to the left-wing nut jobs!!

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  36. JoD says:

    Their sneakers suck!

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  37. Curry Worsham says:

    On its website, Reebok wrote, “A rallying cry was born on February 7th, 2017 for women who refused to be silenced.” It added, “For every ‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’ t-shirt sold, Reebok will donate $20 to Women’s March.”

    The Women’s March was organized and designed as a grassroots movement to “send a bold message to our new administration on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights.”

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  38. tommy lile says:

    I am, tomorrow morning, giving to Goodwill,…… all my Adidas sweat pants…….and selling their stock,….thanks for the advance warning about getting out…… before it all hits the fan…..!

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  39. WSB says:

    When does a plastic (oil) shoe comapny decide ‘World Peace’

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  40. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    Shoe’s gave me a stress fracture and put me out of competition.

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  41. Curry Worsham says:

    Reesist Reebok!

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  42. MAGADJT says:

    This is exactly how they got Trump in the first place. Please keep it up Corporate America. People are absolutely sick of this stuff.

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  43. Texian says:

    That ad is totally bass ackwards.. Redbot execs must be living in a vacuum.. It is always appropriate to compliment a woman at any time – and it can move mountains.

    Recently my wife and I were in a convenience store and I was buying a soft drink. In line at the counter a Texan behind us (jeans, t-shirt and sweaty from work) said “is that for your daughter..?” It made my wife’s day.. God Bless Texas..

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  44. Jimmy Jack says:

    This is disappointing and offensive. I’ve worn Adidas running shoes for almost twenty years now – they’re my favorite I literally just got a new pair put of my mailbox today. MY LAST PAIR OF ADIDAS that is.

    Smh. I hope I can find a pair of New Balance running shoes that work for me. I already switched to them gor general luck around shoes.

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  45. Jimmy Jack says:

    I’m a long time Adidas wearer and had heard that story but forgot it. Maybe the Puma brother is a Trump supporter and I can switch to those instead.

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  46. parteagirl says:

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  47. Jim Peters says:

    I find it easier to understand the liberal echo chamber as a religious cult.

    What fascinates me is that we have a group of people who clearly have no connection or understanding with the real world outside their liberal echo chamber. Not only that, like cult members they are totally disinterested in reality.

    It’s a personality cult with a specific global ideology, created by Obama and his version of the Democratic Party, as well as their media proxies, over long 8 years. In that world, Trump will not last a term, has colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal an election from St Hillary & has achieved nothing since he became POTUS.

    In that world, Obama is a God, Clinton & Co saints. Trump is literally Satan, evil incarnate. Many cult members would either support, or carry out, his assassination. That’s not an OTT statement, either. Kathy Griffin, James Hodgkinson and many others have revealed the mentality.

    If you understand the liberal echo chamber as a cult, things become clearer. Lying is quite permissible (MSM) in order to destroy Satan. The rule of law is secondary to.the righteous nature of the cause. It’s also totally explicable that a company like Reebok,.if run by Obama acolytes, would become a partisan political outlet. And like any cult, those who refuse to sign up or who actively oppose must be smeared, ridiculed and/or destroyed.

    This is an extremely dangerous group of people. Be under no doubt – as they start to realize that they are losing power, they will become more violent. The cognitive dissonance involved in accepting that your version of reality is all BS will be too much for many of them to bear. Easier to resort to violence. Think of what happened at Waco with the Branch Devidians. Same deal, just a much bigger group of people.

    Reebok and other cult companies are microcosms of the US at large. Until you drain them of the leaders and executives making these decisions, the madness will never stop & the organization will begin to rot. You watch – sales and profits will decline, investors will pull out of Reebok / Adidas stock, layoffs will occur : but the leaders, Obama cult members drunk on anti-Trump ideology, will only double down on crazy.

    Until someone very powerful comes along who terrifies them, they will never stop. They are convinced of their intellectual and moral superiority, as well as the perfection of their ideology.

    Please forgive the long post and may God protect POTUS Trump.

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    • The people within the walls at Waco did not attack anyone. They were attacked by the US government. As many people pointed out at the time, if the govt wanted to talk to David Korach, the leader of the cult, all they had to do was pick him up as he walked to the store.
      Did you know that budget hearings were in session for one of the key US federal agencies? And that drastic cuts were being proposed?

      I get your view of libs as cult members, but I’d be careful about what cult I picked as a comparison example.


  48. wolfmoon1776 says:

    This is long, but it explains a bit how companies like this turn from sensible to self-harming.

    I’ve analyzed a few of these cases closely (Macy’s, Starbucks, and others), and it is my opinion that the radical left “colonizes” the boards, C-levels, and management chains of corporations with a few people who are not loyal to the company, but more loyal to a social agenda, so that they can force their politics to express, without regard for destruction of the host company. Those people can then be activated to respond and abuse the company for political signaling. It is NOT the native company culture, or even the desired culture of most of the C-level people. It is certainly not the culture of the company rank and file, or the historical culture of the company. It is just enough people in the right places to change the corporate culture by totalitarian means.

    The life cycle for the leftist thought propagation which allows this to happen, borrows from a variety of parasites and saprovores. They use the host companies to infect other companies, by making them “dump spores” or “crank out viruses”.

    For example, the company which foisted “Fearless Girl” on us, was allegedly working for another company in creating the sculpture, but this is typical cultural Marxist excuse-making, as well as a great example of spending other people’s money to propagate leftism. The only thing better than ripping of capitalists to create Marxist messages, would be for them to use taxpayer money.

    Anyway, back to Fearless Girl. The sculpture was the goal – not the company nobody remembers.
    And the sculpture has a purpose, which seems to have been thought out in advance, in a huge way. It is the symbol for a prefabricated corporate movement – something out of view of the public – which is promoting the idea of more women executives NOW. Of course, the “now” part is how they force leftists or left-manipulable patsies into the corporate ranks, just like the way Obama was moved along, and also the way they tried to get Hillary into the White House. BEWARE the “we must do it NOW” voices – they are not after a woman (or whatever) now, they are after a very specific Marxist or dupe now.

    Anyway, it is important for companies to immunize themselves against this stuff. Companies need to understand that they are a soft target for being repurposed as a host to spread political parasites, and that it only takes a FEW of the parasites to create a deadly infection.

    There ARE ways to prevent this. I won’t spell them out. Business people are smart. They will figure out brilliant ways to prevent infection. They just need to understand that a VERY FEW parasitic SJWs can destroy or seriously injure a company, so early treatment is essential.

    Act accordingly.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Wolf, you’ve just written the framework of a Hollywood corporate thriller, you should flesh it out and cash in.

      Just flip the narrative and re-write it so that conservatives are somehow at fault, and they’ll cast Demi Moore as the lib heroine and your screenplay will be celebrated and you’ll make a mint.

      Maybe not on this first project, but it’ll launch you and you can command the big bucks on your next couple scripts

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        LOL! Yup – and that’s exactly what they do, too. Flip reality to create narratives. Well, they will have to do it themselves, because it won’t happen from my pen! 😉

        God, please forgive my hate for Hollywood.

        Money – fame – human prestige – they’re all corrupters. I learned the hard way. A clean conscience and a pair of old shoes worn into a state of indestructibility are true gifts from God. Accept no substitutes! 😎

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    • Bendix says:

      The corporations that get with the program expect and receive something in return for it, from the government.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        I think you’re right. I hope that’s going away under Trump, but I will bet there are still plenty of Obama holdovers who are still playing games – particularly in DOJ.

        The Obama government was very good at rewarding those who played along, punishing those who didn’t, and making sure there was never any evidence of either. They were very good at a kind of silent intimidation. Very Stalinist.

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    • Wolf – I hope you are writing for business publications. The execs need to know they are not alone. Remember how we all reacted when Rush Limbaugh came on the scene? We were astounded that so many people from all over the U.S. agreed with him . . . and us!

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